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Developer: Raffaele D'Amato
Category: Games
Price: $0.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.0.3
ID: com.rdamato.arcadiasports


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Arcadia Sports is a collection of arcade games with a sports theme for Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad.

The collection consists of 10 games (with many more to come):

- Formula Race
Compete in the premier racing series and outpace your opponents with skillful overtaking maneuvers.

- Basket
Getting the ball in the hoop is a given. But what if the hoop had to target the ball instead?

- 8-Ball Pool
Classic 8-Ball in solo mode. Sink balls of one type (solid or striped) first and then the rest, culminating in the 8-ball.

- 9-Ball Pool
Hit the lowest numbered ball first, but numerical order isn't necessary for pocketing.

- Air Hockey
Similar to hockey, minus the ice and Zamboni. First to reach 10 points wins.

- CyberSoccer
Turn-based soccer, a new twist.
Each CyberPlayer manages a zone on the field. If the ball lands there, it's their turn.

- MiniGolf (Course A)
Golf, but downsized with compact courses full of obstacles and challenges.

- MiniGolf (Course B)
Similar to before, but with different courses (and challenges).

- Bowling
A classic! Knock down all the pins, preferably in one roll. Easier said than done, right?

- RainBowling
Bowling meets a rainbow, with explosive pins and obstacles. Not quite the rainbow we remember.

Is this a small offering? Don't worry!
This is just the beginning.
We're already working on new games that will be added to the collection over time.

Additional Features:
- Advanced support for Apple Watch (Series 1 to Series 8 and Ultra)
- 120 fps support on compatible devices
- iCloud support for saving progress
- Game Center support for online leaderboards
- No advertisements
- No tracking

Version history

- Implemented three CPU skill levels and enhanced the physics in AirHockey
- Minor improvements
- Implemented three CPU skill levels and enhanced the physics in AirHockey
- Minor improvements
- Modified the aiming behavior in Pool, CyberSoccer and MiniGolf games
- Minor improvements

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4.8 out of 5
211 Ratings


Kevin 6382,
Best game for car rides!
I bought Arcadia and Arcadia sports for my watch but I have been using it more on my phone it is really good on the Apple Watch but even better on the iPhone! I have always been driven to surpass my own personal best and achieve the highest score in racing games. When I'm finished with those games, I find relaxation and enjoyment in playing bowling or golf. These games not only provide entertainment but also offer a nostalgic retro vibe that I am particularly fond of. I highly recommend getting Arcadia, as it delivers an exceptional sports experience. Overall, I would rate it a perfect 5 out of 5 stars or a solid 10 out of 10. 😎😎😎😎😎
Great Watch App!
All the games on here are great and fun to play. I personally enjoy playing the air hockey game because of the many CPU modes you can play. I look forward to seeing more games coming out for this app and other ones too. An idea for a future game can be Chess. Thanks!
A well produced sequel to an already amazing game
One of the best Apple Watch developers on the platform. Games are simple high score games but have stellar graphics and sharp controls for such a tiny screen. Polish is increased in this sequel too, and the lack of ads is amazing.
Fun way to spend five minutes
Great little games to while away the minutes in between tasks you may have!
I love it
It’s definitely the best arcade game on the Apple Store for watch or iPhone, I love the classic feel to it and I can’t find a better arcade game worth the price, I will certainly keep you entertained.
Simple games
Fun, simple games that are easy to play when you have a short amount of time.
Would love to see card games added
Idk how it’s work, but something like poker or blackjack would be a lot of fun to play.
Worth the 99 Cents
This app is a great way to kill time, just needs more content
Can’t complain
Good Quality games and no adds. Totally worth the money
Games Eneractment Studios,
Honestly 4 stars
I am rating it 4 stars because when I play air hockey the controls somehow feel stiff and sensitive at the same time.