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Selected by Facebook as one of BEST MOBILE GAMES

Invasion: Modern Empire is an online war-themed MMO game that challenges you to conquer and battle your way to world domination in the midst of a global apocalypse.

Prepare yourself for stunning 3D graphics and exhilarating, real-time MMO battles! Join the fight online and partner with a clan to spread your influence.Join the fight and find out now!

Invasion: Modern Empire Features:

Visceral real-time strategy combat meets MMORPG mechanics
• Clash with enemies as your army sweeps across the world
• In Invasion, you are the commander! Guide your army in real time
• Incredible 3D graphics and MMO combat will give you a whole new perspective on war, as each tank and soldier obeys your every command
Clash with enemies to expand your clan’s territory and earn resources!
• Train a vast army and battle for territory across a stunning 3D world map!
• Invade enemy territory and win wars to expand your empire!
• Acquire resources by defeating enemies and claiming their empire as your own

Use advanced war strategy to collect intel and seize the upper hand
• Collect intelligence on your enemies in this futuristic shadow war, and launch devastating strikes against your opponent’s weak spot!
• Lead your army from a real-time panoramic map to get the upper hand!

Join and alliance and conquer crucial "monuments" in online games!
• Make your alliance the star of the military world. Clash in massive online wars to gain the upper hand.
• Forge strategic alliances to defeat your rivals, and experience the constant surprise of online real-time combat!
• Fight in huge Monument Wars against powerful alliances around globe! Winners will become kings in this online battlefield

Cinematic 3D presentation and action-packed military battles
• Construct a formidable military empire and watch as you crush enemies in 3D
• Build and train a range of elite modern war forces, from tanks to cannons to gunships
• Unlock powerful hi-tech military units with research. Battle enemies from land to air with tanks, soldiers and more

Take up arms in the post-apocalyptic warzone of the year 2020!! Governments have fallen and cities have been reduced to ash, as rival armies clash for domination in the chaotic new age. Only you and your star units can conquer the world’s greatest monuments, build the strongest army, and rebuild this once-great world.

The Invasion has begun!

One-month subscription
The length of the subscription is a 30-day period and the price is $9.99. The subscription will provide players the perks specifically as buffs in game below:

1. Gathering speed +10%,
2. Unit production speed +10%
3. Unit load +10%
4. Construction speed +10%

Check &
for the privacy policy and term of use.

1. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
2. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
3. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.
4. Subscriptions may be managed by players and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the player's Account Settings after purchase.

Version history

1.Introducing the new combat unit: Aerial Fortress!
1) Intro: Aerial Fortress is the most cutting-edge combat unit of the Resistance; it can join your troops in conventional battles and help defend your base;
2) How to unlock: HQ reaches Lv.25;
3) Battle formation: front row units, back row units, Aerial Fortress, and City Defense Troop.
2.Aerial Fortress Event Series is now available!
1) Fortress Trial: you can engage in simulated battles with your Aerial Fortresses to test their power;
2) Lost Warfare Fort: you can launch attacks on the Warfare Fort from 3 entrances; 1 entrance will be available each week, and 3 entrances will open in turns; each entrance is guarded by different troops;
3) Fortress Training Site: you can choose an Aerial Fortress and use the required training materials to train it; each training session yields random rewards; upon reaching certain training milestones, you can claim the stage chests; there are Mysterious Cracks in the event where you can cast factor items to obtain random rewards;
4) Galactic Exploration: you can use exploration tools to explore the reacting spots on the galactic map; completing the exploration grants an abundance of Superconducting Ores, which can be exchanged for rewards in the Ore Store.

