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A smooth drawing experience!

Developer: Voodoo
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 3.12.0
ID: io.voodoo.paper2


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Welcome to 2, the ultimate conquest game from Voodoo! Conquer as much territory as possible and beat the competition with a smooth drawing experience!
Are you ready to become the champion of Township and take over the game? With 2, you can draw your way to victory and claim your space before your opponents beat you to it.
Our game offers exciting and challenging gameplay that will keep you engaged for hours. With each level, you’ll face new obstacles and enemies, but don’t worry - with your strategic skills, you’ll be able to overcome them all.
But that’s not all - with our addictive gameplay and user-friendly interface, you’ll keep coming back for more. Our game is perfect for players of all ages, and with the option to play online or offline, you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere.
So, what are you waiting for? Download 2 now and start your conquest today! Our game offers the ultimate gaming experience and will keep you hooked for hours on end. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become the champion!

Version history

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Minor bug fixes
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Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
No Ads
(Remove ad banners and interstitials)
GE854535333✱✱✱✱✱ E12DC8C✱✱✱✱✱
Fistful of Gems
(Fistful of Gems)
GE516356972✱✱✱✱✱ 435D7F4✱✱✱✱✱
No Ads
(No Ads)
GE854535333✱✱✱✱✱ E12DC8C✱✱✱✱✱
Bucket of Gems
(Bucket of Gems)
GE054115577✱✱✱✱✱ 28554AF✱✱✱✱✱
Special Offer 2
(Special Offer 2: Discounted Bundle)
GE311141531✱✱✱✱✱ 490133D✱✱✱✱✱
Wagon of Gems
(Wagon of Gems)
GE284808372✱✱✱✱✱ 0BD95C1✱✱✱✱✱
Special Offer 3
(Special Offer 3: Discounted Bundle)
GE957940503✱✱✱✱✱ EBED3E8✱✱✱✱✱
Skip'its medium
(Skip'its medium)
GE447979123✱✱✱✱✱ EFF6022✱✱✱✱✱
Special Offer 4
(Special Offer 4: Discounted Bundle)
GE298554745✱✱✱✱✱ 3CAEF13✱✱✱✱✱
Special Offer 5
(Special Offer 5: Discounted Bundle)
GE721134991✱✱✱✱✱ 571DD46✱✱✱✱✱

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4.5 out of 5
1.6M Ratings


Please read this
I like this game a lot. It is very fun and addicting. I like that when you do a challenge, you get a cool new skin. Also that all of the challenges are very well thought up. If you want something easy you have it, and if you want something hard you have it. I also like that the game has a wide variety of colors that you can be when you join, and it’s fun because you don’t know exactly what color you are when you join. Although this game is amazing in many different ways I do have some suggestions. Like the amount of adds you have while playing. I know you have to have adds and stuff and it is smart that you have one when you kill two to three players. But for me personally, I kill players very often and very fast. So I deal with adds a lot during the game. Another thing that annoys me with this game is the fact that if you have your area for to long it will just disappear. Example; when I am spreading my area to be very large in a couple minutes half of it disappears. This is very disappointing and I contemplated whether or not I should delete the game because of it. But every time I do, I just play another round and forget about it. Just because I Am not making it a big deal doesn’t mean others won’t. And this should be fixed. I do recommend this game to others. It is a very fun experience and should be more played.
Problems and Ideas! Improve with this!
*Please Read*
*There are so many ads on this game that I can’t click touch to continue, If you completely got rid of ads this game just might be way better. **Another thing eliminating yourself! You shouldn’t be able to eliminate yourself because you can turn to slow or the wrong way and end up eliminated, Also you shouldn’t be able to die from someone cutting your line. Instead when your line is cut you should be able to get back to your safe zone. This game also should have a feature that alerts you from where you territory is being taken. ***Game modes! My opinion on game modes is I LOVE THEM, and if the game could have some that would be great! Some suggestions 1vs1, Teams (5vs5, 2vs2vs2vs2vs2), Race (Who can get to 10% first)! I’m not entirely sure how many people there are per game, but i think it should be 10 if it is not. ****Feedback on skins! The skin variations are good, but should still have more easier and harder skins to get, and get EXTREMELY creative with the skins. No one once simplistic animals and objects, Maybe do something like a castle or Zeus!
*****I hope you take all these ideas and include a big portion of them in the game, and use other people’s ideas!
gas liquid and solid,
The game is fun I will not lie but you don’t even update it. I have played some of you games before and I did like them a bit but a main problem is you don’t really update them and just make a new game with a bunch of ads. I see you that you need the money but is it really necessary to fill all your games with ads most of us just want to have fun and play I would not mind 1 ad every 10 to 15 rounds but it just gets annoying. Also I really don’t like this game for only really 1 reason it is bots they are so annoying I can’t stay out of my area for 1 second without getting killed by bots! I was out my area for like 2 seconds once and I died I see it as almost impossible to fill up the map because the bots will just find a way to kill you somehow. And you probably aren’t even reading this because I feel like you don’t respond to reviews or reflect on them since I notice that people make reviews also but you don’t seem to make updates or try fixing your mistakes I would like it if you looked at what we say and try making your games better! And also I see a lot of companies doing what you are doing. Filling games with ads make it useless to play when you complete it and move on after to make a new game with the same thing. And yes I do think this game is fun but really stop making your games have garbage features and not even trying to make them better. I rarely see games that don’t do these things!
Simple, Addictive, fun...with one UI suggestion
This has become my favorite time killer, and I’ve downloaded it across almost all of my devices. I’ve even paid for the No Ad upgrade, which I rarely ever do. Since Voodoo is one of the worst with the unskippable 30-40second ads, it’s absolutely worth a few dollars to get rid of them. This game is simple, and addictive, and can be a fast play, or extended out if you are slow and methodical in your acquisition of territory.

