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Restore and Customize Cars!

Developer: Space Ape Ltd
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 7.0.1
ID: com.spaceapegames.carsuperstar


Game screenshot Chrome Valley Customs mod apkGame screenshot Chrome Valley Customs apkGame screenshot Chrome Valley Customs hack


Restore classic cars to their former glory, or turn them into outrageous street machines with a wide range of customization options! Meet the car’s owners and help them achieve the car of their dreams. Take charge of the garage and make decisions like a mechanic: repair, restore, paint, upholster, and finish the cars in the way you like best!

CHOOSE from a wide range of car parts and accessories!

RESTORE old cars to new!

CUSTOMIZE classic cars and design their look!

HANG OUT and relax with the garage crew!

SOLVE auto-themed match puzzles!

BLAST through levels with explosive tools!


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Version history


We’ve been in the paint room giving our game a spook-tacular makeover for Halloween. Head down a lonesome road with our Ghouls and Gas event, and dare to face the Junkyard Jinx!


Restore a ‘70s boogie van when a familiar face brings his band into the garage, and repair a show-quality American sports car that’s been trashed in mysterious circumstances.


Get to grips with the Steering Wheel, and nod along with our brand new Gasket Bobbleheads!

Boosters, gems, and more to help you in your Chrome Valley journey! Buy the pass to get a chrome-plated name on the leaderboard, extra lives and access to the bonus bank for more rewards!


Look out for the Interstate, a classic luxury sedan, and convert the Nakano Breeze from a family favorite to an all-out racer. We’ll also be adding 200 new levels and two new blockers: the Sponge and the Color Box!

Update your game now to be ready as soon new content lands!
The Chrome Valley crew have been working hard under the hood, preparing the garage for the most exciting challenges so far.

A tricky customer brings in an all-American crewcab truck, and the crew live life in the fast lane with a pumped-up Japanese sports car!

Go back to the drawing board with the Blueprint, then smash through any obstacles in your way with the Truck!

Update your game now to be ready as soon as new jobs roll into the shop!
Chrome Valley Customs is rolling out across the world, and celebrating with our biggest update so far!

PROGRESS SAVING! Log in with Google or Apple ID to save progress and recover your game across devices.

MORE CARS! New cars and levels will start rolling into the garage as regular events. Keep your eyes peeled for a German rally car and a big slice of American muscle!

MORE PUZZLES! Get ready to shift the Gears and go for green with the Traffic Light!

Update now for the next experience!
Chrome Valley Customs is rolling out across the world, and celebrating with our biggest update so far!

PROGRESS SAVING! Log in with Google or Apple ID to save progress and recover your game across devices.

MORE CARS! New cars and levels will start rolling into the garage as regular events. Keep your eyes peeled for a German rally car and a big slice of American muscle!

MORE PUZZLES! Get ready to shift the Gears and go for green with the Traffic Light!

Update now for the next experience!
Rev up your engines for rewards with our new update, featuring a brand new car, new levels, and bigger and better prizes!

NEW CAR: Repair and customize a modern classic when a 2009 American muscle car rolls into the shop

NEW LEVELS: Get your wrench on with 80 new levels showcasing the Socket Set

DOUBLE REWARDS: Events now offer a x2 Rewards collectible. Snag it to double your other in-game rewards for a limited time!


Update now for the best experience!
Get ready for a turbocharged update with a brand new car, exciting levels, fresh blockers, and a new competitive event!

NEW CAR: Restore a classic British racing car and customize it with unique paints and accessories!

NEW LEVELS: Smash through 100 new levels featuring the color-changing Neon Sign and the handy Tool Box!

MASTER MECHANIC EVENT: Compete against real players to beat levels and win amazing prizes!


Update now for the next experience!
Behind-the-scenes improvements to stability and performance

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Gem Pack
(Gems to buy extra moves and boosters.)
CF677980153✱✱✱✱✱ 6DDAD15✱✱✱✱✱
Turbo Package
(Gems and boosters to help you progress.)
CF212769742✱✱✱✱✱ 4377704✱✱✱✱✱
Gem Pack
(Gems to buy extra moves and boosters.)
CF677980153✱✱✱✱✱ 6DDAD15✱✱✱✱✱
Special Offer
(Gems and boosters to help you progress.)
CF353602178✱✱✱✱✱ B405D87✱✱✱✱✱
Starter Package
(Gems and boosters to help you progress.)
CF312473415✱✱✱✱✱ 0F16AC1✱✱✱✱✱
Track Package
(Gems and boosters to help you progress.)
CF934075440✱✱✱✱✱ F5BBC9B✱✱✱✱✱
Gem Pack
(Gems to buy extra moves and boosters.)
CF677980153✱✱✱✱✱ 6DDAD15✱✱✱✱✱
Special Offer
(A high value Special Offer!)
CF353602178✱✱✱✱✱ B405D87✱✱✱✱✱
Performance Package
(Gems and boosters to help you progress.)
CF237014259✱✱✱✱✱ DFFEABD✱✱✱✱✱
Chrome Pass
(Unlock Chrome Pass)
CF395435383✱✱✱✱✱ F801DFB✱✱✱✱✱

