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Version: 3.4.0
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Blackjack Apprenticeship's "Blackjack & Card Counting Trainer Pro" is the best way to master card counting so you can bring down the house! Blackjack Apprenticeship trains card counters who have legally beaten casinos for millions with the same skills learned in this app!

******** Featured in: New York Times, CNN, ABC World News, Good Morning America, The Colbert Report, Huffington Post ********

Introducing the Blackjack trainer created and developed by Professional Blackjack players. is the authority on teaching you how to play Blackjack like the pros. With over a decade of combined experience and millions of dollars won, the Pros here can help you take your game from amateur gambler, to winning professional.

Perhaps you just watched the movie “21”, or you’ve read “Bringing Down the House”, you are ready to take your Blackjack game to the next level. This is where Blackjack Trainer Pro comes in to help you up your game - without being an MIT student.

Blackjack Trainer Pro works hand in hand with We teach you step-by-step instruction on how to get the advantage over the house.

We don’t give you multiple counting methods here because you only need one: HiLo. We help you hone one counting system and use it to its fullest potential. Be an expert, not a “Jack of all systems.” That is the difference between a gambler and a winner.

Blackjack Trainer Pro helps you keep the Running count, shows you the True Count and guides you if you make a Basic Strategy or Deviation mistake. We want you to be on top of your game when you go into the casino. Practice at home, then run through a few shoes in your hotel room before hitting the tables to freshen up.

******** FEATURES ********

* Basic Strategy – Build your blackjack foundation
* Learn HiLo – the most efficient yet powerful card counting system known today
* Learn how to keep the Running count, convert to a true count and use that information to your advantage over the house.
* Strategy Deviations – We provide you with the charts you need to be successful
* Real Hand Signals – Use the same hand signals as you would in the casino: Hit, Stand, Double Down, Spit, and Surrender!
* Customize your game: Dealer Hits or Stands on soft 17, Resplit Aces, Double after Split, and Surrender are all rule options.

***** TESTIMONIES *****

“This app is easily worth the $$$, I just got back from Atlantic City and won enough to pay for my whole trip!” - JC

“I’ve been training with blackjackapprenticeship for 3 months now and am stoked to have their training go with me everywhere. I’ve used this app right before walking into the casino even.” - LB

“This app is just what I was looking for! Not a silly blackjack game, but an actual Trainer!”

"This app combined with the videos on the website has improved my blackjack game 300%!"

Version history

Now tracks your number of rounds played.
Updated for latest iOS release.
Fixes small visual bug.
Fixes an issue where when playing 2 hands and one of your hands is BlackJack and the dealer has BlackJack, dealer would not expose hole card and terminate play after insurance was decided on.
Makes showing the discard tray default.
Minor bug fixes.
New video content.
Fixes issue where player would be asked for insurance on both hands when playing two hands.
Fixes a crash that occurred if you incorrectly chose to insure/not insure and opted to "Fix" it.
Fixed a bug with the Action Buttons and forced Light Mode on iOS13 devices utilizing Dark Mode.
Contains bug fix in the Counting Drill when user is dealt Hard 16 v 10.
Added "Reset" button to About Page.
As always, working hard to improve our App. A few bug fixes.
Addresses a reported issue which caused some users to crash when resuming a game.
Updated Charts
Various bug fixes and usability improvements.
1. Fixed case where DAS was off and it wrongly determined that you should have doubled after a split.
2. Ability through the info screen to reset a drill without having to enter the drill. This was in response to a report that a user had an apparent corrupted game file and could not resume the drill.
Fixed a bug where the app was dealing the same cards repeatedly.
Fixed an issue where Surrender button might not become available.
Fixed several other minor issues.
Buttons now available for making decisions!
Now able to see count tray when betting screen is present.
Able to configure so the dealer only deals splits, soft hands, etc. to better focus your training efforts.
Misc bug fixes.
Bug Fixes:
On pushes the player was paid out as if they won the hand
Backspace in the speed counting drill to change an incorrect entry was not working
If you had re split aces turned off, it would still tell you to split aces.
Bet amount would revert to previous value after shuffle
Fixed issue where Naturals were paid incorrectly in some cases
Fixes issue where Dealer would not show hole card immediately when it had a BlackJack with a 10 upcard.
Displays True Count on Betting Screen
Players hand automatically ends when player draws to 21
Bug Fixes
• Added option to show hand totals.
• Skips payout phase if betting is turned off.
• Increased dealing speed
• Fixed Gesture tutorial image error for surrender action
• Can now fix an incorrect insurance decision
• Various bug fixes
- Practice either 1 or 2 hands
- All-New User Interface
- Improved Achievements and Game Center integration
- Improved Speed Counting Drill
Small UI tweak for iPhoneX
Fixed decision error.
New Screen Shots

