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Solve detective cross riddles

Developer: Easybrain
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.0.1
ID: com.easybrain.cross.logic.puzzle


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Welcome to a brand-new logic game from the developer of the prominent Sudoku.com and Nonogram.com free puzzle games. Dive into exciting stories with cross logic puzzles, challenge your brain, and unravel mysteries!

This fun yet challenging brain puzzle game with simple rules may help to strengthen logical thinking and deductive reasoning. Try to solve all the smart riddles grouped into thematic stories that are sure to delight. Help Detective Grapes investigate a necklace theft, participate in vacation planning for a young couple, or even go on a space expedition. You will find many mind-bending stories with varied plots and tricky solutions. If you are interested in solving logic problems, play this engaging game and have hours of fun!

How to play a logic puzzle game:
• Each puzzle contains several categories and an equal number of parameters within each category
• The goal of these brain teasers is to match all parameters in the grid correctly
• Each parameter can be matched to only one other parameter in each category
• A logic grid puzzle is solved by making conclusions based on a limited number of clues
• Read clues and put ticks in the table accordingly
• Rule out incorrect options and place crosses
• Use reasoning, elimination, and pure logic to fill the remaining cells and deduce the whole brain puzzle!

What you get:
• Easy to learn logic grid puzzles
• Tons of free brain-teasing logic riddles for you to enjoy
• Unique puzzle pages grouped into various entertaining stories for every taste
• Hints to help you reach the goal faster
• No time limit, take your time and focus on the details playing cross logic riddles
• Top-notch quality from a top puzzle developer!

Try Logic Puzzles now, put your gray matter to work, and have fun!

Version history

- Performance and stability improvements

We read all your reviews and always try to make the game better. Please leave us some feedback if you love what we do and feel free to suggest any improvements. Play Logic Puzzles, put your gray matter to work, and have fun!

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CF416948027✱✱✱✱✱ 52FD246✱✱✱✱✱

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4.4 out of 5
5 785 Ratings


Love it, but slight problem
I genuinely love games much like this one, it makes me remember things a lot more, I have a problem with remembering certain things, especially ones that are extremely important to remember. However, I had found myself recently getting some errors. By errors, I mean that it glitches. These glitches are a serious problem for my ability to play the game. The glitch that has occurred to me most commonly was the fact that if you press on one of the squares with the x or check marks, it registers it as it’s opposite and takes away a heart. It’s been going on for awhile, and another factor about this is that the only way to fix it is to close the app, which means the one puzzle you are on will lose all of the progress on it.
Kinda bait and switch
I play easybrain’s sudoku game and absolutely love it and need to go give it a great review.

My issue with this game isn’t with the logic puzzles or the fact that you have to earn keys to advance to the next set of puzzles. My issue is the ratio of logic puzzles to obtaining keys. It takes at least 30 keys and at 1 key per 100 points that takes also by playing a game they already have. At the end of the day you are playing their other game Blockdoku more than the logic puzzles themselves. This is my issue. I have to play an entirely different game more than the actual game itself. It’s due to a lack of skill but number of keys. If it were say 5 keys that wouldn’t as bad. But 30 keys means you need 3000 points just to unlock the next level. That’s a lot of game play of an entirely different game in order to play the actual game. Especially when I can just download the actually Blockdoku game from them. The least they could do was to make mini logic puzzles to earn keys to play the bigger ones. Or have a way to earn keys based how quickly you finish the logic puzzles or or how many mistakes you did or didn’t make. Getting the keys was tied into playing logic puzzles it would good.

Until that’s fixed I’ll stick to Easybrain’s excellent Sodoku game. I do highly recommend that game
Main game is locked behind another game
I like the logic puzzles & I don’t mind the ads. The blockdoku is the issue. I’ve played it before & deleted the app in 5 minutes, it’s just not for me. So to my surprise all of the levels(except for events & daily challenges) are locked behind a “mini game”, of which I don’t really like. That’s not the biggest issue, the problem is the amount of keys required to earn an unlock. There are hundreds of levels each with an independent key requirement(the lowest I seen was 30, but it quickly ramps up to an average of 100). You have to earn 100 points in blockdoku to get 1 key. Maybe it’s because I’m uninterested, or I’m just terrible at the game because my high score is 388 & that took a lot of time.

