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Manage a football dynasty!

Developer: Jonathan Howell
Category: Games
Price: $1.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.2.1
ID: com.pocketgm.PGM22


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Following the success of Pocket GM 1&2, it's time to manage your very own American Football franchise once again in Pocket GM 3!
- Draft your franchise Quarterback on your way to creating a dominant roster through trades and free agency
- Develop your players and support them on gameday with the best backroom team you can build
- Watch games play-by-play and track the stats of key players


Use default players, random rosters or import teams created by the fantastic community. Every game is different and presents a new challenge.


Become the General Manager of a Pro Football Team and build your dynasty. Hire your coaches, scouts and physios, all with unique traits and schemes, then sign and release players, make trades and draft future stars. Coach your players from rough diamonds to the hall of fame.

Watch each football game play out in amazing play-by-play detail, as momentum shifts from team to team. See your franchise win the Championship and stars achieve All Pro status.


Go all in to win now, or tank for the #1 draft pick - it's up to you! Build your Football Dynasty!

Join the community on reddit and help develop the game to be even better. You determine what features come next.

- Football Icons - Icons made by Nikita Golubev from www.flaticon.com

Version history

NEVER RESTING. ALWAYS IMPROVING. This update adds unique score tracking for added immersion, plus playcalling and clock management improvements, trade value balancing and a whole heap of bug fixes.
It may not look like much on the surface, but this update is HUGE. The game engine has been completely rewritten to address a number of issues and improve AI decision making and clock management. As part of this, I've taken the opportunity to introduce better tracking of kick returns, plus additional team stats like 3rd down efficiency, bringing even more immersion.

You'll also find further improvements to UI and a couple of bug fixes to keep the game running smoothly. Hope you keep enjoying!
By popular demand, DARK MODE has arrived. No more eye-strain at night with an 'easier on the eye' color scheme. It'll automatically align to iPhone color scheme settings, or you can take more control and override in the menu. Update also includes some BALANCING to make the draft a bit more of a challenge and some BUG FIXES to stop a couple of crashes and dodgy visuals. And finally, I've added some more names thanks to the support of my Patrons.

V1.1.1 patch also adds some bug fixes and UI improvements for dark mode, plus fix to staff playoff %
By popular demand, DARK MODE has arrived. No more eye-strain at night with an 'easier on the eye' color scheme. It'll automatically align to iPhone color scheme settings, or you can take more control and override in the menu. Update also includes some BALANCING to make the draft a bit more of a challenge and some BUG FIXES to stop a couple of crashes and dodgy visuals. And finally, I've added some more names thanks to the support of my Patrons.

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4.9 out of 5
1 373 Ratings


this game is amazing! + some suggs :)
this game is great and incredibly addicting. i love the NFL draft process and the concept of team building, and this game does it all so well. not to mention it is an iOS game (there are not many iOS games that i enjoy) and it is incredibly energy efficient. kudos to the creator!

if i were to make any suggestions, i think increasing the salary cap every year would be a nice thing to have. the NFL salary cap normally raises around 20m every year. the reason i say this is because it can be frustrating at times working with a big QB contract while also trying to retain players at important positions.

would also be nice if we received compensatory picks for losing good players in free agency like in the NFL. it’s a bit unfortunate when you can’t pay a super high rated player and you have to let them go, and you get nothing out of it. one sneaky way around it for the user is to just offer the player a 1 year contract with low guaranteed money and then trade them off for a ton of draft picks, but that feels like cheating lol

other than that, i think it would be nice to have something like a practice squad. there have been many times where i want to develop low-rated players who have potential but i just don’t have the space due to roster limitations. it would be great to have a place for players to develop and be elevated if there are ever any injuries.

that’s all. thanks for making such a great game, even though it has taken over my life!
Nig Dug,
Started off fun
So I will say when I first got this it seemed actually really fun. The trading, free agency and just general GM aspect is honestly really good. However the simming of the games and watching them genuinely is awful. Firstly so many penalties it’s actually absurd. There’s like multiple automatic first down penalties called every single drive whether it’s defensive holding, roughing the passer, unnecessary roughness, etc to the point it’s actually just annoying to watch. Second the decision making makes absolutely no sense. I had one game I was down 10 with 4 minutes left on the opponents 40 and my team punted?? Then the very next game I had a 4th and 17 at the opponents like 25 easily in FG range and my team decided to go for it, obviously not making it. Then later that game down 21-7 made it to 4th and goal at the 3 and they kicked a FG. Completely throwing the game. Just none of this makes sense at all

