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2 Player Games : the Challenge Hack 6.2.5 + Redeem Codes

Two players on one device!

Developer: Moreno Maio
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 6.2.5
ID: com.JindoBlu.TwoPlayerGamesChallengeIOS


Game screenshot 2 Player Games : the Challenge mod apkGame screenshot 2 Player Games : the Challenge apkGame screenshot 2 Player Games : the Challenge hack


If you want to play with your friend on the same device, this is the right game!
But also if you have no friends to have fun in multiplayer on one device, just play alone against the AI!
Challenge your friend with this collection of 2 player games and enjoy the beautiful graphics of the minigames!

Choose between one of the 2 player games ( and remember that you can also play alone against the AI if you have no possibility to multiplayer):

Ping Pong :
Move the racket with your finger and challenge your friends!

Spinner war :
Push your opponent outside the stage! Two players on a small area are too much!

Air hockey :
Use your finger to move the paddle and score letting the puck entering in your friend's goal!

Snakes :
Don't touch your opponent's body and stay alive!

Pool :
The classic pool game for 2 player on one device!

Tic tac toe :
Instead of using pen and paper just open the app and challenge your friend on the same device! A two player classic!

Penalty kicks :
Let the goalkeeper dive and kick the soccer ball to make goal!

Sumo :
The multiplayer version of a famous Japanese sport!

And much more! (Like minigolf, racing cars, sword duels, chess...)

This collection of 2 player games features beautiful minimal graphics to keep your focused on the duel with your opponent and it saves scores between matches, this way you can dispute a 2 player cup and let the challenge go on between minigames!
Unleash the power of local multiplayer on one device / one phone / one tablet, and bring the fun to the party!
Disclaimer: this multiplayer game can ruin friendships!

Version history

• Bug fixes and improvements
• Bug fixes and improvements
• Bug fixes and improvements
• Bug fixes and improvements
• Bug fixes and improvements
• New game mode: Play Online
• New game: Chicken Jump
• Bug fixes and improvements
• New game mode: Play Online
• New game: Chicken Jump
• Bug fixes and improvements
• New game mode: Play Online
• New game: Chicken Jump
• Bug fixes and improvements
• New game: Carrom
• New game: Cornhole
• New game: Flappy Jump
• Fix chess rules
• Bug fixes and improvements
• New game: Carrom
• New game: Cornhole
• New game: Flappy Jump
• Fix chess rules
• Bug fixes and improvements
• New game: Mancala
• New game: Hammer Hit
• Bug fixes and improvements
• New game: Lumberjack
• Bug fixes and improvements
• New game: Sudoku
• New game: Water Game
• Bug fixes and improvements
• New game: Sudoku
• New game: Water Game
• Bug fixes and improvements
• New game: Sudoku
• New game: Water Game
• Bug fixes and improvements
• New game: Sudoku
• New game: Water Game
• Bug fixes and improvements
• New game: Tap Match
• Bug fixes and improvements
• New game: Tap Match
• Bug fixes and improvements
• New game: Tap Match
• Bug fixes and improvements
• New game: Tap Match
• Bug fixes and improvements
• New game: Tap Match
• Bug fixes and improvements
• Bug fixes and improvements
• New game: Blocks
• Bug fixes and improvements
• New game: Math Quiz
• New game: Dots and Boxes
• Bug fixes and improvements
• New game: Hot Potato
• New game: Pop It
• New single player game: Solitaire
• New single player game: Sliding Puzzle
• Bug fixes and improvements

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Remove Ads
(Remove all ads from the game!)
BB497337726✱✱✱✱✱ A78445C✱✱✱✱✱

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4.8 out of 5
48.2K Ratings


bookworm 555,
My friend game
This is like my friend game because I can play against bots and I can play against the world I might have to watch some commercials to play some of the games but that is OK because I sometimes enjoy the commercials but I gave this five stars because it gives me games whenever I need them you can get Wi-Fi on on this app you can suggest games for this app it has new games every once in a while you can play rock paper scissors against the robot you can play it against a friend as well you canPlay everything against your friend and you can play everything against you but Rarelyyou can play stuff against the world this game is the best game I’ve ever played because it’s got many different kind of games if you like this and you want more games you should download the free PBS KIDS Games app one thing about it is kind of different from all the other games you can’t play them in real life you can I mean none of the other games on apps we get to play ping-pong or rock paper scissors shoot or hungry hippos there’s endless games on the app they’re still coming
Overall, pretty great!
This is a really fun time consuming app that you can play by yourself, or with a friend! It has probably 25+ games (I didn’t count that’s just an estimate), all pretty fun. There are 2 player options, in which you pick either to play with a friend, or against a bot, and if you pick bot you get to chose the difficulty level: easy, medium, or hard. And, I really like the premium game system. Either pay and get all of them for free every time (and I don’t pay money in games ever so for me this was not an option) or watch an add for every time you play. I don’t think I have ever seen any adds otherwise. However, here are a few suggestions:

