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Minimalistic and speedy

Developer: Golmium
Category: Games
Price: $0.99 (Download for free)
Version: 2.0
ID: com.golmium.MiniChessW


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Mini Chess is a simplified, modern variant of the classic Chess. Played on a 5 x 5 board, with fewer pieces (one rook, knight and bishop and 5 pawns), each game can be played in minutes. Castling and pawn double-move are not allowed. Players have the option to face off against AI with 3 levels of difficulty. The game combines the fun and convenience of other play-while-you-wait games with intellectual stimulation of real Chess and is also a great way to introduce kids to the basics of Chess. This fast paced game is a perfect take on the timeless classic for our fast paced world.

Version history

- General update for WatchOS v.8
- Enhancements in the AI of the game
- Swipe gesture for Undo
- Crown usage to scroll down for settings and help
- Haptic feedback (optionally) when attempting invalid moves
- A few other minor issues

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2.5 out of 5
32 Ratings


Annoying !!
At first it was a great, challenging way to spend time. However, I soon noticed it would glitch and i wouldn’t be able to make specific moves that would otherwise tip the game in my advantage. For example, my bishop wouldn’t move in a certain diagonal direction when it should, or my pawn wouldn’t move forward into an empty space. It’s incredibly annoying.

It also frequently freezes and I end up having to delete the app and redownload for it to work again.
Gary Rabinovich,
AI issues
Though the game is great at the start and deserves 5 stars, by a week later I can continually beat the game by performing the same 8 moves. At the start I thought the AI was reacting to my moves based on previous moves and at least somewhat looking forward. Instead the AI reacts to all moves the same way. This is how I realized the 8 moves that will always lead to a checkmate.
1) (W) Queen Pawn move forward
(B) reacts with Bishop Pawn takes Queen Pawn
2) (W) Knight to Queen Pawn’s starting square
(B) reacts with Rook Pawn forward
3) (W) King Pawn takes pawn
(B) reacts with King Pawn takes pawn
4) (W) Bishop Pawn takes pawn
(B) Knight Threatens Queen
5) (W) Knight Pawn takes Knight
(B) Queen Pawn takes pawn
5) (W) Queen put King in check
(B) King moves in front of Queen
6) (W) Knight puts King in check
(B) Queen takes Knight
7) (W) Queen moves up in line with King
(B) Checkmate

If you want I can send you a video. Please make AI somewhat smarter and get 5 stars from me.

(Edit) I didn’t know that there was an expert level. I have now set it to expert to see what happens. I added a star now that I know this.

I tried Intermediate and can beat the game using the same combination of moves.

I will now move on to expert.

I finally won in Expert mode. If you’re willing to sacrifice important pieces you can in fact win. 5 stars.
Ok Expert is tougher.
Difficult gameplay
One of two things happen when I play this game. 1) I lose. Even the Novice setting is difficult with so little room to move around and only one of each back row piece. 2) It locks up. I’ve been stuck many times with every move I try being illegal. I’ll keep playing and update my review if it gets any better, but overall it’s not as much fun as I was led to believe.
Impossible to beat even on the easiest difficulty. The game also always forces you to start which puts you at a disadvantage. It runs nicely on my watch but I have lost every single game I’ve played

Update: (Added a star) Developer responded with proof that you can beat the game even if you start every time. It would be even better if the difference between the difficulties was even more substantial.
Really fun on watch
I love this game. Chess has always been so intimidating to me. This is much more approachable. I can confirm you can win pretty often. So the arxiv reference in the other review proves that starting first has the same advantage as not? Wasn’t Gardner’s mini chess slightly different than this?
Have had to uninstall and reinstall this app multiple times to work around the app freezing up on my watch. Overall, not a terrible app, but very limited possibilities to move the pieces. I would not purchase this app if given the chance.
Simple and quick
I live being able to pull this up and run through a game in a minute. Even though the computer plays hard, it is possible to beat it.
Loving this baby chessboard
what’s interesting is that it’s a completely different game when you cut it down to this size. Not easier. Not harder. Just as much fun, which surprised me.
Like it
Nice game. Really tough to beat though. Gor the developer, is there any way to change this to an easier difficulty level?
I got the wrong app.
This doesn’t work on my watch. I have a 5.0 iWatch. Can I get my money back?