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Stealth Horror w Adaptive AI

Developer: tinyBuild LLC
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 2.3.8
ID: com.tinybuildgames.helloneighbor


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*Supported Devices: iPhone 6s, iPad 5 (2017), iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 and everything newer. iPod Touches are not supported*

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game about sneaking into your neighbor's house to figure out what horrible secrets he's hiding in the basement. You play against an advanced AI that learns from your every move. Really enjoying climbing through that backyard window? Expect a bear trap there. Sneaking through the front door? There'll be cameras there soon. Trying to escape? The Neighbor will find a shortcut and catch you.

Version history

Bugfixes and stability improvements
Hotfix: players unable to start the game under certain conditions
Bugfixes and stability improvements
Bugfixes and stability improvements
Bugfixes and stability improvements
Stability and gameplay bug fixes
This build contains:
- major and minor bugfixes and improvements
- fix for crash on devices with 2 GB RAM
- UI and interaction scheme improvements
- new interaction scheme tutorial
The update contains bugfixes and UX improvements
The update contains bugfixes and UX improvements
Bugfixes and improvements
Bugfixes and improvements
What's new:

- Various major bug fixes and improvements
- AI behavior and environment fixes
- Performance improvements
Bug fixes & improvements
- Bluetooth controller support
- Some minor improvements
Small UI changes
Additional UI changes
Small texture fix
New iOS devices support added
Bug fixes
Bug fixes
Bug fixes

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Full Hello Neighbor Game
(Unlock Act 2 and 3, the full game)
IG735576235✱✱✱✱✱ 42084A1✱✱✱✱✱
Energy Restore Full
(Nicky's Diaries - Energy Restore Full)
IG868322684✱✱✱✱✱ E60B018✱✱✱✱✱

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3.9 out of 5
118.2K Ratings


Dear tiny build,
Listen hello neighbor is my life when I was little I loved playing it with my brother, and I’ve never stopped since I loved the alphas like 1 and 2 they were awesome… but then 3 and 4 came out and it was just practically the same thing then I kind of got the concept of hello neighbor hide and seek and that you play as the neighbors kids, but then he’ll guest came out and it was plain down right confusing because if the neighbor has no friends and his family is dead WHO IS THE CROW and you give no hints about it the I thought maybe the neighbor is the crow but then he got caught by the crow and then hello neighbor 2 came out and we’ll it was simply fine I mean not the best game so listen tiny build not to be rude but you have got a broken game that you need to patch up fresh ideas new designs are old green eyed mustaches gloves neighbor NEEDS to be back PLEASE take as much time as you need you game is in critical danger ⚠️ and needs some patches to fix the people who don’t even give your games a bare chance because they think they are not good enough not as good as the old days come on tiny build you can do it patch up your broken critically in danger ⚠️ game

- MangleTHEgamer

Ps: I believe in you and I’ve been a fan from the start ❤️
New update is broken
I was just playing act 1 yesterday and when i was done playing i went to the app stone and saw that there was a new update that just came out so i downloaded it and well it broke the game. Before i got the update the game worked great no bugs controls were pretty good for a pc to Mobile game port and it ran smoothly no lag spikes or fps drops it was really good but unfortunately the new update needs some fixing. First of all when you look down you can see your body but the camera is slightly too low cuz when you look down your inside of your body so this is a pain if your trying to pick something up from the floor also this makes your arms and hands look really awkward. The point of view of the camera looks like your head is on your characters chest aside from that everything else is still ok and I'm not going to take away any stars since the game is perfect and i can 100% understand why the new update is broken cuz i did play it the day it came out i just wanted to get this out there so the developers know. Over all good game especially for a Mobile port normally pc games ported to mobile have terrible controls but this ported really well. Sometimes the jumping can be a little weird but it was like that in the pc verson too so yea I would recommend.
Apryl's iPad,
Good but act three basement is impossible!
So, I completed act 3, which was very confusing and taunting by the way, and I got the keycard, took away the chair, and removed the boards, and got into the basement. The part when the shadow man comes across the hallway is brutally teasing me. He does not come until I go IN the hallway, then he appears and jump-scares me! It’s ANNOYING! Those things you must fix. I mean it. There’s also a bug where I am on the train tracks at the front of the house, and the neighbor sees me, right? He can’t get me, so he continuously tries to hop up to me. Then he throws a tomato, and I get teleported to the ground! Please fix this. Also, In the fear school mini-game, this might be a bit of a change for a finished game, but I was thinking, maybe you could place the school bell rings a little bit further apart. I had to go during the free roaming and DODGE MANNEQUINS all the way to the door at the end. And maybe put less mannequins in fear school? Also, I cannot seem to find the guitar in act three. Thanks for reading. Goodbye. This is (name censored) signing off.

