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ASMR Match game

Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.0.21
ID: com.kingsfortune.happymatchcafe


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Like playing match games? Like decorating the room? Happy Match Cafe is a classic 3D match game, in which you can decorate and build your own style house while playing the game!

Happy Match Cafe can relax you in your free time, keep your brain intelligent and sharp, and improve your design creativity. More decoration areas are waiting for you to unlock, start now!

How to play?
- Select an object and put it into the elimination column below, then find three identical objects to complete the matching collection
- Look at the list of objects above, which is our collection target
- Complete the collection of all target objects to pass the level successfully
- Have fun and start new levels
Tip: You may see an object from different angles, because it is a 3D game, so look carefully!

Game Features:
- Unique gameplay: Classic match game and decoration game, both in one game!
- Stunning 3D visual effects and objects, every action of yours will give you a satisfying 3D effect, and every level will bring you endless fun~
- Special game props to help you pass the level!
- Varieties of festive events and challenging activities will always surprise your eyes!

The simple gameplay of Happy Match Cafe is suitable for any age, download it and start the game!

Version history

What's New:
- New events: Halloween-themed event and Pizza Delivery are online!
- Some optimization on the events and game levels.
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Let's get ready for the exciting activities and enjoy the time here!
What's New:
-The new event is online. Earn food for the Puppy, and he will happily give you coins & boosts as a gift. The food is easy to find on levels!
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Have fun playing!
What's New:
- Weekly Challenge will be updated in this version. Pick new elements and start a new round of collection.
- Cake Gift offers endless bonuses. You will get the Gift at a good discount.
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Have fun playing!
Update Available for Happy Match Cafe!
- New Event: Speed Race is online! It's about timing and the skill to pass levels!
- New levels are available in the Mini-Game.Optimization of the gameplay provides a smoother game experience.
- Multilingual localization will be added in this version.
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
- Optimized some levels and the game experience in the Mini-game.
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
What's New:
- New challenge event is online! Beat levels in a row and enjoy the big prize!
- New updated levels are added to the Mini-game.
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
- Optimization of game levels for a smoother game experience.
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
- Optimization of the Mini game and game levels.
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
What's New:
- Gold Pass is online! Pass levels and collect keys to win a bunch of boosts and coins! And the final mystery prize is waiting ahead!
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
What's New:
- Added more Mini-game levels!
- Added some new features to make the game more entertaining and challenging!
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Have fun playing!
What's New:
- New themes in the Weekly Challenge are online! Find new pairs and gain rewards!
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Have fun playing!
- Optimized UI style and background music;
- Added resurrection package, which can help you pass a difficult level;
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
- Optimized the ASMR mini-game;
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
- Added more ASMR levels!
- Piggy Bank is online! Complete levels and get extra coins!
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
- Added new ASMR gameplay!
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
- New Event: Team Chest is online, collect keys with your team to unlock the chest!
- Star Tournament is online! Earn a star to enter the event;
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
- New Event: Team Chest is online, collect keys with your team to unlock the chest!
- Star Tournament is online! Earn a star to enter the event;
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
- New feature: The rank system is online! Join a team and complete levels, PK with others around the world to get the rewards.
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
- Added new items in Weekly Challenge! Collect the weekly item to win rewards!
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
few gold coins
(few gold coins)
EF833533613✱✱✱✱✱ E7F9BB7✱✱✱✱✱
Explore bundle
(Explore bundle)
EF144314657✱✱✱✱✱ 26499C1✱✱✱✱✱
mini bundle
(mini bundle)
EF010291044✱✱✱✱✱ B86A0CC✱✱✱✱✱
a lot of gold coins
(a lot of gold coins)
EF923915044✱✱✱✱✱ 836E505✱✱✱✱✱
small pile of gold coins
(small pile of gold coins)
EF712175819✱✱✱✱✱ A9140CA✱✱✱✱✱
EF194534165✱✱✱✱✱ BC5930E✱✱✱✱✱
endlessgift 1
(endlessgift 1)
EF751818021✱✱✱✱✱ 03AAB0E✱✱✱✱✱
Novice bundle
(Novice bundle)
EF454389592✱✱✱✱✱ 5B1FE1A✱✱✱✱✱
EF657574735✱✱✱✱✱ 38E280D✱✱✱✱✱
Enterprising bundle
(Enterprising bundle)
EF321505851✱✱✱✱✱ 59DFADC✱✱✱✱✱

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4.6 out of 5
44.8K Ratings


Daytimer Addict,
At some point, you lose
I love this game as far as the matching part goes and the skin thing is fun. What perplexes me with these games is that you eventually get to a level you can’t conquer. I don’t quit easily - I’ve played a few levels for a week or more to get through. I hit level 323 and I simply can’t win. The purpose behind this is to get the player to buy things to help them win. Maybe I would have gone for that except the packages offered weren’t really going to solve my problem and they are too expensive. And, I’m going to quit so there really isn’t a future possibility of getting my money. I know the designer has to get paid and the company deserves it! Maybe offer a “skip this game” option for a buck or two - I might have done that a few times!
2⭐️ but there’s redemption!
So the main game is obviously what the title of the game is. You match items in like a claw machine pit and the rewards allow you to build a cafe and other shops. Then there’s also a mini game that has skin care. The most interactive skin care mini-games are the ear ones which are levels 1-5, then the belly button one you see in the ads. After that, the next two levels are less interactive and the quality is also less than the others. I stopped playing at this point because I mainly play for the skin care and the main game takes too much time for the minigame to be worth it. To get to level 9 you play 30 or 40 matching games and the skin care ends up needing you to just tap the screen 6 times to play the animation. Not so satisfying..