1.Weekly War Prep: optimized some tasks and task rewards;
2.Monthly event rewards:
1) Level rewards: added Alloys, Arm Blueprints, and Coolants; added Dragon in Clouds and Song of Labor to the Lv.80 Summer Decoration Chest (Custom);
2) Optimizations take effect at 08:00 on 06/01/2023 (UTC +8).
3.Fire Up reward: changed the reward from Selena to Blue Hat;
4.Commander Replica:
1) Where to use: adjusted from being only available in GVG to only being available in Top Territory.
1.New decoration system: You can now upgrade certain decorations, which will improve their stats and appearance.
2.New version of Battlefield Bonuses: Full upgrade! You can now use Activity Points and Electronic Parts to get rewards and Composition points. With enough Composition points, you'll get Energy and Power Chips that can be used to redeem value rewards.
3.New Officer event: spin the wheel to get rewards and Advance Points. Points may be used to advance selected rewards.
1.Commander Replica
1) Intro: the Commander Replica provides the same attribute boosts as the commander's; you can assign either a replica or a commander to your troops going on a march;
2) Where to use: only available in GVG Score Run;
1.Fun Flip event coming soon: Flip the card to get a number and one of its rewards randomly. The bigger the sum of numbers, the more precious the rewards!
2.Nuclear Mines and Lv.7 Resource Points are available
(1) Nuclear Mine: Lv.3-5 limited-time Nuclear Mines will be refreshed on the Zone maps of the victors in ZVZ, while Lv.1-3 limited-time Nuclear Mines will be refreshed on the Zone maps of losers in ZVZ. (You must update to the latest version of the app to gather Nuclear Mines.)
1.The 2023 spring events are coming! Participate in the events to receive valuable rewards, including exclusive decorations:
1) Egg Rolling: roll the Easter Egg to a specified distance to receive abundant rewards; unlock the Super Easter Egg to receive an additional advanced reward;
2) Egg Hunt: smash eggs with Hammers and receive rare rewards; there are also hidden Easter Eggs, come find them!;
1.8th Anniversary Events are coming! Participate in the events to get anniversary-limited decorations and other precious rewards! During this period, these events will start in stages:
1) 8th Anniversary Benefit: buy a certain number of Anniversary Presents to claim Benefit Packs;
2) Battlefield Jigsaws: collect Jigsaw Pieces and complete Jigsaws to get precious rewards;
1. The event "8th Anniversary" is coming! Participate in the event to win abundant rewards!

1. Added the buttons to choosing Purple and Orange Materials to the Select in Batch interface of Wingman Upgrade;
2. Fixed some bugs.
1.Valentine's Day event Love of the Life coming:
1) Garden of Romance: complete Sowing Missions to get Sowing Points which can be used to decorate the garden. With a certain number of Sowing Points, you can get the Sowing Reward. After you partner up, your Sowing Points and Sowing Rankings Points and those of your partner will be added together respectively, and you cannot change or remove the partner;
2) Cupid's Mailbox: consume Love Letters to get advanced rewards. After you have consumed a certain number of Love Letters, you can get the Love Reward and Love Treasure, and unlock a better Cupid's Mailbox.
2.New Flash Sale coming:
1) You must possess the Entrance Ticket to participate in the daily Limited-time Flash Sale;
2) There is a limited number of Flash Sale Packs and you can only buy them by consuming event items within the given time;
3) Participate in Discount Lottery every day and you may get site-wide discounts, threshold discounts, and items. There's a daily limit on how many times you can draw.
3.Reaper Captain Laker Bach coming:
1) Captain intro: a support Captain of high strategic value who can control enemies and inflict different kinds of debuffs;
2) Source:
① Complete the missions of Laker's preview event which starts on 02/09 to get items that increase the probability of summoning Laker;
② Laker can be summoned on 02/11. Participate in the event to get abundant rewards;
③ Laker's arrival event starts on 02/11. Star up the Captain to a certain star level to unlock the valuable captain growth pack.

