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Developer: Gigabit Games LLC
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.85
ID: com.gigabitgames.offroad


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The most realistic off-road game on mobile devices. This is off-roading done right.

Cruise huge open-worlds with your friends in multiplayer while earning money completing tough challenges, races, and gathering collectables. Upgrade your trucks with thousands of combinations of parts, suspensions, tires, wheels, and colors.

Fair-to-play system means you buy an In-App Purchase, you keep it forever. NO gas meter. NO wait time for parts. NO wait time to continue playing.

Gameplay Features
▪ Tackle rocks and hills with a realistic traction model and winch
▪ Take in your ride and your surroundings with 13 gameplay cameras to choose from
▪ Multiple control options keep you in control no matter your play style
▪ In-game map will ensure you know where you are and what challenge to attempt next
▪ Locking differentials, high/low gear range, and 2wd/4wd give you the tools to conquer anything thrown at you

▪ Huge, wide-open maps with varied terrain mean you’ll be exploring for hours
▪ Hundreds of objectives per level to challenge you

▪ Tune your vehicles to suit your driving style
▪ IFS, leaf spring, and 4-link suspensions
▪ Huge list of parts, bumper-to-bumper, to select from to make your trucks your own
▪ Color every part of your trucks to get just the right look

It's your world, your trucks, your choice, you conquer it.

Version history

- Added 5 Vehicles
- Added World 7
- Added Multiplayer Ball
- Added Full Controller Support During Gameplay
- Improved Vehicle Physics
- Optimized Multiplayer Code
- Misc Bug Fixes
- Fixed Missing Tilt Controls
- Added 5 Vehicles
- Added World 7
- Added Multiplayer Ball
- Added Full Controller Support During Gameplay
- Improved Vehicle Physics
- Optimized Multiplayer Code
- Bug Fixes
- Fixed iOS 14.2 crash
- 12 Player Multiplayer
- Revised Mud Physics and effects
- Vehicle Physics Updates
- Bug Fixes
- Bug Fixes
- Updated Game Engine
- Physics Changes
- Updated Visuals
- New Vehicles
- New World 6
- Multiplayer
This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

-Fixed 6-Door

-Busted Knuckle Buggy
-Screamin Blue Buggy
-6-door Pickup
-Map 5 "Offroad Park"
-All New Tire Physics
-Photo Mode
-Pan Cameras (1, 2, 3)
-Winch On/Off Toggle
-Busted Knuckle Partner
-SRRS Partner

-Tire Collision
-Tuned Suspension (all trucks)
-Tuned Gears (all trucks)
-Tuned Vehicle Performance (all trucks)
-Truck Selection
-Mud Physics
-Mud Tracks
-Flex Ramps (menu)

-Memory Optimization
-Shader Bugs
-Truck Colliders
-Busted Knuckle Buggy
-Screamin Blue Buggy
-6-door Pickup
-Map 5 "Offroad Park"
-All New Tire Physics
-Photo Mode
-Pan Cameras (1, 2, 3)
-Winch On/Off Toggle
-Busted Knuckle Partner
-SRRS Partner

-Tire Collision
-Tuned Suspension (all trucks)
-Tuned Gears (all trucks)
-Tuned Vehicle Performance (all trucks)
-Truck Selection
-Mud Physics
-Mud Tracks
-Flex Ramps (menu)

-Memory Optimization
-Shader Bugs
-Truck Colliders
- Existing players get 0.50X multiplier for FREE
- New players start with 1.00X multiplier
- New 2-door squarebody truck/SUV
- New 4-door squarebody truck/SUV
- New Monster/mud truck suspension for big trucks
- New engine sounds (WIP)
- 7 new tires
- 7 new wheels
- All maps got a facelift
- New "Go Home" button on the minimap
- All truck tuning settings get number values
- Work was done on painting UI (WIP)
- Refined gameplay user interface
- Optimized truck loading
- Optimized framerate
- Improved handbrake
- Improved handling
- Improved power
- Improved automatic transmission
- Improved dust/chunks

