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Price: Free
Version: 3.9.0
ID: com.playrix.manor-matters


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Welcome to Castlewood — an old manor full of mysteries! Why is it abandoned? What’s hidden behind the tapestry? Is the manor really haunted?

Inspect and renovate rooms, find curious artifacts from all over the world, and unravel the secrets of this thrilling location together with Carl, your charming assistant! Are you ready to step inside? They left the door open for you… come on in!

● Explore stunning scenes to find hidden objects and earn stars
● Try your detective skills with a variety of modes and items
● Restore the manor to make its interiors strikingly beautiful
● Search for ancient treasure, unlocking rooms to get more clues
● Delve into an intriguing storyline with a wide cast of characters

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Version history

The spring holidays are around the corner!

- Adorable bunnies are waiting for you in our new Fluffy Season!
- Carl, Bill, and Ivy have planted mysterious seeds, but something went wrong... Solve the mystery of the Majestic Ivy in a new themed event!
- Help Eva find her muse at the Inspiration Café. And don't forget to try the amazing apple pudding =)

Enjoy the game!
The Manor Matters Team
Delve into a romantic atmosphere with our latest update!

- Amelia would love to have an unforgettable date with Carl! You can make that happen by turning the Rockville Observatory into a Romantic Observatory!
- Take part in the Dance Night this Valentine's day. The dancefloor awaits!
- The Fortune Season brings a cute red panda to Castlewood! Make it feel at home, and get ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Enjoy the game, and Happy Holidays!
The Manor Matters Team
Delve into a romantic atmosphere with our latest update!

- Amelia would love to have an unforgettable date with Carl! You can make that happen by turning the Rockville Observatory into a Romantic Observatory!
- Take part in the Dance Night this Valentine's day. The dancefloor awaits!
- The Fortune Season brings a cute red panda to Castlewood! Make it feel at home, and get ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Enjoy the game, and Happy Holidays!
The Manor Matters Team
A big winter update is here!

- Carl finds a little reindeer right before the holidays. Nothing like that has ever happened at Castlewood before! Make your new pet feel at home, and decorate the front yard with new holiday-themed decorations!
- Carl and company went on a winter train adventure, but an avalanche had other plans... Cheer our friends up and help them have a holiday in the train carriage!
- A new Cozy Story event is coming your way! Take part in getting the study ready for the winter holidays and make it more beautiful than it ever has been before!

The Manor Matters team
wishes you happy holidays!
3.6.5 Here comes a fun update!

- Carl and Bill are going on an expedition to a monster's lair!
- Help our friends overcome every obstacle and find the treasure!
- Carl's beautiful mustache and Bill's wonderful songs await!

Enjoy the game!
The Manor Matters Team
The 3.6.0 Autumn update is here!

- Help Carl, Eva, and Bill recreate an old amusement park in a new incredible Creepy Park redesign event!
- Prank Bill during our new Ghostly Season! A cute ghost will help you with that :)
- Austin, the butler, is in trouble! Help Carl and Amelia save him and unravel the incredible Mysterious Castle to win a butler competition.

Enjoy the game!
The Manor Matters Team
An amazing update has arrived!

- Create a beautiful Japanese garden together with an unusual assistant in the new Robot Season!
- Have fun building your own pavilion at the Fun Fair!
- Meet a very special guest to help you turn Castlewood into a cozy Aloha Park!
- Get ready! A fencing tournament is coming your way!
- And one more thing—now you'll get lives instead of energy! Your cups of coffee will be exchanged for additional lives. Check the Mailbox of your in-game tablet to learn more.

The Manor Matters Team
An exciting new update is here!

- Help Bill overcome every obstacle on his way to becoming a western movie star!
- Solve the mysteries of the ocean in the new Underwater Expedition event and get access to a new room!

Enjoy the game
The Manor Matters Team
Summer update is here!

- Take part in recreating the legendary Rockville Musical Story musical and spruce up the front yard with new decorations.
- New game mechanics! Now, apart from improving your searching skills, you can beat fantastic three-in-a-row levels.

Enjoy the game
The Manor Matters Team
Here comes a festive update!

