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Working as a lawn mower

Developer: Valeriia Vorobeva
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.6
ID: com.darkplay.lawnmower


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Are you ready to work? Ready to cut the grass?

Welcome to our new game, plunge into the simulator of cutting grass in full and for a long time.

In the game you will find a variety of levels that will be even more with new updates.

Choose what you will work with, on a tractor or a lawn mower or a trimmer, the game does not limit you in the choice.
Lawn-mower simulator:
Play without limits, no time, just you and your work.
A pleasant atmosphere and music will plunge you even more into the grass cutting simulator
What should I do?
Take a tool and go to the territory, you need to cut all the grass on the lawn to get a reward and go to the store for a new tool or equipment, everything is very simple,
Have a nice game!

Version history

- Added a new event
- The trimmer is now closer to the player
- Improved optimization at level 7,8,9
- Fixed minor bugs
- Added 3 new locations
- Fixed a bug that caused the grass to not mow at the fourth location.
- Fixed the pause bug
- Added percentage display of the amount of mown grass
- Added the first event
- Improved physics and grass mowing system
- Improved particles when mowing grass
- Added first-person view for tractor and combine harvester
- Improved optimization
- Fixed minor bugs
- Added 3 new maps
- Fixed bugs with grass, when you could mow all the grass, while the level was not passed.
- Replaced the controller
- Improved optimization
- Replaced the physics of the grass
- Removed the delay for cutting grass
- Replaced grass cutting system
- Fixed a bug with the amount that the player receives when completing the task
- Added the option to disable ads
- Fixed a bug with physics

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Remove ADS
(Remove ads in game)
HH888322747✱✱✱✱✱ 038E6B6✱✱✱✱✱

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3.4 out of 5
458 Ratings


Not saying this is bad, but the option to start the engine is gone. I liked being able to start the engine or shut it off. It would be good to if it had a “fill gas” indicator and to be able to check the oil and filter from time to time. And would be good if the mowers needed regular maintenance from time to time. And the wheels should be able to rotate. I do like this one witch is y I’ve had it for awhile. Maybe the engine could sound a bit more realistic as well, and as it get wear and tear, smoke should be able to come out of the exhaust. A more variety of gas push mowers would be good too. Same with tractor mower.
Like it
This game could be better if in the middle of the map you could use different equipment. In the map that I’m on right now it takes a LONG time to cut the big courtyard with the broken down truck in it and at the very end of the game I couldn’t finish the level because the riding lawn mower doesn’t mow the grass next to the wall. Only on two of the walls can you mow the grass with the riding lawnmower, but if you use the push mower or string trimmer you can cut the grass along the wall.
Maybe ok?
So, you are inexplicably placed in a situation where relatively small grassy areas have been left to grow for what seems to be at least one foot tall, and your _only_ tool is... a string trimmer.

Realism (or lack thereof) aside, the controls are relatively decent. There are plenty of bugs (or possibly just oversights), like when you are in the pause menu and hit "pause" (?) it restarts the map with no confirmation, and no way of identifying where or why a map is not completed (I got stuck wandering aimlessly on map 4 a couple times until it randomly finished).

There is nothing that screams "play me again and again". Good to kill an hour or so, but otherwise not terribly impressive.
It’s Alright
To start, this game premise is good. But with events in gameplay not running proper like the mower on the village road lagging under the ground and tipping over the tractor. Maybe instead of having a dot pointing where your going with non drive mowers throw hands into the gameplay. This game doesn’t deserve more than 3 stars. You can get construction simulator on your phone it has less ads better gameplay. The full version costs money. But it’s still better to get that, then watching your tractor flip over 10 times before you delete the game.
You should add these
I love this game it awesome but can you add these 6 things you can start the engine and switch from your vehicles like go to your trailer and you can switch and please add new vehicles and new levels and make it where it is more realistic because when I pull out the weed cutter it cuts grass not weeds and it does not have a lot of controls but this game is very realistic and I hope you can fix graphics
too easy
i feel like it is way too easy because using a weed wacker you would have to pick up all that grass but in this game you just move around and it goes away. I do like the concept of the game but it definitely has room for improvement.
Way to many ads
I understand you are running a business. But when I have to watch at least one ad before I can even start playing the game I’m going to delete the game. You might have gotten that short term ad revenue off of me but you’ve lost out on the long term revenue if you had been a little less greedy.

This also makes me take the extra time to 1 star this game and leave a review to try and try and steer other potential revenue streams away from you.
Good game 👍 very enjoyable tho if it had controller support it would be amazing because my fingers hurt but I love it THINGS THEY SHOULD ADD

(Dark lore):
to make it horror game but make it funny horror

(More levels):
it doesn’t have much so they should add more for a good game

(controller support or put it on other gaming platforms):
This would make it so my fingers don’t die

(More lawn mowers):
This would just make the game more enjoyable because you could set goals in it like a lot of successful games give you things for players to set there own goals

Good game and good luck 👍
Absolutely Perfect
The new gen consoles wish they had graphics as good as this. Gameplay is 💯. Soooo good, can’t recommend it enough. My favorite tool is the weed eater. I love cutting yards with a weed eater. If you know someone who likes gardening I would strongly recommend this looted game.
the game is very cool a lot of levels and I want to go through everything open all the equipment and play with each one