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Creative Engineering

Developer: Dry Cactus
Category: Games
Price: $4.99 (Download for free)
Version: 1.2.2
ID: com.drycactus.polybridge


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Poly Bridge, the hit indie bridge-building physics title with dozens of hours of gameplay.

"A must play for anyone interested in puzzle games." - TheGamingReview

* 105 Campaign Levels
* Sandbox
* 22 Achievements
* Hydraulic Pistons
* Moving Drawbridges
* Swings, Jumps, and Classic Bridges

Unleash your engineering creativity with an engaging and fresh bridge-building simulator with all the bells and whistles! Play the fully featured campaign with 100+ levels of challenging physics puzzles or make your own puzzles and bridge designs in the Sandbox.

Success begins by getting cars to their destinations by any means; build suspensions, ramps and jumps, double-deckers, moving drawbridges, and much more. Complete every level under budget and with a sturdy, unbreaking bridge, to become a Poly Bridge Master Engineer... and unlock the secret world.

Version history

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

* iPhone X improvements
* Bug and crash fixes
Fixed minor iPhone X issue
iPhone X support
* Sandbox! Design your own levels and bridge designs
* Improved Apple Pencil support
* Bug fixes and improvements

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4.8 out of 5
16.3K Ratings


Rishi S.,
Brilliant Game! Hours of Gameplay!
This is a really awesome, and challenging game. It's not like one of those games with arbitrary criteria for winning. It gives you very detailed information on objectives and precise visualization of stresses. You can change the camera angles and speed up or slow down gameplay to really get granular with how you solve each design challenge. The graph that shows how your design compares to that of other players is a nice touch. I keep trying different designs just to be more economical. The developer gets extra kudos for making a game free of any up-sells. Worth every cent!
Great but needs some help
I love this game so much. It’s the perfect challenge puzzle game with realistic physics. The challenge of making your bridges work and stay under budget always has me thinking of ways I can do more with less. However my one and only complaint with the game is how heavy it runs the battery down. Just playing for 5-8 minutes knocks off 10% or more of my battery power. It’s been the top consumer of energy on my phone since downloading. It also causes my phone to get very hot as the demand on the phones performance is increased. If there’s an update that could improve the functionality of this games performance impact on my phone I’d give it 6 stars if I could. Until then due to the high impact on battery life my review will remain a 3.
Good game with a couple of severe design flaws
The problem is that you you can contract a hydraulic up to 50% (halving), with the opposite of this being expanding 100% (doubling). The game only allows you to expand a hydraulic 50%, meaning that two identical hydraulics starting in opposite configurations at full range of motion are impossible. This means I have to reengineer a second solution for what should be an identical second bridge in level 2-13

Either there needs to be the ability to expand a hydraulic 100%, or you need to be able to set a hydraulic to start in a different simulated state when the level is run.

The first solution would work and be much less invasive a change than adding starting states for hydraulics, but that leads to the second design flaw. In order to create something in a different state, you still have to completely redraw it. There really should be a way to move and rotate groups of joints in order to translate existing designs. The lack of this ability means redrawing constantly.

3 stars because the issues mentioned seriously impede on the fun aspects of gameplay
Great game, sometimes extremely tedious
As a player who has unlock the secret world,(every level 3 star other than area 52) I enjoyed the game soo much. The simulation is amazing, all the levels force you to be creative, and it’s overall great fun!
Except for some of the levels, the tedious ones. these levels are the types of levels that force you to keep adjusting you’r creation one tiny bit at a time until you’r bridge doesn’t break. So if you want to unlock the secret world you’ll need to invest many hours.
It’s so hard
I really like this game, I just wish I had more hints. The game does have a tutorial that you can review as many times as you need. Plus each level tells you the order of events that will take place - that becomes more helpful as you get into the harder levels with multiple cars trying to get different places. But the rest is up to you, so it’s easy to get stuck on level. You might almost have the solution but something is off, so it doesn’t work. I’m stuck right now, I’m sure I will figure it out eventually if I keep trying, but for now I think I’m gonna try to skip the level.
F*ck ifunny,
Issues between versions
This game is one of my favorites ive played on pc, absolutely love it, but i bought the mobile version to play while at work and i find that the games physics are completely different, and bridge designs that held up perfectly on pc snap like a twig in the mobile version. With this i feel at least 10 of the levels ive played so far are near impossible if not impossible to get 3 stars on in mobile given that the bridge that is meant to be built and work perfectly on said level is bugged in mobile and doesn't work, forcing you to reinforce it past budget. Love this game but would really like to see some optimization on mobile.
One of the best mobile games
I have played this game on pc and it was very fun so I was excited to see it came out on mobile. I caught it on sale so it was only $1.99 at the time. A great deal if you ask me. This is definitely the best bridge building game if not one of the best mobile games out there. They did a really good job on making good and simple touch controls which makes the game even more enjoyable. In fact I almost like the controls better than on pc. So much content in the game too. Really enjoy it.
One of my favorite puzzle games!
I’ve watched a couple people play this game before and it looked pretty fun. I’ve only seen people play on computers so I was pleased to see they have mobile versions. You get the same building options and functionality (campaign/sandbox) however you cannot get custom content (at least I haven’t found out how yet if you can.) Love the graphics and challenges they give you, very creative. Definitely worth it!
Great game, touch controls are very frustrating
I’ve played other versions of this game and love it, but the iPhone version is extremely frustrating. The touch controls aren’t programmed well. For example, trying to select the line curve guide to change the curve of the line works maaaaaybe one in four. Instead you’ll just move the screen around.

I accidentally hit the wrong material all the time - the selectable area is small. And the selection tool is wonky - it doesn’t select what it should, or it selects unrelated items.

I am still having fun with it, but MAN do I want different controls
To make it happen you press the button in the bottom right corner but before you have to have your play me and you is it to the Tropical paradise and having it at the last one can you go to the menu press the button in the bottom right corner go back and get some secrets another one is if you do that thing and then achievement the trophy button then go back there’s a few more

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