- Horse Season is here! Get a unique pet and a special corral for it!
- Decorate the front yard during the new Wonder Garden event and delve into an atmosphere with an Eastern vibe.
- Compete in our new contest—the Tennis Tournament! Beat mini-games to win cool rewards!
- Restore the gorgeous orangery, and you'll get to keep it forever!
- And we have prepared something special to mark the game's second birthday!

Enjoy the game
The Manor Matters Team
A fresh, spring update is here!
- Don’t miss Scout Season, our latest event! Get a treehouse and a unique uniform for Carl!
- The Spring Ruckus event is here! Meet some new characters and trick out the front yard with spring decorations!
- Compete in our new contest—the Tennis Tournament! Beat the mini-game to win cool rewards!
Enjoy the game
The Manor Matters Team
Enjoy the game! The Manor Matters Team
Amazing update incoming!

- Our exciting Lunar New Year event is already here! Create a festive atmosphere in Castlewood's front yard with incredible decorations and feel the holiday spirit!
- Try your hand at our new search modes!
- Check out beautiful new scenes.

Enjoy the game! The Manor Matters Team
Enjoy the game! The Manor Matters Team
A magical update is here!

Check out the exciting new Winter Dream event. Help Carl and his friends restore Santa's workshop and free Sir Henry! Bring the holiday spirit back to Castlewood!

Enjoy the game and Happy Holidays!
The Manor Matters Team
A magical update is here!

Check out the exciting new Winter Dream event. Help Carl and his friends restore Santa's workshop and free Sir Henry! Bring the holiday spirit back to Castlewood!

Enjoy the game and Happy Holidays!
The Manor Matters Team
The holiday season is just around the corner!

- Ho ho ho! Are you ready for the holidays? Get ready for a new event—Magic Holiday! Collect amazing, festive decorations and completely immerse yourself in the holiday spirit!
- Challenges await! Beat hard levels on your first try to win the grand prize!
- Amazing new search modes and eye-catching scenes are already available!

Enjoy the game and Happy Holidays from the Manor Matters Team!
A creepy new update is here!

- Get ready for Halloween! Decorate Castlewood with Halloween items in a new Spooky Story event!
- Beat Retro Rally levels faster than your opponents to win cool prizes!
- And don't forget to check out new locations: the Perfumer's Workshop, the Cabinet of Curiosities, and many more!

Enjoy the game!
The Manor Matters Team
Get ready for a new event—Ocean Adventure!

- Solve the mystery of Atlantis and make Castlewood’s yard dazzle with underwater decorations!
- Try your hand at new, exciting search modes.
- And don't forget to check out new locations: Kid’s Room, Fortune Teller’s Tent, Country House, and many more!

Enjoy the game!
The Manor Matters Team
Here comes a cool update!

- Now players will see their in-game level! See your progress and compare your results with your friends.
- Try your hand at new search modes!
- And don't forget to check out new locations: the Geography Room, Outdoor Café, and many more!

Enjoy the game!
The Manor Matters Team
Summer update is here!
- Hound's Season is just around the corner. Find out who Carl made friends with this time!
- Participate in events to win amazing rewards and unique decorations!
- Try your hand at new search modes.
- And don't forget to check out brand new locations: the Archaeologist's Office, Lovers' Lane, and many more!

Enjoy the game!
The Manor Matters Team
Get ready for a spring update!

- It's Theater Time! Help Carl and his friends spruce up Castlewood's front yard with themed decorations.
- Don't miss your chance to win some unique prizes and a pair of cute raccoons in the Season of Stripes!
- Explore new scenes: Alley, Desk, Dining Room, and Dressing Room.
- Try out some new fun search modes.

Enjoy the game!
The Manor Matters Team
Get ready for a spring update!

- It's Theater Time! Help Carl and his friends spruce up Castlewood's front yard with themed decorations.
- Don't miss your chance to win some unique prizes and a pair of cute raccoons in the Season of Stripes!
- Explore new scenes: Alley, Desk, Dining Room, and Dressing Room.
- Try out some new fun search modes.

Enjoy the game!
The Manor Matters Team
Here comes a spectacular update!

- Renovate Carl's bedroom in a new event and keep the room forever!
- New search modes await you. Let the search begin!

Enjoy the game! - The Manor Matters Team
A major update is here!

