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Kittens and chaos!

Developer: Electric Turtle
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.021
ID: com.ElectricTurtle.CatCrash


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Crashy Cats is a cat rampage runner where you run, jump, bounce and fly your way through endless levels, knocking over as much stuff as possible!



This game may contain:

- The ability to purchase optional content using real money. You can disable in-app purchases in the settings menu of your device.
- Links to external social networking sites intended for users over the age of 13.

Version history

- Hat improvements!
- Bug fixes!
- Stability fixes!
- Hat improvements!
- Bug fixes!
Crashy Cats is now available on iOS!

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Cat Combo
(Get crashing with Skater Cat and 60 fish!)
GD746722691✱✱✱✱✱ A5D447A✱✱✱✱✱
Devil Cat
(Cause chaos with your new friend, Devil Cat!)
GD979235413✱✱✱✱✱ 5B15337✱✱✱✱✱
(Cause chaos with your new friend, Gargoyle!)
GD096947807✱✱✱✱✱ A921D79✱✱✱✱✱
Slime Cat
(Cause chaos with your new friend, Slime Cat!)
GD513699858✱✱✱✱✱ 623B041✱✱✱✱✱
20 Fish
(20 tasty fish to grab some hats and cats with!)
GD457152924✱✱✱✱✱ E61EEFA✱✱✱✱✱
Cat Combo
(Get crashing with Skater Cat and 60 fish!)
GD746722691✱✱✱✱✱ A5D447A✱✱✱✱✱
X-Ray Cat
(Cause chaos with your new friend, X-Ray Cat!)
GD351051140✱✱✱✱✱ BD65C87✱✱✱✱✱
(Cause chaos with your new friend, iCat!)
GD410875918✱✱✱✱✱ 5068A72✱✱✱✱✱
55 Fish
(55 tasty fish to grab some hats and cats with!)
GD879238774✱✱✱✱✱ B43521C✱✱✱✱✱
Red Panda
(Cause chaos with your new friend, Red Panda!)
GD704601135✱✱✱✱✱ C9AC353✱✱✱✱✱

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4.8 out of 5
10.8K Ratings


Lindsay The kitten,
Love the game
Ilove Crashy cats, my friend would tell me to put my phone down when I was playing but when she got Crashy cats she apologized because it was the best game. The only problem I have with it is that you can only go to level 50 but I love that you still get the prizes. It just makes a fun experience and the details are high-quality. I love the game I just I don’t know what to say. I think the game developers did really good plus how you can jump. But when you get angel cat, it’s a bit different because you’re actually flying instead of jumping and it’s really cool and OK in summary this is one of my favorite games on my phone. I only have like four games, but having it be, the top one is very surprising, because all of my games are really good and having this be the best one of out of all of them is beautiful. And I think it has encouraged me to do a lot more in real life and in the game because you’re determined to get to another level. But then in real life because you play the game, you get more determined, and confident and it’s beautiful five stars!
Crash until dawn
I love this game so much! It gives me a spark of joy and excitement when I play! It had no bugs, or glitches, it is absolutely amazing and I would totally recommend this game! You can make so much progress and have so much fun. I have tons of cats! My score on money is 86 thousand and I can’t remember the hundreds and below xD. Ok so me and my sister play this game in my phone, she loves red pandas and lucky for her she had $1 and there was a red panda in game!! There are so many cats that you can collect and also tons and tons of hats to put on the cats! (Cats in hats aka cat in the hats assistant OK IM BEING CRINGY) this personally was my first game ever installed on my phone and I got this phone when I was nine years old! Don’t go bug your parents to go get you a phone please xD! And I delete a lot of games with adds that when there’s a add to get something in fame under it to not do it the chat on the button says “Miss out” and when you press it it still gives you the add, that makes me frustrated. Ok I hope you have a good day! And thank you for reading my review! Bye!
Monica Munster,
Love it but I’m stuck
So I’m at the quest where I need to see 7 different hat cats, but I can never seem to complete it. I’ve bought 4 cats since the beginning, and I didn’t realize buying them meant it takes longer to even see a cat with a hat. So I have to surpass a trail of 8 cats and I’m up to over 100,000 dollars damage, but I still never see a cat with a hat, because my trail usually breaks up several times before then, and the longest one I can keep is between 5-6 cats. I doubt I’ll ever pass this quest unless there’s some sort of update.

It’s extremely addicting though, and a great stress relief if you don’t think about the quests you have to finish.

