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Fast-paced brain teaser

Developer: Zachary Elia
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 3.4.0
ID: com.ZacharyElia.ColorSwitch


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ColorSwitch! - Tap tiles to switch words and colors!

You've got a time limit... better pick fast!

Can you get to the top of the leaderboards?

In this tricky game, identify the word that appears on the screen and select the colored panel that matches it within the time limit. The color name and font color will often be different to confuse you, but that won't get you, right? Unlock achievements, get high scores, and challenge your friends!

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Version history

• iOS 16 support
• Bug fixes
• Bug fixes
• Bug fixes
• New "Insane" game mode with more colors and less time
• Support for Game Center challenges
• Interface tweaks
• watchOS app can now be installed independently of the iOS app
• Bug fixes
• Redesigned interface
• Animations on button presses
• Muted ads when game sounds are off
• Descriptions for each game mode
• Game Center button goes to main page instead of leaderboard
• iOS 13 support
• Fixed crash after a new high score
• iOS 12 support
• UI improvements
• Better support for larger screen sizes
• Hard mode now harder! Panels will randomly move around
• Ads are now shown less frequently
• Bug fixes
• Now takes up significantly less storage, up to 5 times less in some situations
• Bug fixes and optimizations
• New sounds and animations
• Bug fixes and optimizations
• Support for Apple Watch
• Bug fixes and optimizations
• Support for Apple Watch
• Bug fixes and optimizations
• Redesigned user interface
• Bug fixes
• Support for Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Russian languages
• 2 new gamemodes! Try out Hard for a faster paced game or use Time Trial to see how many you can get correct in 30 seconds
• Offline leaderboard support
• iOS 7 and iPhone 4s Support
• Added achievements!
• Further leaderboard support
• Instructions re-worded
• Uniform theme fixes

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4.5 out of 5
3 052 Ratings


Simplistic, entertaining, and straightfoward.
The game is everything it's cut out to be, there isn't really anything wrong with the game, and it's also available on Apple Watches. That makes it fun for when you are, well, let's say you're on a road trip, bus ride, etc. I personally use this when I don't have to use Wifi for games but still want something fun, that doesn't get repetitive after playing for a while. The User - friendly UI is one of my favorite parts if the game, and also one of the most important features. The game is everything you'd ask from it after installing it, if not your probably hard to please when it comes to minigames. (No offense-) All I'm really saying hear is I enjoy this game and I don't believe there's anything wrong with it, as the only glitches/bugs it had are long gone. My sincerest thanks to the creator of this game, for putting in the effort to make something so enjoyable!
pilow like 123,
Best game ever
I love this game it is well worth getting. Also I can play it on my Apple Watch which allot of apps you can not do that. So I am supper excited about that part. And even if you do not have a Apple Watch this is a great game.

There is nothing wrong with this game trust me I am a pretty hard reviewer. This game is just perfect. Trust me like I will demolish a game that has bad quality with like anything ex: like if the game has lags or if you get a add every 2 seconds if there is a glitch I will call them out for it! and it makes there game look bad but in no way can I call this game out on anything.

Even if you were looking for something wrong in this game you would not find anything wrong in this game is perfect in every way. And if anyone said that it is not plz somehow reach out to me if you can. I will fight you (verbally) about how good this game is.

It may look simple. But in no way is it simple. Trust me by the 3rd time you play this game you will want to through your phone through the wall in a good way thought that is what makes it such a good game. You can’t stop playing this game! Until you beat your height score and then you are like I have to beat this fight score and it goes on and on and on

Great For Boredom
I like this game a lot!! Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not an epic game that millions play, but when on a road trip or just bored, this game is the perfect solution. I’ve seen reviews about the game glitching, but it no longer does that. It never did for me because I’ve just recently got it. There’s absolutely nothing you can say bad about the game because it is what it says it is, and there are no glitches. You can’t get mad if you wanted one thing but got another. That simply means you’re getting the wrong app. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this one though. Thank you for making this game free because when games are free but you still have to pay, that’s annoying so this is a great mini game.
Seven Ellevon,
I 100% recommend this…
I have only had this app for one day and I’ve gotten really good at it. This app might seem easy but it’s actually quite difficult. If you like a good challenge then you should definitely download this app. There are different levels and they also have an option that gives you a certain amount of time. This is an app that I would highly recommend! There are a few ads but I rarely see them. I 100% recommend this!!
natasha lajolie,
The game is a very fun test to test your mind and reaction time. There are two problems though… First of: It hardly gives you any reaction time. On my iPhone, the easy mode is very challenging. It barely gives you any time to read what the color is, find it, and click it. By the time I’m trying to click it (keep in mind, it’s on easy mode), it gives me a notification that time is up. And of course, there’s an ad. Anyways, the next problem is that there’s no medium mode. Once I started to get tired of Easy mode, I wanted to move on to the next mode. The next mode was hard. I couldn’t even click two in a row! It was very difficult. I have it 2 stars because it’s a fun game but you barely have fun with time limits.
Gamer 4 life 🎮,
Awesome except for one thing...
This game is absolutely awesome and addicting! It is great for when your bored or even just when you have a few minutes the only thing is that on the Apple Watch there is no time limit and only 1 level. If you could change that it would be awesome! Other than that it’s perfect!
See-More Butts,
This game is basically perfect
The only thing I wish this game would have was a Best Score on the Apple Watch. I play on the Apple Watch version all the time but I can’t see what my best score was. Other than that this game is a masterpiece along with the Mona Lisa
i meow cat,
Just good when ur bored
I love this game but ik that if u wait a bit long u lose but can u just add time and u should put a hard mode with more colours like purple,brown,pink...ect and an opposite mode like it would say yellow but with colour blue blue would be the correct answer that will be fun!
Great Game
This is a great game to play with your friends too. My uncle and me compete against each other for each level of difficulty. It is also a fun game to play when you are bored. Totally recommend!
Addicting, Simplistic, Entertaining
I’m not amazing at this game, however, it is so so so fun. the perfect kind of game that uses just a bit of your brain power and is just awesome in general 10/10