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Skill-based E-sports

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Price: Free
Version: 1.0.15


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Cash Trip is a first-class online skill-based game. Come and get real cash! Compete with players worldwide in this classic free game to get extraordinary rewards using your skills, speed, and strategies.

Main Features.
-Tournaments to win real cash.
-100% safe withdrawal process.
-Completely ad-free.
-Amazing daily gifts and rewards.
-Special surprises and challenges.
-Free solitaire & bingo games are available anytime.

You can now play solitaire and bingo using free diamonds! Log in and participate in special mini-games daily to obtain free diamonds! Compete with real players in real-time to get real cash incomparable tournaments of Cash Trip with a huge prize pool waiting for you to challenge! The game is interesting to play with real money to win. What are you still waiting for?

Cash Trip is easy to play with a delicate visual styles and offers cash players amazing rewards while casual players can also enjoy themselves. It's skill-based and completely fair. No more hesitation. Download right now!

No second thoughts. Cash Trip is your lucky game! Download it to start your Cash trip!

Attention: Cash tournaments are unavailable in the following states: Az, Ar, In, Ia, La, Me, Md, Sc, Mt & Sd.

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4.5 out of 5
5 152 Ratings


Fun and best card handling
Not a Unity app based on all lies at least. Haven’t really put money into it, but the gameplay is one of the better I have had as far as how the cards when you click them auto snap and don’t have to be manually dragged around. No complaints there. Sometimes the card filter to keep cycling the next 3 cards is laggy, I don have the best iphone in the world though, and there is like bonus cash that cant be withdrawn like most every app, but money doesn’t grow on trees, and if you are desperate to try the normal $1 matches there is a way to watch enough videos over time or the 5th day im a row got $5 bonus cash to see how bad I lose a normal match with, so seems fair. I win enough of the gem matches to not think it’s completely rigged with bots, but some of those scores I see are ridiculous, otherwise I normally get 1st to 3rd place on those. I just focus on fun with the game though, not for money, but I
Ok for a fun game, but won’t allow another PayPal deposit
I started playing this game a few weeks ago. I was winning often, but never deposited any money into the game, so I was playing on daily rewards and ads.
I got my account up to over $20 and wanted to cash out. Well… most of that was bonus money so I couldn’t touch it. I got on a winning spree and had $10 in actual cash so I cashed it out. Of course there is a transaction fee AND you lose any bonus money you have.
There is no way to play on bonus money alone. It is separate… yet you can’t separate it.
It took almost 2 weeks for me to get my money in PayPal and only after I sent a message asking where it was. I decided to put half of it back into the game. $5, no big deal. I have not been able to win since that time. I can win on diamond games, but don’t know what good thousands of diamonds are.
Bottom line, you will not get rich. It is possible to win something but you do have to watch ads to get anything to play with unless you pay. I am ahead about $5 and that is where I will stay. I will not deposit again unless I hit some wins again.
Was worried it was fake but just got paid!
I really enjoy this game! I will admit I was starting to worry that it was fake when my withdrawal was pending for more than three weeks. I sent them an email yesterday asking why it was taking so long, today I got an email saying it should post within a day or two, I just checked and YES!! I can now say this app is legit! A little slow, but yes i actually got paid and I did not put in any of my own money ( takes a while to build up to where you can actually win when starting from no seed $ of your own… but can’t complain I have fun killing time… yes I watch videos to gain pennies in addition to playing every day… and I can now say they ACTUALLY DO PAY OUT!!!
Withdraw money
The game is ok to play easy to win BUT…..I had put money into the game was able to double my money so I decided to withdrawal to my PayPal last week and overs week later and four emails later still no money. I have contacted the app company via email (only option you are given to contact them no phone number available) four times with no response on when I will get my money or even a status update. It’s complete silence from the game company. Your not explained the withdrawal process any where within the game I have looked. I’m rating a 1 star cause of not being able to get money once cashed and I’m a paying customer and for their customer service non existent