Recent updates have eliminated most of the bugginess of earlier versions. One odd thing is that the iPad and iPhone versions are slightly different. On the iPhone, you size up after a kill, but on the iPad, you do not. I wish they both played the same way.

One Full rating star drop: Also, like all other VooDoo games, they do not rotate when changing orientation. For me, a game that will not rotate orientation (especially on the iPad) is an absolutely rating killer. And there are times when I will avoid playing a game I otherwise want to play, because it won’t rotate. For a phone, fine, whatever. For a tablet, it’s a total UI and usability miss. Come on, Voodoo, get it together. You make some of the best simple time killer games out there (even if they are all suspiciously similar), adding the rotate feature is a simple easy feature that makes your games far more widely playable.
I absolutely love this game! But there are a few things that you need and have got to fix. First, you need to fix the glitch where you lose land. I was doing perfectly fine until that stupid glitch occurred and made me lose almost half of my land, I think that you should start looking into that since it’s happening everywhere. The second item I think you need to fix are the adds. I get that you need those to make money but there are WAY too many adds on this game. You have them right after someone dies, when they want to revive, and a few times I have gotten them when opening the game!! This to me is a huge problem because sometimes I lose right away then have to watch an add then the entire thing happens again!! Maybe after every 3 losses? That would be perfectly fine with me since there are way too many adds at the moment. The third thing I want you to fix is the Consecutive day counting. Because I’ve been playing this game for about 2 weeks yet I just got the burger and that entire time there was no progress showing. You should probably fix this soon. I think you should add more skins too, maybe depending on the time of year and someone has to finish the goal before that time is over to receive the skin? This game is awesome but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fix the other stuff too.
Great game but still bugs
This game is addicting and I love it - I've played it since the beginning when there wasn't any skins (now there are some) - but I'm very disappointed that there's still bugs in which my territory glitches and then I have nothing. Even if I try to run back to where my large territory is supposed to be, there's nothing there for me to connect back to, so I promptly die. Even when I had an extra life still and watched the video in the hopes of saving myself, it just started me completely over since there wasn't anything for me to start on. I would be more understanding if it was a really high percentage that crashed it a bit, but this time I was only about 36% before it glitched and got rid of my territory. There's also many times where the game lags severely (and you have difficulty turning etc. while it does so) and there's still times where the game completely crashes and boots me out of the app and I can't get any of my progress back. I'm really disappointed, but like I said, I still love to play this game as it's a fabulous, addicting time-waster. I hope the devs read the community's reviews and fix the bugs. That's the main reason why I give this a 3/5 is because while the bugs make it unenjoyable when you lose your progress, I still enjoy and will continue to play the game, as I'm hopeful that the devs will fix these problems soon and it doesn't glitch every game.
This game seems so fun, and when you first start playing, they give you all these skin options and you can work your way up to get more and more. But the main goal of the game is to cover the entire circle and kill everybody else. The thing is, the game doesn’t WANT you to be able to do that. One day I was playing, and I had over 60 percent of the circle covered. I was feeling really great, like I could finally ACTUALLY win, but of course, the game cheated and glitched me. It glitched so bad that, when I was in the middle of my area, the safe zone, I DIED. And it wouldn’t let me watch an add to respawn. No one was around, I was in my safe zone, the only possible way was that it was a really annoying glitch. And to be honest, things like that happen to me ALOT. The game might seem fun at the start, but it gets really frustrating and makes me angry, just because of a game! Not to mention all the adds, once you get rolling and start doing good in a round, there are just more and more adds, almost EVERY 30 SECONDS. I just don’t think it is worth downloading, and it will just take up and waste all of your time on something that will make you angry, AND you aren’t gonna get anything ACTUALLY meaningful in the end. Thanks for Listening 🙏 😊
To Everyone, Including The Add Critics
I’d say that this game is well worth the time. It offers satisfactory smooth gameplay, one of those games that make you say “one more match” and you keep going. Sometimes, dying is frustrating, but the mild addiction (or higher, depends on the person obviously) is enough to make you shrug it off and enjoy yourself with more matches. Stacking up kills, increasing your customized territory based on the skin you use, more than one match with likely satisfying results, and overall, fun. Very fun indeed.