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Card Counting Drill
(Learning to beat blackjack through card counting is a simple, though not easy, process. Few people take the time and dedication to perfect their skills. To be a winning player takes 100% accuracy.)
EB719713715✱✱✱✱✱ AA05B36✱✱✱✱✱

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4.8 out of 5
6 084 Ratings


This app is more than worth the $5 plus the absolutely amazing $1 card counting drill. I always wanted to be good at a card game and I chose blackjack because this app is ranked the #1 Casino app so I thought why not? I started training and watching the videos and before I knew it I memorized basic strategy in an hour and knew how to card count! At first I made mistakes every once in a while and often lost my card count, but after a week of training I have a high score of over 500 and can keep track of the card count without needing to check the reference anymore. That’s how good this app is, and I don’t regret getting it at all. Not only does this app teach you how to get good at blackjack, but it’s fun to train yourself to see how good you can get, it provides great feedback and charts for you to always look at, and lots of different customizations when doing drills to simulate whatever playing environment you want.

My only problem with the app is I can’t press on the discard tray image to more clearly see how many decks have been discarded once the betting screen comes up. This is an issue because I need to accurately tell how many decks are left before I make my bet because this is important to how much I will be betting in the next round. The only workaround I found was to exit the drill and then quickly tap on the discard tray image to make it zoom in before the betting screen pops up. Other than that, this app is perfection. 5 stars!
Great app WOW
First let me say for 5 bucks... this is a steal.. great counting training... great betting spread training cause you can opt on to have count visible so you can focus on just betting and playing perfectly.. there’s a couple minor problems that should be fixed.. for example.. when the true count is +3 and dealers face up card is “A” the correct deviation is to buy insurance... but I was playing 2 hands... one hand was a hard 16 and other was hard 20.. I bought insurance.. then I was qued that i made a mistake cause you never insure a hard 16.. but it doesn’t give me the option which hand to insure... and to be honest I don’t even know if you could insure only 1 of your multiple hands in an actual casino... but I would have surrendered the 16 and insured the 20 if was possible.. other then that... this app will definitely improve all the important skills you need to be an advantage player... and you can practice different risk betting spreads.. and visually watch the results go positive!! This is the best way to go when u can’t afford the $200-$500 membership for BJA let alone the $1,000+ for boot camp.. with some self discipline and will power... I feel like this app may just be all you need
<---- Rating this App!!!,
Negative Betting?!? Why?
Not sure why this is a thing, once your bankroll hits $0 or you don’t have money to bet. Either it should allow you to bet the rest in your bankroll down to $0 or it should offer to reset the bankroll to 10k. I know at anytime you can reset the bankroll to 10k which is nice. It’s not right to bet negative!

You could offer different sizes bankrolls to start with but I honestly think 10k it perfect to not over bet and even if you wanted to bet small it would lower your risk even more. If you want to start larger just build it up.

Unfortunately, I have a few friends trying out the app as well and they want to show off their “bankrolls” but no way to prove they are actual gains. I’m up 50k in mine just from practice and months of work. So I want to actually see who is able to preform and grow a bankroll not just bet a negative amount and show a two hundred thousand dollar bankroll. The app is to simulate real life practice in my opinion.

All that being said this is a fantastic app and I highly recommend it. I still think it’s a 5 star app and this can be an easy fix. Just please fix this one this to help everyone, even the ones who think they can borrow the money. Just reset the bankroll and try again.
Needs Custom Bank Roll
Overall I really enjoy this app. The only thing I would love to see is a way to manually enter a starting bank roll. You start with $10,000 but I enjoy using this app to practice managing buy ins and wager sizes that I would typically carry and play with in real life. For me that is anywhere from $150-$500. To get to this starting amount you have to intentionally lose hands and play improper strategy. The problem is that you inevitably will win or Hit 21 when you are in fact actually trying to lose.