- Piñatas filled with cool rewards are waiting for you in a new Fun Party event. Beat levels, break piñatas, collect rewards!
- Rockville Explorer is back! Clear scenes for a chance to win the main prize!
- Check out three new amazing locations: the Hattery, the Bookshop, and the Pavilion.
- Play brand new search modes!

Enjoy the game! The Manor Matters Team.

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Beginner's Bundle
(Beginner's Bundle)
DI097772145✱✱✱✱✱ 7BC3B74✱✱✱✱✱
Some Coins
(Some Coins)
DI574695250✱✱✱✱✱ 216BA90✱✱✱✱✱
Gold Reserve
(Gold Reserve)
DI759635685✱✱✱✱✱ 8002D49✱✱✱✱✱
Handful of Coins
(Handful of Coins)
DI143917450✱✱✱✱✱ 0934CF1✱✱✱✱✱
Standard Bundle
(Standard Bundle)
DI744240011✱✱✱✱✱ B35F800✱✱✱✱✱
Stack of Coins
(Stack of Coins)
DI387247806✱✱✱✱✱ EBD2F25✱✱✱✱✱
Super Bundle
(Super Bundle)
DI575437724✱✱✱✱✱ 428003A✱✱✱✱✱
Big Stack of Coins
(Big Stack of Coins)
DI336472310✱✱✱✱✱ CF60D48✱✱✱✱✱
Splendid Bundle
(Splendid Bundle)
DI570019055✱✱✱✱✱ 29F0103✱✱✱✱✱
Golden Ticket
(Access to special event rewards!)
DI110923314✱✱✱✱✱ 3FAB388✱✱✱✱✱

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4.7 out of 5
183.4K Ratings


Beautiful game
I can’t rave enough about this game. I usually run far away from these kind of games similar due to them all being “match the blocks” kind of games. This game is one of the only that does it different with the “I spy” gameplay. NO MATCHING BLOCKS OF ANY KIND! Thank gosh!! This is exactly my kind of game. & can we talk about how beautiful the animations are? The story is interesting and the player engagement the characters have with you is refreshing. They talk to you & you can watch the characters walk around doing their own thing around the house for hours. I love how you can pick your own style when decorating. I haven’t spent one dime on the game and I’m on level 470. They give you great daily rewards and bonus items to help you get through the levels. Some levels are challenging I will admit I’ve got frustrated a few times but it’s not impossible to beat without spending money. You just have to work the hard levels a few times before beating it, a lot of levels test your memory on where the items are. Sometimes I’ll take a break for a few days and I’ll come back and they will welcome me back with rewards. I LOVE THIS GAME. It’s my favorite way to wind down for the day.
Fix the versus mode,
Good Game but a notable issue with Levels.
The game is great. There’s always more to do and it’s not just a simple Candy Crush-Like game. There are no ads and the rare bonus games are interesting. But the Hard and Super Hard normal levels rather than the “find” levels are not hard in difficulty for the same reason as other hard games. Rather than just being a challenging mini game, the level seems like it’s relatively easy but gives you very little moves compared to what you’d normally need to complete said level. So rather than feeling like any progress or learning curve is needed it ends up feeling like a level you can only win by chance. This frustrating since at times you can lose simply because you did not get any special items and these levels are impossible without them.

The Find levels have a different issue all together however. The lack of definitions of context. It’s very common to lose a find level simply because you don’t know what a word means or a word is referring to something it normally would not. I feel there should be the choice to click the word and see a definition or the word used in a sentence. The time should pause for the latter but not the former.

