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Mine & build a world of wonder

Developer: SayGames LTD
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.0.25
ID: com.dream.dale


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Dreamdale – Enter a world of fairy tales


Set off on a fairy tale adventure as a humble woodsman and build a whole wide world of wonder in this magical game. Dig, mine, build, farm, craft and fight in this entertaining and original RPG with time management elements that’s guaranteed to provide hours of absorbing fantasy action. Bring your fairytale dreams to life in the beautiful world of Dreamdale.


• A resourceful hero – starting out with nothing but an empty backpack and your trusty axe, get chopping and mining, and gather up resources to construct new buildings or exchange for coins and diamonds at the market. Spend coins on upgrading your equipment and buildings, or on expanding the map to find ever more varied resources.

• The right tools – each resource requires a different tool for mining, and each tool can be upgraded to get more resources faster. Progress through the game to find pickaxes, shovels, fishing rods, and a whole lot more, including unique gold tools that make you the fastest digger, miner, farmer or fisher ever.

• A few good friends – soon you’ll be joined by other villagers who help you expand your world, tending your farm, catching your fish, crafting your tools, and mining your resources. In no time, you’ll be in charge of your own little empire of commerce, rushing across the map to craft, collect, upgrade and expand.

• A place for everything – build storage for all the different resources you collect, and upgrade the buildings along with your backpack to make trade move faster and bring in ever more coin.

• Steady progress – complete quests to gain XP, level up and get a huge variety of rewards to help you progress through the game, including a wide range of different player attributes that give advantages in different aspects of the game.

• A little luck – get more rewards and extra coins from chests that pop up randomly on the map, or dig for treasure where X marks the spot.

• A hint of mystery – find a boat and sail to five different mystery islands where you’ll find unique, unusual, and especially valuable resources.

• A splash of danger – what RPG would be complete without a little action? If you dare, explore eight different caves, battle with enemies and reach a showdown with monster bosses to win spectacular loot, and head back to your village a true hero.

• And just a little touch of magic – this is a fairy tale, don’t forget, so among all the industry, commerce and action, don’t be surprised to find saddle-broken pigs, magic trees that never stop growing, and a whole host of other miraculous elements to keep your sense of wonder alive in this fantasy RPG.


Ever dreamed of being a farmer and a fighter, a digger and a chopper, a merchant and a miner, a fisherman and an adventurer, a pig-herd and a true fairytale hero? Make all your dreams come true in the idyllic and hugely entertaining world of Dreamdale. Download the game now and set out on a real adventure.

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Version history

New islands
New quests
New resources
Improvements and bug fixes
Improvements and bug fixes
New missions
Improvements and bug fixes
Improvements and bug fixes
New missions
Improvements and bug fixes
New islands
New missions
Improvements and bug fixes
Improvements and bug fixes
Improvements and bug fixes
Improvements and bug fixes
Improvements and bug fixes
Improvements and bug fixes
New missions
Improvements and bug fixes
Improvements and bug fixes
Improvements and bug fixes

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Ad-free adventure
(Remove annoying ads and get a lot of tickets)
ED705411435✱✱✱✱✱ FC87C1A✱✱✱✱✱
Stack of gold
(Add a lot of gold)
ED761775454✱✱✱✱✱ E1A41FC✱✱✱✱✱
Collection of scrolls
(Add a lot of scrolls)
ED979511933✱✱✱✱✱ C4593E3✱✱✱✱✱
Cone offer
(Add a lot of resources)
ED416979473✱✱✱✱✱ 76822CD✱✱✱✱✱
Gold start
(Add a lot of gold)
ED635894492✱✱✱✱✱ 05B3CBE✱✱✱✱✱
Pile of coins
(Add 5000 coins)
ED612599846✱✱✱✱✱ 259533A✱✱✱✱✱
Starter Pack
(Add a lot of resources)
ED505172523✱✱✱✱✱ C980860✱✱✱✱✱
Bag of coins
(Add 30000 coins)
ED555374755✱✱✱✱✱ D468C4E✱✱✱✱✱
Stack of coins
(Add 135000 coins)
ED754348587✱✱✱✱✱ 96AC1B8✱✱✱✱✱
VIP Weekly Membership
(Get VIP Membership for 1 week)
ED546003314✱✱✱✱✱ 8BD3885✱✱✱✱✱