I have spent upwards of 5 minutes just trying to get my bank roll to the level I want to play at. When you only may have 5-10 minutes at a time to play this can get very annoying very quick.

Would be great to the option when resetting your bank roll l, to reset it to a custom amount instead starting at the set amount and then losing it down.
I trained myself to count cards 6 years ago, now I am an active AP and instructor of new card counters. Back when I was in training, this app was the most efficient use of my time, hands down. It is, and has always been the most comprehensive mobile card counting training tool that there is... but the new update takes it to a whole new level. The “button” options are much preferred to the “gestures” according to my trainees (who are required to use this app every day, btw) and 2 hands really increases the volume of practice you can put in quickly. Finally, the kicker is that the new update can actually deal specific types of hands that you’d like to emphasize in a given session. Having this app available makes it very easy to train new aspiring APs!
Great training
The app comes with videos and written articles that teach you what you need to know like High-Low counting method and betting basics.

The base purchase is an amazing blackjack simulator with a running/true count display that can be toggled. The customizations you can make like the speed cards are dealt, making surrender optional, setting the number of decks in a boot, and setting rules on splitting allow you to simulate conditions at your local casino.

The speed training is a worthwhile purchase if you’re serious about becoming a better card counter. The game plays itself by basic strategy. You set the speed the cards are dealt and the game will intermittently ask you to input the card count and correct you if you’re wrong.
Night Crime,
Would recommend to anyone serious about becoming an AP
I’ve struggled for years to maintain the running count, while playing perfect basic strategy! I don’t know why it wasn’t clicking for me, but after purchasing the $4.99 USD “BJA Trainer Pro” I can NOW successfully keep the running count (easy) while playing perfect basic strategy! Thanks to the hours spent practicing in the app, I’m able to play for extended periods of time, keep the running count, and now finally alter my bets based off the true count and start making money doing this everywhere I go! It’s all slowly coming together for me thanks to Colin and the team at BJA! Thanks guys, couldn’t have done it without you, literally lol! 🙌🏽 💰 💵 🃏♦️- Sergio Paramo
This app is just the tip of the iceberg of knowledge that the program offers. Some may say it’s all a scam or you just can’t remember everything but all you need is practice over and over. Become committed to the idea of investing. No different than your investments in stock options. There is a trend to the cards just like a trend to stocks. Invest at the right time and you increase your money. Not adding in how much fun this is in comparison to stocks. I personally can’t afford the full course as I’m on a disabled Vet monthly pay but if I ever get the funds I’m in. My church also agreed that this would be good to raise money for our needs so maybe I’ll get there. So for anyone looking to commit and have fun then jump in and take the course. Have fun.
It’s ok, but fails to allow for small wager increases
It’s a good app, and I use it mobile to keep my counting skills sharp. What it doesn’t do, that I wish it would, would be to have 1 dollar chips as an option to allow for smaller bet spreads than 5 dollar denoms for small betting increases when the count is favorable. An increase of 5 on a bet of 5 is 100%, when somewhat more realistically, an increase of 1 (20%) would be more appropriate at slightly favorable counts. Also wish the default bankroll could be changed for other tests (10 Gs may be ideal, but is unrealistic for many players). The other limitation is two hands and no other players. Live action is rarely you against the house; you need to count the other players’ cards too. All that said, don’t overlook this app. It’s worth the money.
Excellent practice tool for the card counter.
This is an excellent app to train at becoming an effective card counter. This a has been developed by skilled counters with the aim of taking a novice player and bringing his or her skills to proficiency. I particularly appreciate how the rules and settings can be changed to suit your needs as you learn basic concepts of counting. These can be adapted to whatever level you need until you have a firm grasp of the skill sets needed.

With feedback when you make mistakes you quickly learn the correct course of action for any scenario. When you’re no longer a novice this app also doubles as a drill routine to keep your game sharp. An excellent little app.