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Hunt or hide? Choose your side

Developer: AI Games FZ
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.10.0
ID: hide.seek.room


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Do you like horror games, scary backrooms and mad mazes? Then experience the ultimate horror adventure with Hide in The Backroom! Trapped in a mysterious backroom, your goal is to escape before it's too late or vice versa to catch those trying to hide! The backrooms are filled with creepy surprises, to put your wit and courage on test. Get ready for a heart-pumping and suspenseful game that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

There's an endless mono-yellow backroom, horrific background noise of fluorescent lights, and many meters of confusing empty backrooms to be trapped in. Creepy vibes are guaranteed! Fortunately, here you can not only try to escape the backrooms while the monsters are chasing you, but also hunt for lost souls yourself!


- Lots of back rooms: there is always a new one around the corner, and another behind it, and so on. How many are there? Find out!

- Two game modes: you can play as a hunter or a fugitive. If you are a fugitive and hear something wandering around, run as fast as you can, because there's no doubt it has sniffed you out! If you are a hunter, track down the prey on the paths and attack from around the corner!

- The atmosphere of horror: time freezes inside the backroom, as there are monochrome yellow walls, strange sounds and scary monsters all around!

- Superpowers: swing the power and collect new skills allowing to walk through walls, run superfast and even become invisible!

- Beat the timer: every escape has an end, every hunt has a finale. Hurry up before the time runs out!

- Creepy monsters and anomalous nextbots!

Hide in The Backroom – is a free mobile game in the best traditions of backroom survivals. Challenge yourself in the endless yellow maze!

Version history

New beautiful locations:
- Subway
- Amusement park
New skins, NoAds purchase is available, minor bug fixes
Minor fixes

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CF717403646✱✱✱✱✱ 3C70B99✱✱✱✱✱

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4 out of 5
195 Ratings


Please do this it will make the game more fun and more people will play it
Please for the love of God let it be random for if you’re a survivor a monster 85% for survivor and 15% for monster let it be fair to be a monster in a survivor. Also make the game lanky don’t have a tour survivor just looks as a thing for two seconds and they’re done with one task and there’s three task also don’t let the monsters just run up to you and then you’re dead with her being hit button and you have to hit him three times to have them dead let there be sprinting for the survivors in and for the survivors to have their task lengthy, I really have no idea oh I know let them have to find something and they have to find it 6 times and it Hass to be hidden around the maps not in Blaine site hidden and please let it actually be a multiplayer game where you can radio and just start into a game with actual people that’s all I have to say about this game
Great but one problem
The game is awesome, but there’s just one problem. When you go to shop, some of the characters (both hider and seeker) some of them is that you have to claim to watch a video. And it would be really fun if there was online. Also, could we add more chapters in the game? I would appreciate it if you do it. Keep up the good work 👍🙂
Keaton Joyce,
Can you please fix these problems but it’s a pretty good game otherwise
OK so I love the game but I have a few problems with it first of all, if you’re the killer, it’s way too easy to win and second of all if the monster is chasing me, and I go down the slide or even if it’s not, I’ll end up right on the monster and die and I just think that’s not really fair if it’s chasing me, but I guess it makes the game a A little funner and more challenging and more scary too so if you can please, can you try to fix those things?
2 out of 5
Game is repetitive and flooded with ads not even turning off my Wi-Fi will stop them from popping up, They always want you to win by showing you where the “players” are or making the maps small. It will be better if there was actual multiplayer or if there were no ads everytime I click a single button in-game and if they could at least make the map bigger instead of all the maps being small.
It’s nice
Overall I like this game it has pretty accurate levels but the players aren’t even real they purposely make it to easy they show footprints,give the actual player buffs like faster movement.

Pls update the game
To easy
To easy and this should be online and way more levels need to be added and being the monster is to easy sto as the hider
No multiplayer
I downloaded this game thinking that it would be online and it is just another stinking game with levels. I only gave it two star review is because I imagine that it gets actually challenging if you go far enough, but too boring to even try, plus takes up a ton of space.
Fun game but needs more levels
I love the game and stuff but there’s only 10 chapters also this game is so fun
The gamer7,
To easy
The game is really short and way too easy. I beat in about 2 hours. After you finish every level there is nothing that happens like more levels or a twist on the levels.
I love this game!
Very fun and addictive! And if anyone comes across this review, you should try this game out!