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Developer: Skill Knight Studios
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.5
ID: com.sks.drvetru


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It’s playtime! Let’s go into the crazy world of RESTAURANT DRIVE THRU!
Pick up the orders, Cook food in a 3d environment, Serve your clients with a smile, Receive cash, and have Tons of Fun! It’s an entertaining and stimulating food-making game in which you will transform into a busy chef, earn profits and expand your drive thru restaurant.

As you progress and level up, you can unlock more food making machines, kitchens upgrades & modern equipment for your restaurant. Go to the Pizza Corner, Chiller Corner, Bakery Corner, Burger Point, Snack Counter, Coffee Table to set up everybody's requests!

-Genuine experience of 3d drive thru environment
-Modern dishes and trendy snacks to make customers happy
-Luxurious fast food cash counter to receive payments
-More than 200 levels to give great fun

DOWNLOAD Food Simulator Drive-Thru Game with a bunch of crazy and most recent features of 2022! This is your opportunity to become a star in the food cashier game.

Version history

Improved Gameplay
Improved Gameplay
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Game Optimization
New UI
Graphics Improvements
Resolved bugs
-Minor Bug Fixed
-Graphics Improvements
Have Fun
-Minor Bug Fixed
-Graphics Improvements
Have Fun
-Minor Bug Fixed
-Graphics Improvements
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4.4 out of 5
1 392 Ratings


Good Game
This is a really fun game that I’ve been playing for about a week now. I ended up unlocking everything and at level 155 it just does the same order over and over again. It stays at level 155 and won’t let you move on. Maybe add unlimited amount of levels??? I’m going to have to delete it if there’s no more levels I can play
Bobby is best and cool,
Best game ever
I have only been playing this game for a week and I am at level 155. Level 155 is the final level and I love this game so much!!! It might be a little boring at first but it gets so much better when you unlock new recipes. This game is so fun and I think most of everyone will love this game! Overall this is the best game I have ever played!!!
jj in the hoise,
Great game….but….
This is a great game! But there is one thing I would like to mention, after a while this game may get a little boring. I wish there was more things to do and for this game to be a little more realistic. Other than that this game is quite AMAZING 🤗
So many Ads
Hello! I just want to write a review that I enjoy the game and get new stuff when we earn such and such money. The only problem is I get so miserable from the ads. I don’t mind ads one ad per 5 levels but it’s constantly and I beat the levels pretty quick. Please change that and I rather not spend money on it to get rid of them. I’m rating this 3 stars because of that. Thanks!
Fun at first
Hello! This game was very fun when i first got it. However, when you get to level 155 you can’t go farther and it just repeats and repeats. I also can’t play it anymore because it won’t let me click next after i put the order in. I also think this game is a copy of the more popular drive thru 3d game. There is a lot in common with the both of the games and I think this copied it.
no be allowed,
It’s really nice you don’t need internet and it’s really fun and easy for us kids to play with and then it starts getting harder as you go on I rate it a 10/10 highly recommend
I loved this game up until....
There is something wrong with the level 51 it says I unlocked lemon juice but when someone comes to order it, it says it’s still locked and so I can’t move up levels. I’m stuck on that level until they fix it... please please fix this!
When I would play every time I couldn’t afford a food it would not let go to the next level and When I got orders like BBQ chicken wrap it didn’t have the chicken , and my level won’t go up
Well, if you don’t turn off your WiFi then adds are about ever 20 second or less and the way it moves the things and the screen is just crappy and that’s is from an iPhone SE user. So I keep looking if I were you.
Too many ads
Downloaded the game and played the first level which was literally a donut. I had to watch a 30 second ad to go forward. If I’m automatically forced to watch an ad after playing 20 seconds then why play the game. Game could be great without forcing ads after every level.