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Developer: Euphoric Brothers LTD
Category: Games
Price: $2.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.4
ID: EuphoricBrothersGames.Garten-Of-Banban-II


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Explore the underworld of Banban’s Kindergarten:
It turned out Banban’s Kindergarten had a massive underground facility! Who would have thought! Unfortunately, your discovery was a painful one, as your curiosity has led to the crashing of your elevator. You must now explore this new region of the facility that you have landed in, uncover the horrifying truth behind the place, and escape with your life.

More friends to make!
The potential of making friends in Banban’s Kindergarten is endless! The friends that you made in the first Garten of Banban are a mere fraction of the friends to be made, and now that you are stuck in a much deeper chamber after the events of the first game, you are sure to make some more friends!

Version history

- Fixed Cyan Captain Fiddles crash

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4.2 out of 5
793 Ratings


Pig Penn,
Not understanding the game very well
The game is good but why is the game copied by other games? ( what I think ) obviously, why is one part of the game like the backrooms where there are SO many windows, and why would it be a kindergarten if there are holes that are so deep and WHAT if it was real, kids falling in there, not the monster part- and why would a kindergarten have DANGEROUS lab things, and what is the point of a HUGE face that doesn’t really fit into the game and just putting a face there makes it look SOOOOOO stupid and it doesn’t do ANYTHING. I thought I would mention that the monsters where nice at first ( if I’m saying it right ) but then they ruined the WHOLE kindergarten, did they even change? They do not look scary and Nabnab, I think he looks VERY weird and looks cute to me.🙃 And I am very excited to play chapter 3 when it’s loaded on the app store. Thank you!🙂
This was an improvement wowww
Wow this game is at least 9 times better then the first has so much more into the game but I really think you guys have to improve the games lore like story I really think you can add more too the lore and I love juicy lore I really think in the future we will have you know the 10/10 game I hate how slow again you have to put the sea shells in the treasure chest again like chapter 1 feeding eggs to opila it just takes so longgg but I really like wean banbaleana dos the school part I thought that was really creepy all the answers but keep all the good work up
Barely better
It’s barely better that’s why I gave it a two Stars and if it’s going to add more characters could you use some or at least get rid of the main trio first and the voice acting is just awful I bet they’re trying but ban ban just sounds lifeless like a robot and don’t get me started on that stupid school section that took so long so boring in the stupid ban ban clone isn’t even intimidating or a scary I don’t say because it looks like a kid thing I got a bit scared by the pug a pillar from poppy playtime chapter 2 and the final chase scene Music there is a bit of quality in here I laughed a bit and just like the original to and the drones are just as annoying if not more and that stupid puzzle with the fireworks and I’m still attracted Opela which is good The only reason why this is a bit better it’s because I laughed more two stars not that much better
Garten of banban 2 glitch
So I happy that you fix that cyan captin fiddles glitch I’m really happy for that but now there is a problem again when you find the 2 tapes and you put them in the tape just freeze especially the 2 tape that’s in the trampoline park and here’s another one when your trying to the in mini opila birds when your trying to get the last one you just can’t find it , I looked every where and I can’t find it some times it would show up but not be there can you please 🙏 fix this 2 bug this game is very cool and I love it.
My experience
This game is a 9.6/10 it’s a good game for mobile players it’s almost as good as the pc version the reason I give it that rating is because I kinda had problem with the game but I wanna start off with the lighting it kinda looks weird I think they should make it lighter or try to make it like or close to the pc version lighting and my problem is that when I was at the chase scene at the the end of the game when jumbo josh was gonna stop me my game crashed and kicked me out of the app so try to fix that if you can devs
So fun challenging and good
So I love garten of banban2 mobile when I heard it was coming to iOS I went to look on the App Store and there is one problem you got to make your mobile games full screen on iPad becuse I can’t see banban clock face on iPad but on iPhone I can plz make update garten of banban1&2 to make them full screen both on iPad so you can see jumbo josh clock and banban clock plz update that I am begging you to plz update that and the sensitivity is fast in both games make a sensitivity settings in both games
Amazing game!
You should play this game it is amazing. They fixed the camera problems they had in chapter one to. The hardest part I’d say would probably be the baby birds because they run fast and sometime when you have your curser on them and press the hand icon you don’t pick them up, and every time I die on slow seline I have to restart all the birds again. It’s fun but can use some changes. (For the creator) —-> When is chapter 3 coming out? I’m really exited for it, and I think it’ll be amazing! :)
It’s not that bad I’m excited for chapter 3 though
It is good but at times I get kicked out in my game glitches I don’t know what happened I just hope the creator knows that you guys really need to fix that problem because I really won’t be able to play the game if that happens get to me I just wanted to let everyone know that but hopefully your games are good there’s only one problem for the best for me it’s a really great day hopefully hopefully all of us one day will play the third game bye-by
Very good!
10/10 very good game no gameplay problems and no crashes the name Garten of banban it works with the game so the bird part is so fun all of the Mimi games are fun to yep so the game is a 10/10 for me I hope you guys come out with chapter 3 soon you guys get stuff done faster and faster thx for the game and with chapter 3 coming soon hopefully have a good day and the amount of people saying the game is bad don’t think about it just be devs like devs do take your time with chapter 3 hopefully have a good day.
10 out of 10 but please fix it tomorrow
10 out of 10 the game is good, but there’s one small problem it doesn’t work whenever you go up to Captain fiddles it breaks the Game please fix it but I do give it a 10 out of 10 it’s a really good game I really wanted it it’s a good game really good game and yeah before or more question why did you ask for the people to fix it?