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Developer: Dual Cat
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 3.12.1
ID: io.shenron.lnr


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Whether you're big or small, at home or on the road, Long Neck Run is the perfect obstacle racing game to have fun and show your reflexes. Reach peaks in just a few minutes.

Will you be able to avoid the traps you meet on the way? The further you go, the taller you get, and the harder the levels become. It's up to you to be as nimble as possible to discover the secrets we have in store for you.

Playing is easy, just control your character with your finger. Get as many rings as you can from your colors to make your neck grow, reach more bonuses and unlock many wonders. But beware! Each ring of the wrong color will make you lose part of your neck and you might not make it through the pitfalls like the zip lines or the swimming pools. Keep your head up.

As you play, win keys and gemstones in order to open and unlock new skins. Become a rabbit, a ninja, or a king by spending your gems in the shop. Remember, the longer your neck, the higher the winnings. Our skins can't be bought with money and can only be obtained by playing.

Our game only exists thanks to advertisements. Ads will be present throughout the game, and some will allow you to increase your rewards! However, you can support us by buying our paid version (without advertisements) directly from the game. That comes with a lot of gems to unlock more content.

Version history

Privacy policy update
Improved user experience
Improved user experience.
Bug fixes and improved user experience.
Minor bug fixes & performance improvements
Privacy Update
Added new ring skins! Collect them all in the chest room!
Improved user experience
Improved performance and user experience
Unlock new awesome skins!
Improved user experience

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Remove Ads
(Remove all banners & interstitials)
CD014542896✱✱✱✱✱ 0BB0B30✱✱✱✱✱

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4.6 out of 5
58.5K Ratings


To be expected
This application/game is like any typical games you would have installed on your device, this application is still new to my phone and I've only seen one ad that I didn't request from an option to not get extra coins, what I'd recommend to those who are going to install this game/application was if you're given the option to gain extra coins by watching an ad or continue with what you've earned through that level, I'd say go with watching an ad for extra because it's just thirty seconds and even though you're forced to watch an ad if you didn't choose to gain more, it'll be worth it unless you're willing to just collect your regulate amount and sit though around ten or fifteen second ads until you're able to skip it.
Great game, just one suggestion
This is an amazing game, it works well and unlike other games it doesn’t force you to lose points or anything like that its just fun and actually has a but of strategy. There is one suggestion I have for it though, after playing for a while and unlocking all the skins there is nothing else to unlock with gems so they are just a useless collectable. It would be cool if you could buy upgrades to start off with neck so then it would make the game have a non useless feature after some point. Maybe just like 5,000 each upgrade over and over. It could work 😊 Thank you!!
I like the game but..
Its a very good game it really is its all over social media but their is one problem its that there is too many ads after every level, there is a ad like if there is something you guys can do about it pls remove ads its ok if there is a couple but after every level?! Too much for me please remove stuff like this thank you.
angel sisters d the youtuber,
Love it but
This game is really fun it’s always a fun game if you just want to do something while listening to music and stuff or just playing it I just have one thing though. Though this game is fun I have bought all the outfits and neck pieces and I was hoping maybe there can be more outfits? Also I may have not got to the part yet but at the beginning of the game it shows that there was a guy that was kidnapped (im guessing it the partner or something sorry if not) I was wondering if he ever comes back because if so yay bc im kinda excited to see if not I think that would be really cool. All right that’s it from me very good game 👍
Yo whats up peoples,
Fun-ish but lots of problems
The game is pretty fun, when you actually get to play… The gameplay is EXTREMELY laggy, and at the end of every level, there is an ad. At the end of each level, you can watch an ad to get extra gems, but even if you decide to stay with the original amount of gems, it brings up an ad. (So always just get the extra gems). There is also a very limited amount of characters to pick from and I unlocked all of them within the first 15 minutes of playing. Overall a great game if you are someone with an impossible amount of patience. Hope someone finds this helpful :)
I just put 5 stars so y’all can see this
I hate this game I don’t know why I keep playing it, there an add every time and it gets really annoying. The game isn’t even fun and it’s false advertisement in the gameplay. I went up almost all the way and didn’t get pass the dinosaur. Don’t download the game it’s horrible…
One thing but it’s great
I love this app so I rated it 5 stars the thing is when I press however gems I have it says get more on the spinning thing I don’t press it AND IT STILL PLAYS A AD sometimes I also can’t skip ever it takes me to safari and I have to restart the app and when I press the X it just takes me there so please fix thx ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❣️💓🖤💗❤️💖
My dad never came back 3R
This game is fabulous and after I started playing it I just couldn’t stop, the graphics might not be the best but my addictive mind got so into it that I can’t fall asleep without playing for bit, My kids and wife say I need help but I think there crazy. Please keep updating.
Really fun
I think this game is super fun but can there please be something higher that the dragon like idk Mount Everest? It only took me 3 days to beat the game so please add more also add a higher max height also I think there should be a feature where you can skip bonus levels they get annoying quickly
Xander Howe,
After almost every level I get an ad, even though I am not asking for a multiplier, I still get an ad and am not rewarded😡. Here’s a bonus: You can’t even pay to get rid of the ads! I would rate the game 5 stars if there were a lot LESS ads. Who would want to play a game if It gave you ads between each level without you choosing to get an ad. Make all the ads OPTIONAL and then this game will get 5 stars.