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Developer: Nancy Mossman
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.2


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Drive into excitement and fun with the Monster Truck Games Racing app! If you dig monster truck rally’s and love the stunts the trucks and motorcycles do then you’ll love exploring and enjoy this cool app. With over 30 activities and games you will get to really experience what it feels like to be in a Monster truck jam! This super fun app was designed by teachers with over 15 years childcare experience, using their philosophy of learning through play.

Monster Truck and Motorcycle Driving Games
Come to the Rally and have a blast driving in different creative exciting worlds! And the best part is you can drive a monster truck or motorcycle in each world, and they do different cool things. For example the Monster truck in space can jump over rocks, and the Firetruck Motorcycle can shoot water and put out fires! It’s engaging fun and with every game having unique features it’s a whole new exciting experience for each one.

Tap Animations
Little fingers love to tap, tap, tap, and these cool Monster truck and Motorcycle tap animations will delight and engage all Monster truck rally fans! With the Tap Animations your little ones will get to make the trucks and motorcycles do the stunts as fast or as slow as they want while hearing a funky tune play. Tapping the screen will take them to the next frame so they are similar to the old comic flip books because the faster you tap the faster the truck or motorcycle does the stunt! It’s engrossing for little ones to see and control the animation and it makes them feel like they are doing the cool stunts themselves! It’s super monster truck rally fun.

Monster Truck and Motorcycle Puzzle Games
Adding even more fun to the Monster Truck Games Racing app is the puzzle games! Using the same themes as the driving worlds the puzzles delve them further into those worlds by adding different elements that belong to that theme and letting them play with them. With three games for each theme they will get to see loads of dinosaurs, spaceships, police puppies, and of course candy! It's a unique way to have fun with each world and will help their creativity abound.

It’s time to go to the Monster truck rally and have a blast driving, making animations, and playing with puzzles. Let your little ones drive into fun and let their imaginations and creativity grow with the Monster Truck Games Racing app!

Version history

Added instructions for every game, including the monster truck and motorcycle driving games.
Thank you for your feedback and support!
Based on user feedback we have changed the driving game menu to give you easier access to the 12 different monster trucks and motorcycles.
We hope you enjoy playing with monster trucks and motorcycles!
Thanks for your support.

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Motocycle & Monster Trucks Go
(Unlock all the driving games.)
BB693863795✱✱✱✱✱ DD6E660✱✱✱✱✱
Remove Ads for Motor Bikes
(Remove all the ads for the Monster Truck Game)
BB313829002✱✱✱✱✱ 55DAA67✱✱✱✱✱

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4.3 out of 5
30K Ratings


m tell,
Total hit in my house !
This game is literally so fun to play if you love monster trucks I downloaded this for my son and he really loves it but I think I love it more! It has cool little puzzle games where you match up the items that my son loves the most he has a really fun time with that. But the best part of this app is all the fun you can have with the trucks!! Even in space and with dinosaurs I really love it. I love being able to fly through space with a big truck it’s super cool! There’s an even better mini game though where you can race through obstacles and for extra you can even race through space that’s my favorite especially since it’s a free app. I love crashing my monster truck too it’s pretty fun I’d definitely try it if you get this app which I definitely recommend!
Awesome Monster Truck App For Kids!
If you are anything like me your kids are constantly asking to play games on your phone. However, I struggle to find child appropriate games with some educational value to download. Look no further than Monster Trucks! The game features some really cool and fun monster trucks and some fun driving challenges that my kids absolutely love. Not only can they drive the trucks, the app features some really cool puzzles and other educational aspects that my kids really enjoy. If you are looking for toddler games for boys or even girls check out this app. Very fun and age appropriate I highly recommend!
Fun and Challenging
A great fun game. A must have for kids who love Monster Trucks or Motorbikes. They’ll be able to enjoy racing monster trucks and testing their minds to get over humps and obstacles and progress through the stages. There also is a puzzle feature where you have to select the matching puzzle piece to the outline of the piece. Great for kids to match up and learn this matching skill.
Great until you purchase
My son absolutely loved the free version so I broke down and purchased the app so he had access to all the puzzles and scenes. Ever since I purchased full access the ads increased, every other click in the app causes another ad to pop up, leading to a frustrated toddler just trying to play his games and a mom having to close out an ad every few seconds. So I paid 2.99 for full access to the games, they increased the amount of ads, and expect me to spend another 2.99 to remove ads.
Fun for kids!
This is a fun game especially for kids who love monster trucks! You can do a few different game modes such as racing the truck until it falls over. You can also do a shapes matching mini game to help your child learn shapes and objects. This app worked well and ran smoothly on my ipad air 2. Would recommend to kids looking for a simple and fun monster truck game.
Cool & Creative
This game keeps the kids in our home entertained in the best way possible. I feel it’s both educational and stimulating for the mind. The music is fun and exciting and the pictures you interact with are excellent. Our favorite is the tap animations. Everyone knows monster trucks are cool 😉
Love it! Great for boys!
I enjoyed trying out this game for my kid to play! I love that it has puzzles for setting up the track! It provides fun animations, and a monster truck driving experience! I did notice you have options for in-app purchases for puzzles, etc as well. Great app and great for boredom!
Fun for kids!
Love this monster truck game, it gives you a few modes to choose from including puzzles, driving monster trucks, and different tap animations. I love the whole layout with different taps that open into the games you can play.
really enjoy all,
Yes we have them all done with the kids and they are all good with y’all too and I don’t wknow wwant be there till Monday so sorry we missed y’all too happy belated Birthday happy belated happy merry merry happy birthday merry merry happy happy belated happy happy birthday to you merry Christmas happy birthday happy happy birthday merry happy happy merry happy birthday to
Great Game
This is a very good fun AND educational game for kids. The whole monster trucks theme is very engaging and kept me hooked. I really love the controls and the simplicity of the game, which anyone could understand. The gameplay was smooth on my iPhone 7 and I would definitely recommend this.