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Type fast and run! Fun Race!

Developer: Freeplay LLC
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 4.0.13
ID: com.happyprinter.game


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Ready to challenge your brain and your typing speed? Join this exciting race against quick sneaky opponents, go level by level to complete various missions, and become the Champion. From simple typing games to tricky word trivia, and more — there is plenty of brain-busting!
Happy Printer is packed with match-three games, word problems, hidden objects, different riddles that will test your memory, typing speed, and strategic thinking.

• 5-in-1 running games with levels, fun missions, and rewards. You’ll never get bored!
• Simple and fun gameplay, easy navigation, and nice design. You'll love it!
• Crowds of sneaky opponents: from easy-to-defeat losers to very smart and skillful runners. Leave them all behind!
• Endless fun and brain-pushing games. Not just play, think!
• Great time filler. Highly addictive!

Have fun running, typing, and beating every level in this cool set of awesome games!

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Version history

Hi there!
Our update is finally here:
- general game improvements
- minor bug fixes for better user experience.
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- Minor bug fixes
- User can remove Ads in the App
- Minor bug fixes
Minor bug fixes
Fixed small bugs

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Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
No Ads
(No Ads)
IE758271064✱✱✱✱✱ E8E12C3✱✱✱✱✱

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4.6 out of 5
60.1K Ratings


Good game
This game is very good! And if you are a bad speller this game will help you you are playing a game and learning at the same time!So download this game and if you don’t like it your crazy because this game is fun and you learn! BUT I don’t like this one thing you get a lot a adds so if you can make less adds that would be very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh and if your reading these there is a other very fun game it’s called flappy dunk but that is not what we are talking about we are talking about This Thai game is really fun I think they really need this game is school LOL 😂 but this game is really fun and it does not get boring! So I thing that is a good thing but a lot of adds BUT the game is really fun still and not boring and you get fun hats and you get to put down a fun name SO DOWNLOAD THUS GAME BECAUSE IT IS FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN AND you get to learn how to spell better!!!!!! So that is my review!
Happy ads
This game is good! Don’t get me wrong the levels are fun, There’s a balanced upgrading system, It really is a good game… When there is a game. This has 3 major flaws that give it a 2 star review. Flaw 1 The fake multiplayer, If you have a game and make the entire thing look like multiplayer. MAKE IT MULTIPLAYER!! What led me to this conclusion is because A, Lobbys fill up in seconds. B Every round has AT LEAST 1000 players. C The final level. Point C is interesting because at the end of the round everybody has to type in a word AS FAST as possible. You are always 1st place. No matter HOW bad you screw it up. I did 10 seconds on a word. It still won me the game. Count your blessings this game is rigged as well! That leads into Flaw 2 The difficulty, this game is EASYYYYY I have never lost except when I left the app to do better things with my life. This game is easier then eating baby food. Finally the reason this title is here. Flaw 3 Happy ads, I sigh in relief when I don’t get an ad EVERY ROUND an ad plays In 6 rounds where I did not want an ad to play 5 of them played ads anyways. I know what you’re going to say I saw it with another review. Summarizing it you said, We need money so if you don’t want ads buy our extra. I want you to do better than you are doing. That’s why I want to give you tips. Please just remove HALF of the ads. That’s all.
i am uour mom,
really fun! but..
this game is awesome!! it got me from really slow typing to winning every challenge on the game! great for road trips or whenever your bored. you can also download it on any device, so if your bad at typing on your laptop, than you can get much better! i play it all the time! now by the tittle you might be asking yourself “if it’s so perfect, what’s the thing that’s bad?” yes, the tittle. well they’re is a few problems. first of all there is an add after every add, and you cant skip them. which is REALLY annoying. but you can remove adds with airplane mode or spend a couple dollars to never have to watch them again. and second, instead of just typing, after each word it goes “_” and most people don’t know it just means space…i struggled when i first got the game to know what that meant..so just to tell you! now for the positive things! you earn coins each round you win, and you can change your person! you’re going in challenges with other REAL LIFE PEOPLE. and this comes in handy for practicing typing on your laptop or learning how to, same with phone or iPad too. CURES boredom! and is super awesome over all! i would consider buying it if i was you!! ✨
lil waffle :3,
okay so right now you’re thinking this review is a joke because of the lack of grammar but happy printer did even worse- its supposed to be a game about spelling, grammar and all that stuff but whoever scripted everything that was supposed to be written in the game failed their job. you can spell a (probably ) 6 letter word but fail to spell “lose” correctly-? i don't know about you but come on, you had literally one job. not only that but in the levels where it asks you a question and you have to answer through typing is just a no. the people who got this game are probably some drooling 5 year old kids and you’re asking them about the capital of Spain? this isn't geography class and by the way, in the levels where you right “facts” like; “ the giraffe is the tallest animal in the world” makes it so you don't have to add in the punctuation, its like skipping an important question on a test and still getting a full grade. whoever scripted that needs to make it so you can use the punctuations your keyboard so that it doesn't come to waste. sayonara ;) .
edit: way too many ads and you may wanna check what data the game links to you :) .
I like this game but...
I really like this game and I see where you want to take this but there are so many glitches and bugs where the game just freezes and won’t let you type certain letters and also is very tricky to type. Like this game is suggesting to type fast it litterally won’t let me type fast and so glitches and saying that I’m getting the letters wrong because I’m typing too fast. I’m already getting glitches and bugs from just downloading this game 10 MINUTES AGO! And when I leave the app it will carry some of the freezes to your phone. I thought it just lost connection but really it was from leaving the game and then it just started freezing my phone for five minutes until it started working again. You should really fix this problem and YOU should go to the link that you are giving everyone that is writing reviews about all the glitches and bugs. All I’m asking is fix the bugs and glitches that is YOUR responsibility. Thank you!
This game is awesome but………
Ok so this game is awesome but there is some bugs in the game like for instants sometimes when I get to a certain level the keyboard doesn’t pop up and the screen freezes other then that the game has kinda helped me with my typing and I think you should add some more characters to the game and some more accessories to the game and I also love that you don’t have ads after every level some of the other games I have have ads in between each and every level and it’s kinda annoying but this game doesn’t in other games usually as soon as I press I don’t want it there is a ad in this game there is not I think your game is kinda one of the best games I’ve ever had you should make more games like this I know this is long so you probably won’t read all of it so I don’t think I should have typed all of this but that’s fine🙂.
the cheater81629362,
Great game, but…
So first of all, great game and I love playing it but there are a few problems. Like when I’m to the typewriter one I get all the letters correct but it says I’m missing them because I type to fast for it to keep up, and the second issue which I think is the most important one is the one where you have to find the letters and put them in the right spot to make the word sometimes it doesn’t work and the letters don’t go into place and it is very annoying and I hope you fix the issue the third issue is the one where you have to answer the question, some of the questions are like “what is the capital of Europe”, I mean really? I thought this was typing class not geography, so please fix these three issues, but other than that I love this game and I will keep playing it for a long time.👍👍👍🙂❤️
Everytime I go to play a round the game starts and the minute it starts I get an advertisement and by the time I’m able to exit out of the advertisement people are already ahead of me. I don’t mind the advertisements but in between loading would be better then having me start and then BAM ADVERTISEMENT. Another problem I have is on certain games like the one where it make you answer a question for some reason my typing just randomly stops working. It will put the first three or four letters but not let me finish typing the word at all even if I back space and try to re type it. Which causes you to lose if your doing good. The game could be a really fun time killer but honestly the horribly placed advertisements and bugs that make it unplayable kill it for me. This really needs some work and updates. As it is right now I don’t recommend this game until the bugs and advertisements placement is fixed.
Some issues
I can see where you’re going for this game but it’s just not selling it for me. The characters move too fast and I don’t think it’s a good game.