Edit: I love the new graphics in the new update, but the controls are a little bit crazy since the update. Also, the default look sensitivity should default to 50%.
So back when I played I started on Xbox than I played it on mobile everything was great no bugs it was smooth there was no need for the last 3 updates but now the graphics are…. Uh ok but I like the past graphics it was way better than what we got now. Anyway there are something’s that also need fix is the controls one of the buttons are missing which for new players might be a little different or difficult now if you where to but the old graphics with the new buttons that would look really good. And as I’m saying this there has not been an update for 4 months and it kinda seems that you guys don’t care about this game. And if that is true the but things back the way it was it was way better than it was now. And if you don’t want to do that than add a graphic settings so we can switch between old and new graphics, same for the buttons make it so we can switch back and forth from old to new remember not everyone like the new stuff some people like it the way the game was. Overall if you where to do those this I guarantee you would get a way better experience with the game and way way better views. But with all aside from those issues the game is ok it’s not great or anything but plane ok but if you are the person who quants to play this game look at what it used to be.
This game is great, however I do have a suggestion
Free play/roam. it is only in act 3. once you click on act 3, it will ask you if u wanna play act 3 normally or the free roam version. the free play will have the neighbor, and the basement will still be there, only instead, it has a disco room where you can do all sorts of things, like trolling the neighbor. the neighbor will also be friendly unless provoked; like pushing him over or throwing something at him. the fence that protects the basement will have a door. next to it is a keycard that allows you and the neighbor to scan the card. once successful, the door will open and you can go inside. oh, and heres the best part… YOU AND THE NEIGHBOR CAN DRIVE EACHOTHERS CARS TO WHERE EVER YOU WANT! you can explore the neighborhood and the city. the neighbor will be included. if you go inside a school, the neighbor will also be there, like usual. now THATS a lotta new stuff. so heres some more! the train can also be able to travel where ever it wants, too. it can also be seen at the city, the school, where ever. AND, you and the neighbor can controll it! it will also have train cars that are connected to it! maybe like 3 or 5, idk. I REALLY want u to add this to the update, and i’ll be happy. peace out yall ✌🏻
Wished it was better
I was so exited when this game which I loved watching you tubers play was available on mobile and also for free. However upon learning the the full game had to be purchased separately and was very expensive I was disappointed. However I was still willing to give act one a try but was again disappointed with all the other issues with the game.
Similar to what I have all ready read the controls could definitely use a lot of improvement as it is difficult the activate certain controls most commonly walking as you just get stuck sometimes and the joy stick would not react.
The upon learning that the steal series controller work for the game I got really exited as it was much easier to control. However I was again disappointed when I found out that a lot of things were not fleshed out for example not being able to pick up items, open doors or as a matter a fact activate anything with the controller instead having to use the controls on the screen.
While I noticed some other problems like some of the tap controls being very unresponsive the previous mentioned issues with the basic and necessary controls made me not want to continue playing.
The controls and responsiveness of those controls need a big overhaul, as well as if there is support for the controller, make it full support.
Awesome game but lags and the basement is to hard
I like the game. I have been playing it for a year now. It’s a cool puzzle game. When I got the game at first, I was over exited because I saw other you tubers play on steam and the game looked cool. [Act1] At first I was scared to go in the neighbors house but then I finally went in. I turned the volume all the way down because I was scared of the noises. I finally got the red key and went into the basement. It took whole day to complete it.
