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Developer: aiman charkaoui
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.0
ID: com.aicrk.omegaflwr


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omega flowey is a fan made game for players who are looking for an extra challenge to take on
* multiple phases to go through
* intuitative and easy controls
* challenging difficulty

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4 out of 5
289 Ratings


Unknown sam hogan fan,
Please Fix
I was playing and the first problem i noticed was the control stick is way too hard to use, it moves where you tap it which is very unreliable when you need to make a quick move, second problen is the green soul sections act button is impossible to get, its small and only has a small amount of time where its clickable.
Amazing, but this is what’s wrong…
This is an amazing undertale game and very fun, but here’s what’s wrong, this sound is kind of aggravating and loud even when I have my volume down, and the boss battle on level 1, it looks creepy. Could you please change the look and make it look less creepy? I know it wouldn’t be the same, but.. okay nevermind, maybe take away the flamethrowers on the boss battle because when I go right or left no matter which way I go, it starts throwing flames that exact way. Please change that. Thank you! Have a good day.
Really good I like a challenge
So when I saw this game I thought it would be a complete rip off like most but when I tried it, it was like the actual Undertale fight it’s a really good game and I’m not complaining about the controls like most people because you just have to get used to it plus it’s more challenging that way so this game is amazing in my opinion.
Ambitous shepherd 828,
Great game just one problem
Ok amazing game overall it’s almost exactly the same as the actual game wich I think is really cool and I’m glad I saw this app because I wanted to fight omega flowey but I didn’t want to go through the grind again so cool game but one problem i thought it was I little difficult controlling “frisk” I thought it was a amazing game overall

Thank you for reading
It’s Very Hard To Beat
I’ve tried this game and it is harder than the actual fight (in my opinion). It goes on longer than it should in most sections, the move pad isn’t very good, there is barely any indication he is about to do the blast attack, he just has a fast, thin, white, circle to indicate it, also the tv blocks you from seeing what you’re doing, mainly in the orange soul and yellow soul.I would not recommend this game, I rate it 2/5 stars (but it is still pretty good, also it’s my favorite undertale fight, keep improving!).
Undertail toby Fox crazy,
The game is really fun but where is the fight button in the original
The game is really fun but when I start to play it in play real undertail it’s really different because in the real version there’s a fight but now it appears but this game it doesn’t appear and also how did the creator get permission by Toby Fox but anyway as the game is really fun I highly requested for undertail mobile users
Khoi Nguyen Yran,
Omega flowey hacks your device
So this is how it works, you play the game, and if you lose, your device gets hacked. I once lost 3 accounts on a game and didn’t know why, it was unexpected for some reason. I tried to delete it in my storage, but it seemed to appear again, then somehow the screen goes black with a buffering mark in the middle. Then restart AGAIN with the app appearing on my home screen. I happen to meet this frequently so, If you, the owner is reading this. I am never gonna play it again even if you fix the problem.
OK gamer boy,
Super freaking hard
I want you to make an app about playing as a Omega flowey with all the abilities to kill that floating heart which is frisk. And you can use the hearts which are souls my favorite ones the one where the words are like sadness destroy stupidity horror destruction and a lot of other painful words like hate I love that boss battle so much I just want you to make a Play as omega flowery app. Pls I like the The sixth soul please pretty please please please pretty please with no ads
The Best Undertale Mobile Experience!
Loved the game! As someone who didn’t get the chance to play Undertale on PC, I can see what it’s like to play the Neutral final boss! This would be perfect, but sadly the audio is off-sync and the cutscenes don’t play. This is probably due to copyright reasons. Would you mind making a Deltarune one involving Jevil? I would love that!
I got a request and this is also AMAZING!
Not gonna lie buttt- I don’t have undertale so this is hard for me but if you can literally make this I was wondering if you could make the hole game for mobile people for free since my mom won’t let me get undertale but what I can say is that you did a great great GREAT JOB AT THIS!!!! But I really hope u do my request!