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Draw your action

Developer: KAYAC Inc.
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 2.1.0
ID: com.kayac.DrawFight


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Draw lines and defeat enemies with cool actions.
Can you clear to the end?

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4.6 out of 5
21.8K Ratings


Good, but needs a few changes.
I LOVE THIS GAME. That’s assured. I do not get why most of the reviews include having too many ads. Just use a vpn like Free VPN and you’ll have no ads. Also i’ve seen reviews about how they should add multiplayer. They WILL NOT add multiplayer for a 1 reason. 1. When you attack, it slow-mo when you are drawing. If it would affect everyone, it would basically just be a fight between the players for more attacks. You also need to change the difficulty of the levels. I got to level 150 in 2 days and nothing has changed in difficulty yet. Make the bots attack atleast 1.05x faster every 5 levels. Also add skins, maybe add a weapon mode, and give us more upgrades. It is fun, but just please add what i said.
Eva’s game reviews,
-Eva’s game reviews, Good game, needs improvement
Great game! I am addicted already. I tested the stages 1-30. It is a delightful game! I love it. But I have to tell you. You can make it even more great! First of all, at the start there are a lot of adds. That’s the least of my worries. The real problem is the bots, let me explain. When I first started playing, I kept dying because I didn’t know most of the moves. I kept waving my finger around the bot thinking it will take out the bot. But when I do that. The bot just dodges it. At the second stage the game told me you could do a different move than just dragging the foot the the stomach of the bot. I don’t know how to explain this. So the move was 3 quarters of a squares sides. To explain this, imagine a 2D square that only have sides. It is placed on a table. Where the square is touching the table is where you don’t drag your finger/mouse. And the and you drag those sides are from you to the bot. But when I did that it took almost less damage than the normal kick/punch. But when the bot does it, it almost or does take me out. I’m glad there is actually hard mobile add games out there. But this is unfair. If I can’t take the bot out with one move, the bot should not. Read this idea if you want to improve your game. I don’t want the game to be extremely boring. So the bot still gets more damage but doesn’t take us out in 1 or 2 tries. 3-4 is about right. That is my idea and review. Thank you for reading
Cool game! Needs work.
Good game! But there are a couple of things I’d think should be added or changed. 1. AD blocker, I know you get that a lot, and as you level up the ads calm down a bit, but still. 2. Bland. I will play a level and win and then play the same map again two levels later. I think there should be more maps. Although I’d like to say that the train one is cool! Although I will say, I think the trains should just go by randomly and fast. And before they do, there should be a train signal which lights up red and sounds a siren before the train comes, one being on each side respectively. So if your on the track you know to get off. The first train usually doesn’t leave before the match ends. 3. The enemies themselves. This part really makes the game boring. I’ve played the game for a while and I haven’t really seen a change in aggressiveness. Maybe I haven’t played long enough, but it isn’t changing. I think it should be more a fair fight. We both have a lot of hp, and do the same damage. The enemies two shot you and it makes you either kill them quickly or die even quicker. And also, maybe you could make it like the beach where multiple spawn? Except they keep the same stats. Cool idea though.
Roblox could be fun,
Wonderful but needs some improvement
I’m confused about what everyone is talking about, when you first download the game sure you get a ton of ads but after playing and leveling up a while the ads come less. People are talking about the bots being hard but if the bots hit you you are killed instantly now I understand the levels have to be difficult but maybe the bots can hit you 2 times and you die or something because this fight isn’t fair. Also at the same time though people are right because the bots like never use any moves making it too easy but when they do hit you you instantly die. I love this game though it’s entertaining and really addicting but if you could fix those problems I will rate it 5 stars because I love this game
Connor Torres,
Very good game!
So, four words, I LOVE THIS GAME. I am an 11 year old kid to enjoys games like these and this definitely deserves a five star rating. However, I do have some problems: 1, way too many ads, and more importantly, 2, I find it sort of unfair how when the opponent attacks you you die after two hits right away but it takes more than 8 hits to completely knock down your opponent so I think the hits should be even to knock down somebody otherwise it gets difficult for other players. I really hope you read this, and it's still a great game!
Gabe muccullough,
Good but still needs a little work.
I got this game to try something new, but I can barely even play the game, I don’t want to be the person that’s always complaining about the ads, but you’re basically watching more ads than playing the game. The concept is good, but the performance is complete garbage. My tablet could run a game with much higher graphics and not lag like this. Trying to counter an attack is really buggy, the opponent/AI would counter my own attack sometimes, but then I would later do the same counter on the same attack and it I will take damage instead. Overall, the game is good, just some problems I have with the game, but I would prefer to play the game rather than watch cringe ads %90 of the time.
Really good but gets too repetitive.
This game is really fun but there’s nothing new about it. I got to level 143 in 3 days. I have over 100,000 coins with nothing to spend them on. Also the bots don’t get any harder. I haven’t lost a match since level 40. You should add, weapons, more upgrades, harder bots, boss battles, and skins. Also add something we can spend our coins on. Please this is what the community wants and if you do this this game will skyrocket. It truly has potential
One suggestion i have
Let me get straight to the point here, i wish that there was a setting you could enable called cueing. If you enable this is would mean that when you start drawing a new line your old one is not deleted. I often find myself in a situation where i could set up a deadly combo and try to draw before i get there so i can execute it.
However when i do this my old line is erased and my combo dies.
(It would also make the combos look dope)
To many adds
So if you want to play it it’s fun but it has way too many adds another thing YOU CANNOT EVEN TURN OFF YOUR INTERNET and whenever you die you restart your thing again with a add so that means if you die it hits you with a add and the boses two shot you and that’s not fair besides if you even tried your thing would have a add so that’s the thing so it’s good but I don’t really like it so I rather rate it a 3 star nor a 2 or 1 if you install it you really really really want to the issue is the adds that’s the main issue so if you want it a lot a lot tell me about it
The game is rigged….
I used to LOVE this game. After awhile adds after adds start to pop up. The bot you play is super op because when the hit you it will take half your heath. Yo get new tricks you have to watch add over and over again just for some new tricks. And almost every time you fail a level it give you add almost 99% of time. One thing that the maker of the game needs to take away the many adds. So if the maker of the game reads this please fix this and don’t make the bot so strong and take away the add for the second time.