There is also the move suggestions. They are extremely annoying for people especially those with Misokinesia. I wish there was a setting to turn them off especially since they happen within 2 seconds of not moving so they are extremely constant.
SAHM Annoyed,
I like it
But I don’t love it. To much of the game is led by chance (special moves on extremely hard levels that really are not that hard but you can do it only in a few moves, how dare I say? Luck is to much of play here trust me I’ve redone levels a doz times + and some of it and to much of it is left to chance. My real prob is when it decides to move your pieces around- and it’s on one of those super hard levels … I’m playing it like chess knowing my next move or so if this or that remains similar and bam everything’s flipped- or the arbitrary suggestions to not helpful points. Let us turn these weird aspects off. Lol and I mean setting a game difficulty is that to hard? Genuinely I don’t want to do those extra hard levels and it causes me to put my game down because I run out of lives right? Well when you pick it up 4 times more and are stuck waiting on luck and a couple days pass because your playing when you can well guess what? That’s less time playing your game. I’d be playing quiet often but it’s miserable sitting on the same part for days and sometimes whole game goes down for a week then like it’s not the goal here right? Let us play and not have a game set by chance w minimal turns lol and minimal lives etc as for the week and find I mean sometimes you could use a better word to mean something- I know it’s fun to be fancy or old world but like sometimes …. I don’t want to do a level over because what’s a this or that until it’s shown to you after
Amazing Game, Except for New Update
Edit: Bumped my review down a star because they now force you to play match-3 levels when I specifically downloaded this game to NOT do match-3 levels. Miss when this game first launched and felt unique.

Let me start by saying I love this game. This is by far my favorite take on the “play mini games to renovate a mansion” style of game. The scenes are challenging but never impossible, and it doesn’t feel like you have to use power ups to progress. The game is beautiful, the characters are fun, and the story is enjoyable. Before the new update, you would spend energy to play a level and regain that energy upon successful completion. This made it feel like you were making progress upon a win and you didn’t feel punished when losing—once you beat a tricky stage, you could keep going. To me, this set Manor Matters apart from other games, since I didn’t feel forced to buy energy in order to progress. Now, you no longer regain energy on a win. You can only play a few levels before being forced to wait and come back later. I suppose this is supposed to make you want to return to the game, but it’s only done the opposite for me. I no longer want to come back to the game to play level after level, because I physically can’t anymore. If the energy system gets fixed, I’ll bump my review up to a five. Until then, this game is missing the core feature that made me choose it over others in the genre.
Used to be 5 stars
I loved this game when I first downloaded it. I used to play Homescapes but when my phone started having issues and I needed to get a new one, my game didn’t save (my fault I know) and I had to start over. Being that I was so far along, I didn’t want to restart so I downloaded this since concept was similar but the “finding scenes” versus the “matching 3 in a row” was much more interesting. The scenes and graphics were beautiful. Yes, it could be challenging especially with features such as the clouds or the silhouette modes, but either way it would still draw me in. Since the new update released about a week ago, the “finding scenes” appear one out of every 5 or 6 turns..which now have been substituted with the dreaded “matching 3” or more in a row. When the “finding” scenes do come up, they are beyond easy and if you’ve been playing this game long enough …you know exactly where to look to find the objects and it’s just not fun anymore. It’s now become like a candy crush wannabe which lost the appeal. Not to mention when you do get a “finding”’scene instead of the “matching” game, they are the same 3 or so scenes over and over. The whole allure was being able to unlock new scenes and find new and different objects. Too bad. This game used to be a 5..not sure why the switch over happened, but it would be nice if it could go back to more of the original game.
#june is awesome+🐱,
First it was the time constraints now it’s the match three
Originally I complained that in the hidden object seemed the time constraints were to limiting and forced you to use your hints in order to comply with the ridiculous time constraints. It would be much more fun to play if there were no time constraints or something better than two minutes. They seem to have made the scenes easier because I don’t have that problem anymore and I’m really well into the game. Maybe level 800.