1.Now in Future Manufacturing Bureau, you can use Custom Boost Badges to change the attribute boosts of the Wingman decorations you select;
2.Guild members of Rank 4 or above now can cancel rallies launched by other guild members in the Guild War. Guild leaders can grant this access to guild members of Rank 4 or take it back.
1.Spring Festival events coming! Participate in the events to get limited base decorations, wingman decorations, and other rewards!

1.Optimized Combat Lab:
1) Combined Voice and Picture Intel into one Intel Material; the numbers of the current two materials in your guild will be added together after the update;
2) When you donate materials, only the new Intel Material is needed;
3) Optimized the interface: now the guild monsters display the type of medals they drop.
1.The event New Year Gift Hunt will start on 12/30. Participate in it to get the New Year limited decorations and other rare gifts!
1) Roll dice to move on the event map which includes reward grids, incident grids, and empty grids;
2) When moving on the map, you can get the rewards of all reward grids you passed by. Different incidents will be triggered when you stop at incident grids;
2.Added new mode Torment to Ghost Corridor.
1.Winter events are on the way. Participate in the events to get Limited Base Decoration, Wingman Decoration, and many other amazing gifts!
(1) A Yeti is coming to the zone and treasures glitter on its back. Commanders, pick up snowballs and compete for the treasures.
(2) Snow Celebration event will be launched. Boost the event level to get precious rewards.
(3) Gingerbread Man Frenzy event available soon. Commanders who complete the special mission first will receive a Xmas Pioneer reward.
2.Doom Captain: "Flaming Jet - Nirvana" is coming your way.
(1) Captain Intro:
①A Subsidiary captain that should be coupled with captains capable of dealing Ignited Damage.
②This captain can restore teammates' HP and Energy and has a high strategic value.
(2) How to get the Captain:
①Complete the missions in the Nirvana preview event that will open on December 14 to get items that increase the probability of summoning Nirvana!
②The Nirvana summon event will begin on December 16. Join the event to get amazing rewards.
③The Nirvana arrival event will begin on December 16. Upgrade your captain to a designated star level to unlock the Value Captain Growth Pack.
3.ZVZ challenge event "Challenge Day" is on!
(1) Governors can consume "Challenge Letters" to challenge other zones on the continent. If the target zone accepts the challenge, the two zones will have a showdown in this week's ZvZ.
(2) During this event, each zone can only challenge and accept a challenge once. For example, if the current zone's challenge is declined, it cannot accept another zone's challenge.
(3) Zones that fail to challenge or skip the chance will be matched in the ZvZ according to the original rules.

1.Fixed bugs in Approaching Threat and the event will be available on December 15.
2.Optimized the display interface of VIP Packs.
3.Relevant optimizations of the Mutant Event:
(1) Players can search for the same-level Mutant Camps and Mutant Remains at different distances multiple times.
(2) When several players attack the same Mutant Camp or Mutant Remains, Hazmat Masks or Hazmat Suits will be returned to those who retreat midway or fail to attack the Mutant Camp or Mutant Remains after arriving at the attack point.
4.Optimized Quick Star-up of captains. When the selected star-up materials contain high-quality captains, the captain icon will be shown on the pop-up window.
5.Optimized Radar rewards collection. When a player completes the Radar Mission and claims the rewards, the rewards will be automatically added to the player's Bag.
6.Energy Output attribute is added to the Memory Modules of Puppet in the Battle Angel.
7.Players can use the image of an obtained Ghost Captain as an avatar. Corresponding avatars will be unlocked upon obtaining the captains and the unlocked status of the avatar will not be affected even when the captain is consumed.
8. Level 9 and Level 10 monsters added to the Combat Lab; a new Medal added: Apex Medal.
1.Xmas events available soon! Participate to get Xmas decorations and other rewards!
2.New event Wingman Transformation Factory is coming soon! You can transform the quality or type of your Wingmen's sub-attributes in the event!
3.New No.2 Slot Machinery Officer Game Designer. You can obtain it from Xmas events.