Edit: After continuing to play this game it gets worse and worse. I do not recommend playing unless lots of fixes are made. Penalties are still awful. And I’m like 99% sure your player overalls and team overalls genuinely don’t matter at all. I have played about 10 seasons built my team to an 89 overall the next highest is around 84. And my team consistently is losing to and sometimes getting blown out by absolutely awful 75 overall or less teams even lost one 31-5 against a 68 overall team
Love the game but can you add little stuff
Most football games do it wrong but here we have a game on the right path player progression, coach progression and teams even go up and down based on how you do in a season. Management of your coaches and rosters is simple even trading is simple. Most games if you start with a crappy team it takes decades to get decent but here there is no penalty focusing on one area and building outwards. I gave it 5 stars due to the simple fact of improvement from the last game

The only thing I request is a way to track division championship. Small but it shows who dominates your division also team legends and stats maybe retire numbers which adds flavor to games.
B. Trill 1Crown,
*Almost* perfect
First and foremost, let me say this is one of my all-time favorite mobile games, and by FAR the best gm game I’ve ever had on my phone. The only reason I’m giving it 4 stars (though it’s more like 4.5) is because it lacks one thing that I feel is essential to a gm game: a position editor. The ability to move a corner to safety or DE to DT, guard to center, etc, can greatly affect how you build a team, and what your able to do… maybe exploiting a strength in a corner that works better at the safety position in your scheme, or you drafted a really good guard who could actually start at center even if he took a slight ratings hit. Whatever the case, being able to edit positions is a must-have and this is the only big improvement I can possibly think of to add to this already impressive and addicting game.
Oakland Raider Nation,
One of the best iOS games I’ve played
I’ll start with that this game isn’t for everyone. There are no graphics really, but as a management game it’s unparalleled on iOS. I’ve played football sims going back to Front Office Football on the PC and this is the best mobile football sim I’ve played…and it only got better with the third version. The other games on iOS can be cash grabs, but this is a one and done buy for less than a coffee. I’ve put hundreds of hours into the previous versions and I’ll add a few hundred more with this one!
i am the GM,
Must have
I spend tons of time on this game. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing so I’ll let you decide. Best few bucks I’ve ever spent on a game. Super addicting and realistic. Can’t tell you how many times my first round pick was a bust 😅 and had to deal with that for the foreseeable future. This is one of the many intangibles that makes this game realistic. Combine results may or may not mean much so make sure you know your scouting staff strengths/weaknesses. Yes this game is in-depth, yes it’s addicting, yes sometimes frustrating but oh so much fun
This game is super fun and in depth, but the flags seem a bit excessive, my team is always getting them more than the other team no matter what, and they’re so frequent. I would just ask that in an update there is an option added to turn off penalties. I’m the setting center you can turn in and off so many different aspects of he game, just add a slider to turn on and off penalties and this game will be much better. I feel like I’m losing games on penalties, I end up losing by 1 or 3 points and I’ve lost like 100 yards on penalties. Please just add the ability to turn penalties off for those who want to.
Great game!
I enjoy playing sports simulation games. This is by far one of the best all around games I’ve played! The ONLY thing I can think of that could be added is more of a hands on style when not simming the games. For example the app cfc (college football coach) lets the user pick whether a short, medium, or long pass should be called as well as inside or outside run call. Then a specific coverage can be called on defense. But overall an amazing game, most definitely worth 2 dollars!
Game is alright.
This game is fun… until you start losing every game. My players get injured way too much and too fast… I have like a 80+ overall team and I’m losing to 60 overalls. It doesn’t make sense takes away from the game when I go in and I’m losing every week. How is that fun? We aren’t giving anything to upgrade players, you can’t control your Def or Off game plans. Other football manager games allow you to do those things, go in and look at your opponents game plan then build off that but we aren’t given that option. It’s unfortunate.

Overall, the game is decent just needs to be fixed.
Draft diversity
Love all of these games!

Is there anyway we can fix the draft "lack of diverse positions"? Seems like no matter how I structure the game, all I ever get are WR, RB, and CB. Sure you get some of the other positions, but OLB, MLB, OT, OG, and DE almost never show up as much as the previous mentioned ones. It would be amazing if some years the draft was QB heavy, or OT heavy, or just anything besides all of the WR and RBs. When the best available is a position your already 10 deep at, all you can do is draft and then trade them.

Keep up the good work and thanks for listening to our suggestions!

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