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Developer: Bowen Games LLC
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Price: $0.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.5
ID: com.bowengames.huntingusa


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Hunting USA is a hunting simulator that takes part in realistic open world environments across America. Hunt and track a variety of small and big game animals such as pheasant, quail, deer, boar, mountain lion, bison, moose, and bear. Earn money for future hunts and equipment.

The unique environments reflect real locations in full detail. Walk, ride ATV's or horses, and boat across maps as large as 20 sq miles. Track and spot wild game, using dogs, calls, trail cameras, and blinds.

Equip yourself with an arsenal of different shotguns, rifles, bows and even revolvers! At the hunting lodge, purchase equipment and upgrades, or check out your trophies and kill stats.

Full controller support for a better and more precise experience.

More weapons, gear, animals, and environments being added in future updates!

Version history

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

-Made animals easier to encounter and track
-Added rifle musket
-Fixed glitches/bugs

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Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
$10,000 Game Money
(Purchase $10,000 Game Money)
IE653818043✱✱✱✱✱ 5B33174✱✱✱✱✱
$1,000 Game Money
(Purchase $1,000 Game Money)
IE944273543✱✱✱✱✱ 9EE1BAE✱✱✱✱✱
$5,000 Game Money
(Purchase $5,000 Game Money)
IE497291817✱✱✱✱✱ 2203002✱✱✱✱✱

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3.7 out of 5
230 Ratings


It’s pretty good
I mean, all of the animal models are free and cheap, and the sound affects of the player and the maps are just dull and lifeless. The deer are so stupid and easy to kill if they don’t kill you first (yes, deer can kill you). The sensitivity is bad as well, I can’t even look at my surroundings. I deserve to get at least some other guns for free considering I payed money for the game, the graphics are slightly ugly, but also pretty good for a game like this. Also, there is no bullet hit animation, the animals get hit and they just run off, I usually am confused if I hit them or not. As for the pros, the game is really immersive, and the selection of equipment is very cool. The animations feel really fluid and the AI is pretty realistic, one personal pro is to hunt in my homeland, Indiana, which makes me feel good, and it’s fun. I just wish there were more maps in general. It’s better than the deer hunter classic, because it’s open world, and not hop in - hop out gameplay. Thank you!
This game has extreme potential and it only needs a few things, it needs to be able to display your biggiest of each animal in trophies instead of how many u killed, and it needs the deer to not be so strong, it takes 2-5 shots to drop a deer, u can shoot it once and make it bleed out but it takes abt 2 minutes, and also make animals stop in front of u with calls instead of running straight to u and spooking, ok that’s the bad thing but the good things are the guns, there perfect, the Colorado map is perfect perfect graphics, Indiana could use better trees tho, and the animal models are perfect besides the bear, the shooting is fun and easy, the animal finding is realistic, it’s the best hunting game for mobile, it beats all the deer hunter2018 and it beats hunting sim 3D, it probably beats hunting sim on ps4 this game just needs a few improvements, u haven’t touched the game in 5 years so I hope u start to

Thanks for reading,

Bo jiden
New one soon please
I am pretty sure your gonna make a new version of hunting USA so i thought I could give some ideas on making it better. First it would be nice to make your own food plots for deer or pigs. Second I would like to be able to get off the boat anywhere not just the dock. Third fix the trail camera and make it to where it sends it to your phone and can be accessed from the games home page. Corn feeders, add tractors and plows and seeders to make food plots also a Chainsaw. Thanks for such great games. Also one more thing more guns and animals because once you own everything in the game well it’s boring this is why multiplayer would be great so you can have competitions with your local friend.
Better than deer hunter 2018
This game is the best hunting game on the App Store, the only thing is that i wish there was more guns, shotguns, small Caliber rifles for squirrels or rabbits that you could add, or different shotgun loads like 00buck, 1buck, 4buck, and a few different birdshot loads for the pheasant, and if you add rabbit, turkey, dove, ducks, we could also use it for those animals, also add dog hunting... where you buy at least 4 dogs to start, and you can get up to 10, and the dog pack will be let out on deer/bear/boar tracks or scents and run the animals... and you and 14 Ai or multiplayer, will set up in different places while one lets the dogs out, also are even going to update the game anymore? It’s been 2 years sense you’ve updated the game
C2222the man,
I saw the farming usa2 and hunting USA might be combined. The game is awesome needs help tho and you need to add coyotes elk mule deer Make the whitetail look more normal you also need turkeys and make the hunts so you don't half to pay if they are on your farm in Indiana and I think you need crossbows and you should also be able to make you own food plots a buy feed to put out for the deer but I also don't know how the camera works but you need to be able to check them to see the deer that are on there and you should be able to buy different farms so you don't half to pay to hunt different animals. Thank you please do this fast and look and understand what I and everyone else has to say it is all good.
Please add more weapons like a crossbow, single shot rifle, add treestands and make it so you can see your stands on the map. make the report of the rifle better and make the scope better ,and you really should add more animals like elk, caribou,fox, coyote and more areas to hunt like in the snow,please add these things and update them soon. And fix the glitch when the hunt starts . And for the weapons without a scope fix the open sights like for the muskat you have to hold really low at close range to hit anything and fix the animal tracks. Please hurry with the next update. Thank you
Not worth the money!!
I had somewhat high hopes for this game. Sure, the graphics left some to be wished for but there aren't many good hunting games. Surely it would be good, since it costs money and all. NOPE. The framerates are bad, the graphics aren't great, the controls are...SO awkward. There’s a joystick to look around, instead of the whole screen. WHYYY??! Just have it control like any other normal first-person game. I couldn't even properly play it because the controls are impossible to use. The game was obviously designed for a controller, but had to be useable by anyone, so made some bare minimum controls. This game is NOT worth the money. Based on what I know from this game, I’d expect the other games to be similar. If you're gonna get one of the farming games they made, don't. You should get Farm Simulator 20. Or don't. Whatever.
The game is really fun but the only two problems I have are 1. It is so dark, even if I turn my brightness all the way up I can hardly see what I’m doing sometimes. And 2. Every so often all be looking for deer and I’ll get into the perfect spot and as soon as I am about to shoot they disappear. And it’s also kind of annoying that you can shoot them 3 times and they still run away.
I enjoy the game but there are a few things that could be fixed. One would be make it so the game isn’t always so dark. Two it would be nice if the animals were easier to find. Three make it easier to actually kill the animals. Whenever I do the deer hunt or any hunt for that matter I have to shoot the deer about twelve times before it actually dies. Four make it so the trail cams, blinds, and stands stay all the time rather than disappear after each hunt. Fifth and finally maybe add duck hunting or something instead of just quail and pheasant hunting.
Bowhunter 93,
Terrible game
Hit registration is horrible. I’ve shot several deer point blank to 150 yards 10 to 12 times before it registers and gives the kill, having to shoot them chase the animal across the map shooting it again and again every 50 or 75 yards or until it glitches and the animal gets stuck then I can really unload the rifle on the poor guy several times before he finally dies as I’m about to of boredom. I’ve deleted and reinstalled this app trying to solve the problem nothing helps. I don’t know where the positive reviews came from but don’t waste any money on this app.