1.Added Transform Core to the rewards of Super Shooting Ground. The item can be used in the Wingman Transformation Factory;
2.Optimizations on Radar:
1) After you use Zone Teleport, the coordinates of Radar Missions will be refreshed near your base;
2) After you tap on the Go button of a Radar Mission, a pop-up will appear;
3) Added Claim All button to the Radar interface to collect all available rewards;
4) When you drag the Radar interface, the blocked missions will be displayed as drops on the edge. Tap on the drop to redirect to the location of the mission.
3.Optimizations on Ghost Corridor:
1) You can check the clearance rankings of every mode;
2) You can zoom out in Ghost Corridor;
3) The effect brought to guards by using devices is now displayed in the formation interface.
4) Changed the colors of different buttons.
4.Optimizations on Siege:
1) Added Evolution Device. Touch different Evolution Devices for different effects:
- Evolution Device L: laser evolution
- Evolution Device S: shrapnel evolution
- Evolution Device M: shell evolution
2) Added huge units which can only be destroyed with multiple attacks.
5.Added Consecutive Challenge to Ghost Recon:
1) After you have cleared 50 stages of Operation: Falcon, Consecutive Challenge will be unlocked;
2) You can use Consecutive Challenge in every operation once every day;
3) When you use Consecutive Challenge, the system will use your last formation and start challenging from the current stage. It will not stop until the challenge fails or reaches the daily limit.
6.Optimizations on Captain Ranking Competition:
1) Added a reminder for the registration of Weekly Captain Ranking Competition;
2) Your formation from the last registration will be retained.
7.Added a material source button to the captain upgrade and star-up interfaces. Tap on it and you can choose to redirect to the sources;
8.Optimized the interface of Battle Angel's Combat Instinct. Now you can preview the exclusive base decoration, march and combat effects in Battle Angel;
9.Optimizations on Daily Missions:
1) Added Clam All button which you can tap to claim all mission rewards;
2) When you tap on any claimable chest, all the claimable chests will be opened.
1.World Cup 2022 events coming soon!
1) Football Carnival Guess: you can bet on World Cup Qatar 2022 in the game with World Cup Coins which can be obtained from daily missions;
2) Football Carnival Trip: you can unlock attractions of different countries with Star Coins to get Star Cards and other precious rewards;
3) Football Carnival Starcircle: you can exchange Star Cards for Starcircle rewards.
2.Limited-time Thanksgiving Benefits Event:
1) Thanksgiving Super Sale: super bargain packs are available for purchase for a limited time; there are also discount packs for everyone!
2) Light of Glory: draw rare rewards with Glory Cards which can be obtained for free by meeting certain requirements or completing recurring missions.
3.Golden Module of Battle Angel available soon!
1) You can upgrade a module to Golden with Golden materials or identical Purple modules;
2) Increased the upper limit of Combat Instinct's total ratings to 20,000. You can unlock corresponding effects in Combat Instinct by reaching a certain rating and can activate the Battle Angel Base Decoration when the total rating reaches 20,000;
3) Added Lv.5 Hidden Unit to the map;
4) Added 7 types of research to Bionic Research, including Unlock Lv.5 Hidden Unit, Raid Damage Up, Raid Health Up, etc.
4.Added VIP Packs which can be purchased after you reach a certain VIP level (the packs are only available to players who purchase to increase their VIP level). Some VIP Packs can be purchased multiple times;
5.New Captain Crimson Spike Aza. You can get materials from VIP Packs and consume them to upgrade Aza to 13-star at most;
6.New Captain Crimson Spike Aza can be obtained from VIP Packs;
7.Added Thanksgiving Wingman Decorations with the theme of Thanksgiving Feast and rare Nameplate Delicious Turkey (with buff) which can be obtained from the Wayne Star Card event;
8.Added No.1 Slot Production Officer Fan Yu who can provide extra unit production buff. You can obtain him by participating in the Code Decryption event;
9.Dalwill's stickers will be available soon.

