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Wreck and Destroy them all

Developer: Lion Studios
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.22.0
ID: com.StarblazeStudio.DemolishBuilding


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Time to relax and let it all out! Get out your aggression by causing maximum damage! Can you destroy them all? Try to obliterate the buildings with rockets, cannons, gun and more! No place is safe from you. Knock down walls, object and buildings. Watch them all come crashing down in fiery brimstone and ash. Just sit back and watch it happen. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 or point, aim, fire.

Timber! That’s the sound of your work at hand. Feel the satisfaction as you watch the tnt go boom and explode. Aim, tap, shoot, Destruction! The flying debri and objects add to the realistic feel and experience. Once you knock one building down, you’ll be itching for more.

Game Features:
1. Simple but addicting mechanics
Aim, tap, shoot and watch the total destruction. It’s that easy, but so satisfying.

2. Keep on upgrading!
Different items and weapons to help you knock them down with maximum efficiency. How powerful can you get?

3. Great visuals and graphics
Realistic physics and graphics will leave you breathless as they all come toppling down.

4. Relax and play
Simple yet fun mechanics will keep you entertained for hours!
Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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Version history

Bug Fixes
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Bug fixes and improvements
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Adjust Levels.
Fix bugs
Fix Some Levels.
Other Improvements.

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

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CA818397623✱✱✱✱✱ 7272732✱✱✱✱✱
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CA952127334✱✱✱✱✱ 4171364✱✱✱✱✱
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CA611619236✱✱✱✱✱ FED4F95✱✱✱✱✱

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4.6 out of 5
13.4K Ratings


Neo optimus,
Awesome game, could play it for months and not be tired of it, but I have two suggestions, make it harder to kill enemies and could you fix this bug that I have, I’m on contract 6 lv2 amd every time I beat it it gets stuck on the 2/1 vehicles and I can still shoot my guns but it just won’t let me go end the level.


So on that level you were just supposed to destroy 1 vehicle and kill all the people then you can go on the next level so a lot of people are saying that there is only ten levels but there are way more than that. Also you can just turn off your wifi to have no adds
Painfully Average
Starting with the Pros; the graphics are very simple yet stylish, perfect in that regard. It’s fun for the first day of playing it, after that, when you reach the endless mode, it starts to get boring. Weapons are very easy to unlock and levels are very easy to pass as well. Enemies shouldn’t be highlited through walls, same for vehicles. The levels should be much bigger, like one level should be the size of three or four current levels. The drone/helo should be manually controlled. Weapons should be far less powerful and there should be a limited ammunition count, which you would have to replenish with money. Gravity physics should be added so that when you destroy the bottom of a tower, the rest would collapse. And some more levels or stages could be added too, weapons could not only be bought but also upgraded, or replace the weapon buying system with an aircraft upgrading system. There could be a garage where you can upgrade your vehicle, for example the armor, the weapons, the speed, you could hire a secondary gunner. Gas tanks on the ground would explode, perhaps you can have power-ups like a spec-ops team that could infiltrate the enemy’s base and take out some of their guys or give you intel on their positions. Lot of potential in this game, keep working on it 👍
JD Real,
Blowing stuff up is fun, and challenge-wise this is idle easy. The only real threat is when levels occasionally start while still watching one of the many ads. Most ads can be skipped after 5-10 sec, but still annoying. The game is what it is, and anyone stupid enough to spend money on it shouldn’t get to keep money anyway. Levels, such as they are, can be completed in about an hour total, after which an “endless mode” begins. Any diversion, even to buy or change weapons, starts you back at Endless level 1. Not that it matters, since levels are interchangeable.

