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Developer: 畅 刘
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Version: 2020.5.05
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Carrier Landing HD is a high-end flight sim optimized for iOS devices, offering the following advantages:

Multiplayer Game: 
The multiplayer mode supports authentic Air Combat and Deathmatch modes. You can team up with friends for realistic dogfights or join Deathmatch rooms to engage in intense battles with players from around the world.

The aerodynamic model of each aircraft includes multiple components, with careful calculations of their inflow. As a result, the simulator realistically simulates the unique aerodynamic characteristics of many aircraft. This includes the high angle of attack maneuverability of F18 and F22, the ability of F14 to perform a full turn roll using only rudder, the pedal turn maneuver of F35 and F22, and the cobra maneuver of the Su series aerodynamic layout aircraft. The development process involved real pilots for testing and feedback.

When a 40,000-pound carrier-based aircraft lands on the deck at a descent rate of 5 meters per second, the compression rebound of the landing gear and the damping of the suspension are finely adjusted to create the most realistic visual effects. The recoil force from each bullet is accurately calculated and applied to the aircraft. The simulator also implements rope dynamics simulations for arresting cables and aerial tanker refueling tubes, details that are often not found in many PC flight sims.

Flight Control System (FCS):
Modern fighters often utilize static instability layouts, making it challenging for pilots to fly without the intervention of FCS. The simulator implements an FCS component with the same algorithm as the real flight controller. Your control commands first enter the FCS, which calculates the result using angular velocity feedback or G-load feedback. The result is then passed to the servo to control the control surface.

The simulator implements a HUD based on the real HUD principle. The size and view angle of the HUD characters and symbols have been strictly verified against the HUD of corresponding real aircraft. This offers the most realistic HUD implementation available in the mobile market. The F18 currently features a fully-featured fire control radar, and fire control radars for other aircraft are also under development.

Each missile in the simulator utilizes a real dynamic model, treating them as tiny aircraft. The guidance algorithm employs the same APN algorithm used in real missiles. The guidance results are transmitted to the missile's FCS, which then controls the control surface deflection for maneuvering. The initial speed of the gun bullet in the simulator strictly adheres to real data, accurately calculating the bullet's movement in each frame considering the effects of gravity and air resistance.

Earth Environment Rendering:
The simulator employs multiple scattering algorithms to calculate the color of the sky, ground, and objects, thanks to innovative optimization algorithms. It provides realistic sky colors at dusk and dynamic projections of the earth in the atmosphere. Whether flying at foggy sea levels or 50,000 feet high, you can genuinely feel the presence of the air.Additionally, the game utilizes real astronomical data to determine the positions of stars, the moon, and the sun.

