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Isometric action-RPG

Developer: 2 Zombie Games
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.1.11
ID: com.twozombie.questhunter


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Play first locations for free. In-app purchase of the full game.

Quest Hunter is an isometric action-RPG where your choice drives the story.
Find tons of treasures and secrets, solve puzzles, equip your character, level up your skills and finish off enemy bosses. Play on the couch, alone or with friends, or make it an online party for up to four players!

+ Story-driven RPG
Influence the storyline, choosing the answers in the dialogues. Untangle the insidious plans of your enemies and bring them out into the open. Save the world from the eternal darkness!

+ Cooperative mode
Play the game online with your friends, or on couch on one screen (Up to 4 players). Fight against evil shoulder to shoulder or make a mass grave in the enemy’s lair!

+ Random generated dungeons
Try your luck, see if you can find the way out of the dungeon. Where could it be this time? Who’s waiting for you around the corner?

+ Quests and puzzles
Move, turn, light, switch over, dig up… In short, solve a variety of quests and puzzles. Search for treasure maps to become the richest man in the camp!

+ Skills and super powers
Upgrade the character attributes and explore new skills. Become an invincible killing machine and turn your enemies into dust!

+ Weapons, armor and items
Find, create and upgrade your weapon and armor. Cook potions or make bombs. Take a shovel and a straw hat or a sharp blade and a helmet – it’s up to you to decide!

+ Monsters and bosses
Mysterious beasts from the darkness – light the torch and they will scatter away. Insidious bandits – give them your money and you’ll stay alive. Cunning bosses – find your approach to them!

+ Treasure and trophies
Stuff your pockets with trophies of your defeated enemies. Find all stashes and hiding places. Dig up all the treasures of the Dark World!

+ Cross-play in co-op mode is available for all platforms!

And remember: you are safe only by the light of the torch!

Twitter: @2zombiegames

Version history

Bug fixes and improvements.
Bug fixes and improvements.
Strangewood is a story addition to Quest Hunter. Explore new locations, fight with new enemies, solve puzzles with new mechanics. Level up new skills and get new weapons and equipment. Play alone or together with your old and new friends!
- Bug fixes
- Bug fixes
- UI improvements
Bug fixes
- Cross-platform online co-op.
- Full gamepad support.
- Chapter 2
- Tons of improvements
- Megatons of bugfixes
- Fixed shield control
- Reworked Lighting skill
- New weapon trail effect
- Fixed: potential stuck of the Old Miser's quest at the camp
- Bug fixes

- Tree&stone regeneration: trees and stones are regenerated at locations over time
- Added Chinese localization
- Added Deutsch localization
- Added Russian localization
- New weapon swipe effects
- Fixed: Tornado skill continue to damage after it disappeared
- Fixed: Skills cost aren't shown after any of the skills was upgraded to level 10
- Bug fixes

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Quest Hunter - full game
(Unlock full game)
BE501734784✱✱✱✱✱ 0C51ED6✱✱✱✱✱
(Story addition to Quest Hunter.)
BE585994997✱✱✱✱✱ 649F23F✱✱✱✱✱

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4.3 out of 5
342 Ratings


Good game, just a little polishing
This is a perfect game for unwinding, I absolutely love the art style. Being able to tap to move around and farm resources, and then use the buttons and motion stick for battles is a huge plus for me. The torch system is smart, allowing only those who explore and collect more to be able to light every torch. One concern I had for the game was loot, specifically how it drops. Sometimes loot feels like they fly away from your character, making you run to get it. My last concern is for dungeons, while trying to attack i often started to open chests or light torches, so if prioritizing attacks over other actions while in battle would be amazing
Amazing game
This game is amazing. After downloading and playing, I saw within the game the option to buy the full game, so I was surprised this is a demo. Nowhere in the app description so they state it’s a demo and you can unlock for $9.99. The only way to see it on the App Store is if you scroll all the way to the bottom where it says in app purchase. There you will see that, yes, there is one. And $9.99 to unlock full game. But it’s well hidden and you won’t know unless you specifically look for that in the App Store. Anyway, that being said I decided to give the demo a try. I played it a lot. Doing as much as so can with all the available places. Because I thoroughly enjoyed all that was free in this game, I decided it was worth the full game purchase and have not regretted it at all. Also I have a few tips for fellow players. This game is controller supported. So you can use a PlayStation DualShock 4 or Xbox wireless controller. Even better, you can choose to airplay it on your tv(screen mirror), but you need a smart TV at the least for this capability and really good internet. I’m not a fan of the actual in game controls, which is why I use an actual controller. Very pleased this game is compatible with a controller.
i think this is me,
Frustrated, angry, persistent
The demo convinced me to plop down $10, completed the purchase, but now the game won’t run—starts, then closes. I don’t see a charge on my account, thankfully. I’d like to own the full version, though. Based on the demo, I’d give bit 5 stars, but only 1 star based on purchase experience.

