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Relax puzzle game

Developer: Lazycell Inc.
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.0
ID: com.lazycell.game.merge2021


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Do you like eating fruits?

“I Want Watermelon” is a kind of merge game. What you need to do is only tap the screen to merge the same fruits and get a new one.

Don't let your fruits stacking too high. Otherwise, the game will be over.

Sounds easy, right?

Enjoy it!

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4.5 out of 5
793 Ratings


Good game but one major problem
First off I just want to say that this game is really fun and relaxing. It is fun to match the fruits and make watermelons. However there is one problem. Sometimes when I have a lot of fruit stacked up I drop a fruit and it starts to roll, which is normal, but before it can connect with another fruit the game says it is touching the top line before everything is done moving. That is very annoying. Another similar thing happened today where I watched an ad and got a shaker because I had 2 coconuts close to each other but some fruit was separating them, and I ended up getting the watermelon. However something real stupid happened. The fruit that had flew off the top line because of the shaker caused me to lose, even though it was easily going to fall back in the map. So this is really an awesome game but just fixing these issues would take my rating from 4 stars to 5 stars.
Sue Jonie Allen,
This game saved my husbands life.
Hi y’all, the name everyone calls me is Nana Sue. I love to bake pies and usually fills my home with a lovely aroma(although it smells quite rotten right now, maybe I have some spoiled meat…). I go to a Southern Baptist church in Georgia and there is where I learned that He ☝🏿can can save us all. I titled this very accurately I promise you, when I download this game on my tablet I pad my husband became the man I knew before the Civil War. For context the war harden my dear Bilky Brown, he became depressed and hooked on the drinking. Mountain Dew was his favorite crime. All day he would sit in my rocker rocking back and forth all day staring out the window, all night looking into the window of our newly married couple neighbors cheering at them like a sports game. But as soon as I downloaded this app. He immersed himself in it! He never drank another bottle of 🏔️ 💦. In fact he didn’t eat much either… strange. But! He finally has been sleeping, still in my chair, eyes open at the screen unblinkingly but resting. He’s been that way for a week, so I bet he’s just catching up on all the rest he missed. Thank you so much creators of I Want Watermelon. You truly saved him. Please contact me anytime if you’re in the right feelings for some cherry pie!
This game let me find true love
Before having played I want watermelon I was in a loveless life of despair and depravity. I only had single on night stands and s🔥x friends. My mother and father split when I was 15 and because I never felt their love that might be why… One day my father brought home a young girl that could have been his other child, she was my same age. It was disgusting. After a fight with my father one day she came to comfort me in my room and we had a long heartfelt conversation. During this conversation she admitted she was only with my rich father for his money and that made me feel a little better. We started hanging out and slowly fell in love. After a while we planned to poison my father since he gave me all of his money in his will. We showed him I want watermelon and he became addicted, we were able to successfully poison him because he was so distracted by the game. After we pretend to cry at his funeral and won the legal battle over our money we ran away to France and have lived a life full of love and respect for each other. We are now both 50 and plan to be together till death do us part.

Thank you, for everything, ‘I Want Watermelon’
Augamer boi,
This game stopped my suicide.
When I was brought in to this world, I was born as a lesbian. But the masses beat me and ridiculed me, until all I had was watermelons. But one day, even that was taken from me. I started losing all point in my life, and I even committed attempted slip ‘n’ slide, but one day I was walking in the rain and an ad flew in my face. I was going to throw it out, but I read it to see that it said “I want watermelon! Great for sad people!” At first I dismissed it, but then a phone flew in to my face. After a month of recuperation in the hospital, I used the phone that caused me such pain to download I want watermelon, because I was remembering it. As soon as I downloaded it, my life changed. My uncomfortable fancy green gown turned in to a pair of pajamas. My house turned in to a flying mansion. I also got many women. After that, every day, every grape, every strawberry, and so on… my life was saved… and I blocked the suicide hotline.