Downside is it does get a bit boring and repetitive to try and do the same thing over and over without something new happening. I keep slowly surpassing my last amount, but if that’s all their is I might try and find another game to play that will at least give me something extra to move up to. Maybe it’s because I’m stuck I don’t feel super motivated to keep going. I’m not sure, but I’d love a fix that will actually get the hat cats to show up randomly instead of having to get the full 8 cats so I can even see one with a hat.
The Great Geeksby,
Daily Dog
We have found a way to interview the cats who have been going on rampages, destroying several thousand dollars worth of property. The cat's names are Ginger, Holo Cat, and Diesel. (Parenthesis indicate thoughts)
Ginger- Mrow! I like the rampages! The graphic are super cool, (What are graphics?) and the sound is really cute.
Holo Cat- Bz. I have suggestions for bonus mode. Yknow, the rainbow flying cat in space? Maybe have upgrades like how many coins there are, how far the flying car goes, and maybe the color of the flying cat?
Diesel- Prrrrr. There should be bonuses depending on how you boop a dog. I like booping dogs. What if there were rolly dogs with roller skates to make it more difficult? (What are roller skates?)
Now we get to hear from several dogs that were victims of these rampages. Their names are Dog, Floaty Dog, and Rocket Dog.
Dog-What if there was a Snappy Dog? Like a dog that can eat the cats by going snap snap?
Floaty Dog- What if the cats could swim? But they'd have to get out of the water before 3 seconds or they sink cause they can't swim very well. But they could get fish by swimming!
Rocket Dog- There should be a Rocket Stage. It wouldn't be as complicated as the normal course, but there'd be a bunch of me. I think that sounds cool.
There you have it folks! Thoughts on the rampages.
Overall Pretty Fun
A fun game to use to kill time. A few things should be fixed though. The lives system is very bad. When you get another cat behind you, if is pretty much useless. The cats that serve as extra lives die very easily. They usually do not last more than a few seconds. If you are able to save up lives, there are times in which all of the cats die at once. This is very annoying. Another thing that should be fixed is the dogs. The dogs are probably my number one cause of death due to the fact that they randomly kill my cat. After going through a portal that makes it so my cat lands on a dog, sometimes the cat will just die even though it landed on top of the dog. The dogs also kill the extra lives too. The balloon dogs that are required to make it over some jumps disappear after one use so the rest of my cats die. Other than those couple things, this is a pretty fun game. It might be fun if cats had different abilities, but I would prefer the issues I mentioned to be addressed first.
Really fun, but too hard sometimes
I’ve really been enjoying this game so far. I love all the different accessories and different cats. The game is nice, but sometimes the obstacles are too hard to get past and it makes the game somewhat of a hassle to play.

The large jumps can be annoying, but the walls are absolutely infuriating. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost all the cats I had from running into the extremely high wall. Another issue I’ve had, although I’m not sure if it’s a problem with my phone personally or the game itself, is that sometimes the cat doesn’t jump when it’s supposed to. When I try to double jump, sometimes the cat just doesn’t jump at all and it usually ends up with me losing.

Aside from those problems, the game is enjoyable. It’s cute and I love the pixelated style of it. I think it’d make the game a little more interesting if maybe some of the cats had different abilities, but I think it’s fine without it too.
I like my sockes wet,
Crashy Cat is a better representation on society then the Joker
Many people this this is just a simple game to pass time but I see pass that. This game is truly a example of society as we the cats perceive as the ones causing the problems by crashing things. I don’t think the cat is the villain of the story but rather is persevere as one. The cat has no choice but to crash and if it doesn’t crash it won’t get coins to get fish to survive. The cat is perceived as villain but it’s actually the victim. The real villain is the one forcing the cat to crash and blaming the cat for it even though it only doing to survive. In conclusion, Crashy Cats is a statement on how society blames the consumer for doing the things they have to do to survive. While really they’re the ones who have the power to stop the cat from crashing.
Fun Free Game With Minor Issue
I have just reached level 37, and this game has been really fun to play. There aren’t any instructions, so you have to figure it out as you go. That works out ok because it is fairly simple. You will crash a lot, but you have unlimited lives. It is very easy to progress in this game without spending any real money. The only big issue that I have encountered is that sometimes it doesn’t register what goals I have completed correctly. Sometimes that means I have to do it twice in order to level up. For example, I accomplished destroying 15 electronics in a run, but it showed a goal I had already completed instead. Even though it was my last challenge to level up, I was not moved to the next level. It worked the second time, though. Hopefully the developers are working on this issue.
unknown.I'm not telling.,
Funniest Game Ever!
I like this game. It’s SUPER hard to get bored, the graphics are adorable, and the only thing I see missing is just making the MAGICAL cats have POWERS. 😄
I think it would be awesome if you miss a rainbow portal, if you were playing as a angel or fox spirit you get to fly or teleport past anyway. Same with like the Devil cat. Maybe we could unlock some underground land if you fall while playing as that cat? The Skateboard cat being able to crash their skateboard into obstacles? Stuff like that. 😈
Otherwise, I find no bugs or glitches so far... 🕷 I think animations are fun to watch and often I just focus on my cats hopping rather then the course! I think it’s easy to get past most of the obstacles! Thanks!
Cute game with grinding and some issues
Been enjoying this game and trying to unlock more cats but I’ve had some hiccups with the jumps and rainbow dashes. Sometimes the jumps won’t register so it’ll run me into dogs or walls. Sometimes I hit the rainbow rings but it doesn’t register—maybe cause I didn’t double jump? My main issue is your extra cats will sometimes just follow you to death even if it’s supposed to give you another chance. My recommendation is to either move the player forward to a new spawn point (other side of a dash wall or other side of hole/dog) I’ve also had a few issues where I literally could not avoid my death. Ex : Jump up or hit wall, if I jumped up there was a dog and dog rocket in each other or dog immediately where you land after a double jump hole or falling off top area and a large hole was underneath but I couldn’t tell until I fell.