Version history

- Fixed the issue where aircraft livery cannot be selected in multiplayer.
- More random spawn points in death match mode for multiplayer. (Note: This modification requires upgrading the multiplayer version, as the old and new versions will be mutually invisible on the server side. We recommend you upgrade to the new version for multiplayer gaming.)
- Fixed the issue of J15 tanker aircraft crashing.
- Aircraft that have been unlocked without an internet connection will not be locked again.
- Enhanced the padlock feature. It now supports up to three targets, and tap again will switch to the next target.
- Added a dogfight indicator. When holding the padlock to visually lock onto hostile, you can use this indicator to determine the relative position between the tracked target and your aircraft, In multiplayer dogfights, this will be of great assistance.
- The UI of free flight and game settings has been updated.
- Added multiplayer score and number of win leaderboards to the Game Center.
- Fixed the problem of radar signal going through the mountain.
- Fixed some bugs.
-Bug fixes for multiplayer games
-Finally, the multiplayer is here! Apologies for the delay. Currently, only the F18 is supported, but stay tuned for future updates as we'll be adding support for other aircraft.
Now, you can arrange with your friends for a 1v1 dogfight in a private room. Alternatively, you can join Deathmatch rooms and engage in battles with players from around the world. If you prefer a non-combat experience, the Free Flight room allows you to peacefully train and fly in formation with your friends. This version is just the beginning, and in the future, I will add more gameplay options, such as carrier recovery training. I will also introduce additional features like real-time voice chat.
-The new in-game store tries to solve the problem of not being able to buy IAP aircraft in some areas.
-Fixed an issue where the F18 dynamics were wrong after removing the pylons.
-A new generation of aerodynamic models was replaced for the F18. It has a high degree of consistency with the real wind tunnel data.
-Added liveries for the F35C.
-Fixed some minor bugs.
-Fixed the excessive CPU consumption of F35C.
-Fixed HUD's gun funnel display bug.
-F35C replaced with a new accurate and detailed exterior and cockpit model.
-Added one of the most requested livery for F18C/D.
-Fixed some bugs.
-Many users have responded that the store kit does not initialize correctly thus cannot complete inApp purchases. This update provides the ability to manually initialize store kit when this problem occurs.
-Optimized the rendering of the transition of the land toward the horizon in the high-altitude view. Enhances the effect of fog.
-I always thought the classic hornet used FULL FLAP for catapult, but I was wrong, it uses HALF FLAP, Super Hornet uses FULL FLAP, thanks to Fabio Todesco for reminding me about it. Now it has been fixed, and it also has the ability to automatically set the AOA trim and NU trim based on weight when catapulting.
-Jamming algorithm updated for jamming infrared missiles with flares.
-Fixed some problems in the flight control.
-Compatible with the new iPad mini's screen size
-Now you can set the iPad screen size in Settings/UI to get a more comfortable UI layout
-Flight control update
-New liveries for F-18 and F-14
-Fix some minor bugs
-New F18C/D exterior model with 8 livery options, more to be added in future updates.
-F18C/D More accurate aerodynamic and performance simulation, now it can better fit the real flight envelope.
-Bridge redone for USS Ford carrier (deck and hull will also be redone in a future update).
-Physics calculations upgraded from 50 Hz to 100 Hz, bringing more accurate and smooth physics calculations.
-Used a more accurate atmospheric model to render the environment and updated the core algorithm.
-Real astronomical data to determine the position of the sun, moon and constellations.
-Completely rewritten lighting model and rendering system to represent richer surface materials of the aircraft.
-Trim for pitch and roll axis.
-Pitch axis flight control upgraded to g feedback and pitch rate feedback mixed mode with more accurate g-load control and air refueling easier than before.
-Two liveries for F14D, one of them is VF33 201 with Dale "Snort" Snodgrass who passed away recently.
-Fix some minor bugs
-Fixed the bugs of the bullet quantity of F18's gun and drones cannot be damaged by gun.
-Recalibrated the inertia tensor of all aircrafts. Compared with before, you will feel that the aircraft has more mass.
-New sound system
-New engine model
-Flight control system optimization
-Added 60FPS option in settings
-Fixed the issue that F35 and A7 cannot open HSI caused by the last update.
-Finally, the gun sight of F-18 was correctly implemented. The Gun director considered the target acceleration to predict the impact point, and had high accuracy in the snapshot. It is assumed that the target does not have a large acceleration change during the bullet flight time. At the same time, it has high stability.

-Padlock button and an attitude indicator were added. This padlock button has the function of zooming in/out and firing at the same time. For the upcoming 1V1 gun dog fight multiplayer function. When you use a narrow FOV to observe hostile, you need it to remind you of the current attitude and the relative position of the hostile.

-Use Taptic engine to add some vibration feedback to some buttons and operations.

-Re-implemented the camera shake simulation of the cockpit perspective.
Fix bugs and performance optimization
-New map NAS Fallon

-Missile flight control system upgraded
In the previous version, launching missiles at high AOA or high g, especially AIM9X, is very easy to get out of control or target unlocking. If launching AIM120 in active mode with high AOA, the flight vector will lag, causing The target cannot be captured correctly. The modification of the flight control system improves these situations.

-MFD function panel changes
In the previous version, only when the MFD interface is displayed, you can activate it's function panel. Now you can activate it at any time, even if the MFD interface is not displayed. For example, in dogfight, you can directly turn on the radar's ACM mode to quickly lock the hostile.

-Improve F14's flight control system
There will not be much pitch changes during the process of changing the sweep angle. The FCS has been modified to enhance the stability of the pitch axis and roll axis, and the effect of the spoiler under different angles of attack has been calibrated.