1.Added Glory Badges to Rift of Legends Store;
2.Added new Battle Bonding Overbearing which can be activated or improved when you own Mad Shark, Fei Long, Butcher, Psychic Heart, and Heart of Courage.
1.Added Handbook to Artifact. You can find it in Supply Storehouse - Supplies - Artifact;
2.Added notification pop-up to unit production lock. When the number of units to produce is locked, if you drag any progress bar, a pop-up will appear;
3.Added a plus button to the right of Armory queues. Tap on it to redirect to the interface where you can use items to expand the Armory.
1. Harvest Plan, the exclusive benefit event for the winning zones in the King Zone Championship, is available for a limited time!
2. Doom Captain ""Heart of Courage Dalwill"" will soon arrive!
1) Captain intro: he has outstanding control ability and recovery ability. Put him in a formation that focuses on stun skills to deal tons of damage;
2) Source:
① Complete the missions of Dalwill's preview event which starts on 10/19 to get items that increase the probability of summoning Dalwill.
1.Happy Autumn events will arrive on Oct 1st! Participate in them to get new Special Officers with new attributes, limited decorations and other gifts!

2.New Special Officers and New Officer Attributes:
1) New Officers: Cathea, Lopez, Ayano Murakami, Ken Kitajima, Pandora, Amy, Ralf, Barron, Snowy, Inky, Scarlet, Indigo;
2) New Officer Attributes:
① Tanks, Helicopters and SUVs deal more damage; Total Damage dealt increases.

3.New Reaper Captain: Deadly Hunter Elsa. The access will be released soon!
1.Event Wayne Star Card is now available! Participate in it to win exclusive Mid-Autumn march decoration and other rewards! Rules:
1) Draw star cards of the same type to increase their star level;
2) The higher the star level, the better the rewards.
2.Event Wayne's Bounty is now available! Rules:
1) During the event, you can take 1 kind of Bounty Mission;
2) Different missions will be unlocked every day. The more missions you complete, the more the rewards.
1.Badass Fallout Captain, Psychic Heart Annie is here!
1) Captain features: high damage, control skills and the ability to reduce enemy's healing;
2) Source:
① Participate in Annie Preview Event on 08/18 to get items which increase Annie's summon probability and up to 20 Advanced Contracts!
② Participate in Annie Summon Event on 08/24 to get abundant rewards!
3) You can also buy Annie's stickers for only $0.99!
1.Qixi Magpie Bridge Construction event is now available! Participate in the event to get Qixi decorations and other surprising rewards;
2.New Officer Zhong Jin for No.2 slot, good at gaining Nuclear Energy when gathering. Participate in Code Decryption event to get!

1.6-star Unit Optimizations:
1) When you don't have enough Arm Blueprints for Arm Research, tap More to redirect to the item use interface or Free Market and Battlefield Trading;
2) Added the use description of every alloy to the production settings interface of Alloy Factory;
3) If you are conducting Arm Research in research queue 1, you can tap on the shortcut button on the left to redirect to the Arm Research interface;
4) Canceled the upper limit to the number of units you can arm every time;
5) Adjusted the upper limit to the number of Alloy Gears you can produce to the max number allowed by the temperature of the production line;
6) Optimized the use of free Research Speedup in Arm Research.
2.Battlefield Trading Optimizations:
1) The existing missions in Battlefield Trading will not appear in the next refresh;
2) Tap on the icon of an ongoing Battlefield Trading mission to check the goods it needs and its rewards;
3) Added a shortcut button which redirects to Battlefield Trading to the Items section of To-do's;
4) Moved the Refresh button to the top of the pop-up in case of mistouch;
3.Optimized the rule of unit specialty in Government/Cities/Towns battles: as a defender, you will use the unit specialty of the team where your Captain is;
4.Optimized Future Manufacturing Bureau: if you have a permanent wingman decoration, the other identical decorations can be exchanged for Decoration Tokens; if you have multiple time-limited wingman decorations, you can use them at the same time and their duration will stack;
5.Optimized Arm Evolution Guide: you will now see a red dot if there are any unclaimed weekly bonus rewards;
6.Added a daily refresh countdown to the limited items in Store;
7.Added missions of eliminating Arm Battle levels to monthly event;
8.Added the number of Silicon and Alloys to the reminder displayed after commander uses Harvest skill;
9.Added a shortcut button which redirects to Daily Mission to the use interface of Glory Badge.
1.New mode Siege:
1)Access: Captain's Arena and the bottom right corner of the Base interface;
2)How to play: press and hold to move the aircraft left and right and touch the buffs and debuffs to get them; hang in until the stage is over;
3)Designed a new guide for Siege to bring a new gaming experience.
2.Added a new feature Radar:
1)Access: Radar;
2)How to play: use Radar to search for missions which include fighting enemies and helping allies. Complete them to get abundant rewards.
1.New Officers for No.1 slot: Robot Gamma, Homunculus 301, Pharaoh, Mummy, Romance. You can obtain them from Summer Activity Series 2022.

