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Manage your burger shop!

Developer: Supercent, Inc.
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 0.37.0
ID: io.supercent.burgeridle


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Welcome to the world of burger shop simulation game!!
This app will give you a chance to become the boss of your own burger chain and manage every aspect of it from hiring staff to expanding your shop. The goal of this game is to grow your burger shop into a thriving and successful franchise all over the country!

As you progress through the game, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your abilities and facilities, making your store management efficient. You will also be able to establish chains of burger shops, spreading your brand far and wide. To make it happen, you will have to work hard to keep your customers happy and make sure your burger cafe runs smoothly.

Game Features
• Simple gameplay. Easy to get started!
• Two sales window! Take orders not only at the counter, but also at the DRIVE-THRU!
• Grow your HR skills by HIRING employees and UPGRADING their skills.
• Unlimited Expansion! Not only expand your store, but also CHAIN STORES in every state!

With its fast-paced gameplay, simple controls, and endless possibilities for growth, it's the perfect app for anyone who loves simulation games and wants to experience the thrill of running a successful business.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this app is sure to challenge and entertain you!
So, if you are ready to start a business, download Burger Please! today and start your journey to becoming the ultimate burger shop master!

Terms of Service: http://corp.supercent.io/TermsofService

Version history

Add new in-app products
Add offer system
Add new Segway
Here are the patch notes for the latest update:
Burger Please gets better! Install the latest version and check out the new updates!

- 2 new stages have been added. You can now make more food. Come on in!
- New content added.

Thank you for playing! Goodbye for now, and we look forward to seeing you in the next update.
- Bug fixes : Now you can get the offline rewards.
Thank you for your patience.
Minor bug Fixed
1. New content has been opened!
Now you can enjoy your burger as a full set.
You can now order Coke and Fries together!

2. New Daily rewards added!
What did you say? Now the game give you money just for log-on to the game?

3. New in-app products have also been added so that you can enjoy the game more abundantly!
Here are the patch notes for the latest update:
Burger Please gets better! Install the latest version and check out the new updates!
1. New content has been opened!
Now you can enjoy your burger as a full set.
You can now order Coke and Fries together!
2. New Daily rewards added!
What did you say? Now the game give you money just for log-on to the game?
3. New in-app products have also been added so that you can enjoy the game more abundantly!
We have fixed all the bugs. Enjoy the game!
We have fixed all the bugs. Enjoy the game!
We have fixed all the bugs. Enjoy the game!
Minor Bug Fixed
Bug fixes, the game is now more stable
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Here are the patch notes for the latest update:
Burger Please gets better! Install the latest version and check out the new updates!


Thank you for playing! Goodbye for now, and we look forward to seeing you in the next update.
Improved the performance
Enjoy the game!
Minor bug Fixed
Minor Bug Fixed

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
No Ads_3.99
(No Ads (interstitial and banner))
DA031793817✱✱✱✱✱ E16B3D6✱✱✱✱✱
(Rewarded video ads skip ticket +10)
DA025366451✱✱✱✱✱ 902125C✱✱✱✱✱
(Ads free package)
DA199592455✱✱✱✱✱ AF550F0✱✱✱✱✱
(Weekly Vip Pack2)
DA063947307✱✱✱✱✱ 29068BA✱✱✱✱✱
(15% off Ads free package)
DA545662393✱✱✱✱✱ 9101EB6✱✱✱✱✱
(Premium PRO package)
DA334366047✱✱✱✱✱ 535CC51✱✱✱✱✱
(Growth offer package)
DA894490754✱✱✱✱✱ 5C866FE✱✱✱✱✱
(Start package Time deal)
DA017911605✱✱✱✱✱ 4D07A33✱✱✱✱✱
RV Skip Ticket 10_1.99
(Rewarded video ad skip tickets +10)
DA949556819✱✱✱✱✱ 1DEAF4E✱✱✱✱✱
(Rewarded video ad skip tickets +20)
DA795021143✱✱✱✱✱ B267895✱✱✱✱✱

