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Developer: Lessmore UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.7.0
ID: com.hwqgrhhjfd.idlefastfood


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Are you looking to become a restaurant millionaire? Want to manage a successful restaurant? Become a restaurant tycoon, earn money, level up, hire cooks & cashiers, get rich and build the biggest business the world has ever seen in this Restaurant Simulator!

Start with a Lemonade Stand, then progress to a food truck, and then a cafe. In no time you will find yourself owning your own Diner and Drive-thru!

Expand your restaurants, automate your business and find the right strategy in order to maximise your income! Eatventure is a money game where you simulate the management of different kinds of restaurants. Use your income to buy new stations in order to start selling more kinds of foods! Become the biggest Restaurant Millionaire in the world!

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Version history

- The pet feature is now available for everyone! Collect eggs and pet food from boxes and get yourself a companion.
- Players in cities 60 and later will be able to equip a second tool.
- If you already completed an event with a gold medal you will now be able to play events on harder difficulties and earn bigger rewards.

Thanks for playing!
Bug fixes, thank you for playing!
Bug fixes, Thank you for playing!
Bug fixes. thank you for playing!
Bug fixes, thank you for playing!
Bug fixes. Thank you for playing!
Bug Fixes. Thank you for playing!
Bug fixes. Thank you for playing!
Bug fixes. Thank you for playing!
Bug fixes. Thank you for playing!
Cloud save, bug fixes and a few small improvements. Thanks for playing!
Cloud save, bug fixes and a few small improvements. Thanks for playing!
Bug fixes. Thank you for playing !
Bug fixes. Thank you for playing!
Bug fixes, thank you for playing!
Bug Fixes. Thank you for playing!
Added forging and event chests. Thank you for playing!
Bug fixes. Thank you for playing !
New Events & Bug fixes. Thank you for playing!
New Events! Thank you for playing!
Bug fixes. Thank you for playing!
The cards feature is back - Thank you for playing!
Bug fixes - thank you for playing!
Character feature and a new event - thank you for playing!
Bug fixes! Thank you for playing!

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Small Event Offer
(Small Event Offer)
BD476144153✱✱✱✱✱ BF65692✱✱✱✱✱
Daily Offer
(Daily Offer)
BD411174995✱✱✱✱✱ 67E3335✱✱✱✱✱
Tiny Gem Bundle
(Tiny Gem Bundle)
BD484808735✱✱✱✱✱ D378D1A✱✱✱✱✱
Permanent Boost
(Permanent Boost)
BD053108040✱✱✱✱✱ AEEFE88✱✱✱✱✱
Small Gem Bundle
(Small Gem Bundle)
BD319411662✱✱✱✱✱ 6C57F44✱✱✱✱✱
Big Event Offer
(Big Event Offer)
BD515754344✱✱✱✱✱ 3600124✱✱✱✱✱
Medium Gem Bundle
(Medium Gem Bundle)
BD948957176✱✱✱✱✱ 03AE1E1✱✱✱✱✱
Medium Chest Offer
(Medium Chest Offer)
BD931094599✱✱✱✱✱ AA2209B✱✱✱✱✱
Small Chest Offer
(Small Chest Offer)
BD026768811✱✱✱✱✱ ABBEA96✱✱✱✱✱
Large Gem Bundle
(Large Gem Bundle)
BD147109308✱✱✱✱✱ 1E501C5✱✱✱✱✱

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4.7 out of 5
26.9K Ratings


It gets better over time!
There’s important things that you don’t figure out about the game until you’re somewhat invested in it. Growth is exponential. You will start out slow but it gets bigger and better.
The vault; unlock these asap. I think all the offline earning stuff is pointless because a few food station upgrades would make that profit way faster. I do recommend upgrading the ad multiplier length and power and tips. Tips are a huge deal and probably more of the income than food stations after upgraded some.
Like I said about the growth, as you upgrade these things, you can fly through chapters quickly, thus earning gems much faster (plus loot boxes). I don’t even have a legendary item yet and things are still going well. Careful upgrading your items, because if you get a legendary blueprint, you will need certain items to craft it. I’m stuck trying to get 1 certain epic item for a legendary that I previously used to upgrade something else.
Overall a cool game, as I like idle games. And it is nice that the events are actually completable without having to spend money (but definitely longer for brand new people who’s chef doesn’t have better gear)
It is in fact the same thing over and over though. Switching up music for different venues would be cool because it’s a little boring sometimes.
Toad Travel,
Awesome... if you don’t get stuck.