Update—through a lot of trial and error, I was able to complete the purchase and got it to run on my iPad. At one point, it stayed up long enough so that I could delete my demo character. The purchase then completed, but still wouldn’t run, no matter what. So, angry. I then installed it on my iPhone, and ran fine, at least through creating a character and a first save. But, I want to play it on my iPad, so tried it again, and was able to play through creating and saving a game. Stupid persistence should not be necessary, especially since this is known issue with the app. We’ll see how it goes from here. Still 1 star, until proven otherwise in terms of playability.
please enable 60 fps playable
This is one of my most favourite game currently i was gonna buy the game too but only for one thing i wont that is the frame rate is capped at 30fps this is such an amazing game but the frame rate capping below 60 is killing the experience otherwise there would be nothing bad on this game just like the PC version so i hope and asking you guys kindly to please add the option to enable or disable 60fps please and i gonna buy ASAP if u guys at 60fps and im saying this just because and this is my taste in gaming is that lower and capping the frame rate always kills the vibe for me no matter how good the game is.
Ric Rice,
Great Game
This is great game in my book. I didn’t hesitate to purchase the full version. One change would like to see though. Playing from IPad Pro 13’ screen, the controls are a bit small. Would like to have adjustment in setting to change the size. AND if people would read before leaving a bad review, it does say that there is an IAP for full version of 9.99. Be real guys, you think developers would put a quality game of 1.7GB on the app store for free? It takes many hours and dedication to create quality games like this. Keep up the good work developers.
Not Only Mobile!?
This is an amazing Co-op adventure. If you enjoy games like Diablo and Lego games because of the tight party formations without confusing Hud panels like tabletop rpgs, This will suit you perfectly. If you own a recent system(Xbox1X/PS5), you might be able to enjoy it as a couch co-op game as I do. I own it on my Xbox 1X and it runs like a gem. I hope this helps anyone looking for a medium difficulty game with coop features. I’m not a fan of online games which is why I play on Xbox. I just thought I’d let y’all know since I ran into it on my phone.
Well done 10 stars
Hard to find quality games devs are into and actually respond to players. That being said a little tutorial might help, and as for the people complaining they didn’t know it was a demo, well I tried the game out and was entertained by replay ability before I bought. Appreciate a company confident enough in their product to let me try it first rather then buy a game for 5 bucks and be “that was a waste” thanks gain, oh and co-op is major bonus!
Allfer One,
Simple, fun and no IAP pay to win!!
I give the devs kudos for writing a game that you pay for once, unlock and enjoy all the way through. So few games are like this anymore. Kind of reminds me of Zelda. Explore, fight, break stuff, solve puzzles.

Couple of suggestions. Allow players to undo stat selections when you level. Still struggling with finding silver keys to open certain chests. Just not clear if you need to farm them and then go back to the chests. So, more explanation would be really helpful. Overall, good fun!
Finally a game without endless ‘gems/gold/Diamond’ purchases.
Grew up with D&D in high school. This game is fun with enough puzzles to keep one’s interest. Nice to have a dungeon crawler with a unique artistic style that DOESN’T require endless purchases of ‘A Bag Of Gold’ every few minutes in order to continue. I would much rather pay 9.99 for the entire game and be done, than drop 10$ to only be able to upgrade a single item. Those IAP’s have been a major turn off. This game is well worth it, IMHO.
Love this game. Great to unwind with.
Just what I needed to unwind with, considering recent politics. Nice, relaxing music. I really like their artwork and animation style. It's mellow too. lol Configurable in the right ways. A good variety of types of action.

Oh come on people. It says DEMO Version in the bottom right. And ignore Bait's 1-star review. This is a standard 'try-before-you-buy'. Exactly what you need to decide if you want to buy the game or not. And their horrible idea of converting to a lot of IAPs. If you can't afford it, then save your pennies.