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4.6 out of 5
18.5K Ratings


Fr jskbdhis,
Don’t listen to the haters
I have never written a review on anything. And only stumbled across this section while checking to see if the game has any updates yet. I payed for the no ads, and it means no ads.. despite what the people are claiming on here, you stilll have the option to fast track game timers and such by watching ads but the game is 100% playable with the short timers they put on it. I.m.o the people upset about these ad buffs are lazy gamers and don’t know what to do while they wait the 30-45 seconds it takes for material to spawn, or a couple minutes to do dungeons. In regards to anyone saying they can’t get gold, or the rainbow nuggets they also are extremely easy to farm once you find the correct method. And the gear is easy to acquire if you use your resources/helpers/and nuggets properly. Eventually everything in game is accessible to you and you don’t have to buy a single thing. Like I said all I payed for was the add removal and sometimes I’ll watch ads to ride a mount and travel 2x speed around my island or dungeon which I feel is a quick cheat in itself lol. I look forward to any updates this game gets. I already have maxed my house, and my island. Excited to see what I’m suppose to do with these lotus flowers and what that stair case in the herb our will lead down too. I hope this game stays afloat. Y’all did a very good job. It’s basically animal crossing with a tad bit of dungeoneering but the grind is eased out by mobile analog controls.
Gimme more🤩🤩🤩
I love this game!! I don’t review games very often, and I never pay money to get rid of ads. Until now. This game has everything I could ever want in a game. I’m on level 100, that’s how much I play it. I’ve completed the main land so I’m hoping they add more on the next update. Collecting gems to unlock the next playable lever took forever but once I finally did it, there was nothing more for me to do on the main land so now I’m just stockpiling everything. There’s a few things I’d like to see in the next update: be able to sell duplicates of armor, I have 3 scarecrows and 4 of the same fisherman’s coat; put a map icon and have maps of the land you’re on and in dungeons (keep the dungeon dark like it is but show on the map where you’ve already been, I get lost sometimes); and be able to either sell house items or refresh the ones already for sale. I don’t need a yellow AND a blue fridge. It’s a very well thought out game, the music and sounds, the graphics, the missions, collecting of items and how you can make a secondary item, getting to ride cute animals for an ad. Bravo!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Good game, some glitches
I really enjoy the game, there’s quite a bit of ads so I end up playing on airplane mode usually because I refuse to pay to get them removed. No complaints there though you gotta make money. Where my complaint does come though is everytime there is an update I seem to lose a lot of progress, my storage and facilities get down graded from whatever level I had them built up to back to level 1. The first time I thought it was a fluke, 2nd time was a bit more frustrating but it was only a couple buildings no big deal, this most recent update sent everything but my house to level one. I don’t know what’s going on but I hope this glitch gets patched soon I’m tired of having to respend hundreds of thousands of gold trying to get back to my level. The islands you can travel to do similar things and relock sometimes as well so I’ve stopped going. Also please make an easier way to level up your combat, it’s getting a bit frustrating fighting monsters 6+ levels higher then me. I don’t mind a couple levels higher but it’s starting to get ridiculous. Negativeness aside this really is a lovely game. I love watching my island grow more and more
So far 🔥👌🏻
SO FAR this game is pretty addicting has aspects of animal crossing and Minecraft only you don’t have to do extra button tapping you just walk up to the tree and it cuts it for you, you just walk up to an enemy and it’ll shoot it for you as long as it’s within the circle range, absolutely perfect for those who like playing one-handed phone games without the need to turn your phone sideways! there are ads but it’s a respectable amount of ads it’s enough to help pay the creators and still not be too terribly annoying for the players. The ads are actually pretty short so you can literally blink like three or four times and your back to playing the game!
I think the longest ad they have is for the Golden axe because it’s like a special item, it chops the trees within one chop instead of having do multiple chops which is really helpful and makes you get through the game faster so the extra ad time is understandable.
I am just starting this game so I’m not sure if decorating and clothes are available but whenever I figure that out I’ll come back and add to my review
Quality game; a few critiques
(FYI: I’m lvl 95)

I think I... reached the end of the game? Lol. There are no more quests... It’s a fantastic game. You really should be more upfront with the cost, though because it’s basically unplayable if you don’t pay to get rid of ads. You have a quality game—no need to hide fees. Win people over by showing them awesome gameplay! It’s basically a $7 Animal Crossing with more focus on battle and less on personalization (which I’d love more of). A few nitpicks: the furniture is wildly different sizes, and you have to buy every item in the store or it never goes away. A fair amount of glitches like invisible walls to get caught on (yourself, and the NPCs). Also, (and maybe I’m just missing something here), the gems and scrolls are ridiculous to get. Obviously you can eventually mine the rainbow stones, but I have to wait, like, 100hrs to get a singular ruby, and it takes forever to get the maps to speed up production. Also, pay-to-advance is crappy, and y’all know it, come on now.