Great game! I really love how you barely have to do anything except upgrade stuff and your cute little people go about doing everything for you. My three problems with it that I would like to let new people know is that 1: When you expand your business from a lemonade stand to a food stand and so on you can’t go back to the lemonade stand after that so make sure that your definitely ready to start over on a new business at first this made me mad but not so much anymore because I really like the new business with new food. 2: Often when I talk to an investor and watch an ad the game freezes after the ad finishes and I don’t get my reward, so probably you shouldn’t talk to the investors at all. 3: This is a really great strategy: when you feel like it’s going really slow and your not really getting enough money to upgrade fast enough what I did was when I first opened a new business I only would upgrade like 2 machines and then I would unlock the others but not upgrade them any and then I would get into the aa’s and then the other machines are SO CHEAP it’s ridiculous and I could just sit there upgrading for a WHOLE MINUTE and it feel s really great so you should try that out! -Toads OUT
we're all fruit,
Can’t stop playing it but R rated ads???
EDIT: do people even get silver in the weekly challenges?? is it possible? because i only ever get bronze and then to the first get [blank] to level 600. istg it’s so annoying! make it a little easier maybe??

I thought this was gonna be another game where it shoved ads down your throat, but i like how watching ads actually helps you! also, i love watching the little people in my phone run around and get food for everyone. i didn’t have that many skills upgraded in the last update, so i’m not too mad about it, but i wish they would bring back some of them. the costumes are cute but it’s taking a lot of work to try and get some of the good (rare) ones. cons: sometimes if you use the investors, it doesn’t give you the coins it said it would. hang happened that many times but it is annoying if it’s one of the longer ads. same thing with the boost button, but it happens more often with that one, smh. ALSO i’m not sure if i was trying to use the ad button too much, but last month it started giving me inappropriate ads. i’m of age, but if this was my little cousin playing it i’d be concerned?? it was an ad of someone undressing a cartoon woman while she was sleeping??? that is beyond vile. also some of the ads are gory. i’m not sure if the developers are in charge of that or if it’s a third party, but it’s worth mentioning.
Big Willy..,
Completely Disappointed.
After reaching level 16 and spent money on this game I’m completely disappointed. 1. Even after spending $5 on their “2x profit forever” the developer basically still force you to watch ads so you can progress faster. Many games are less than $5 and you’d get better progress experience than this. 2. They make you buy box to collect cards to make items (common,rare,legendary,epic), and after buying 50+ boxes, 10+ big boxes,and 2 mine boxes I’m still unable to get/forge not even 1 decent item. The drop percentage for good items are every unfair. 3. Events in game takes so long to complete, even after equipping myself with paid item “2x profit forever”, 3 rare items, 8,8xprofit unlocked, and opening the game throughout the night while I sleep, it still took me over 2 days of intense playing to complete. That’s just insane. 4. Events rewards are not worth your time at all, after completing an event witch took over 2 days of intense playing, you’ll get “Mine box” which still doesn’t give you any good items, and if you get legendary card that means you still have to open way more boxes to forge/to make your legendary card. Not worth the waste of time. Conclusion, the game maybe fun to play in the beginning but as you progress better just delete it because the game just gonna force you to watch as many ads as possible even after you spent money in the game. So, bring your business somewhere else,better buy those paid games upfront then something like this.
Please make ad bonus longer!
I absolutely love this game. The designers do a great job making a game that you can keep clicking for a long time. It is difficult to get to a point where you are so stuck that you have to close out the game and wait a few idle hours and I love that.

They only reason I am writing this review, though, is that with the new update I lost a lot of the awesome bonuses that I had spent a lot of time working through. I had 12k gems so I was able to open a lot of boxes and get many epic and legendary items. However, I am frustrated that I had spent so much time on the game to finally get a 10 minute ad boost and even with supposedly legendary items I am stuck with ad boosts that only last 5 minutes. I also really miss the auto-collect for tips and higher starting cash for new restaurants!