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4.7 out of 5
83.3K Ratings


Could be a little better
So when I first started playing this game I found it fun and really enjoyed it. This summer I went on lots of road trips so this game was perfect, only because I was offline and there wasn’t any annoying ads. This game has a lot. I gave it a 4, not because of the ads (because usually I’ll play this game while I’m doing something else) but because there’s what I call a little bug. This bug is in the “level” 2 or in the second store and I end up doing EVERYTHING and I mean everything! Now I know there’s employees who are supposed to work and help you but there’s some who stack the burgers on the counter way to high so my employees are just sitting there waiting for the burgers to go down then go grab more and wait. This becomes very annoying because now what my whole team is supposed to be doing together I’m doing it by myself. If this could get fixed or anything like that I would really appreciate it. I do love this game and I don’t mind watching too many ads but it’ll really get on my nerves when those annoying employees don’t do anything. Anyways it’s a great game and I would recommend it but if you don’t like ads there is a way to get rid of them so fully recommend 😁😁😁
Love it! But there is one MAJOR problem.
I love “Burger Please!” It’s so addicting and hard to stop playing. But there is one major problem that this game has, which is why i gave it 4 starts instead of 5. It’s because of the ads!! There so annoying and pop up like at least once every minute! In my opinion, to have a successful game, they need to cut back on the ads. Yes, I do understand that sometimes they need to put ads in there games, but it’s a little much. And a lot of the time, the ads are like at least 30 seconds long which is pretty long if your just playing and ad pops up. It’s different when you chose the ad to come up like if it says “watch this ad and you will get such and such” but when your just playing and one pops up, 30 seconds is a little much. Also every now and then the game glitches and takes me out of it. It’s not as often as the pop up ads, but it’s still annoying. All in all, this is a pretty good game and would recommend.👍🏻
Wolves lover123,
OK, but makes me want to rip my hair out and to shreds
Whenever I first started to play this game, I was very very interested but then I started to play it and it was annoying. There’s like so many ads and it makes me want to rip my hair out and screen like every time I add pops up I throw my phone to the ground and I try to break it for how annoying it is and then I tear up my hair I feel like I’m gonna die with the ads besides the ads the game I will give it three stars because it’s a lot of fun sometimes I do role-plays and like stuff in the only part I don’t like about it is it has a lot of glitches and a lot of ads I only walk around for like two minutes and like 1000 ads pop up and I’m like bro and like every time I try to buy something and games with a real money it’s always a scam so it’s not like I can just buy no ads because I just can’t trust anymore it’s amazingly annoying and that’s my feedback and if you play a Starbucks version of this, go and check out my review same exact thing not exactly the same but anyways go check out my review AND NO I AM NOT A KARIN and they’re freaking annoying so I’ll never be one😵
Tasty Babies,
Addictive game but too short!
The game itself is fun despite it being fairly simple to play. There is a steady sense of progression, accomplishment, and satisfaction which is what these types of games aim to illicit on its players.

However, within a week or so, since downloading this game, I’ve already completed everything there is to do and have been left waiting for a new update to the game so that new states/restaurants can open up so that I can continue on playing the game. I have already unlocked and upgraded everything. There is nothing left to do except just collect the money being generated but with nothing left to spend it on.

I did take the shortcut and just watched a bunch of ads to progress but if that’s going to be an option, there should be more stuff to do within the game. I didn’t think it would take only a week to be left waiting for an update. With other games, I could watch ads all year long and never complete everything.

I’m assuming that this game is pretty new so new content is still in the works. This game is fun enough that I’ll keep it on my phone and wait for the new content updates. I just hope that it comes soon because it is fun to play, in my opinion.
Addicting, but
So, first I’ll say that this game is highly addictive! It’s fun, too. I paid 3.99 for no ads because it seemed like they were popping up every minute or so and it was really frustrating. There are ads in the game should you want to get extra money or skill sets and stuff, which is fine, but after paying 3.99 I still get ads when I open a new location! That’s really dumb and annoying and doesn’t make sense. Not to mention these ads are like 3 minutes long!
Do what others have said they did and stay off wifi and maybe you will have an ad free game without having to pay like I did.