-Rendering system improvement
Updated the tonemapping algorithm

-Better g-load limiter

-Fixed some minor bugs
-Added the button to open all weapon bays of F22.
-Fixed several bugs of flight control system.
-Performance improvement
-Fixed some serious bugs of F18's radar
-When selecting missiles automatically, it will take into account the balance
-Fixed the bug of J15 skidding on carrier deck
-New AIM120B and PL12 missiles
-Calibrated the performance of all missiles
-New 3D model and textures for AIM120 and AIM9X missiles
-New infrared missile instruction manual
-Improved the implementation of wheel's friction and rotation
-Fixed a series of bugs related to F18C / D radar and missile
-Stores Manager System UI for F18C / D
-Performance and package size have been optimized.
-New AIM-120C missile for F18 and F22.
-Fixed several bugs.
Fixed some bugs
--Fire control radar and radar-guided missile AIM7M for F18C/D.
--New interface for aircraft payload configuration.
--Enhanced the maneuverability of drone.
--Added an option to spawn a group of drones at long distances.
--The control UI have been modified, please read the help for details.
The following issues were fixed:
-Black horizon on some devices at certain altitude.
-The flap button feedback failure caused by target drone crash.
-Too fast wing fold speed.
-User aircraft render flicker when user and tanker are the same model.
-Tanker fuel probe incorrectly synchronized with the player's fueling probe command.
-The target drone incorrectly synchronized with the player's flare command.
—Fixed bugs that landing gears disappearing and control buttons malfunctioning.
—Adjusted the algorithm of flare Interfering with IR missile, At the same time, fixed the problem that IR missile was wrongly triggered by the flares when it approached the target.
—In the Setting control page, added the control signal filtering option. A low value will bring a smooth but delayed effect. It is recommended to use a lower value when air refueling.
—The tanker course was modified to athletic track mode, with a straight flight time of 4 minutes.

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Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
F/A-18C/D Hornet Bundle
(Unlock F/A-18C and F/A-18D)
HD398599459✱✱✱✱✱ 311A14B✱✱✱✱✱
F-14D Tomcat
(F-14D Tomcat)
HD234184982✱✱✱✱✱ 4052968✱✱✱✱✱
F-22A Raptor
(Unlock F-22A Raptor)
HD556121227✱✱✱✱✱ 684DFBE✱✱✱✱✱
J-15A Carrier Liaoning Bundle
(Unlock J-15A and Carrier Liaoning Bundle)
HD518957477✱✱✱✱✱ 8FDD051✱✱✱✱✱
6 hours online game time
(Add 6 hours of multiplayer online game time)
HD399881896✱✱✱✱✱ 6455AAD✱✱✱✱✱
18 hours online game time
(Add 18 hours of multiplayer online game time)
HD067559524✱✱✱✱✱ 75050CB✱✱✱✱✱
60 hours online game time
(Add 60 hours of multiplayer online game time)
HD245134745✱✱✱✱✱ 4FAD9A9✱✱✱✱✱