- Soccer ball
- added Map 4
- added MUD to Map 4
- added 3 new trucks
- added placeable waypoint to minimap
- added new particle system
- added more speed to full-size 4-door truck
- added community trail names to Map 3
- made improvements to cameras
- misc bug fixes
- added new Map 3
- added new full-size diesel truck
- added all-new, more dynamic cameras
- added "minus" button to downgrade power, traction, brakes
- added "Follow Gigabit Games" bonus to in-app purchase screen worth 10,000 C
- added social links for quick access to the GBOR community
- added new video tutorial series
- fixed Map 2 terrain issues
- added new full-size truck
- added more power to all trucks
- added more obstacle zones to both maps
- added manual transmission option to controls
- improved winch
- improved transmission gearing
- improved automatic transmission shifting
- fixed reset setting vehicle "into" obstacles
- fixed no vehicle appearing (bluescreen on play)
- fixed controls being obscured by minimap
- fixed cameras 10-13 falling through map
- fixed missing and ungettable goats
- goats are getting festive
- fixed in-app purchase dialog not showing for some users
- fixed minimap overlapping steering controls on iPad
- fixed flex ramp button overlapping controls on iPad
•ads now working
•added an additional video ad provider
•new players get a 0.50x multiplier to start
•existing players are gifted a 0.25x multiplier
•added in-app purchase explanations
•added multiplier explanation
•added Teraflex as a sponsor
•new truck poll for players to vote on
•added fan voted trail name sign to “Devil’s Staircase”
•added zooming and panning
•when zoomed in, the map can “lock” to the vehicle to auto-pan
•fixed objective markers not syncing with current map
•attempted to make the minimap colors more colorblind friendly
•added background to legend to make it more distinct
•made legend objective markers larger
•changed completed objective colors to make them distinct
•lowered mid-size SUV center of gravity
•mid-size SUV has more starting power
•fixed small SUV not saving paint
•added front, rear, or both difflocker options for 4wd only
•fixed truck selection crash
•fixed all parts appearing on vehicles
•fixed missing body and parts models when leaving menu
•fixed body and parts coming in without textures
•fixed wrong cap textures on small pickup bed caps
•removed shock “boxes” from small pickup
•winch has more power (maybe too much, will revisit)
•wheel chatter reduced
•trucks no longer spawn with tires into ground
•fixed objective counts not syncing with maps in map selection screen
•added map numbers to map selection screen
•added hint to help new players find the start button
•fixed throttle getting stuck when going into the menu
•added flex ramps option to suspension screen
•fixed camera selection in menu adding more cameras and breaking camera selection in gameplay
•the cost of current upgrades in the shopping cart show white when they can be purchased and red when the player doesn’t have enough money
•fixed sound volumes not saving/loading
•fixed suspension dampening and spring rate getting out of sync
•fixed rear wheels “going crazy” when in 2wd and going into the menu
•fixed scraping and crashing sounds not affected by volume sliders
•added a one time dialog explaining the multiplier
•made camera 8 face more forward
•fixed edge of world “cannon”
•added landmark/obstacle to Map 1

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
1,500,000 Credits
(1,500,000 Credits)
IE046391894✱✱✱✱✱ 0239E41✱✱✱✱✱
100,000 Credits
(100,000 Credits)
IE705307816✱✱✱✱✱ ECA616E✱✱✱✱✱
250,000 Credits
(250,000 Credits)
IE451212789✱✱✱✱✱ BD099AB✱✱✱✱✱
450,000 Credits
(450,000 Credits)
IE185641908✱✱✱✱✱ 8531A3D✱✱✱✱✱
+3.00x and 500,000 Credit Bonus
(+3.00x and 500,000 Credit Bonus)
IE592309969✱✱✱✱✱ 17C0862✱✱✱✱✱
+0.25x and 10,000 Credit Bonus
(+0.25x and 10,000 Credit Bonus)
IE055663519✱✱✱✱✱ E2D083B✱✱✱✱✱
TT Bundle
(TT + 1,500,000 Credits)
IE566512452✱✱✱✱✱ D7D4431✱✱✱✱✱
+0.50x and 25,000 Credit Bonus
(+0.50x and 25,000 Credit Bonus)
IE649588771✱✱✱✱✱ B4D0DEA✱✱✱✱✱
+1.50x and 100,000 Credit Bonus
(+1.50x and 100,000 Credit Bonus)
IE131267371✱✱✱✱✱ 8CE8FF0✱✱✱✱✱
+1.00x and 70,000 Credit Bonus
(+1.00x and 70,000 Credit Bonus)
IE879917214✱✱✱✱✱ 09AFD74✱✱✱✱✱