In “Unfair Fishing”, I have no idea how to cast my lure. I managed once, but I couldn’t figure it out since. I also cannot get the controls in “Spin War” to work. I don’t know if this is just me or if this is happening to others but it gets really frustrating. Also, in “Snakes”, if I put it on hard difficulty, the blue snake mimics my actions, making it impossible to win or lose! Anyway, thank you for reading my review, and I hope you take my suggestions into consideration. Bye!
Best app for 2 players
Wanted a game that you could play with friends and family and came across this one. I have to say one of the best local 2 player game I’ve seen on the App Store. I really like that you are able to send game ideas and have a chance to watch them come to the game. But what I would really like is if you add some sort of online feature where you can play around with friends or family connected to the same WiFi. Only wanted this because playing two players is pretty difficult on a small screen if you have a iPhone. I’m sure it’s easier on a tablet but just an extra feature for phone users. Just so the two players have their own screen to play on. I see some reviews where there are too much ads but I rarely get any when I play. Controls for the games are kinda difficult to use if you are using a phone but if you use a big screen or solo, it works well and doesn’t glitch. Bots work well and love that you can change the difficultly for it. Overall, well made game and hope my idea is put to the game.
One suggestion
This game is amazing and me and my brother have fun playing it together especially when we are on a road trip. We both live this game so much so keep up the good work! There is only one little problem... why did you make some of the games premium? I haven’t played this game in a long time and I opened it for the first time this year. I was excited that there are new games like the hungry hippos game. But I saw the crown at the top of some games and was like “what does that crown mean, does it mean it’s popular?” So I clicked on the game and it showed me that I could watch a video to play the game or be able to unlock the game permanently but I am a tween, so I don’t have the money. Could you please change this having to be a premium member just to play certain games? Other than that it is an amazing game to play with someone when your bored or on a road trip! Definitely a 5 stars and would recommend to everyone! Please just get rid of the premium thing. Also try adding more games like a maze game or something.
This should be the greatest 2P games above all
This game’s graphic is pretty simple and is easy to play (except few games, such as Mini Soccer, or Dung Battle. For Dung Battle, I guess it’s not that hard but for me it usually it keeps goes back and forth so it takes kind of long to finish it) Also, I’m satisfied how you can choose bot’s level. Because when I play games that are hard for me, I can choose Easy for bot, and for games I’m good at, I can choose Hard, or in games I’m not good but also not bad I can choose Normal. Also there’s 60 games to play, so whenever you get bored on 1 game, you can always pick another, and if you also get bored on that one, you can play another one again. Lastly, you can play all premium games forever with no ads for $1.99. This is pretty cheap especially considering that in most of games it’s usually around 5 dollars or even more. So basically I play this game whenever I’m bored and got nothing to do. I recommend you to play it.
Very fun game!
Thank you for creating this game, it is very fun! I get to play it with by siblings and cousins whenever I’m bored! You should create “3 Player Games.” That will be very fun if an extra person sleeping over or another sibling that wants to play. This game is a great game for 2 players, this game deserves a 5 star from everyone that plays it, I honestly don’t know why this isn’t in the top 10 most fun games, like actually, this game is very fun to play, when your alone or nobody wants to play with you, you could just use the bot! I’m very happy you added a bot because many people don’t have siblings or someone who dosent to play, so they can use the bot! Especially the modes you can put on the mode! Like “Easy, Medium, Hard.” It’s very good for people that don’t have much experience in playing games, Very good work on this game, it has a 4.7 rating and I am sure it will reach 5 in no time because of how fun this game is to play for all ages! Good work!
big mufin,
This is a great game if your have friends over and if you just want to play it by yourself. The amount of games is great too, yes some you have to watch adds but it’s not like other mobile games were they make all of their money of adds, one other way that make their money off of it is because of the feature where you can pay $2 to unlock a few of the other games for example hungry hungry hippos and others. Like I said they have a great amount of games on it so it has good verity. The fact that It is 2 players makes it more fun instead of always having to go against a robot. That is all I have to say for this game/app it is great and I am having an amazing time with it.

Ps. I don’t write reviews on things ever this is the second thing I’ve ever wrote a review on so that means that this is a great game to the point I take time out of my day to write a review, sorry if I make some bad grammar or if it was hard to read bye bye :)
Big fat nugget,
Good game
I love this game but I don’t like it how my brother always gets mad because I love money grabber but he doesn’t because I always pick it but anyways I love this game so much I love how it doesn’t require Internet so me and my brother but sometimes whenever I play with the robot it kind of glitches out only sometimes but if you have annoying sibling don’t get it like my brother but it’s still a great game and I love it to this day but yesterday I got bored so I played it but whenever I did a glitch happened or just kicked me out I’m not sure my phone was just buzzing it which it probably was but I still don’t like that glitch i’m not trying to be like a Karen but it was kind of annoying because whenever I joined it again it kept on happening and happening so I just left my phone there to wait until the next day and see what was happening😁😁😁😁😁
Okay, so first of all, I think this game is great. The two player games are fun, yes. Just some of them have problems. In basketball, whoever goes first wins. Honestly, make the second person to go have another shot at the end so it’s fair, kinda like golf. Add in a tiebreaker. In chess, it teaches you how to play well, but it’s not how you play it. Idk if it’s different in some countries, but it’s definitely not the way I was taught to play. The premium also stinks. The point of the game is to play in your free time with your friends, not every second of the day. Don’t expect me to spend money on this. The other games, some are too easy like the new hand slapper. I mean, it’s not really fun. Some are real hard like king in the yard. My favorites are ship battle, ping pong, and tanks. The tanks was thought of well, I couldn’t have thought of that myself. You can email the game also if you want to suggest a game. It had a variety of games and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a little fun with their friend.
Awesome Games! Just one thing…
The games are 100% fun and I’ll be honest I play this game more by myself rather with my friends & family😭The games are really enjoyable and creative, they have unique made up games to all the classics. I definetly recommend trying out this game!
The only thing that bothers me is a couple months ago I bought the remove ads for 1.99, and then a few months later I deleted the app for storage. Just recently, I got the app again through iCloud on the same device. I click the restore purchases button and it shows that I restored it at the top saying the creators thank me, yet I still get ads!!! I don’t know if this happened with anybody else but it made me a bit upset how they have the restore purchases button but it doesn’t fully work, 1.99 isn’t bad at all but it was MY money. Please fix this problem!!!! Otherwise…the app is great and new games come out often so it never gets boring.