1.Added Nuclear Energy reward to Shooting Ground;
2.If you need to star up a Captain who is in Captain's Arena, you can now swtich to Captain's Arena directly to remove it;3.Optimized the display of Wingman sub-attributes. Locked sub-attributes will be displayed as Locked after they are transformed.
1.6-star Units have arrived!
1) New feature Unit Arms in Armory: stars up 5-star Unit to 6-star;
2) New building Arm Center: you can unlock Arm Research and produce Alloy Gears there;
3) New building Alloy Factory: produces Alloys necessary for Arm Research and Alloy Gear production.
2.New event Arm Evolution Guide: you can trigger it after Arm Center is unlocked; complete relevant missions within the given time to get permanent Helicopter decoration and bubble.
1.Children's Day event and Dragon Boat Festival event are available for a limited time. Join the events to get rare limited decorations!

1.Optimized the auto-combo for Besiege the Zombie. When unlocked, auto-attack will remain even after quitting the event or the game;
2.Added "Claim All" to Battlefield Bonuses;
3.Optimized Free Market:
(1)Players can view detailed boosts of Medal items in Free Market;
(2)"Sell" button is changed to red color and "Buy" button is changed to green color;
(3)Fixed the abnormal display of price change ratio of the items in Free Market;
(4)After adjustment, the quantity of Diamonds on Free Market interface is refreshed on a rolling basis;
(5)Fixed the locked items in Free Market when players join cross-server events;
(6)Added the remaining quantities of items to buy and to sell to all item tabs in Free Market;
(7)Optimized the daily max Selling Quantity for some items in Free Market.
1.Added level rewards to VIP Store. By reaching certain VIP levels you can claim the corresponding VIP rewards, including limited Base decorations;
2.Added 5-hit Combo to Besiege the Zombie;
3.Added Fast Promote to the Medal system;
4.Increased the level limit of Wingmen to 27; added 1 new sub-attribute and allowed commanders to lock up to 8 sub-attributes;
5.Added Read All to the Mail system;
6.Optimized the font color in Army Staff when basic resources are insufficient for making plans;
7.Optimized the order of March List display;
1.Easter event and Workers’ Day event are available only for now! Participate in the events to get limited decorations;
2.New Reaper Captain: Fei Long - Daniel;
3.New feature Free Market is now available :
1)You can trade items with the system using Diamonds in Free Market;
2)The prices of items in Free Market change according to the number of trades made.

