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#1 Security Breach At Pizzeria

Developer: Hamza Maghrioui
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.0
ID: com.verko.lertc


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The animatronics breach the pizzeria, and the pizza delivery boy is trap inside help him finding the appropriate keys to escape the building.

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4.4 out of 5
4 922 Ratings


Truly incredible
I downloaded this game to distract myself from overwhelming woes. Upon entering the game, I was greeted by the best beat drop in any gaming soundtrack ever made, without debate. It consisted of incomprehensible sounds thats of a seizing robot. The goal of the game is to find keys to open doors to escape, but there are terrifying animatronics running around, and if you get caught, game over. The modeling for the map and character models is phenomenal, something l've never seen before.
I play this game for 16 hours a day and only leave my room for sustenance or to relieve myself. It has cured my sadness. Before playing I was contemplating suicide, I was in debt and about to be evicted from the apartment I live in. When I found this game, all my problems were gone. I don't even know whats going on around me anymore. 10/10 would recommend.
This is life altering
I have never written a review on any game because I thought that no game was good enough for a review. But this game. This game changed the way I thought of the virtual entertainment in a whole. This game inspired me to manifest this opinion or more of facts. This game shouldn’t be even seen on a device of this low intellect; this game should be seen on high working computers. This games should only be available to the 10%. This game should be debated and people should idol this game. This game doesn’t deserve to be touched by someone so impure as me. Don’t play this game because it needs to be clean and this game downloads malware on your device.
I would commit crimes for this game
I can't believe I've found such an amazing game, its so amazing i've never seen my parents in 26 years and i've abandoned my children i have invested into this game so much. If i could marry this game I would, I have been holding my federal crimes back for almost half of my life and have tried suicide multiple times, but after i found this game all my thoughts were solved, and I never have felt better in my life after finding this holy grace of a game, the animatronics are designed by heart and the map has no mistakes, i would kill my family branch for this game.
Herminone is grander,
A life changing installment in a timeless franchise…
This game, in a word, was art. Never before have I experienced such joy, whimsy scares, and delights. I bought this game, expecting terrible quality, janky gameplay, a thousand bajillion ads, and the inability to pick up items. But when I found in its stead. It was a life-changing story, a bustling environment, and some of the smoothest, most user-friendly controls I’ve ever experienced on any game. I’d like to think the developer for making such a beautiful game. I wish it didn’t have to end so soon I can’t wait for the next game… ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Best game of 2023. Period.
Amazing graphics and realistic gameplay unlike some of the horribly inaccurate reviews I saw! And even despite the graphics and gameplay, it’s incredibly useable on phones and doesn’t take up much space on your phone, tablet, etc. I definitely recommend.
Not Security Breach
Despite the title, it is nothing like the FNaF game. It does have the animatronics, but the game itself is not very well made and there are so many annoying ads that it’s not worth even playing. There aren’t even any jump-scares when you die! Also, the 3rd person play style was a bad a idea for this game since the rooms are so small. It makes you glitch out and see outside the map all the time. 1st person would have been better, like the real game. I don’t know who made this, but it’s not Steel Wool or Scott Cawthon.
It’s pretty good
You get a feel for the animatronics in the real game, I do want a expert + mode where they all are faster and vanny gets added and the kid to have a face 😂 and the most important part is Jumpscares so be sure to add that
Maybe Bend,
This game is a complete rip-off of the FNaF games. FNaF games are my favorite games, but this is just dumb. No offense to the creator, but really? Try something original! There aren’t even jump scares. You even stole FNaF’s characters. Security Breach isn’t out yet, so maybe that’s why you thought you could rip it off, but it’s coming out soon, so when that happens, there’s a chance you’ll get copyrighted. Scott doesn’t like it when you take his ideas. I’m sorry if this came across rude, I’m just expressing my opinion.
I just started to play this and I don’t even know if this is the real Security Breach. For some reasons because I think that is because, one, the animatronics aren’t even scary!? Two, there aren’t jump scares like there used to be! three, you can see threw the doors and walls.

Whoever made this game definitely needs to fix the settings of the WHOLE game!
really dude 44,
The game is really not bad😃
The game might not be like security breach but it has the same map with all the characters I know of and overall a granny game but fnaf version so, yes I support this game and recommend it it really keeps me from being bored or tired of my games😃😃😃 so if anybody writes bad reports screw them your game is fun and addicting!