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Father. Husband. Octopus.

Developer: Young Horses, Inc.
Category: Games
Price: $4.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.0.37
ID: com.younghorses.Octodad-Dadliest-Catch


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Octodad: Dadliest Catch is a game about destruction, deception, and fatherhood. The player controls Octodad, a dapper octopus masquerading as a human, as he goes about his life. Octodad's existence is a constant struggle, as he must master mundane tasks with his unwieldy boneless tentacles while simultaneously keeping his cephalopodan nature a secret from his human family.

In this sequel to the splash hit Octodad, our cephaloprotagonist has gotten himself in a bind between his wife’s mounting mistrust, and a disastrous trip to the local aquarium! Are you dad enough to control the titular octopus father as he strives to hide his nautical nature from his family while keeping his tangled tentacles intact?

Version history

Fix for checkpoint saving hitch that affected speed running.
Improved thermals to prevent overheating.
Fixed cutscene skip icon overlapping cutscenes.
Fullscreen support for newer devices.
Fix for frame stutter in opening credits and other areas.
Fix for iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and iPad Mini transparent textures.
Fix for black screen on iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 8 Plus.
iPhone X full resolution supported with notch.
iPhone X no longer using lower quality graphics settings.
Fix for touch not clearing during loading screen making it impossible to clear the first table or making Octodad's leg stuck in the air.
Pause button no longer hidden on credits screen so you can exit the credits early.
Small level bug fixes.
Texture resolution improved for Church and logos in Opening Credits.
Co-op menu "...connect additional devices" changed to "...connect/pair game controllers" to be less confusing.
Fix for character animation in Shorts.
Improved Restaurant performance.
Settings → Graphics → Battery Saver. Enable to limit frame rate to 30fps.
Fix for iPad Pro crash.
Fix for hole in Restaurant that let you walk into the void.
Fix for disappearing patient in Hospital.
Memory use reduced further to prevent crashes on low end devices.
- Fix for Flower Tie.
- Fix for in-game text.
- iCloud memory leak fixed that caused possible Grocery crash on low memory devices.
- Save file validation to delete corrupt checkpoint files caused by crash. It may crash one more time while loading after update, but on second relaunch you will be able to start at level beginning again (Grocery/whatever level that corrupted your save).
- Touch input quit working fix: Touches cleared if existing longer than 30 seconds to remove possible ghost touches causing issues.
- Rain effect removed for performance.
- "This is text" changed to "Disabled" in Co-op menu.
- Yield processor more often for minor battery/heat savings.
Chinese//Korean Fix
iCloud Saves