Now—let’s talk about the ads. I understand that most people chose 4-stars or lower because of ads, and more reasons too, but the majority spoke of ads among those other things. This is one of those games where even if you turn off wifi, it still works and you can still play it. You know what that means? If you complain about ads with sincere concern, not just a little, I’d suggest shutting off the wifi connection on your device temporarily. However, I feel as though that’s cheating, lol, this is such a good game despite the adds, so the devs kinda deserve the money, you know? It’s your choice. Yourself or the devs. My opinion is irrelevant, so it won’t be spoken of.

That is all, have a good day/night
horsey girl 2020,
Please read
Ok so I was playing and I was so close to getting a new skin and then it just randomly went to an add and froze so I didn’t get a new skin and I was so mad because it had taken me so long to get that close. I also got my high score but it went to another add froze and it showed that my high score was only %10 and it was around %47. While I’m talking about adds there also an add every five seconds and it’s so annoying I wouldn’t mind an add every maybe three to five rounds but like every ten seconds multiple times a round is to much and I get they have to make money somehow but if they spread the adds out I would play much more. The app sometimes forgets things too because I played three days in a row to get the “play three consecutive days” skin but it said I had only played two. That being said I do like all of the skins you can collect but sometimes the skin interferes with the drawing. And lastly some of the things you have to do to get the skins I didn’t understand so I wanted to clarify for other people, the “play three consecutive days” or “play seven consecutive days” skin just means you have to play three or seven days in a row. The “revive ten times” skin just means when they give you a choice to watch an add when you die, if you watch the add ten times (it doesn’t have to be in a row ) you will get the skin. Thank you for reading this and I hope it helps you ;)
Honestly terrible
I downloaded this game just about when it first came out. I liked it in the beginning and still I like the game concept. However I ended up deleting it because the ads we’re getting ubiquitous. After a few years I re-downloading it. As I expected the ads we’re still ubiquitous, but I figured I’ll give it a chance. So I bought the no ads and sure there’s no ads after you die, but if you want any special “free” skins or to use the power ups (the only things you can use the coins to upgrade), the ads are unlimited. Not to mention the fact the they are everywhere so it’s kinda irritating running into them all the time. There is also an extra life ad. The problem with that is, literally every time your getting big enough to feel like your getting somewhere the other “players” (bots) target you big time. They would some how manage to hit me in the safe areas, after I had just created a new safe area, and obviously the areas I was trying to conquer. The was also quite a few times where I would watch the extra life ad because I was getting irritated about the game to working as it should and when I respawned i would die immediately from literally nothing and it sill offered me another extra life ad. At this point I can’t help but think that this is just one big scammy ad. Not to mention all the ads are terrible scam ads. I would suggest not giving this game the time of day.