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4.8 out of 5
53.6K Ratings


Great Game!
I don’t write reviews often, buuut for this game I just had to! First, let me say: It’s sooo refreshing playing a (really good) game WITHOUT ANY ADS!! I’mma say it again,..”NO ADS!!!” AWESOMENESS!!😜I also enjoy the storyline and the character interaction with Me. The graphics are great, AND I truly enjoy the matching game part also! Check this out ~ I downloaded this game days ago, but only opened it hours ago…And Have Been Playing it Since I Opened It!! Love it!😍
However, if I’m allowed to throw an idea or two out there🤔then I’d ask •• could there be more colors added to the paints? Would you think of allowing Us to turn the vehicle “during”customizations? Also, allow Us to open the doors (since We go thru the process of customizing the inside) during the review and photo ‘sessions’? And as for the matching game part: Can We have a few more extra emeralds for the leftover boosters accumulated during gameplay, but not used?? And Possibly more mechanic coins on certain levels🥺 {This is the longest review I’ve EVER written!😁} I just have to say: Way To Go Devs!!👏🏼💯 Love the way y’all think!💗😉
Pls read you won’t regret.
Now I may be just a kid but I’m not dumb. I feel like this game should be more about cars than just some boring matching game. Now don’t get me wrong the car part of the game is really fun the way you get to customize and refurbish old cars, and I really like how it tells you info about each part I don’t know why but it’s pretty cool. But the matching part of the game really gets kind of annoying and/or boring and that is why I stopped playing royal match. I am a car lover and I’m pretty sure anyone else playing this game would love cars too, but I do understand why you put in the matching thing. I think there are other ways to get players money for example in the real world people would pay a ton of money to get that done to their cars and then you could find other smaller ways for players to get coins. Now another recommendation is you could pay less money to buy less valuable parts but the more valuable the parts the more the customer has to pay to give it more of a car jobs feel. When I grow up I think one of those jobs would be really fun. Now I know your probably gonna read this then move on and think nothing of it so I just ask you to consider, consider making your game fun for car lovers or people new to them or I guess you can just go back to the same old game just like any other matching game.
Thanks and Requests
This game is fabulous in so many ways that enthusiasts can appreciate about the car builds and gameplay. I’m happy to play the puzzles as many times as I need to, but without spending actual money I wish the levels were easier throughout. Once you get to level 125 and higher they are so hard to complete and with very little booster help, that I just want to quit and go play Alchemy 2 or Baseball9. And the simple levels reward as many coins as the super hard levels. If it were easier to pass levels I’d play this game nonstop. Either make all levels easily passable or at least make the harder levels worth more coins. The Telesto, for example, has so many parts and they are way more expensive than the Colt. So I only try to pass the Telesto level once per day and use up my lives. Discouraging.

Also, I’d like to echo what user JusDaShiznit said. Those are great ideas for the garage