Me personally:
I am eight so bear mind this is coming from an eight year old. But I’ve had a phone since I was 3 and I learned how to type really fast from a very young age and this game is still very hard for me. I get it you can take some practice but I do this at night and I get so upset about it I throw my phone across the room I turn to the other side and I start crying. For me personally this game is really hard. And still this is coming from an eight-year-old brain so I get it if it’s not completely right or wrong. And yes I know I am only eight in this game is meant to be for 12 and over but for people with a young age you have phones and want to play this fun game I don’t think it’s worth it. Please take my advice and to hand. It could help but I just don’t think it’s the right game. Thank you for reading this if you did.
Lots of bugs
This game is pretty fun but there are many bugs. One of them is that sometimes when I play the key board disappears mid game. Another one is that sometimes after a round there is a ad ad when the ad is done all the bot already finished. Also there are SO MANY ADS. After ever mini game whitch only takes like 10 seconds there is a 30 unskipable ad.
I know you pay to remove them and need money from the ads but if you make it so ads only happen every 2 or three round that would be great. There is also a bug that on the last mini game of a battle the game crashes. Also sometimes when there is a ad I can’t click the x to get out. And it is not because I missed it is because the game freezes for like 1-3 minutes. Anyway this game is fun but there is more time watching ad then playing so if want to get better at typing you should go a typing website or a different app