You’ve got a good game on your hands. Could easily be a five. Im just hoping you keep it real. If you want continued feedback, I’m happy to get involved. Lmk.
You can’t progress
The game itself is really fun so I didn’t really mind the ads because it was worth playing and the graphics were really pretty. However, I did not like how you had to go step by step with the goals. I wanted to expand my land first before I started getting deep sleep b the game but I kept having all these construction sites that I couldn’t build because you have to wait until it tells you to built it. It controls the flow of the game to much and doesn’t let the player play how they want to. Also, the gold nuggets. I’m not sure if I’m just really bad at fighting in the dungeons, but it seems to be impossible sometimes to get the gold you need. You need so much gold nuggets to research (something you also have to wait until the game tells you to do 😤🙄) but it is really hard to get them because I can’t level up my character stats. I don’t want to be lvl 6 trying to fight lvl 9 monsters. This goes back to not letting your character have free reign. If I could spread out my island without having to wait on the game’s commands I could have reaches the island that has a statue on it. The statue helps up my stats so I can get the gold so I can continue playing but I can’t do any of that until you let us play at our own pace!
Why are there still ads after paying?
I really like this game, but after paying 8 dollars why am I still getting ads? After you use your 30 golden tickets you received at purchase that’s it. There should be a way to buy more golden tickets with coins in the game not just be forced to watch ads or spend even more money to get more tickets. Feel like that’s just straight greed from the creators! If 8 bucks isn’t enough than bump the purchase price up but don’t demand more money after I already pay the purchase price you set.
Also I feel like getting gold to pay for armor or better weapons is few and far between. The items at the trading post are SO expensive and I feel like you barely get any gold in the dungeons. So I die constantly because I can’t upgrade my character. Supposedly creatures drop equipment in the dungeon but in 10 levels I have seen ONE item and it was to increase my storage nothing to do with fighting. I feel like it’s near impossible to get new equipment and so I can’t survive the whole dungeon even if I wait for my health to regenerate, I die almost every time. Pretty disappointed with this purchase. This is a great game, but definitely need to make some changes!
Great game.. if you like ads ads and ads
Ok so I really liked this game, decided it be worth it to purchase no ads. You think if you purchase no ads, that’s what you get. But nope. You get 30 tickets to bypass ads such as when you die, for a mount, for cute backpacks etc. that’s it. 30 tickets!! Another downfall is the items needed to progress. Your trading post for better gear is all good. Considering your mail source is dungeons at maybe 40 gold per dungeon, you’d think that gear would reflect that balance? Nope. 700 gold for a shield, 900 gold for a weapon. At 40 gold per dungeon??? Do ya think that runningbthem over and over 100 times is going to keep people interested. Nah I’m done. I got bored of it about the 8th time through. Then you need gold to build up island and get maps for other island at increasing gold prices. So I need 300 gold for a map. 150 gold for a gem mine 2400 gold for gear. At 40 gold a pop. Thanks but I pass. And you have to have the gold because it’s a quest in order to progress. Did you think this through or just want to run everyone off. Considering there aren’t any community discussions on your game I’m thinking not many stick around longer than a week. Thanks for your scam on no ads wish you advertised exactly what we get. 8bucks to skip 30 ads. Rip off.
Demon of the Dark,
Ads with more ads
I would like to say first off, this game is actually really fun and it’s really good for passing time and grinding but oh my lord I have never in my life played a game with so many ads and that’s including some really low quality indie games I’ve played. For example, if you minimize the game to check anything on your phone the second you get back you get an Ad, if you go to collect from the depot you get an ad, that’s 2 of the most common so that’s not including the times between. So I tested it from 8:10pm till 8:16pm I had a total of 7 ads and if most ads last around 30 seconds you can do the math and see that half of my time on the game was ads. Honestly if this game was on the App Store for like $3 I would buy it, it’s fun to mess around on and grind but the minimum $$ to get rid of ads is $8 and that’s to make the game not have ads popping up so I have no idea if that effects the rest of the watch to earn things on the game (which a majority of things on the game are watch to earn) for example to walk a little faster for 5 minutes you have to watch an ad.

So all in all the game itself is actually really fun but actually playing it and enjoying it is a nightmare.
Great game bad marketing.
I’ve had my fair share of App Store games in the 12 years of iOS and this one is definitely a keeper. Unfortunately there is one deal breaking matter that I would really like a developer to reconsider. This would be the advertisement system that is in place. It is not only a great bother but actually makes the game unplayable in many cases. In what way do you ask? Well the only advertisement issue is specifically the ones that will trigger every time you do a certain amount of actions on the game. example of this is collecting resources from bins or digging up the buried treasure that spawns at random locations. This causes resources to scatter and de spawn before you can skip the add this making it impossible to collect the resources. I have tried to find a way to contact a developer in private about this matter but to no avail. I suggest that the developers that are reading this review strongly consider removing pop up adds on this game for it can be reported as a nonfunctional title. I will also be contacting Apple about this matter in the coming days if this isn’t resolved and if this is a intentional marketing practice. Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards: Arctic