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4.4 out of 5
5 117 Ratings


Still waiting....
This game is absolutely amazing, I enjoy every bit of it. The variety in levels, customization, and vehicles all great. However despite all the pros, there is still one con. Personally, I have been playing this game for a little over two years now. When I first began the game had stated that the multiplayer function was under construction. One year later, the multiplayer function is still under construction but now says “No really. We’re serious this time!” assuming this means that the creators are working on multiplayer and will be out soon. Present day, the multiplayer function is still absent and there has not been an update in over a year. Understandably, video games are not quick or easy to make, especially multiplayer but, multiplayer has been announced over two years ago to all players of this game. Still, multiplayer is absent from the game. I am sure that I’m not just speaking for myself when the only thing the players want now is a multiplayer function. Other than that, great game and keep up the great work.
This Game is Amazing! But...
I’ve been playing this game for well over a year now and with the level of competition in these types of games are crazy. This game is super fun to play, but it needs some updates. First, they need to up the quality of the graphics. It seems like all of the other off-roading games that I’ve played have way better graphics then this game. Even thought the graphics are not as good as other games, the FPS i’m very smooth. Next, I would consider adding two or three more maps to the game. Yes, the maps that they have now are fun, but you get board with them after a couple of drives. The last thing I want to talk about is the selection of lift/squat kits and wheels. In game, you can only go to a 2 inch lift to a 10 inch lift. I would like to be able to experiment with other suspension systems. The re are 12 different wheel styles to choose from (I think), but they all a different variation of the “snowflake” except for the “bullet hole” wheels and the “off-road wheels”. I would consider looking at more wheel options for your trucks. All in all this game is really smooth and is really fun, it’s a good game to play just to pass away time if you’re board. I would defiantly recommend this game to some of my friends.
Finally Multiplayer !!!
Overall this game is amazing. I’ve been with it sense the beginning and I love seeing the game develop into what it is today. I’ve played a lot of off road sims lately and out of all of them gigabit off-road has the most realistic suspension physics out there. And I am VERY happy to see that after 3 years of y’all hinting that you were working on it ,multiplayer is finally in the game so thank you developers. But the multiplayer aspect of the game is really weird because you really can’t use multiplayer unless someone else has given you their in game ID. So you can’t just join a public server which is kind of disappointing. I don’t know if y’all are going to add this in the future but I suggest talking to the developers of 4x4 Mania because in my opinion they have a really great and easy to use multiplayer system so maybe they could help y’all out with that. But other than that, this is an amazing with the potential to be one of the best Offroad games out there. I loved watching this game develop over the past few years and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the future .👍👍
Cody ride,
Love the game but....
Okay I absolutely love this game but the upgrades on the vehicles are soooo time consuming I did the math and it costs roughly 500 thousand credits to fully upgrade a vehicle yes this is a lot more than most people would pay so they decide to buy an in app purchase yes they are cheaper than most apps but don't let that fool you now I did a lot of math and saw that you would have to spend over 60 DOLLARS to fully upgrade and purchase all the vehicles not even counting body modifications so yeah not very much right? Well the maps are honestly very manageable prices and were not as hard to purchase as they look but all of this put together is roughly 450 MILLION Credits and what my suggestion is make a purchase all option where it just gives you billions of credits or just upgrades and makes everything free the price should probably be around 10 to 25 dollars so more people can purchase it overall very great game I love it hopefully you'll listen to my suggestion and take it to action
Needs update
Love the concept but physics need to be improved. I adjusted the suspension and it doesn’t feel any different. I’m using the arrows to turn they are to high it’s not comfortable. I love the articulation mode when you upgrade the suspension, super cool! I paid 2 dollars after downloading the app to up grade my truck, and will continue to play because I think these guys are on to something. For me to continue to play/pay in the future there are three thing for me. Graphics, physics, and the color coronation of the tracks. I don’t like that all the ground is pointy, I don’t like that when you hit a tiny bump your truck goes sideways instead of absorbing “some of the impact”, and it’s hard to decipher what the track is going to be because the colors for the tracks they have seem to go by the amount you will earn other that difficulty. If a tracks hard make it red if a tracks easy make it green and if it’s in the middle make it yellow? Keep work guys love the game but needs to improve for me to watch adds or spend money! 👍🏻