Not a fan, & it’s one of those apps where the ad shows a cool feature you’d love & presents it as the main game. I figure they do this because it takes more time & effort to create logic puzzles, but the community can assist that on easybrain’s site with a section allowing community created levels & just going through to select really good ones.
Blocks? :(
I love the logic puzzles. The block game takes so much time to do though.. and after doing it 100 times it gets so boring. I like the concept though! So maybe add different mini games other than just the blocks. Like a sudoku mini game, every game you complete you get keys. Or anything to add some spice you know. If not, maybe the quantity of keys earned should increase as you go further. Like once you get to levels you need 100 keys, it takes less points to get keys. The block game just gets mind numbing, I want logic puzzles to make my mind work or engage a little aha. So much potential with what could be added- I feel it could really keep your audience on the app, rather than them eventually getting bored or tired of block game and using the app less or not at all.
I’ve been playing this game for quite a while and the logic puzzles still haven’t gotten harder. They are just consistently on easy mode, maybe they get harder as a I progress but it take so long to progress when you spend a whole hour trying to get keys to do 5 levels :(
Meesa Beez Meeeeee,
Bad Blocks
Genuinely this game would be fine if the key requirements weren’t so ridiculously skewed. You have to reach 100 points in the block game for a SINGLE key. Later levels can require up to 140 keys! You have to achieve 14,000 points to unlock ONE set of five puzzles. FOURTEEN THOUSAND POINTS. That means if I have an average of 500 points a game, I would have to play 28 games of blockdoku. For FIVE levels I very well may blast through in a few minutes. Others cost far less keys but that does NOT make up for the ridiculous amount of keys needed for each subsequent level. I downloaded this game to play logic puzzles, not blockdoku. At this point I’m spending 90% of my time on blockdoku just to get the ridiculous number of keys so I can move on. Either lower the number of keys required or increase the frequency of keys earned. I do not care that you think the blockdoku adds to the game, because at this point it does nothing but subtract from the experience. Fix the key balancing. This is ridiculous. You clearly haven’t taken other reviews into account.
Not a fan of the blockudoku
Just like the other reviews, I didn’t download this app to play blockudoku. I wish they would create more challenging levels that weren’t locked behind a completely different game? I understand they want to add challenge to the game and make it so we don’t beat the game too quickly, but forcing us to play a ridiculous amount of a game that we don’t want to play is not going to make us want to keep this app. The key ratio is very imbalanced. Maybe we could earn keys from doing daily challenges, events, or from logging in every day in a row. I think we should only need about 10 keys to unlock the next level and they should get increasingly more difficult. My opinion is to get rid of the blockudoku all together, we’re here for the logic puzzles. The rest of the game is good. The actual puzzles are fun and I like the daily puzzle & events. I enjoy the other apps from EasyBrain so I’m willing to stick around in hopes that the creators listen to our reviews and make this necessary change soon.
stop developing games 🤡🤡🤡,
This is called bait and switch
The game is advertised as a logic clue puzzle game, they don’t tell you that you have to earn the actual game by playing a blockudoku game that is much too demanding of the player (100 points=1 key, each block placed = 1 point, 1-5 points earned per place with a 9 point bonus per each 9 blocks cleared in a line or box, which a multiplier for streaks or combos).

My hope is that the devs listen to the player base and either do what’s right and remove the blockudoku that nobody likes or reduce the points required to get keys (100 is too much, maybe 50 or 25). If you’re going to make me earn the game I actually want to play, either advertise it as a blockudoku game too, or acknowledge your intent to bait and switch the audience. It’s a pity because the game could be good without the blockudoku that you need to remove, thanks 😊 and I don’t care that the devs don’t intend on removing it, nobody wanted a blockudoku game with the same 8 block forms, we wanted the ACTUAL LOGIC GAME. Do what’s right, remove the blockudoku.
Too easy and too many ads
So far I haven’t come across a single logic puzzle that was at all challenging, there are some basic features that are missing, in other logic apps, once you have all the answers in the main blocks they don’t necessarily make you fill in the entire grid because it’s duplicate information…. This one does, but I can live with that… it also doesn’t let you cross of hints when you are done with them.

I don’t normally complain about ads, the developers need to be pie I get that; but this game takes it too far…. The puzzles are super quick and easy and then I get 2 ads in between each one…. I spend more time trying to click out of ads than playing the game.

I’m giving it 2 stars because it doesn’t look super trashy and gross.
Please change the mini game
I play the “spot the differences game” from the same company and just recently found this one. I like logic puzzles and I enjoy the previous game from the same developer, so I purchased the ad removal package, only to then find out you have to play this weird Tetris/sudoku hybrid game in-between logic puzzles in order to earn keys to play the main game.

I do not enjoy the mini game at all. I’m sure there are some who do, but I would be willing to play it if I only had to play a couple of quick rounds in order to continue playing the logic puzzles (though I’m still not sure why the logic puzzles need to be gated behind anything?). In its current iteration, I get roughly 3-5 keys per round. To unlock episode 2, you need 30 keys, and the cost to unlock just continues to increase after a few episodes.

There’s no way I’ll continue playing if I’m forced to continue playing the mini game this much - the mini game requires more time and effort than the main game. Based on the other reviews I’m seeing, I’m not alone in these thoughts and I hope the devs take this into consideration.

I’ll happily revise my review if something changes, but for now I can only give 1 star as I barely get to enjoy the main game at all.
A Merry Berry,
This game is run by liars!!!
As everyone is saying, this game is blockduku where you get only a bit of the game you actually downloaded, as a “treat”. I got to play 3 logic puzzles before getting locked behind a blockduku wall, a game I already uninstalled weeks ago because I find it boring. If I wanted to play blockduku, I would still have a blockduku game. And on the reviews the team keeps lying about having it to “add a challenge”, I don’t for a minute believe they’re actually this dumb, blockduku is not harder than a logic puzzle, just more tedious. We’ve seen them respond to this complaint dozens of times so you can’t blame lack of understanding of the issue anymore. If you just want to have a blockduku game that’s fine, but you’re lying about it and that makes you a group of terrible people.