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Developer: KAYAC Inc.
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.4.6
ID: com.kayac.DrawFight


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Draw lines and defeat enemies with cool actions.
Can you clear to the end?

Version history

bug fix.
bug fixed.

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4.6 out of 5
12.2K Ratings


One suggestion i have
Let me get straight to the point here, i wish that there was a setting you could enable called cueing. If you enable this is would mean that when you start drawing a new line your old one is not deleted. I often find myself in a situation where i could set up a deadly combo and try to draw before i get there so i can execute it.
However when i do this my old line is erased and my combo dies.
(It would also make the combos look dope)
bad guy 😜,
great game for many different reasons
if you are bored, open this game. it feels great to just smack a random boy in a game. the beach map is my favorite because you fight 3 bots. it is also a great game because if you are angry or like you just had a breakup, you pretend it’s the person you are angry at. or you just hit them like its someone you hate. welp im gonna go play more. if you dont have this game, GET IT!!! byeeeee ✌️
I’m not hating or anything
don’t get me wrong I love this game and I think that it could be an amazing game in the future but there is some flaws like please reduce the amount of times I get ads I’m not saying to completely get rid of them but it’s like if I lose ad if I start the next level ad if I got a cool move ad I know you need money but there’s so many ads oh yeah before I forget I think you should add weapons like maybe a combat knife or a brass knuckle or even a staff but hey this just my opinion
Great game! But…
The game is amazing. The ads are accurate, and the gameplay is really smooth. The only problem with this game is that when you buy upgrades, it doesn’t allow you to buy it again. The bots also get harder the more you play. Like, they one-shot you when they finally hit you! Anyways, this game is great, but has some flaws.
Needs updating.
The game overall is a great concept, but it sometimes gets a little repetitive. After a couple levels there are no new moves or types of enemies. It would be better if you could level up and there were more of a variety of enemies that had like different moves. I think there are a little too many ads like once you beat a level it just plays one. Overall a good game, just needs to be updated.
Some problems with the game are that it doesn’t have alot of levels please add more game devs also make the bots harder they are way to easy and add more upgrades you can only upgrade 4 times and then you cant upgrade anymore please game devs add more levels make the bots harder and make more upgrades or I’m deleting this game please snd thank you
Very fun and has many features
This game is very good along with a lot of maps and other things i love when you can knock the other guy off the map and you win its pretty funny too, but good game this is very good but sometimes the ads bother me but still this game is awesome!
Whining about ads,
Levels 50+ are AGONIZING
Alright, I’ve been playing this game since yesterday, and it’s been really fun, there is a good mixture of ads and gameplay. But at levels 50+, even one roundhouse kick can kill you! Sure, your supposed to dodge and hit them midair, but you can’t do that! For some odd reason, if I were to punch someone in the stomach, IT WOULD HURT LESS THAN BEING ROUNDHOUSE KICKED ON MY KNEES. I'm loving this game either way, and it would be a great 5 star game. But if you don’t fix this, there’s no point in playing.
Great but a few annoyances
This is a cool game but I have some things to say about what I DON’T like. 1. Once you buy something like strength 4 times, you can’t upgrade it more.
2. At like level 150+, if the enemy even just nips your head with his/her foot, you die immediately.
3. The same stages appear over and over and over.
Besides that, I enjoy the game.
Trevor Rosato,
Add harder levels
When I was playing the game, all of the bad guys were the same red people. So I think you should add different bad guys, and add more places. And I also think you should add away so we can go to the Home Screen because every time I refresh, it just takes me to the next level.