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
660 Diamonds
(660 Diamonds)
DF176317235✱✱✱✱✱ 776FAF5✱✱✱✱✱
1540 Diamonds
(1540 Diamonds)
DF248901839✱✱✱✱✱ FBD29C0✱✱✱✱✱
24000 Diamonds
(24000 Diamonds)
DF258030594✱✱✱✱✱ A2BB9F7✱✱✱✱✱
3300 Diamonds
(3300 Diamonds)
DF573155533✱✱✱✱✱ 346F97E✱✱✱✱✱
Newbie Package
(Newbie Package)
DF516051285✱✱✱✱✱ A6D6D24✱✱✱✱✱
9600 Diamonds
(9600 Diamonds)
DF630142123✱✱✱✱✱ C970F08✱✱✱✱✱
260 Diamonds
(260 Diamonds)
DF840729100✱✱✱✱✱ 98D675E✱✱✱✱✱
4000 Diamonds
(4000 Diamonds)
DF753491831✱✱✱✱✱ 9E7FA82✱✱✱✱✱
5100 Diamonds
(5100 Diamonds)
DF532427144✱✱✱✱✱ D521508✱✱✱✱✱
12000 Diamonds
(12000 Diamonds)
DF579113915✱✱✱✱✱ 5FC4708✱✱✱✱✱

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4.3 out of 5
2 836 Ratings


Good game
I have been playing this game for 6 years, it is a very good way to past time and also use war strategies. To be honest, the game can get a little expensive if you plan on being the top player in the whole game. By no means do I have everything I want on my base but, I don’t have to pay to be in the hunt and give enemies a headache. You can purchase different things in the app for boost but it’s not mandatory to have a great base and be a good fighter. One last tip, make sure you understand the process of building your base and becoming strong. My first two years were trail an error I was researching and building things that should’ve took a backseat to other things.
69 Gambit,
Trust the negative feedback
I have been playing this game for many years now and thru out this entire time it’s all about the money in Taps pockets. There are only 2 ways and 2 ways only to get a head in this game!
1st donate your hard earned paychecks by buying pack after pack and spending thousands of dollars which still does NOT guarantee you’ll get the prizes you want or #2 be a Chinese player. I say this because I have spoken to so many Chinese players and after comparing their packs to ours they get better packs than the rest also if there is an issue with the game and they need compensated from Tap they almost every time get what they want. I have been zeroed before because my 3day shield dropped after 30hrs and Tap didn’t do a single thing. This is nothing more than a couple key strokes to get my troops back and costs them zero to do it but NO I’m only a VIP10 and apparently that’s still not good enough. Back to the spending where unless you drop a few thousand on the game you will NEVER get the officers or the perks needed to compete with the pocket warriors. Tap could at least give the nonspenders or limited spenders a way to achieve some of the red officers. Game is a little fun but unless your one of the 2 players I described you’ll NEVER make it in the game unless your only wanting to be a farmer.
DL Braxton,
Great game. Crash problems and concerns.
This game is really great and I love it. I love the war strategy scenes and playing with other real players. I like the great events that t4f puts out there so you can win amazing prizes. The main problem I have with the game is when it crashes. I’ve just uninstalled the game because it wouldn’t let me back in the game. We are about to start ZvZ, but I cannot access anything, so I don’t want to lose what I saved up for all because of the game not starting up. If I could get some assistance, that will be highly appreciated.
Don’t waste your time or money
I’ve been playing for about 6 years. Tap will take your money and have in game issues and definitely don’t refund your money. Apple shouldn’t even be offering this game in their App Store. If you think I’m just an unhappy player, go to Facebook and look up invasion gaming community. Worst decision I ever made. Tap4Fun won’t fix game issues such as server issues during events. A simple fix would be another time spot open to spread the amount of players out because they obviously are not going to get better servers. Every gaming issue is the players fault. The sad fact is several guilds had issues in King of Zone event but the Chinese guilds had no issues. So if you play this game and are not Chinese expect very poor performance from this game. BEST THING TO DO IS BY PASS THIS GAME AND FIND SOMETHING BETTER.
It’s all about your money.
In the beginning it was a good game. Then the developers got greedy. If you do not dump $20k(yes $20 thousand US dollars) you will only be food for those that have spent money. And if you think you will only spend some money your wasting your time. The officers you need to be a fighter costs $2-3 thousand dollars each. And there are 7 of them. And 2 officers(the most needed) cost double. Then they have you purchase medals for those officers and guess what, it’s $2-3k more dollars.
All said and done. In the 3 years I’ve been playing. I have spent $20k(unfortunately) and still can not join the big fights.
So.. you only want to play and not fight? Well you can buy a shield. But if for some reason your shield fails. The developers will not compensate. Even if you have proof(through screen shots) they will not.

