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Funny line drawing game

Developer: Playbox Studio
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.0.10
ID: com.qyg.wdggios


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The new version of the popular brain-burning creative theme is here!
This time, it's no longer an original puzzle game, it's filled with tons of brain-burning levels, and for every level, there's a dog's head waiting for you to open your mind to save him!
The rich creativity and interesting puzzles may break common sense and bring you a whole new experience! You taste the need to think backwards and use different ways to use unexpected and sensible ways to help the dog-headed man! This is a great tool for friends and family to spend time together, so download it and experience a different kind of puzzle game! It's time to save the matchmaker, but the dog-headed man! Trapped by the honeycomb dog head! doge!
My dog - dog head swollen is an original puzzle game, which contains a large number of brain-burning levels, each level, there is a dog head waiting for you to open your mind to save him!
The abundance of creative and interesting puzzle questions may break common sense and bring you a whole new experience! You taste the need to think backwards and use different ways to use unexpected and sensible ways to help the dog-headed man! This is a great tool for friends and family to spend time together, so download it and experience a different kind of puzzle game!

Game Features
-Fresh and simple style, beautiful picture
-Simple dog head expression, not simple drawing line
-The questions do not follow the usual rules, training your problem-solving skills
-Massive line drawing creative brain teasers

Version history

-fix bug
-fix bugs
-fix bugs

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4.5 out of 5
2 532 Ratings


Just like the ads
OK so when I started playing this game it was just how I recognized. It would be just like the ads if you read this a low game I don’t know what is wrong with you I don’t know if you probably like over the age of 10 and you think this is just too old for you, but this game is just like the ads so I don’t understand why you would rate this a low
Good game, very addictive(my opinion)
This game is good because even though it has ads, it barely has them. This game is also fun because I like how in some levels you can’t trap the bee’s in their hive. But what I don’t like about the game is how you have to watch a ad for a hint to not get sting on some levels, bc on some levels you have no idea how to save the pup and you have to watch a annoying ad. Now I know it’s because it’s like a little cheat sheet and I’m not trying to go full on rage but I kinda don’t like it. That was all, again I’m not trying to go full on rage, but anyways have a good day, good bye, and most importantly thank you for reading this.
What do we need from there I have
What do we need from there I have some stuff I have some more things that I’m not sure I have yet I can do that if we have any of the things I can bring with it and if not we will go with that one or you know the ones we can just take a couple and put in your bags so that way I know when we’re leaving or not I have a few bags that you have in my bags to bring with us so that I have some of those that I don’t forget and we don’t forget and you don’t need any other items you need I just don’t need any stuff I just want you have enough to keep the things I can get the
Tysm Spotify 😍,
It’s ok…
Ok when I downloaded this game I thought it was going to be like COOL??was I right??ehhh kinda🧢so basically every single and I MEAN EVERY round or level IS EASY?! YOU JUST HAVE TO DRAW A CIRCLE ⭕️ AND YOURE DONE!!PLS fix this make it harder as well!!🥱and… I also saw the reviews and one said “ if you even touched anything like the beehive or anything else it would atomically stop”. So I tried it out and she/he was right I would have to redo ↪️ also something else I notice is that’s there are WAY TO MANY ADS😃once I won 🙌🏼 and all of that there would pop UP AN AD?!??📸Im not saying that LITERALLY EVERY GAME DOESNT NEED AN AD!! Ofc a game has an ad (but not all of them)😈the ads were at least appropriate 😮‍💨Ty for reading this
Too easy, addictive, too many adds
First of all, there are WAY to many adds. I would say about 40% of the time you play this game, you are watching adds. Second, It’s too easy. You put a circle around bees or the doge, and then there’s an add. Even if it’s slightly harder, it’s still not that hard. Also, for me, whenever I’m trying to draw something it glitches out and I have to start over. (Not All the time, I don’t know if this is a common problem. Probably not.) The reason I’m giving this 3 stars is because I like the game concept, and it’s addicting.
no nickname day :)),
After every single level you have to watch an ad. There is way to many ads. Also I got an ad and when I closed the ad, it said I had lost, but I hadn’t even drawn yet. Sometimes it will just automatically delete your drawing for no reason. And if you accidentally touch the very edge of you phone drawing, it won’t let you draw again so you have to redo it. Not to mention the game is so easy it’s boring. Literally all you have to do is put a circle around the dog or the dangerous animal and, it’s trapped! The game is goodly made but there’s some things they should really fix. To be honest it would be a decent and fun game if there weren’t an ad every. single. ROUND!!
Jordan Tyler smith,
Good game
It is a fun game it’s so fun probably hmmmm top 10 teir idk how to spell it and like it’s good but except for the ads what would make it better is lest ads please game read this I hope y’all enjoy it but can u do three levels and then in add maby cause I ain’t see yet but I dont have money so I can’t buy no ads but others than that this is a great game 5 star I hope y’all feel the same keep up the good work love Jordan.
🐕V.S.🐝 🤩
To be honest, I really think that the whole concept is very funny the fact that the dog is being chased by bees hilarious. I do wonder how many levels there are because I really wanna play this for a very long time after finishing. I’m not very concerned about the amount of levels and plays overall, I think this is a very very kid appropriate and ridiculous game.
Hello Reader, This is basically a game That It’s so addictive and fun I play it all the time, graphics are great. And it’s fun to try to beat at first it seems like they make it the easiest game ever but there just getting you ready for the real puzzles Play now Trust me!

Dear developer, OMG keep creating you have made a masterpiece I love it I’ve never seen anything like it your amazing good idea
The girl that said after every level there’s a ad is a lie BTW LOVE IT
Like who would do that, your just trying to make people think that it’s a bad game whoever did that just stay away from me, because I hate when they do that.

Love this game awesome it’s a little hard but not that much. And anyways THIS GAME IS ABSOLUTELY PURRRRRRRFECT LOL. EVERYONE DOWNLOAD THIS GAME AT THE LINK UP THIS REVIEW AND DOWNLOAD NOW. Not to be pushy but, really download it.

See y’all

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