I love the effort put into mimicking the OEM vehicles without using their actual names so the game can stay free of ads and licensing. PLEASE make the levels easier to complete for those of not spending actual $$ and we will refer everyone to this game. We are involved heavily in the custom car community here on the MS Gulf Coast
Conflicted…as everyone else
This game was promising. And I’m not the type to leave a review. I saw it recommended on the “games were playing” section on the App Store, and thought I might give it a shot. The first issue was that I had no idea it was even a puzzle game, but that’s fine I can overlook it. Played the game for a solid few hours and enjoyed it. Got the first car done. I also had some spare cash lying around so I actually BOUGHT the leveling progression thing where you get the rewards. This is the first time I spent money on an app like this, and I’m disappointed in myself. As I’m working on the second car, the prices get higher for the parts and the levels get harder. And granted the levels are supposed to get harder, but this is just stupid hard. For the people who got to level 186 without paying for anything, how?? I’m stuck on level 76 WITH the thing I bought and I just can’t get passed it. It’s been two days now. And it’s all purely luck based. I really wanted to like this game, but the lives taking 30 minutes, the gems not paying out enough after every level, the balancing which is simply not there. It’s too much to overlook. You’ve been warned if you download this game. Don’t let the fun cars draw you in.
Great game but needs adjustments
Gotta say as a technician myself this game is awesome. Love reviving old cars into show stoppers. On that note, I’m on level 176 and it’s impossible! There’s no daily rewards to help get past a hard level, no power up rewards for winning levels, nothing! I play similar games like this mini game and have made it to level 3000 + before it becomes this hard! It’s so frustrating and it makes me very early on just want to through my hands up at it. Tone down the difficulty please or at least give loyal daily log in players some rewards for sticking with it. Also as a technician some steps to fixing these vehicles is out of place. I don’t know anyone who would want to put all new body parts on them work over those new parts to pull a motor! Makes it more realistic tackling a motor first before all the body is in the way! Please y’all I want to go on with this game but your taking the fun out of it with the difficulty level. Fix that and rewards then you would have an awesome game!
Gets to hard way to fast!
Do you all even read reviews? I’ve read everyone and they are all telling you the same thing. The puzzle part of the game gets way to hard way to fast. I know you want to make money off the game but the further someone gets is going to make them want to spend to keep going. But that’s not true when you make it so hard so fast. This games gives you nothing for coming back day after day, you never get and extra boost to help along the way. It just seems like a money grab. Really, go read the reviews and you’ll see everyone is saying this. It gets to hard to fast. Think about the people you made the game for and fix the difficulty to make it a much fun we game. 93% of people won’t pay anything just to get past a single level. I hope you think about fixing this because it is a really fun game until you get stuck and have to help. Then it just gets deleted. Please think about it. That is if you read reviews. Like I said I’ve read all the ones on here and they all say the same things and none of them have any comments from the creator or the company. I don’t think you care about reviews.
Ive always been a big fan of these types of puzzle games. And that combined with my love for cars I thought this game would be a knockout. As any typical puzzle game the first 50 levels you’ll blow through with ease. The difference between this and other games like candy crush is once you get past level 120 on this game hold on because the puzzles become extremely difficult. After getting stuck on numerous puzzles for days on end I was finally fed up with level 197 after 5 days and made the mistake of buying $5 worth of power ups just to beat that level. My girlfriend told me that was a mistake because now that they know I will spend money on this game the puzzles are going to get way harder..And it has. Her and I both extremely big puzzle game players shes level 5,000 on candy crush and I’m on level 2,700 but we both have been stuck on level 206 for 2 weeks of this game. Most of the time we’re not even remotely close to completing the puzzle. Being stuck on 5 total puzzles for 4 weeks isn’t exactly my ideal of fun. It’s a great concept but plan on spending money if you want to go anywhere at all with it.
Bro this game is awesome
The game is very awesome, it has a lot of cars so far and I really hope it grows bigger, yea some of the levels can be hard yet you get a reason to finish it, it’s a very cool that that I recommend to others since it passes the time, don’t ever give up on a level keep trying until you get it, just knowing you can finish that car once you got the money to.

If I could add any car to this game it would be the 1958 Cadillac Eldorado that’s been found at a dump, the tires are shabby and the wheels are dirty, the car was found by a guy named Jim, the cars original color before in the state was blue, the car is a convertible so the top is a bit rotten and can be replaced back to normal, can have no roof and just have the windshield there, or can be replaced by a custom Normal roof, the car is Also covered in vines and has a few boxes inside the car which are full with some usable parts, and a old poster of the car when it was in mint condition.
Fun, hard to play for free, almost worth it
I like this game, it’s fun, I love the stories and the car stuff. The cars are awesome and you get good options. The matching game is how you earn coins to restore the car and you’ll spend a good 70% of your time doing this. Once you’ve played for a bit, the matching games become nearly impossible to complete without luck and a lot of the “special” blocks available through either matching in specific patterns or keeping up a win streak. Once you lose a game you can use their paid currency (gems) to keep going but it costs a lot more than you make. At that point you will need sheer luck to complete a level without paying for more special blocks or powerups and it’s an endless cycle of getting bad luck in a game and the next one taking much longer to complete. It’s clear while playing that they want to make it difficult to move on without paying for more powerups so I eventually just got tired of it and deleted the game but I wish it wasn’t like this because I really liked the rest of it. Just make it paid at this point and let us customize cars, man.
Too hard without buying power-ups
I initially had a fun time completing the puzzles and customizing the cars, so much so that I I initially gave a 5 stars. This however is long over. I am on the third car into the game and the prices for parts are double even triple what the original two cars were to upgrade. This makes it so you have to play multiple puzzles for one car part. This in itself is fine however, the levels that are considered very hard only give 10-12 spots for initial power ups and even if you’ve finished three puzzles in a row to get the engine to max so that you can start with some boosts, they are pretty much useless because it’s only going to clear a small amount of the board. After that though the rest of the pieces are just impossible to match and clear the level with a ton of different things that need to be collected. They make it so you have to use the power ups such as the saw, hammer, jack, and dice. Unfortunately this is a way they can make you buy upgrades because you can’t skip the level to go back to a normal layout. It’s kind of a rip off because they make you pay for the boosts to pass the level. Just my two cents.