I will say though, all the skin care games reuse the same animations anyway, this game lets you achieve them faster than the other ones.
+1 ⭐️ for that
Problem! Sad!
I gave this game a 5 star rating before and I stand by it because the game itself is fantastic fun and challenging!
The problem is I have been struggling with level 854 for almost 3 weeks. I even made the mistake of sinking money into this game for power ups to help me. Still struggling. I enjoy the game and the challenge but when a decent player and I believe I am a decent player cannot find 72 items in 3.5 minutes something is off kilter! There is way too much on the board and I realize y’all want people to spend money but this is ridiculous!
Therefore, I’ll be removing the game app and I hate that because I’ve had a blast with it. Good luck to others, I hope your eyes and speed are equal to the level.
Alina wolf girl,
Not true to the add and not really hand on either.
Me personally the game is very different from the add and many games use the same add so I wasn’t surprised. Also there were some things that disappointed me. Like in the game I would want more hands on levels like when they wipe off the axes I would want to wipe it off not press a button and it do it itself. Or when they take the black hears out you just press it. I would want to use the tool as well and press down myself on the black head. And when I pooped the Pinole and relied my hand to squees it more the puss kinda like cuts it so it just again from where I left of popping the pimple so that kinda bothered me a little. like its just not true to the ads and I get you try to keep it pg. but a lot of people like myself like the gory things and just more hands on. Like the wipe and the tools I would like to do that not press on the button and it just it itself. But that’s just my opinion.
Very addicting
I thoroughly enjoy this game albeit the primary game is not exactly what is advertised. The mini games are just a very small portion of the gameplay but are fun as well. My only issue with the game is when you get to a very hard match, unless you have extra time or additional funds to buy some time or lightning boosts to help, it’s very difficult to pass those levels. I wish there was a way to play some alternate levels in the meantime to possibly help acquire some extra boosts in order to pass the more difficult ones. Otherwise I enjoy the game and remodeling the town which no other matchup games have that set up.
You have to pay, not relaxing, not as advertised
First, it’s not as the game is advertised. The ASMR tasks are only side quests and you have to beat a certain amount of main levels to play them. I wasn’t too upset over it at first until I couldn’t beat certain levels
Second, it’s not very relaxing. It can be pretty frustrating to try and beat main levels when you only have like a minute and 30 seconds
Third, YOU HAVE TO PAY. There is no way to beat the harder levels without paying for things like extra time, or extra hearts, etc. I got past a few of the harder levels without paying, but it was very difficult and frustrating. I got stuck on level 57 before just deleting the app.

I DID enjoy the main quests. I thoroughly enjoyed matching the items. It was pretty satisfying, and I would be happy just doing that, honestly. That’s why I gave 2 stars instead of 1.
This game's ad explicitly criticizes games that have misleading ads. Then the ad claims that this app's gameplay is "exactly" what it's showing (ASMR popping pimples and getting gunk out of the bottom of a foot).

The ad tricks people into downloading the game, thinking "finally a game that is candidly advertised!" but then you see it's just another match 3 game where the rewards for completing levels are the ASMR scenes. And of course, you can pay real money to get boosters to help with the levels!!!

I never write app reviews but this is actually ridiculous! Some ads are misleading, but it's another thing to be ACTUALLY LYING in an ad. Why hasn't anyone done anything about this!?

I'm SO tired of these scammy ads advertising games that turn out completely different. False advertising for apps on the App Store is out of control and I wish governments would come after these developers. These devs deserve to be shut down or at least penalized monetarily. As someone who loves mobile games and is always looking for the next great game to get attached to, it's a real disappointment to see unscrupulous devs and their marketers resorting to fraud to get people to install their app.

How about making a game that people actually want to play? There could be in-app purchases for better extraction tools, better ASMR scenes, etc. Get creative and you might actually earn an honest dollar.
More like Happy Greed Cafe
This is a really fun game… until you get to the “very hard” rounds within a level. It should be called “very impossible”, because there is NO WAY a person can advance without purchasing additional lives, time, or other bonuses. I checked my App Store purchases and found I had paid close to $30 in a day, just to get me through a few of the rounds that I continued to die kn. A couple bucks here and there, etc. Nope, I’m deleting the game. Which is too bad because it is a very enjoyable and relaxing game. And don’t get me started on the ads. When you first start the game, no ads really. But after a few dozen rounds, once you start getting good? Ads after every round. How to get rid of them? PAY UP!!
I really dislike when developers and companies ruin a app by becoming greedy. If you’re considering playing this, don’t. It’s just going to leave a bitter taste in your mouth after getting nickeled and dime s to death.
More levels and more city’s to build
I have been playing this game for a few months now. I am on level 1895 I have over 1200 stars the cities I have built are completed and they only have levels 35 in for the specials to level 12 for the mini games completed all of these. I wish you guys would open up the levels on the mini games more to where you can get up into the hundreds if possible also would love if you could open the special levels up as well. Maybe make it where there’s more cities that you can build. I enjoy playing this game as far as matching the three items together and getting up higher in the levels they get harder, but I love a challenge. Please add more levels on the mini games and the special game and more cities to build.
This game is awesome!
First of all I love the color schemes of this game! You can be so creative as to what styles and structures you choose to customize your village! However you don’t get very many of the health related games as advertised; but you forget about that instantly because of how fun and addicting this game is. Another thing I would like to address is how many levels of the find and match game you have to play in order to get enough stars to achieve to add a additional add-on to your village. I love how you can give people lives/hearts and in return give you lives/hearts when you need them! Overall this is an awesome game; but please take into consideration what I have suggested! Thank you!