Put simply, it’s a low stakes, low content freebie that’s fun for a minute with no long term prospects. The physics are too poorly coded to allow for any sort of strategy whatsoever. For example, even blowing away the entire building underneath will not cause the roof to fall; it just floats in the air until hit directly, at which point it shatters exactly like a car, wall, tank, or picnic table. This lack of depth makes the game entirely disposable, but for a fifteen minute de-stress break, it’s fine. In other words: Meh.
Tomatopaste 1.0,
So much potential
I wish this game was made by another developer. There is a lot of unused potential in this game. I’d like to point out that the game IS a lot of fun. It’s super satisfying to absolutely obliterate every level with all of the cool weapons but there are a few outstanding flaws. First and foremost are the ads. There is an ad after EVERY level to the point of it being unplayable unless you completely disconnect your phone from the internet. You can’t go back and play levels that you’ve alredy completed! Endless mode gets EASIER as you play because the stacked perks are so powerful. And most importantly, the game isn’t challenging enough! You can finish the entire game in 45 minutes and once you do, everything is too easy. Unfortunately this game is made by a developer that focuses far heavier on quantity rather than quality and it’s a shame because this is such a cool concept. Developers, please, less ads, better endless, and add more of a challenge (limited ammo, moving targets, less health, denser and more complicated structures etc.)
A rad game?!
Honestly ive been playing this for a while. Unfortunately wth the new update all my guns were taken away from me.. its alright though the gameplay makes up for it! Although distruction is fun i would like to see more fire, levels, level designs, and maybe even more characters to obliterate 😈! Since this is like a helicopter view what if you could create either 3 buildings/scenes to fly through before showing us an ad? Like truly id pay the ad free if it wasn't 3$. Also I’d pay the 3$ if the game was worth that. More weapons, maybe more sounds, maybe a little more creativity? This game has huge potential ! Make some more changes i can give that 5 star! 4/5 for fun smooth and addicting gameplay, lack of level designs/characters as well a ads after every level (also like someone else said lets see the destruction after! Maybe even a bloody aftermath) neat guns but lacking a bit. All around a very fun game to pass the time.
Doesnt ever evolve
This game is good for the first few missions but it lacks any sort of progression. The missions never get any more difficult. The game doesn’t introduce any new enemies that are enough of a threat to even coming close to killing you. As an experiment I tested to see how long it would take for the enemies to kill you and it took almost a full 2 and a half minutes of not shooting for them to finally get my health down. Also I was pretty disappointed when I found out that the buildings don’t topple over at all, they will literally float with nothing touching the upper floors. Additionally you get money very fast and the game doesn’t force you to slowly get better weapons you can just buy all of the gold tier guns after like 5 missions.
However the concept is very cool and it’s a fun game to play on occasion. I just wish it got harder over time.
This game is amazing, but could be better.
Okay, I love this game so far. But it could be better. I would love it if after every level I could see the destruction afterwards. Instead there’s all these pop ups and rewards. I don’t have a problem with those in general but it’d be nice if there was a screen where you could see the destruction better after you complete a level. I don’t know if this is possible but I’d also love it if there was structural integrity. The physics in this game are good already, but destroying a building and just seeing the roof float in mid air is kinda underwhelming. Another example is when I shoot the bottom of a billboard, the top just floats there. This game is amazing but if you added these features I’d rate 5 stars without a doubt.
zachary prock,
Found a bug and ideas for the game plz read thx
When you touch the screen with two fingers when shooting it will keep making the shooting sound when it’s not even when you finish the mission it goes away when you close out the application and some ideas is for there to be more color and make it really pop with color and to add a more detailed enemies like armor and stuff and each different type of person has different clothing/armor and such and lastly if you broke the building fully it would fall and would kill the enemies if something fell on them thx
Poor game play and worse taste
The game play for this is horrible, your finger blocks whatever your shooting. All the guns fire at the same rate and appear to do the same amount of damage. And the amount ads is ridiculous. Now onto the poor taste, it’s one thing for a game to reflect real/current/historical events. But this game lacks any resemblance of taste. One of the stages the building was for all intents and purposes a mosque. The only distinguishing mark removed was the crescent moon (even as a non Muslim I found this incredibly offensive) and it appears that you’re shooting at unarmed civilians.
Make a shooter game that reflects the wars of the 21st century, fine have at it. I’ll probably download and play it. But common shooting unarmed civilians in a mosque! That’s incredibly messed up and this app should be removed from the store. Poor taste and game play!
liam cramer,
Another great game killed by ads
The games great which is why I didn’t have the heart to one star it. But the ads are impossible. Not only do the ads pop up every 30 seconds (not an exaggeration) but they glitch it out and you get shot at while the ads are playing and you can’t do anything about it. There also the annoying ads with the super small X that if you miss it sends you to the App Store. Also whenever you swipe out of the game and come back later, while it saves your game money and guns it does not save your roll enhancements. A save my progress and new game button at start would be recommend. And please I know ads make money but this game is unplayable with them every 30 seconds. Definitely room to improve. 4 star game but ads ads ads.