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4.3 out of 5
1 461 Ratings


Possibly the best carrier landing game
This game blows me away with the graphics for the jets and details even down to the air rushing past the wings. It also has pretty good physics and the jets feel smooth unlike most other games. Though there are some things I wish it had more of. Planes/ jets is the main one, I love the ones we have as of right now but I wish there were more to keep things new and mixed up. Maybe even possibly 1 or 2 more free ones because I have bought everything but the two F-18s and I feel like some more free ones would be nice. Also adding something like a Lockheed or a Greyhound that could really mix things up a little would be awesome. Also I seem to be having issues with the flaps, not being able to move them when getting close to landing or just not being able to use them at all. I will taxi out to the runway but when I get there I’m not able to use the flaps, making me almost takeoff straight off the runway. Over all if you the dev./ devs. Keep up the work through 2020 this could be the best sim. and even be at the top of the lists.
F-8E is a good aircraft,
Amazing game, good future
This game as of right now is one of my favorites. So much in fact, that I am writing a review on it, which isn’t something I really do. This game has such insane graphics even for a mobile game! The way the gravity affects your flight and the pilot blacking out due to enduring high G force is very realistic. The only thing about this game that isn’t really detailed/looked at is the ground and water physics, sometimes the ground isn’t always realistic and your plane can’t crash by hitting the ground or water. The game reacts to water as a solid, too. However, everything else pretty much makes up for it. Now at first it may seem a little hard for carrier landings and such but after little practice it gets fun trying to do the best landing you can! This game does have a lot of potential and I feel the future updates will be amazing. Few things I would like to see added is slight tasks/missions. Maybe aircraft servicing when you land. One thing I don’t like is that the aircrafts the game lets you fly for free have no weapons or armaments. If you are going to make it to where the only aircraft with weapons are the ones you pay for, please at least just add an auto cannon on the
F-35C Lighting II. Other than that, I would love to see where this game goes with future updates.
Developer please read
I’ve been playing for about a year now, and I absolutely love it! This is less of a review and more of a request. I know as of right now you’re working very hard on the F-35, so this is more for the future. I would love to see a system shutdown/engine shutdown feature, along with possibly a new aircraft, being the SU-57. There are a lot more aircraft in the world, but the SU-57, rivaling the F22, could give the game more variety in terms of other nations’ fighters. The aircraft is also just very sleek and one of the most maneuverable too. It could also be nice if the Hornet was instead an E/F Super Hornet, seeing as the legacy Hornet has already been retired, and isn’t as good as the Super Hornet. The only mod the F18 would have to go through is a minor exterior model tweak. No actual flight physics/properties would have to be changed, seeing as actual aircraft systems don’t apply/exist in-game. These are all just things I would love and feel would improve the game, but of course I have no control over this, and after all, this isn’t my game. I would love to see these additions possibly in the future, but with or without, I still love this simulator. Thanks for considering, let alone reading this!
Potential to be one of the best
So far I’ve broke down and purchased all aircraft to hopefully show support or this game. At this time I’m using a iPad Pro 10.5. So far what they have with graphics and beginning of basic gyro movement the game is amazing. But unfortunately it still plays like a beta version. A lot of glitching. Doesn’t seem to let me push the nose down, I have to invert the aircraft and do from there. Seems to do fine when you first start the game but within first maneuvers it seems the gyro goes wonky, let’s not get into the fact if you pause it and go bk into game, recalibration doesn’t seem to work or anything. So I just restart the game. But man is there a lot and mean allot of potential in this game. Hopefully they will continue to update it and fix all these glitches and make the sim slot more smoother and dependable. As of rt now I purchased the F18C&D, J-15A, and the F22A. So basically bought em all to show my support for game and developers. If the problems are fixed soon I can pretty much say I’d get all the new aircraft they say are In development because when you first start the flight each jet does act differently to how it would normally fly in real world, but then it glitches. Yet If it’s not fixed by time new aircraft come out I may stay with what I have now. So hope they fix it. And then I’ll also give a 5* rating
Finally A good jet game
It would be frankly dumb to give this game less than 4 stars. There’s reviews on here with 3 or even 1 Star, truthfully they don’t know what they’re talking about, or they are playing the game on a low grade device. The graphics are amazing for IOS and is one of the most high performance graphics on IOS today. There are few glitches and when there are glitches they’re minimal, no lag on an IPad Air 2, lag only occurs when super sonic air drag kicks in (the smoke/haze around the aircraft at high speeds). Landing on the aircraft carrier is a lot of fun and challenging, trying to get it perfect doesn’t really get old. After shooting down the 100th AI fighter get though does get tiring.