I do like the concept of the new update, but there are some kinks that need to be worked out. I have incredible profit multipliers with my items, but I lost a lot of boosts that I had earned which made my gameplay experience more fun. I want to keep playing this game but going back to only 5 min ad boosts is really killing a lot of the fun for me.
Was five stars before, the recent updates killed it.
This was my favorite game before they started updating it a lot, but I’ve been playing it less and less now. I understand the game was probably too easy before or something and they’re trying to make it harder, but I put a lot of time into the game and now I don’t like it. I used to have every single card they offered, each at least level 8 and I felt very powerful with all of the buffs. They removed a lot of cards and changed the system so I have way less power ups now. I don’t like their new single chef system where you power up one character. I should’ve saved my gems they refunded me, but I was dumb and dumped them all into the single character before they re-added the cards again. Now I have a single good chef with somewhat decent items equipped, and no other players is using it for some reason so it’s not even making me any gems. I have all 3 legendary items equipped at decent levels but nobody is using it. I miss when I had all of my chefs running around very quickly, making food super quickly, and getting very expensive food and long, good ad boosts. Now the ad boosts feel worthless to me because I’m used to how good they used to be. I might delete the game now just because I know how good it could be, but isn’t.

Edit continued: I have 3 high level legendary items on my person and I left for a week, I come back and still nobody has used my character
You can’t get anywhere and get stuck
One major problem with Eatventure is the upgraded outfits. You’ll spend many hours to only have a set of epic upgrades, which is the purple using everything else you get to upgrade those outfits then when you finally do get a legendary or ultimate come to find out, you have to forge it using other legendary or epic clothing. The chances that you get a legendary are only even in certain boxes and it’s only a 5% chance you only have a 2% chance of getting an ultimate and then on top of that you other outfits to forge these. This needs to be changed if we somehow by chance get a ultimate or a legendary I shouldn’t have to spend another 20 hours or more just to forge some thing that was really rare that I got. There’s no way to invite your friends to help you out that would be amazing. The events are sometimes fun overall, this could be a fun game. But for right now, the loot boxes have been made worthless. If you’re going to start playing this game, save everything you get because you’ll need it to forge the really rare items you get later, which is stupid. Please change this otherwise you get to a point where there’s no point in playing anymore because you’re never going to be able to upgrade the clothing you get. Again multiplayer would be awesome if that’s even something that you guys can do.
Ketchapp why,
Very fun and NO FORCED ADS
This game I saw in one of the many ads that we all see on many of the games we choose to play. On a whim because it looked interesting I installed this game after an hour or so I realized that there are absolutely no forced ads and the loot boxes are fairly and commonly given as well as the in game currency being fairly distributed. You get gems for nothing and a lot of them through challenges that only require playing the game. Once your character is desirable enough people will invite your character and you will receive in game currency for that as well. Also you can invite other characters to boost your performance at no cost to in game currency. This is the game we’ve all wanted to idle away at and spend our time. No forced ads but ads are there if you want them only to give you a boost or extra money in game that’s it. I highly recommend this for any one who needs something to spend their time on and who are tired of the forced ads in other games. No more denying double money only to receive an add any way. Have fun.
horrible servers,
Missing features, overall good game
The game is a great time killer. You guys also have an amazing model when it comes to ads: no ads are required but the incentive to watch them is very reasonable(and upgradeable!). I consider this game to be a hidden gem, and as such, have shared it with my friends and we have all been grinding since I discovered it. One very interesting thing that I noticed today was that when my friend logged in, he had a daily reward system that awarded him gems and other awesome things. I have not seen this feature ONCE since I downloaded the game, and I’ve had it for longer than him. I would have rated the app 5 stars if i had this feature, but considering i didnt even know it existed it pretty bogus, and should be addressed. Furthermore, you should definitely add the ability to add friends and be able to do things with them. For example, I should be able to invite my buddy to help me at my restaurant instead of choosing from some randoms. Additionally, it would be cool to send gifts in between items(maybe i have an item that they need for a legendary/ultimate that i don’t need. I would love the ability to send those over).
Developers hear my plead!!!!!
I absolutely love this game. I’ve been playing it for a while now and the weekly challenge is something I always look forward too and then the little two day challenge on Monday and Tuesday.

However I think a couple of additions could be added like maybe a day or two of double diamond points because as much as I play it still builds slowly when I want to buy boxes and update my perks. Another would be if there is a max level maybe then allow you to create or have your own permanent restaurant that you can style and upgrade without losing it. It also shuffles through different styles and items in the restaurant as you progress and I think some change up like new items or restaurant layouts would be really cool. The drive though is a personal favorite of mine though. Also more items to possibly style your character like shoes or glasses would be pretty neat! This game is pretty great though. Perfect idle game if you just want to chill and vibe out with out any stressors. Great work!!

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