This game is really fun and I played non stop for a day and then realized there’s nothing new or exciting any longer. So , I’m keeping it in case updates come out that add new features to the game- also because I spent money on it, and I do recommend it, but paying although is worth it in order to actually play, it’s not worth it in the long run. Also, I still get ads here and there.
Too many freaking Ads!!!
This game could be great…..I really enjoy it, except for the Ads every couple of minutes!!! Would I tell anyone to play it? Absolutely Not, because of the Ads! The graphics could be better but considering this to probably be a low budget game, it’s okay. I’ve overlooked it a few times and today, I thought I’d try it out. I love it but I’m not going to play it very often….gritting my teeth….because I hate the CONSTANT ads! Your popularity could go through the roof if there were not so many Ads. I was going to try the one with the coffee but I’m sure it’s the same way. I started to rate this with 2 stars but I figured I’d give you 3 because I do like the like the game but SERIOUSLY, PLEASE GET RID OF SO MANY FREAKING ADS!!! And the thing is….it’s the same stupid Ads every single time…over and over and over. Who in their right mind would think that we’d be interested in something after seeing it a thousand times???
Good at first but game will not let you play it much
I’ve had this game for 1 day. I played it with my data and wifi off to avoid ads. The next morning i wake up and i went to play it, it wouldnt load. Ive tried restarting my phone but that didnt help, and I definitely dont want to have to uninstall and reinstall and lose my progress. This seems like a major problem that they never fixed because i see other people saying the same thing. If you cant progress in a game and have to completely start over everytime u want to go back to play the game then its not worth it . I would not suggest this game to anyone because it just seems like there’s a cut off on the 4th restaurant or its whenever u put the game down for the first time and decide to pick it back up at all. If they wont fix this issue then theres no point for all these other updates it looks like theyre doing and i hope they actually start to read their reviews so they fix this. Until then, im done with this game .
Alexis kai me,
It’s very hard to keep my eyes off this game whenever I start playing it’s like my eyes are glued to the screen but there is only a few things that make me want to stop playing BADLY. I usually play with my friends but we often get mad because of the amount of adds that pop up while we are trying to play it. Another reason why I gave it not 5 but 3 stars is because when I was serving customers I got a little TOO slow so with my 20K dollars I bought the fairy one that give you +20 speed it didn’t work and I worked so hard for that money. Another reason why I felt like I should’ve gave this game 3 stars is because when I give the worker burgers to give the customers the customers take unnecessary amounts of burgers which makes it way harder and I understand that but why would one customer need 20 IN TOTAL (I counted)
iLoveWaterAndFood HaHa,
It’s an alright tycoon-like game..
I’ve recently been interested in shop games, and this is an okay game for such! It’s pretty much a tycoon— you start off with a little money and build up. I HAVE gotten pretty annoyed with ads, but besides
advertisements there are some things are bugging me:

First off, everything is so.. quiet. It’s an almost completely silent burger shop— background music or something would be nice, but this isn’t a major complaint as it isn’t really important.

Second, controls are tricky. The circle you move around is really fat while the outer circle is too small, and half the time I won’t move when I want to. I also think it would help if you could hold your device sideways rather than upright? While the device is sideways my thumbs have.. better positioning, I guess?

Lastly, it’s just kinda boring. Like I said, you start off with a bit of money and work your way up, but the purchases are so simple and there isn’t a lot of decision making or freedom. Like, you HAVE to buy this or buy that for your burger shop. You’re just.. running around during whatever the game tells you. Not fun.

Anyway, I don’t necessarily NOT recommend but it’s not that fun. Might be a waste of storage.
So many ads
There was literally so many ads. I even timed it every 30 seconds to a minute and 15 seconds there is an ad. I mean, I get it you wanna make money but this is not the way. You’re trying to force people to pay for your no ads at 5.99. Which in reality is only making them want to delete your game. You should definitely find a way that’s better than that. Here’s a thought maybe if you let people actually play the game they spend money in it, I know I would. Furthermore, I have my suspicions that you’re doing something on peoples devices as when I tried to first leave this review, I could not type on my keyboard. I had to completely turn off my device, and then turn it back on to get the keyboard working again imagine that! So, please tell me what exactly were you doing on my device where I couldn’t type on my keyboard? Hey Apple, maybe you should investigate.