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Developer: 3909
Category: Games
Price: $0.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.7
ID: com.clickgamer.helsingsfire


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When the implacable Professor Helsing and his assistant Raffton travel to The Shadow Blight, they'll need every weapon at their disposal to defeat Dracula's vampire horde. In this captivating, dark Gothic puzzle-adventure, use Dr. Helsing's powerful torch and tonics to save the world from the demonic uprising!

This is no ordinary game! Helsing's Fire is recognized around the world as one of the App Store's premier puzzle games; full of charm and challenge.

IGF 2011 - Best Mobile Game Finalist
IGF 2011 - Excellence in Design Honorable Mention
IGF 2011 - Excellence in Visual Art Honorable Mention
SlideToPlay - The 50 Best iPhone Games of 2010 (#7)
TouchArcade - Best iPod Touch and iPhone Games (Puzzle)
AppAdvice - The Very Best iPhone Games of 2010 (Puzzle)
TheAppera - Best iPhone Games 2010
TouchGen - Editor's Choice Awards (Puzzle Runner-up)


... Helsing's Fire is one of those puzzle games that does something completely original and is unbelievably entertaining.

... With its insidious wit and gothic charm, Helsing's Fire is a joyously original instant classic that iPhone owners should buy immediately.

... It's one of the most unique games I've ever played and is a true App Store gem. Surely only a creature of darkness would let this one slip by them.

... Helsing's Fire reinvents the puzzle yet again with some light and dark dynamics I guarantee you have NOT seen yet. Prepare to be enthralled!

... This is a game that would absolutely only work on the iOS platform, and it's hands-down one of the best games on the App Store. It gets my highest recommendation.

Helsing's Fire features a brand-new puzzle mechanic never before seen: use the touch-screen to position Helsing's torch to illuminate different combinations of monsters, then destroy them in the correct order using Raffton's supply of different tonics. The quick, rewarding puzzles make it a perfect game for brief play-sessions, but you'll always want to play 'just one more level'!

With puzzles set across four worlds, with 30 different levels in each world, all featuring fifteen different monster types including four bosses, Helsing's Fire provides an incredibly
rich, deep, and varied game experience. And because on replays puzzles are re-generated randomly, the game will always be fresh!

The Victorian theme, Gothic setting, and engaging characters make Helsing's Fire one of the most appealing story-oriented puzzle games released. Add to that the distinct minimalist style of the character portraits, the incredible dynamic lighting of the shadows cast by your moving torch, and an original soundtrack, and it's clear that Helsing's Fire presents an epic experience. Designed just for the iPhone, this is high-quality mobile gaming at its finest.

As if the 120 distinct levels weren't enough, Helsing's Fire also comes with additional Endless Survival and Online Bounty modes, for the bravest of the brave! And when you've stood against the horde as long as you can, you can post your scores on the fully-integrated Crystal leaderboards, earning achievements for your accomplishments and claiming bragging rights from your friends.

Dracula must be stopped. Raffton, take the tonics: it's time to head into the Blight!

Version history

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Various bug fixes and improvements
Various bug fixes and improvements
Various bug fixes and improvements
Welcome to Helsing's Fire version 1.4!

This release adds a new campaign, new puzzle elements, some small fixes, and more.

NEW CAMPAIGN: The cold is relentless. The Frozen North awaits!
NEW VILLAIN: The Ice Queen has cast a spell that is slowly turning London to ice.
NEW PARTNER: Raffton has fallen sick! Who will take his place?
NEW MIRRORS: Bounce light and tonics around corners.
NEW CRYSTALS: Color the light and tease your brain.
NEW SURVIVAL: Two new survival arenas to prove your skill.
ENDLESS PUZZLES: As always, every playthrough is unique. All puzzles are generated randomly for each game.
GAMECENTER SUPPORT: Leaderboards and Achievements are now posted to both Crystal and GameCenter.
ENTER THE COLD!: Select CAMPAIGN to access the new campaign.
Thanks for playing and enjoy!
TOO SHARP: Full support for high resolution Retina Display
LOVING CARE: Several small fixes
IPAD FIX (1.3.1): The game runs correctly when starting in 2x on the iPad


Find out more, first!