Now I am complaining about the introduction of the match three. It is quickly becoming the dominant part of the game. At first it was fun but now it is ridiculous. One scene I just played gave you six or 8 moves to cover 64 squares with grass with certain items locked behind chains and boxes. It took me 20 moves. Other scenes give you 14 moves when other games would at least give you 24 or even 30. I guess I will start using my life lines but I’m not sure if you lose your streak which gives you the aids that allow you to pass them to begin with. Someone was right when they said this game is a money maker in disguise. The match three needs help. I am going to delete this game if something is not fixed which is really sad because I wanted to play it until the end. I don’t mind spending money a little bit but not $20,000 per game (game currency) on match three.
Fun but Doesn’t last Long
I don’t usually write reviews but felt compelled to do so for this one. I love search and find objects ever since I was a kid at the doctors office with the Highlight Magazine. I’ve tried others but the graphics were not what they are here. Absolutely beautiful! I was really looking forward to this game and seeing the map of the house I was quite excited! Unfortunately, I’m not enjoying my time. The time it takes to clear a level takes so long. With double finds and silhouette making it difficult, sometimes what a pillow looks like might not be what your looking for because a neck pillow is unexpected. Then there’s items you just don’t know what they are. When you use your energy and clear a room, you still loose your life instead of keeping it in order to keep moving on and messes with the fluidity. Yes, the developer placed a daily wheel to win some prizes, but the tools alone are quite expensive and I’m tired of being hit up to buy energy. Again, beautiful graphics but the fluidity of this games is a constant “stop and go, stop and go” ... and takes too long to get through 1 room. The silhouette and double object challenges are not fun, booster packs are too expensive. I find myself putting the game away and playing something else. A game I can sit with for an hour at a time, in my evenings to relax. Sorry ... I wouldn’t recommend.
Used to be fun but not anymore (spoiler alert)
I really enjoyed the game when I could relax and play it casually. I enjoyed the story line and looked forward to seeing where it would go next. I didn’t even mind that I had to wait for energy to recharge to continue. It made it a treat to look forward to the next session. BUT ***spoiler alert*** after the storyline eventually reveals what has become of Mr. Burke, the following storylines become stupid. (You keep running into illogical scenarios that could easily be resolved just by contacting him and asking for help! We know where he is! Grrr!) Convoluted storyline aside, as you continue playing, it is the mechanics of the game that change it from a challenging, fun object search puzzle game to extremely infuriating, “I want to throw my device across the room and never play it again” situation. Believe me, I have given it many chances. I have paid real money to buy the special passes during events and for coins to buy more tools. But it just isn’t fun anymore. I am tired of repeating the same level 20 times or more. And the latest event, “Winter Dreams” lost it’s appeal by level 4. Sorry Santa. Someone else will have to save you. I think I am officially done with this one. I’m willing to sacrifice the over 23,000 coins I have still to use. Congratulate your developers for taking a great concept and turning it into a impossible waste of my time.
Almost Perfect
This game is my favorite and has been for quite some time now! My only REAL complaints (maybe this is just for native English speakers) are two things:

1. If one of the items I’m searching for is candy - for the love of god, please don’t put two types of candy in the picture! I often see a combo that includes either a box of chocolates, a candy cane, and/or a lollipop. I have to figure out which “candy” is the right choice, and it could be any one of the three.

2. Things like a) “cone” shouldn’t mean that it could be an ice cream cone OR a pine cone. I may be in the minority here, but I would never understand what was meant in real life if someone called either of those items just “cone” b) “lily” should just mean an actual lily (like it does on some levels), and not used for a fleur-de-lis. Just because (I think) the literal translation of fleur-de-lis is “flower of lily” doesn’t mean everyone knows what it translates to in English and also that you need to look for something that’s not the literal lily flower. *A side note: items like bow, money, and bat make sense, though. If I’m talking with someone about any of those things, I generally wouldn’t further specify in conversation that I meant gift bow, baseball/animal bat, or break down money into saying coins or bills.
Rasputins girl,
Search or memorize the tricks?
Really was a fun game throughout the first room, but as the game gets more difficult, the developers resort to tricks to hide objects. The cumulative effect is no more fun; the way to clear a level is to memorize their tricks and then be able to try all the possible locations and versions of objects in a ridiculously short time. The tricks include: an object might be realistic, or just an outline, or on a sticker, or a stuffed animal, or drawn in exactly the same colors as its background, effectively making it invisible.
It might be any of those types, in any of a half dozen locations, and there are ten of those all to be identified in a few seconds. And all of those variable change with each try.
So you may need to play a scene dozens of times to find and learn all these variations, and then be quick and lucky enough to hit them all in a crazy short time. Thats not fun, its just stupid.
I will particularly complain about objects that are virtually invisible, due to being colored to match the background. At the end of a round, when stuck on one of these, the game will show you where it is, but I cannot see it at all, even when highlighted. Argh.
Not fun at all. I have visions of the developers laughing at us and being so proud of themselves. It should be a game, not a hackers contest!