I wrote the above review yesterday and today I had the withdrawal money I requested finally deposited into my PayPal account. Thank you cash trip for finally responding and taken care of the problem. The game is fun and easy to use and win. I changed my star rating from 1 to 4 stars
False Ads
Can anyone explain to me how these apps can get away with their advertising? They show people cashing on every card they move in solitaire and every number they daub in bingo which is absolutely not the format of the game. “I make hundreds of dollars a day!” Not a shot. Which is whatever, not the end of the world, but absolutely is a false statement. “No deposits required!” Have fun playing for 5 minutes a day then because that’s about as far as you’ll get without depositing money. “Cashing out is easy!” You can’t withdraw bonus cash, you pay 15% in fees to withdraw, AND YOU FORFEIT ALL BONUS CASH YOU HAVE IF YOU WITHDRAW ANYTHING. What even is that garbage? And yet, I’ve seen these same 3 things in dozens of ads for just as many different apps. I’m sure there are disclaimers for days when you download the app if you go looking for them but the only disclaimer in the ad is that you don’t get to claim the money you “won” from interacting with the ad.
No real money unless you’re spending money
This game is fun for someone who just likes to play bingo. You won’t win any real money unless you’re actually investing your own money. I get very low scores when I play the cash games but whenever I pay with the rubies I always get 1st or 2nd places. The higher cash games I play I always come in last place. You win bonus cash that cannot be redeemed. And if you cash out your winnings you will forfeit all your bonus cash. There are ads on the game to win free spins and to play the games that are free. I don’t know how but in the advertising of this game the lady states she makes $10,000 a month. And $330 a day just for playing an hour. Straight foolishness. I’m guessing she is getting paid for lying on the ads. If that’s the case sign me up. Have fun playing just to pass time.
If I could write this a zero star I would
This game got me to put in money to play and earn more. I thought I could trust it thinking that I could pull out the money I just put in if need be. They make it to where all your money goes into credits you rarely earn money you can actually pull out of the account. The day after I put money in my card was canceled by my bank due to suspicious activity. It makes me very nervous and I’m glad my bank did that. It was very frustrating. This is not a trustable app. You don’t make money and when you do it’s very little and there is a processing fee for withdrawing and putting money into the game. Not telling you what to do but I would recommend not playing this game. There is an app called inbox dollars if your desperate and they haven’t caused me any trouble if you want an alternative way to earn money.
Extreme Scam
This game is a scam. The biggest problem is that the majority of the money you make playing the game is considered bonus cash. Before I deleted the game, my account was at $22 dollars. I wasn’t able to withdraw any of it as all of it was considered bonus cash.

The other problem with this game is that there’s a withdrawal fee and a withdrawal limit. I deposited $10 onto the account and I had a total of $24 dollars after the deposit. I was only able to withdraw $9 as the rest was considered bonus cash. Part of MY MONEY is converted into bonus cash. Also, when you withdrawal money, all the bonus money is erased from your account so you start back essentially at 0 when you withdrawal money.

Overall, I highly recommend you avoid playing this game and to especially avoid putting your hard earned money into this.
Withdrawal time is ridiculous!!
This is my 2nd review of this game. I enjoy playing it but the bonus cash algorithm is outrageous! Don’t deposit money or you’ll lose it even if you win. It’ll be considered “bonus cash” which you can’t withdraw.
For the withdrawal process, you’ll start growing some grey hairs before you finally get it. It took me 8 emails for 6 full wks for the funds to finally hit my PayPal. The reason why it takes so long is because it’s based in Asia (China). I’m assuming all withdrawals will take this long, we’ll see. Although their commercial indicates immediate payment to PayPal, LIES!!!
Don’t understand why they don’t explain the process in the first place. Look at all these bad reviews about this. If I see an overseas based company on a game app, I avoid it altogether. Too many issues when it comes to money transactions.
Scam 99% sure. -will change if payment ever post-
Worked up $22 or so from scratch watching ads and playing, which was around 6$ real cash and the rest “bonus” and then submitted the withdrawal. No indication of when it will it ever come or where to either. Contacted support with no reply, and if they can send me an email saying they got my transfer request and i spent all the time i did earning it, then it wouldnt take more than a few moments to cash out after paying the agreed fees. If anything changes ill update this review but move and dont waste your time, just another fake app. Literally feel like im a cow getting farmed and milked for my cents of ad revenue they make in exchange for hours of my time spent in exchange, with absolutely no reward at the end or even potential for it lol. Gotta love it.

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