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Developer: Anton Velmozhnyi
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 3.3
ID: com.manapotionstudios.happyroom


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Welcome to the laboratory!
Here tests are taken upon highly durable robots using newest weapon technologies. Your goal is to head these tests.
Will you destroy the test object using all available arsenal? Here is a wide range of various weapons waiting to be
used for the most insidious purposes! Melee, energetic, firearm and even a black hole. Combine it at your desire! You may have
a cup of hot coffee while another robot is being ripped by a circular saw and at the same time roasted by a flamethrower.
Cruel?.. Maybe, anyway those test objects are just robots. So whatever, put your feet on the table and
have no worry about a thing. Let your nerves relax, to the laboratory!

Version history

New Armory Update!

New game mode and fatalities!
New Armory Update!

New game mode and fatalities!
New Armory Update!

New game mode and fatalities!
New Armory Update!

New game mode and fatalities!
Dungeon update!

New weapons and achievements!
Dungeon update!

New weapons and achievements!
Dungeon update!

New weapons and achievements!
Dungeon update!

New weapons and achievements!
*bugs fixed
*in-app purchase auto-restore fix
+Desert mode!
*in-app purchase auto-restore fix
room save/load bugs fixed
+ Room save/load

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Happy Room full version
(Get access to the full version! Unlimited use of premium weapons and no ads!)
HE699953571✱✱✱✱✱ CF21E5A✱✱✱✱✱

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4.7 out of 5
3 134 Ratings


Really fun but a bit flawed
I downloaded this game around a year ago, and it has changed a lot (for the better) but it is a bit flawed with the purchase full version. I understand you need to make money and I fully respect it, but I think that it would be better to allow unlimited tries for free but if you purchase the full version you get certain perks (messaging stickers, vip weapons, dummy skins) because then it would make it less pay to win and I believe more people would play and maybe some advertisements on other games. Once again I will always love this game and I think it needs a few tweaks but I will support any decisions you make on this game. Love it keep being awesome! 😁
Love the game but
I love this game but I wish everything was free and we didn’t have to pay for anything because if everything was great it be better for people to play it so they don’t have to pay for everything and they can get the full on experience
Scotty 130,
I love it / hate it
I love the main game and all of the other game modes but I have a few problems 1. The armory doesn’t work for me I would really like to play the armory mode but whenever I try to play it I can get in and stuff but the weapons don’t work , it says to double tap to shoot the dummy with the shurikens and other things and it won’t work for me 2. I want to have the game for free I am to broke to buy the full game and it kinda ruins it for me 3. The game is amazing but I just can’t play it past a certain point because you have to pay for the full game
You should get the pc version if you can, its wayyyyy better.
I really enjoy playing this game but i have one problem with it. For some reason when i play it the character is just an anroid-robot looking thing and the blood is blue. I also cant find any specific setting to change it to red like normal considering, there are 3 settings. I think That is if you wanna play this game you should play the PC version. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Two bugs
TL:DR: next icon showed, incorrect finger tracking. There are two bugs with this game. I’ll explain them in order from first to last in when I found them. First, the dungeon category icon showed the icon of the next thing (for example, explosives 🔫 showed firearms 🔪). Last, the finger tracking for armory is off.
I have a problem It won’t let me buy the full version when I press the buy full version button I will give five stars when you fix that and I make some more weapons available for the non full version and I am having trouble doing mission 26 off with his head so make it easier by giving the axe much more ammo
The Guinea pig people,
Cheap creators
Ok. So this is my second report on this game, I have spent hours trying to unlock stuff without the full game, unless your going to by a 5 dollar pass for this game i would not recommend this game at all. I spent so long trying to unlock sand box mode, it is impossible without buying their stupid pass. And this game is the worst on mobile, because everything is bigger and takes more space, so until the creators get rid of that crappy pass, you should not play this game especially on mobile.
Golden weapons need an update
You guys made an awesome game but I think that you shouldn’t have people bye the gold weapons maybe have a in game store for cool robot skins maybe put a couple adds in etc but overall it’s an awesome game But if you don’t take my idea at least only give us missions for the free weapons
lazy king!!,
I am watching ads for a game that I have to watch ads to play Why can’t i Watch ads for the game for free and have to purchase no ads instead of having to click a button to get more tries and watch a ad for that Then watch more ads during the Time I play
watermelon plays,
I’ll pay when it’s working
Ok so this game is amazing and it’s so addictive...but my only problem is that it won’t let me buy the full version of the game. Once it will work I’ll be happy to buy it (heh... happy room makes me happy) but it’s so annoying cuz o just got the flame thrower but it won’t let me use cuz of the “full version expansion. Once this is fixed I’ll rate it 5 stars but no rush