American Fighter🦅🦅🇺🇸,
Great Game next update.......
In every way this game is great but it would be awesome to have in the multiplayer future and get a duly truck and a new trailer feature we're you could haul one of your other vehicles or two of your other vehicles with the trucks in the game or how cool it would be to haul your friends around just have a fun time in multip but another thing I want is prop like some older gen trucks dodges Dodge Cummins second Jens stuff like that and some Chevys we only have those square body older Chevy's and the K5 so it would be a lot funner to have some other Chevys in the game so those are my requests and if you do add it on creature maybe add a fifth wheel in the hitch trailer and you can add that attachment in game and you could make a little side key map making it go down or come up and you could detatch to the trailer and that is my hopes for the next update in always the yawls little personal touch to everything y'all actually do you put in in the next update so thank you.
Ideas to make the game better
I love the game overall and I have played it for like 2 or 3 years. I love the money upgrade to 1.5 million dollars when you first install the app. It used to be like 25,000 or something. The vehicles are amazing and I love upgrading them. The upgrades are getting better and better. But now it’s time for my ideas to improve the game. I love buying vehicles and stuff but I really wish I could sell the vehicles I don’t want anymore. Like to earn fast money. I mean not like sell them for the price it costs to buy new but like half of the new price. I wish there were more ways to earn money in the game. I’d love to see some more obstacles in the worlds. I know it takes time to make upgrades to a game but I’m just trying to give my opinion. Who knows maybe you’ll see this and maybe you won’t. I don’t know but I hope the developers see this.
Since there is no real way to contact support with suggestions (and boy do I know that dev did a ton of work in the game creating stage), I feel like some key aspects were added like multiplayer but, not a notification system to show who is online. Also, there are some pretty fast cars, but we don’t have have long races like ultra4 or Baja 500 or something. For trailing meets it’ll also be cool to see a “radio” feature so we can communicate with players without using third party apps. To make it more trail friendly maybe the next cars to add should be a t3 synchro, d110 and maybe some Baja famous cars like the old beetle?
Anyway, I spend on game to show support for your efforts as a dev, really really great job! Only 4 stars because of the limitations on multiplayer. Also can you maybe add like a tyre pressure feature and maybe a gearbox ratio adjustment feature? Like crawlers don’t need super high raving engines on the trail.
Jazmyne Swick,
Earning money then it vanishes
Me and my brother love this game we adore it. We play almost everyday and we work rlly hard for the money but when we earn it it just disappears out of nowhere. We did an obstacle course and I earned over 40,000 dollars and my brother earned over 100,000 thousand and then when we finished the course that took us 2 hours we lost all that money then received the reward of 11,500 which is unbelievable it takes away money and gives a reward that isn’t what we earned while playing, we might as well just do the obstacle course then cancel before you completing it, otherwise u loose money, another issue that my mom also agrees with is that there should be an option to log out of our accounts and log into others and actually save our progress. Thanks for reading overall its an amazing game!
nick name?? why,
It’s awesome! but...
I’ve been playing this game for years. The vehicle customization is great! The playgrounds are great! Multiplayer is a lot of fun. They updated it not to long ago and made it better in a lot of ways. But the vehicle handling and physics went backwards a little. Not really a “Simulator” anymore. Still the best that I’ve found so far though. Monster trucks are to bouncy cant control them no matter what you set your suspension at. My rock crawlers do weird things now and hang up on nothing and my trophy truck don’t handle like a trophy truck anymore. Kinda disappointed in the vehicle handling since the big update.. that’s really all though. It’s still fun and I still play it all the time after 4 or 5 years now I think. Can’t remember. I really hope they are working on it and maybe making some more maps. This game brings a lot of money I bet. Keep it going👍🏼