I’d love to see more aircraft (maybe not just jets but other military aircraft like an C-130 gun ship), a bigger map/maps, better AI to dog fight with, Multiplayer mode if that’s possible, training modes, missions (such as real life missions that the military would actually do), ground targets, maybe even customizable paint jobs on planes would be an awesome feature down the road. I’d love to be able to play this game with friends so I think multiplayer would bring a whole never level to this already great game.
Alphas Review,
Needs work and progress but still the best and most realistic mobile sim, never the less
I don’t know if this classified as a review but I do like the overall update that was made and I look forward to more aircrafts hopefully but is there also a way that the audio could be enhanced and made more realistic? Also maybe some visual effects such as the sonic cone? The biggest thing is sound because I’ll be playing back my flight and I can hear my aircraft from ground cam view when the aircraft is far away and the same sound has only been intensified and cluttered up and regardless, the sound doesn’t really give the aircraft the credit deserved when passing by at low altitude. It just sounds like a constant audio of a distant jet that never goes away and then when my aircraft passes by it goes almost dead silent. The other thing with visual effects though, I’d really love to see aircrafts have some of those visual effects when approaching supersonic or reaching the sound barrier like the sonic cone. Some more updates would be greatly appreciated but otherwise this is still my favorite sim to play and hope more aircrafts get introduced.
Best mobile game for fighter jet simulation
From the start, this game is appealing. The graphics are stunning for a mobile game, which is already a plus. The physics is great and feels real. The HUD and landing systems are very realistic and gives the simulator a realistic feeling unlike the arcade vibe you get from other mobile fighter games. The planes you get at the start and fun, especially the F-35, which isn’t implemented in many other flight simulators. I am absolutely sold on the vapor effects during maneuvers, it’s a fantastic feature that is incredibly immersive. One problem you might run into from the start is the fact that no planes you get for free are combat ready. I would honestly love to see a combat capable F-35, especially for the beginning players. I bought the F-22 and it’s very fun, especially the combat simulation. Being able to use the funnel and different missiles is great. Some things I would like to see in the game is multiplayer, radar, more places to takeoff and land, and maybe a few more free planes. I have not experienced really any glitches so far and the game has been smooth. Overall, I love this. It’s like a mobile DCS. Please continue to develop this game!
This game is by far the single best jet fighter game available for the mobile platform. From the UI, to the immaculate flight modeling, stunning graphics and high fidelity planes and system models, this game goes above and beyond, crushing all other competitors with ease. The realistic load-outs for the airplanes and painstakingly programmed weight and aerodynamic facets, prove the developer’s love and dedication to the cause of making a true masterpiece. Weight effects speed and mobility, high g maneuvers cause low pressure condensation to form over the wings. Landing gear flex realistically upon contact with the ground and arresting wires physically catch and decelerate your aircraft upon touchdown on a carrier deck. There seems to be no end to the little attention-to-detail tidbits the developer has added and I could not be happier. This game really is the DCS of the mobile world, the best on the market. Now it’s just a waiting game to see when multiplayer and AI dogfights come out. I for one am waiting, itching for the first real fight in this high fidelity mobile flight sim. Cheers to the developers, thank you for making this masterpiece.
How can you not rate this higher than 4 stars
The game has graphics like no other. The game presents such well detailed design and an excellent maneuverability especially with the f22. The game shows how well you can make something, you just have to try harder than the next person in line. How is it possible that people that make other apps like stand-off and f-18 <— (that’s the title) with such terrible quality. They just don’t put effort in like the designers of this game. Also, multiple people have talked about the glitches. There is a very slim amount of glitches, thus being a jumpy catapult, the wheel brakes, and the catapult connection. Other than that the game is perfect. I love the game and it’s one of two good aircraft games. Not to mention it doesn't have 1 aircraft (f-18) it has more than five aircraft. How could anybody brush this game off like it’s bad unless you haven’t gotten an extra jet or your not good enough to take off drone the airbase and land on the carrier.
Not happy with this crap,
What I wish would be added (edited)
The game is great. The graphics are great & it is a lot of fun compared to my other sims. The only thing I wish they would add, well things: a Rhino, Viper, & a Eagle (the Echo variant). I would buy those as add ons to the game & enjoy the different variety of airframes to play with.

Well as of the latest update, the F-18 can’t even get off of the ground before the left wing dips, nose kicks right, then hops up. After which it comes back down then doesn’t left the ground until about 200KIAS, then IMMEDIATELY departs; performing a series of flips regardless of what inputs are put into the control surfaces. Then it finally hits the ground bouncing like a rubber superball that you get from a vending machine for a quarter. This is a very big disappointment as the F-18 is what I mainly fly in this sim. This needs a very serious & immediate fix ASAP. It would also really be nice to have at least an F-18E/F & an F-16N in this sim as well as an Eagle since you already have a Raptor in this sim. The debacle with the F-18 in the latest update drops this from a 4-⭐️ rating down to a 2-⭐️ rating for me.