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Silly Gravity Arcade Puzzler

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Price: Free
Version: 1.0.4
ID: com.dmg.grablab


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Time travel is a piece of cake - let’s try it with my time machine!
3, 2, 1, and... BOOM! Oops, my time machine exploded!

Something’s wrong with the gravity, something’s wrong with the laboratory and the whole world.
Magnetic anomaly, weather anomaly, gravity anomaly - oh, I’ve done a mess.
Let’s fix it. Help me in collecting all vials and all parts of my time machine to save the world.
Rescue my lost friends - scientists and celebrities.

Grab Lab is a crazy mix of puzzle and arcade game. Use only one finger - tap to fly. Complete all unique levels - from simple to extremely advanced and demanding. Save the world - fix the gravity and rules of physics.

Spikes, saws, lifts, jellys, levers, launchers - it won’t be easy. It will be the hardest task ever.
Grab Lab gets hard, it’s a demanding puzzle game which also requires speed and perfect timing.

- Brand new gameplay mixing puzzle and perfect timing
- 100+ levels, including extremely hard ones
- 7 different worlds with unique obstacles
- Mixing of characters - discover all recipes and unlock 30+ heroes.
- Game Center leaderboards and achievements
- iPhone X fully supported
- iCloud support
- Fun, frustration & huge satisfaction

Version history

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

- level 105 fixed!
- improvements and fixes
- "all stuff" iap will now remove ads as well
- improvements & fixes
- no ads button on game over screen
- Some levels improved to play smoother
- Tutorials for new elements / obstacles
- Localisations for English, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese
- improved game loading time
- more funny levels
- tutorials for new elements
- minor fixes

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4.6 out of 5
1 241 Ratings


Fixit Felix,
Awesome game!!! But it keeps crashing :(
I just recently downloaded this game not to long ago ! But every time while I am playing the game and I die the game crashes !! I don’t want to have to delete the game because I’m already at level 105... the game itself is super fun to play !! But I just don’t know why it crashes now! It just started crashing yesterday.
Perfect Game but It has Some Bugs
Update2: Level 105 is fixed however I still cannot open the next world. When I pass the level, game still crashes if I click the “next world”. When I restart the game again, “next world” is not clickable.

Update: downgrade 4 stars to 2 stars. These bugs are start to annoy me. I’m in level 105 right now and whenever I die, game crashes I have to start game again and again!!

I really like the game but there are some bugs in the world that we use pipes for transformation. Bug exist in the pipes. Sometimes it stuck inside the pipe, not going anywhere and sometimes it never enters inside the pipe. Just walk over the entrance like a wall. Therefore I need to kill myself, or restart the game to start again. For example level 80 has both issues. My phone is 7s and I have latest IOS (11.4). Please fix the bugs and then I’ll give 5 stars.
Fix Avatars
This is a super fun and interesting puzzle game that introduces new game mechanics in each world
But I feel as though i need to rant about the Avatar system. You’re given two characters in the beginning and 1 in each world (I’ve only played through 4 so far so it could change afterwards). With the breeding system there are very limited combinations, though. Each newly unlocked character can be bred with one other already unlocked character and is then incompatible with the rest. And I don’t know if I was the only one, but the breeding slots seem as though they’re gender specific, but that is completely not the case. Also a minor annoyance is the avatar selections unresponsiveness to scrolling.

Seriously though really fun.
Darin S,
Fun game, too many ads
The game itself is pretty fun, though there's some room for improvement.

The main issue is that you're forced to sit through a 30-second ad every 3-4 turns or so. So if you happen to be on a difficult level and die a few times in a row quickly, you're essentially watching ads for the same amount of time (or longer) than you're playing the game. It gets unbearable. I purposely did not purchase the ad-free version out of spite since it seems like they're trying to agitate you into doing so.

I have no issue with the developer including ads, but they're out of control. An ad every five minutes or so is more fair.
Fun Game but Some Features Need to be Fixed
I like the game itself, but for some reason every time I close the app and go back in I have to turn sound effects back off. For example, if I have SFX turned off and then turn the ringer on on my phone, SFX come back on. The same thing happens if I plug my headphones in. It's very annoying and doesn't make any sense. Also at some point the feature that shows you a new element disappeared. I had to skip level 88 because it made absolutely no sense. My player would just get stuck in a loop and I wasn't able to move through the level. Hopefully that issue doesn't continue in future levels.
So fun
I was skeptical about this game at first, but when I started playing it I feel in love with it. I like how challenging it is. It makes you think strategically and most puzzle games I get so frustrated with I end up getting rid of them, but this doesn’t get me frustrated. This is definitely my favorite puzzle game by far.
Pac-Man meets Dig-Gug
Some might not agree with the title of my review but the simplicity and flawless graphics of this game are spectacular! It’s very challenging as you progress throughout different worlds and I’ve become addicted within a day! Give it a try! Would recommend to anyone who likes arcade/puzzle/strategy games.
Good game, but too many bugs
The game is great and really addictive. But, it’s starting to get annoying the more I advance in the levels. Glitches happen in level 80 and on. I get stuck in pipes, or I can’t enter one. I walk over it. On level 104 every time I die the game exits me out and I have to reopen to game all over again. Once I passed 105 it does not allow me to go to the next world. If this was fixed I’d give 5 stars
Level 105: end of the line?
I love this game!!! Great mix between action and puzzling...could play forever.

I’m giving the game 2 stars because, like a lot of people, I can’t click “next world” after beating level 105. If the developers indicated that they were still working on the next level & that I need to wait for an update, I’d understand. As it is currently it is too tantalizing to see the “next world” button but not be able to click :—(
Bug after Level 105
Normally I would give the game 5 stars, great, amazing games. Although for the past few weeks, there has been a bug after level 105(although the update says fixed) every time I hit next world after completing 105, the game crashes. If I try to click next world in the map it does not click. Please fix