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Ragdoll Playground Hack 1.1.7 + Redeem Codes

Developer: Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.1.7
ID: com.cdtg.ragdoll.playground


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Ragdoll Playground, a thrilling game where you can make cruel experiments on Ragdoll.
This is only virtual fun, so do not be afraid of some tough collisions and bloodied scenes.
So do not miss a chance to test something new!

Every object’s attributes define how it interacts with other objects and Ragdoll.
Some of the machines here can chop Ragdoll flesh.
Use spears or swords to stab. Some can be charged and become stronger.

You can play with unique guns here. The game includes explosives with varying destructive capacities and energy release methods.
Custom death devices can be built.

The graphics in Ragdoll Playground for free download are colorful and cartoony.
The environment is designed to look minimalistic, with a variety of various areas to explore.
Characters are all well-designed and have a range of different expressions.

Term of use: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

Version history

- new background system
- new items & elements
- fix bugs & improve game
- add more items for Halloween
- fix bugs & improve game
- fix bugs & update games
- add more ragdolls
- add more items
- fix bugs & improve game
- fix bugs & improve game
- add more ragdolls & items
- improve Creator feature
- fix bugs
- Creator Mode: user can customize & create new ragdoll
- Add new items
- Fix bugs & improve game
- add new monsters
- add new weapons & elements
- fix bugs & improve game
- add new items
- fix bugs & improve game
- fix bugs & optimize game
- add new items
- fix bugs & improve game
- add more category: Clothes, Mechanics
- add more items: weapons, bombs, skins, vehicles, war machines
- fix bugs & improve game
- add more items
- fix bugs & improve game
- add more weapons, bombs & materials
- add new vehicles
- fix bugs & improve game
- play with more elements
- fix bugs & improve game
- fix bugs & improve game

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Monthly Pass
(Remove Ads & Unlock All Items)
FE859811552✱✱✱✱✱ 9B682F1✱✱✱✱✱

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3.9 out of 5
2 301 Ratings


Alex Xander Guzman,
Great game👍 but kind of hard to build
I like this game but I think some of these features should be fixed 1 I think you should make the ragdoll’s stronger because the ragdoll’s are really week 2 you should make something that makes the ragdoll’s like walk around
I think this is game is stealing the idea of skibi toilet like the toilet monster I think they named it like that so they don’t get copyright can you even get copyright
Even other stuff from skibi toilet series like the right now pictures that they made like getting the camera blast weapon and putting the weapon on the Randalls head and make them battle the toilet monsters just like skibi toilet
Not gonna lie this game is good I like it, but you should improve it make more stuff in the update and glitches talking away pretty long sentence
There’s some things in mod editor/creator I don’t like and needs a bit more reviews
I love the game cuz of the creator but there’s 1 thing in the creator every time u use the bright colors and save and try it out they are usually neon/shiny so usually can you add a button to not have shiny and have it and usually every time I draw the characters the drawing usually gets outside without me noticing can u do it with the pictures or add the drawing just to say in the parts (if you want) and next can you add a save so usually I can save my hard buildings if you do I’ll give this a 5 I love the game
mr I def megsjsfen,
Kinda good
It’s actually pretty good but it would’ve been better if they can make a mortal syringe I would have rated it with five star but they still have not made it which really pisses me off because Whenever you make a ragdoll smack another ragdoll with the energy hammer they die too and why do you have to be a membership to get literally all the vehicles? you have to have membership to have like all the vehicles when you have it when you don’t you only have like five vehicles other than that the game is pretty good oh!! And did I forget about the ad rate? It’s like every time I do something or spawn something in it makes an ad they should turn down the ad rate because it messes every thing up
Rose 盛开,
Very fun game but it’s copied
I really like the game but I think you stole content from melon playground and skibidi toilet u shouldn’t put the adds in there it makes the game very annoying tho if u what monsters try getting ideas from sone of ur favorite ones you should add like instant build stuff so people won’t stress out on building and u should probably add some more maps with grass and stuff you can consider making a mod adder thanks for reading I hope u got the chance
Decent. Could use a couple upgrades
The physics are good and I really love the powers like lightning and fire but this game could use some improvements

1.The ragdolls are too fragile. Whenever I make them fight they disassemble like a lego and it gets very annoying.

2.The menu is confusing. I like how there is lots of options for the menu but sometimes I feel lost when opening it up and it takes a bit to find what I'm looking for.

3.The advertisements get repetitive. I don't mind an ad every 15-30 minutes but getting an ad every 2 minutes can be very annoying and causes many people to uninstall the game.

4.The maps are limited. There are only 3 maps and I think you can add a few more. I have one idea, maybe a lava map that has an island in the middle and is surrounded by lava, and when a ragdoll touches the lava they get set on fire and maybe turn their body black like it's burnt.

Hopefully you get a chance to read this since you or y'all are probably very busy. Thanks.
Fun game but has issues
I like the game but I can’t pick up the crossbow arrow please fix the issue also the flamethrowers and the gravity gun hurting your teammates is the worst please fix those issues. I will give this a three star. Also people are asking to reduce the ads here is a idea turn off the Wi-Fi on your phone not router. Also when you shoot the tomato that’s holding the gun flies up while using gravity gun And burning to death with flamethrower. Please fix this issue Also make the same thing that’s the tomatoes woodmen robot that’s what I Call it and a tomato it’s where you can make teams do that with the vehicle slots take your time.
Stumble guys the lll,
Why when I play the game 2 minutes later add when that’s finished 1 minute later add
And that repeats and repeats until we are done playing it but overall it’s a fun game but when the add subscription came along that could not stop happening pls fix this make it 5-10 min because I’m trying to create this but add then add and even one time it was only 30seconds till the add came along pls pls pls fix that
Soo good but less ads
So this game is really good and has a lot potential to beat melon playground of course both games are really good but you have potential but it will be hard. Now let’s move on to the ads there are so many ads here and I know why you need those ads is to get money off em but if you could reduce the number of ads it could help
It keeps getting worse
The game keeps getting worse each update. At fist there weren’t that many adds and to unlock all of the other items you had to watch one add. Next update you had to watch a add to unlock a single item. Now it’s worse than ever. Now to unlock items you need to buy this membership and no I’m not doing that and two I don’t think anyone else would. And now there starting take away some characters. Don’t buy this game.
Zhakhi Mack,
Not for kids
This game is not for kids the reason why kids were playing this game then their parents can caught them playing this game and this is not for kids it’s for 12+ and 13+ and the game is not for kids because these little kids in discord and then they banned them for no reason so don’t get this for your kids because this game is inappropriate and bullying these kids for no good reason and it’s not safe for kids and kids were being toxic for that dumb game don’t download for your kids go get Roblox for your kids right now