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4.3 out of 5
2 732 Ratings


toca boca3000 apps,
Make more
I had this game once and I was little so I didn’t get the point I deleted the game and just a few months ago I got it again I can’t stop playing the first time I played it took me 6 hours to beat it that I blame on the kelp grow and the jungle gym now I’m a pro I especially love what all the characters say like “Stacy why are your butterfly hair clips all over the yard.” “I was returning them to nature.” After a while I kind of got board of playing the same thing over and over and over again so I started to look for more I found the “shorts” and played both I like that the evil or not so evil anymore chef was cooking at the place and he was saying what he had said on the last thing but that’s what I want to talk about the last thing. In the free play there’s a locked one I’m dying to see what it is this is my first response to you because everything was going great I saw the last update you made was 1 YEAR ago 1 YEAR that’s a really long time I’m beginning to start to wonder is you will make more levels because gee I can’t take it much longer.
Octodad Suggestions
Hello there I am a H U G E fan of this game. It is hilarious and cool. Being and octopus who pretends to be a human being ain’t easy, but it’s fun and challenging enough to wanna play more. It’s very confusing sometimes, with all the puzzles and games you have to complete- especially when you have a curious wife and two kids who go everywhere. From beginning to end, I was hooked, especially with the good bait :) (excuse the pun). I think you should do what I’m about to say: MAKE A SHOW. Just the sequence itself, it’s the best part. You have your own theme song- what are you missing? You should TOTALLY make it a show or a movie of some sort. You have another Octodad game too, just to add on. You could think of plenty of episodes. Oh- and the reason I don’t like the shorts- THEY ARE NOT SHORT. They’re longer than the main game ITSELF. Besides, it’s a kids game so make it for kids. People who are thinking about buying the game- TOTALLY do it. It’s worth it, trust me. I hope you guys think about doing these things, okay? BUH-BYE! ;)
Worth it
I’ve played this game multiple times, always completing it. I love this game. the controls are pretty difficult at first, but you get used to it. the “omg its so hard to control!” reviews are dumb tbh, the point is that you are an OCTOPUS, pretending to be a HUMAN. And not having like, human features, and walking on LAND, of course its gonna be somewhat hard. But, you could add more content. Like new special sides, like how he was a doctor or went on a date. But obviously you cant keep on adding more and more, the creators can make more games and they have a life other than accomplishing your wants for new levels. I would be happy for new things in the game, but as I said, they have a life. I rated it 5 stars bc the game itself is amazing! I’m not going to downgrade to 4 just because of the fact that there is not enough content. (I’m not saying there is not enough btw) So thank you for this game!
Love itttt!!!!!
I know that it is hard to control, which is why there are some bad reviews. But what's the point of easy controls? The game would be boring. The point of games is to pull us into the game but at the same time have fun. Some reviews are saying that "Omg it's too hard to control" or "omg I'm stressin'" like common now, calm down ITS A GAME. Though I got a bit frustrated, I still had a lot, and I repeat, a lot of fun! But the thing was that it drew my attention to want to play more. It made me love it and it was perfect. I don't know if the purpose was to actually make the controls hard to control, which it PROBABLY WAS, it was still sooooo fun. I RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE BORED AT HOME AND WOULD LOVE SOMETHING TO DISTRACT THEMSELVES WITH. So don't listen to any of the bad reviews. Some all say that it's frustrating and they can't play it. LIKE BOIIIIII 💁🏼 it's a gameeeee, you just honestly succckkk at the game then. This game is perfect.
Jenna Mann,
Amazing game, very addicting and fun!
I absolutely adore this game. It's one of the most creative games I have ever played! It's very funny too, and you don't want to stop playing. If you think it's too hard to control him, just change the settings or practice walking around with him. Some levels seem impossible to beat but when you play a lot and watch game-plays it will be very easy and you will be able to speed through the levels and tasks like lightning. And for anyone who wants to play more, I definitely recommend checking out shorts, which leads me to my suggestion. Can you add more ties around the maps, or can you add more shorts or add on to the main storyline? I think people will want to play it more and it keeps them with more things to do. (P.S, I recommend this game on long car rides with no internet connection!)
This game is sometimes very frustrating but some parts of it are easy. Personally, I think they should take down the price a little to at least $2. I would pretty much suggest it but the controls are kind of... hard to use. I usually just swipe on both sides of Octodad and then I get where I am going. They should probably... add a few or a bunch more levels. I was disappointed when I first completed the whole game, including the extras, like the nurse and the waiter. The reviews that say bad controls are very stupid because your an octopus, not a human. Of course you should be floppy! I also like this game a lot because it’s very funny and the octopuses family doesn’t have a clue that he’s an octopus except for the chef trying to tell them that he is an octopus. Good game. I like it a lot. 👍👍👍
Please help!
I was 80% though and so close to getting the ending after two weeks and it crashed in the loading screen and deleted my save! Then I tried again and got to the store and I decided to see if my achievements were there and it froze and when i went back on it it deleted again!?! I can’t do this game anymore if my save will be gone every hour, please fix the servers so I can play and not lose my weeks of progress, also can you make the new game button somewhere where you won’t click on it by accident and then lose your save. R.I.p 1st save file, but please make the servers work again so I can play and not lose my save😭

Also p.s I was at the part after you escape the shark if you can bring me back to it
Awesome game
It is hard but I get it because it is suppose to be hard on all devices. It does not matter what all the other dumb people think that it is "Hard to control" it is suppose to be like that so it is the best game no matter what all I really want to say is that please fix the world of kelp it is laggy and the playground needs to be smaller but it's okay because it is just a game to make you have better tactics and strategies, not to be rude but, it is okay if you rage it's because your not good enough at your finger pressing and swiping. Btw, I'm trying to download this and it won't work and I'm pretty sure it's a bug so please fix that also, your probably wondering wait how am I knowing all of this if I'm downloading it first time, well it's because I accidentally deleted it. Best game ever 10/10
Instant classic!
I had a blast playing this game, and loved every silly moment of it. The Octodad controls are cleverly designed, but difficult to use, which adds to the fun and hilarity of controlling an octopus walking on 4 tentacles disguised as a man - a concept I thought was ridiculous until after about 15 minutes of playing, when I realized how brilliant it actually is.

Octodad is very polished, with good voice acting and clever, well-designed and beautifully animated levels/puzzles. I can see why some reviewers became frustrated with certain areas, but I reveled in the challenge of getting my squishy, flailing protagonist through each objective; I found that usually slowing down a bit was all it took to make it through.

The physics and silliness of the character movement remind me a bit of "Surgeon Simulator" and "Goat Simulator," and I think that anyone who enjoyed those would have a good time with this clever game.

Octodad was a refreshingly fun and novel experience that I thoroughly enjoyed, and one of the best gaming experiences I've had in a while. It is a definite new all-time AppStore favorite of mine, I'm very glad I discovered it, and I hope to see more from this brilliant developer very soon.
When I first started playing it was easy and fun but here were times when I had to set my phone down and do something else because I was so mad, because of the controls, like in the level where the Chef took the family to the cafeteria to tell them how the dad was an Octopus, I couldn’t keep a foot in the edge, because when you’d move the other foot, you’d most likely go flying. You’d fall off to easily cause you can’t control it. I have one question though, is the hot concessions the last level? Because when I get to the end card where it’s the movie credits, I’ll wait till EVERYBODY leaves and then I’ll follow Scarlett, Stacey, and Tommy out of the movie theater, and then it will take me to the starter page. It’ll say “Resume Hot Concessions” and I’ll click that, and it will completely restart to when the chef was telling the family about it.