- TOO SHARP: Full support for high resolution Retina Display
- LOVING CARE: Several small fixes

iPad users: If the 1.3 update breaks your game, set the screen zoom mode to 1x and restart. You can switch to 2x after the game finishes starting up. We'll have a permanent fix posted soon. Sorry for the trouble.
NEW CAMPAIGN: Our heroes are called into action again. The Shocking Mire awaits!
NEW CHARACTER: Someone's been causing trouble with London's new dynamo.
NEW MONSTER: The Splodin Toad!
NEW BOUNTIES: Compete against other players online by collecting bounties for difficult puzzles.
NEW PUZZLE TWIST: Special puzzles that require temporarily ADDING shields to monsters. Warning: Hard!
NEW JOURNAL: Replay, save, and share your favorite puzzles from the Journal.
BETTER COLORBLIND: An improved color adjustment, better suited for multiple forms of colorblindness.
NEW SURVIVAL: How long can you last in The Shocking Mire's survival arena?
USER PROFILES: Switch between 3 independent profile slots at any time.
PERFORMANCE: Enjoy silky smooth framerates on all devices.
COLOR ADJUSTMENT: Easily compensate for common forms of color blindness using the new "Color Blindness" setting.
NEW DIFFICULTY: If you were unphased by HARD mode before, try ABSURD difficulty. Warning: It's way too hard.
BACKGROUND AUDIO: Listen to your own background music while playing.
HARDER FASTER: Tweaked difficulty curve to ramp up the challenge faster.
ENDLESS PUZZLES: As always, every playthrough is unique. All puzzles are generated randomly for each game.

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4.9 out of 5
33 Ratings


Fantastic Puzzle Game
Ingenious concepts and design, and sounds that fit the schemes perfectly. This is a true gem and one of my top 5 favorite games of all time.
pipi gugu,
Still good! However...
I had fond memories playing this game years ago! Glad to see it still works now, although I’ve been frequently running into a bug that causes the entire screen to black out and occasionally crash.
Can’t believe this game still works. Truly a gem and one of iPhone’s first great physics puzzlers. So glad it’s being preserved.
Support for newest OS years later!
Thank you debts! This is one of the original classic iOS games and was abandonware for a while. Now it's back!!
Still a great game. Works fine on iOS 12.1
Great game
Very challenging and tons of content.
pretty good
This is much better than I initially thought it was. I thought the game was over when I cleared the 3 sections, but no, all it does is unlock 3 different sections in the survival mode which is timed. Almost as if the game itself was nothing more than the training grounds for the survival mode. Have not beaten any of the survival sections which is really challenging. Great game, great ongoing challenge with the survival mode. Two thumbs up. A rather innovative creative setup that makes you think. Evolves beyond shooting down the monsters, end of game mentality. Definitely get most bang for your buck with this game. Should win an award of some kind. Highly recommended.

Edit -- I went back and played the game in Hard mode and noted that it crashed on me multiple times in this mode. No crashes in Easy or Medium mode. But no biggie, just click on the game icon and it starts again in seconds and you just start from where you left off (the uncleared sections). No biggie, wouldn't take points away for this because start up is a mere few seconds away, but thought I'd mention it.
Great game so far, could use slight tweak to controls
While I'm only about 20 puzzles into the full set of 90, I'm having a great time so far. It's a little on the easy side (I have it cranked up to "hard" though I honestly am not sure what the difference is), but I imagine it's going to start getting more complicated very soon. The game itself is finely-crafted, pretty to look at, has some amusing dialog, and is a very clever gameplay idea. My only complaint so far is that I want a finer way of controlling my position. This could be done with a zoom-in option, a multi-touch that would allow me to fire a tonic without lifting my finger (picking up my finger often slightly moves the torch from where I'm holding it), or a small d-pad that would allow fine-tuning a position. Great game so far, highly recommended, and an absolute steal at the $0.99 launch price.
The new iOS4 standard
First off, the game is great. Puzzles get much more complicated than they look.

I particularly want to point out the excellent design, as an iOS program. When you open the app, it goes directly back to where you exited... No publisher intro screens, no main menu, no player select/login screen. EXACTLY as you left it.

Plus, this game was accidentally deleted after upgrading the firmware (a fault of iTunes), so re-downloaded it on the iPhone's App Store expecting to have to start over from the beginning. I was incredibly surprised to find that when I booted it up for the first time, I was, again, exactly where I'd left off... Didn't even have to log back into Crystal. I've never seen that with any other app. This game needs to be the standard for how to program for iOS4.
A truly innovative and captivating puzzler
After watching the trailer for the game I wasn't quite sure what to expect or how the game played, but once I started playing I was hooked. I have not played a puzzler like this ever and it is a blast. Everything is done right here- graphics, gameplay, humorous banter, challenge. It all adds up to a terrific game. While the story mode may be a little short, it has a survival mode where you race against the clock to wipe out the bad guys, so you have to think and act fast to keep playing. This is different from the story where you are timed, but you can take as long as you need to figure out how to eliminate all the monsters (as long as you don't run out of tonics). If you like logic and spacial puzzles, snap this one up!

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