[Act2] the puzzles were so hard that I had to watch other people play it. Getting caught by the neighbor was so scary that I had to turn it off and play it again another day. Right when I was about to complete it my phone died and I had to start all the way over🙁☹️😣😖😠😡🤬🥵😢
Act3: yesssss I got to the big house I spent months playing it’s so fun!!! There are some lags but that doesn’t make it not awesome because you can use it for glitches!!! I got the crowbar and the key card and got to the basement of act 3. It’s to hard!!! I juat can’t get past shadow man!! It’s been a whole month and videos don’t even help but I’ll keep going. I started the game over and attempted a speed run. Now I’m stuck at the basement.
My rating
The reason why I rate this five stars Is for a lot of good reasons The puzzles are weird And interesting The rooms a ridiculously Odd But that doesn’t ruin The five star rating The reason I love this game Is how unique It is One of a Realy Odd games I recommend It for most of you although Some Updates Don’t Change much That realy don’t Even matter Because It is already Fun so If their is a update Like a game changing Updat will 100% Ruin The game so That is one of the reasons Why i realy love This game Another Reason I because challenging Is the great Way to grow a big brain So i totally Recommend This game it is completely on the next Level This is a very advanced Game And also super unique The uniqueness Makes It even better As How hard act 4 Is i am still stuck On act 4 But the The other act Known as act 2 Is very easy The neighbor Is barely In any rooms so You can walk Down all the hallways With Absolutely No fear so I’d Say about Some of the acts As act 3 Act 4 and also act 5 Are very hard But act 3 is a 50 50 Half hard half easy But Act 2 and 1 are a absolute Piece Of cake But It is not the same as act 4 and 5 because Some of them are Hard but after all This is a five star.
Expensive and Glitchy.
This game is pretty fun for the majority of it, but to get the 3rd and 4th act, you have to pay $15! I’m not some cheapskate, but I know for a game that doesn’t even end that well and is SO hard shouldn’t make you pay that much money for the other half of the game. And even though I have the right device for this app, It can still be a bit glitchy and sometimes the screen just turns black and I can’t move, and have to restart the game. Now for the pros of this game, I give it a 3 start because it annoys be personally sometimes, but it’s still fun as it is. Basically, there is some creepy man across from your house that is your neighbor. You have to sneak into his house and find out his secrets that he holds. I think only 10+ should play thing game because it contains some little bits of violence, 1 death (maybe more), and your neighbor is just a creep as it is. Kids shouldn’t play this game, because they may get startled by the neighbor. He has the ability to trap you in bear traps, and he knocks you out and throws you back to your lawn if he catches you on his. However, you can unlock the ability to punch, shoot (with a fake gun.) and throw things at the neighbor along with other things. Also, Hello Neighbor only works on some different devices, so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work on yours.
The update broke the game
I’m a big fan of hello neighbor, and I decided to install the mobile version on my tablet. It’s also the tablet I’m using to write this review. Recently the game got updated and well, there is a lot of glitches. The camera is super low, which means you can see the inside of your body. Secondly, the new graphics don’t look that good, but I guess they’re ok. Thirdly, and most importantly, you can’t finish act 1. There is a glitch with the camera which makes it so you can’t use generators. Which means, I can’t press generator to activate the exit gate in the act 1 basement. Which means it would be completely pointless to buy access to acts 2 and 3, because you wouldn’t be able to access them since you can’t finish act 1. Pls fix this. Edit: I also found another glitch, you can’t look through keyholes. Edit 2: I just found out that you can use generators, except you have to get the dot in just the right spot, it’s really hard though. I’m probably not going to buy the full game until the glitches get fixed. Also, I found another glitch. You can’t walk, you can only run. Because of this, you can’t move while crouching without standing up. This doesn’t cause many problems in act 1, but it probably does in acts 2 and 3.