“I want watermelon”
This Game cured my depression
Growing up I was always sad because the other kids had things I didn’t. I would always be bullied for not having the things they did, one day my friend let me play this game in his phone, and I decided to download it myself. I thought it was stupid but it was something to keep my mind off the bullying. I played for hours at a time, all day. I was addicted, I love the little popping noises, and I decided to stop gate keeping and tell everyone about the amazing game I have been playing. Everyone wanted a watermelon but nobody could seem to get one, one Saturday I had just stayed up all night playing. It was 6 am and I DID IT. I. ME. I CONNECTED THE 2 HOLY COCONUTS, AND I GOT A WATERMELON. Trumpets sounded, a staircase from heaven was revealed. The Watermelon Goddess, Melonie, had blessed me, SMASHING a ripe juicy watermelon on my head. I BRAGGED FOR DAYS, about my watermelon, I finally had what the other kids didn’t.
Father haver,
This game brought my father home
My father left home when I was too young to remember. My mom always said he was a rotten man, but for the longest time, I always just wanted to see who he really was. When I got older, my life spiraled down into the worst state it had ever been. I was deeply depressed, I played genshin impact and overwatch. One day, my friend introduced me to a phone game called “I want to watermelon” at first, i though it was a stupid game I shouldn’t waste my time with, but then I started playing, really playing. I played for hours, but I could never seem to get a watermelon. However, on one of my thousands of attempts, I was finally able to join together those two coconuts. Suddenly, I heard a sound coming from the living room. I rushed in to find my father standing there, bottle of milk in hand. This game reunited me with my father, and for that I am forever grateful

6/10 I hate grapes
A traveling merchant,
This game stopped me from ushering in a thousand years of darkness
I have been paralyzed all my life (from the waist down). This has severely limited my potential in the business world, as my company selling snake oil has yet to get off the ground. Depressed and riddled with paranoia something had to change. I decided, instead of repairing my life and social skills so I could talk to other human beings, I would spend the last of my fortune on a trip to an ancient Aztec temple. It was there that I found an ancient ritual to summon the lord of blood. Despite the temptation of godlike vampiric power I was simply too addicted to this game the locals showed me on my phone. That game was obviously I want watermelon, and I achieved my first watermelon in that very chamber. Since then I have been running weekly marathons for charity and my Ponzi scheme has never been more successful! Thank you I Want Watermelon!
LOVE THIS GAME!!! + two suggestions.
I am obsessed with this game. All of my friends have gotten hooked on it. It’s so great. On thing I would love was if there was a way to add friends in the app to build a leaderboard with my friends? Currently I’m doing that via GameCenter but I have two friends who have androids who play the game and also sometimes I don’t want to share all my GameCenter activity with people but I want to make sure I’m still beating them in the watermelon game. There is also a pretty big issue where, while using the shaker, the timer will run out and then the game will declare you as having “lost the game” because the fruit hadn’t yet all fallen back down post-shaker. This is super frustrating, especially in the only game I’ve ever had where I actually want it to show me ads. But!!! Super fun game. I’m obsessed and so are all my friends.
Thank You.
This game changed my life. Before I Want Watermelon, I was stuck in a dead-end job with an ugly dog, 0 luxury cars, and a wife that hated me. With the skills I learned from I Want Watermelon, I founded an online Watermelon dropshipping company, and now make 15 figures (one quadrillion, as I’m sure you didn’t know) every month through Watermelon sales ALONE. On top of this, I have also invented several uses for the very Watermelons I sell. Ever heard of eating? Yeah. That was me. Ever crunched into one of my melons and felt something hard? That’s our proprietary melon implant WaterChip technology, which makes the seeds spontaneously combust if anyone tries to replant them. We have total market domination. Mysteriously, the day we invented our WaterCyanide technology, the CEOs of every competing Watermelon company died. But I digress. If you have not downloaded I Want Watermelon, do it now.
This game made me a lady’s man
Ever since I was a boy I only ever ate one thing, watermelon. It gave me water AND melon; everything I need to survive. But when I left my hometown of Radiator Springs Arizona, I was left without watermelon. I was parched, exhausted, and unable to procure a lover due to my low confidence. It was watermelon that gave me strength all my life, and I needed to do something about it. So I went on the App Store and found this game and it has truly changed my life. Every time I get a water melon I jump for joy with the confidence of 1,000 confident people. This has made me a real ladies man. My confidence boost since I have started playing has brought me 9 children with 3 different wives, and a few more on the way. I thank I want watermelon for giving me a family and my mojo back.