I honestly would suggest you find another game created by any other company other than tap 4 fun.
Even tho I have spent WAY TO MUCH on this game. I am walking away.
Just read through the reviews. If it’s a 1 star. You will see the same problems being addressed. If it’s a 5 star. It’s from the developers to keep people coming to the game to grow their bank accounts.

Do not download.
Very very buggy
Game is fun to play with multiple options to earn free items. HOWEVER...the game crashes often. When it crashes during a fight, be prepared to lose all you have worked hard to attain. Game designers often send messages because of issues with the game and they label it as a “server anomaly”. Support takes weeks and it does not resolve issues and you get generic pre-written responses. Chat often disconnects and you get “connection errors” and support says it’s your connection (it’s not). If you want to play a fun game, experience massive frustration, experience the game app crashing often (when you pray it won’t happen), and you want a buggy experience, this is the game for you.
fnaf fun halo gamer,
So devolper read this!
So your just a biased stupid money hogging app for chinese people to get better stuff? What’s the point in that when you could actually make people happy instead of mad. While reading the comments it said that you help chinese players hack? Which game helps people hack? And games are not supposed to be biased. If I made a game where only boys get good stuff or where different races get different stuff but a certainty color gets to hack and all that cheat. I don’t think much players will play and get much hate. And your getting so much hate in these comments. Even the worse games don’t have this. It’s trash! I just downloaded the game to say this. You should reconsider your chinese fetish and drop it and make the game race or language fetish also. I’ll probably try the game if you fix it.
Spend 8,000 US$ , and found out Chinese can get what I have with 10% of what I spend
This game is build for Chinese milking foreigners . The game gives Chinese players better packages , cheaper , they help each other hack diamonds , and game . After spending 8,000 US$ on this game and I am VIP 14 , I lost 300,000 soldiers on a Chinese hack and the customer service wouldn’t even return the units . Even to high paying customers . Very racist creators , and racist atmosphere gaming . A foreigner can spend 1000$ and be zeroed in 1 second all is gone . Because they control almost all regions , have the most billion power players , they always seem to get all the game prizes magically . While the rest of us have to keep spending 100$ a package 100 times just to get top 3 . Apple needs to check this game .
I’ve played this game on & off for years. I thought that whenever I’d leave & come back to it, it would be better than before but it’s downright terrible. All the bad reviews are true, the game is a trap for spenders. You get the urge to spend money & try to be with the top of the world & they trick you to spend hundred, even thousands of dollars on this game. It’s not worth it I promise, it may be fun for days, months or years but once you get hit by a bigger player it’s full restart mode. The developer does not care about you, they care about the money. This has been very common with all the War strategy based games. Save your money, spend it on something else other than this. Absolutely terrible. Yes btw, Chinese players rule in this.
It has gone down hill
I’ve played this since zone 116. Over the years the developers killed this game by making it a full blown pay to play. In doing this they killed off many players. Zone vs zone is now beyond boring and the there is no longer any in zone fighting. Each zone used to have multiple guilds who would fight each other’s constantly making this a fun war game but since most zones are dead and the only way one can fight is by being 1.5 B power and being maxed out there is not much one can do. Don’t spend a dime on this game because the developers don’t care. They will apologize and then release another event aimed at maximizing their profits for a game that is basically a farming simulator.