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Developer: Shimmer Games Co., Ltd.
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Price: Free
Version: 1.1.1


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As a good landlord, how will you build your community?
Of course, It's not an easy move.
The tenants' demands are varied.
How will you respond to their needs?
Meeting their needs may bring you surprises!

-Game Features:
· Experience the Joy of Being a Wealthy Landlord
Feel tired of the reality? Try Rent Please!- Landlord Sim and create your dream community. You are a wealthy landlord who owns the whole community. Everything is under YOUR control.

· Meet Various Tenants with Different Stories
You are not alone here among attractive tenants in the community. You are their landlord and also a friend. Communicate with tenants and share their life fragments. If you are willing to help, you can give your advice when they are in trouble.

· Unlock Different Types of Room
Decidophobia? It's not a thing here. You can unlock all of the rooms here. The single apartment/the couple apartment/the sea house, and more await you to unlock.

· Explore Two Maps with Distinctive Styles
Do you prefer a comfortable coastal town or a fashionable city with nightlife? Each map has its features and themes. You can experience a completely different lifestyle on different maps.

· Design A Private House that Belongs to you
Everyone needs their own private space. So we have created dedicated private areas for our landlords—Independent gardens, spacious rooms, and decorating options that you can completely customize.

Version history

what we have for this upodate.
1. A new set of furniture
2. A new set of selected furniture
3. A new facility: Pet Grooming
4. Six new tenants came to Mornington
5. Two dogs moved into Mornington
6. Six pieces of pet furniture for dogs
7. Sharing function is available
8. Optimized some functions
Optimized the ad display
1. Added a new map

2. Added new tenants

3. Added new furniture

4. Added two sets of theme furniture

5. Added new facilities

6. Added holiday decoration
Added Vietnamese language option
Optimized the experience of watching advertisements
1. Added Black Friday Events
2. Optimized the display of the in-game store
3. Fixed some bugs
1. Fixed some known bugs and improved the stability of the APP
2. Optimized the localization quality
1. Fixed some known bugs and improved the stability of the APP
2. Optimized the localization quality
Dear Landlords, a warm community awaits you to create!
Dear Landlords, a warm community awaits you to create!
A warm community awaits you to create!

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
60-min coins
(Get coins of 60-min duration immediately)
CJ100240187✱✱✱✱✱ 6804CA4✱✱✱✱✱
48hrs Time-limited Pack
(Get 100 gems/5 skip ad tickets/10000 coins)
CJ523574595✱✱✱✱✱ 972BB0B✱✱✱✱✱
30-min coins
(Get coins of 30-min duration immediately)
CJ035142089✱✱✱✱✱ 2219EDF✱✱✱✱✱
5-min coins
(Get coins of 5-min duration immediately)
CJ696926793✱✱✱✱✱ 6C10F26✱✱✱✱✱
30-day offline revenue
(offline duration increased from 4 to 12 hours)
CJ978074060✱✱✱✱✱ BC747BE✱✱✱✱✱
30-day Ad Free
(Obtain rewards without watching ads)
CJ046313704✱✱✱✱✱ C83499C✱✱✱✱✱
Month Pass
(8 ad skip tickets/40 gems/5-minute coins)
CJ151610879✱✱✱✱✱ 42A408B✱✱✱✱✱
200 Gems
(Get 200 gems)
CJ004033198✱✱✱✱✱ 9FCB72A✱✱✱✱✱
500 Gems
(Get 500 gems)
CJ721932713✱✱✱✱✱ 12D3090✱✱✱✱✱
50 Gems
( Get 50 gems)
CJ515126384✱✱✱✱✱ 644FEB0✱✱✱✱✱

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4.7 out of 5
11K Ratings


Great game!
I don’t play phone games much, but I saw an ad for this. I thought it might be a good way to kill time here and there, I didn’t realize how much I would actually love it. It is a very relaxing game where you don’t have to think too much. Ads aren’t shoved down your throat, rather you have the option to for coins. The music and the entire game is just very relaxing and soothing for me, I find myself in my car playing the game for a good 30 minutes before I realize how long I’ve been enjoying the music and atmosphere of the game. Only problem I’ve had is that I have spent coins, but haven’t received what I paid for. I spent like 24,000 coins to get another employee at my farmers market, and it took the money from me but didn’t give me the extra employee and it was still available for purchase. Only minor problem I’ve had a couple times. Other than that, LOVE the game! Thanks so much for a game to help relax me in my very stressful life.
I love the game. However there are somethings to improve for sure.
First, the game itself is so cool. I love the characters. I like that I can pick through them and pick out the people I want to live in my apartments. I love watching them interact with the stores I built like the laundry mat, diner, gym, health clinic, grocery store, and aerobics area. Upgrading takes a while, but it goes by quick when you watch ads.
The “3x speed feature” does not work. It’s never worked in the time I’ve played the game. I click it and it does nothing. This feature if it worked would be extremely useful. Not only does this not work, but the option to “watch a video to skip 10 minutes of building time” is a hit or miss that it will work. The guy “cash daddy” that visits is the only one who’s ads work every time.
Another thing I would improve is the characters shade range. Right now only “over worker” has the option to get a black character. Gourmet chef has a character option who’s somewhere in the middle skin tone range. But the rest of the characters are all white. It would be cool to have a diverse shade range.
Another improvement would be a family option? I finally unlocked the beach house, I thought it would be for families because we started off upgrading single apartments. Then got to build 16 couples apartments. I thought beach house would have families, but instead it’s “child model” and “nanny” for characters.
Good and all
But could be a little cheaper for the stuff as it takes a while to upgrade , the build time seems okay to me but its the prices that get me. And i agree with someone else’s statement about the purchasing ad-free situation. I wish there was a option like other apps. Even if at the most $7-8 for ad-free permanently instead of $10 for 30 days 😕don’t get me wrong great game. Graphics are great. As i said the build times seen okay so far. Gameplay is well explained as the game goes on. You guys are doing good with development. Please take into consideration my two suggestions of: -lower coin prices for upgrades, furniture and such & -A one time purchase option for ad free gameplay (would appreciate if that could mean we get the extra money with no ads.. meaning they still pop up and we can just press the ad button and get the money without watching a ad. I Wouldn’t love a almost 10 or 10 or more dollar purchase and i still had to watch ads for the extra money. Maybe that would help with upgrade situation but still consider lowering for people who can’t spend money like that on games and don’t want to spend like 15 minutes of gameplay watching ads trying to get extra money) please please consider! Its a great game and would like to play it longer. Also @ the person with the 3x speed problem. You have to hold in the 3x speed button.
Fun, but has some issues
I love mindless idle games, and this one has been one of my favorites as of late- the style is cute, i like all the possibilities it has, etc. However, there are some glaring issues. One is something I find in a lot of idle or tycoon games: upgrades become so expensive that you have to save up, then upgrade one thing, then save up, then upgrade another thing, over and over. It gets boring and ends up taking so long that im no longer motivated to even play. Another thing is that you make SO much less money outside of the game than you do in it. In a five minute span IN THE GAME, i made $80,000. Out of the game, in a five minute span, I made only $4,000. This is never explained as far as im concerned and it makes no sense to me- its an IDLE game, but barely does anything when idle? And as someone else’s review mentioned, there is little diversity in the character models. Most characters have very light skin, but also, most careers/character types have only 2 different models(male and female models). It makes things boring and repetitive when i have an apartment building of 16 people and 5 of them look the exact same.
Pretty good, with minor issues.
This game is a cute simulator where you get to play as a landlord as you unlock amenities and other things in order to make more money and have more prestigious tenants move in. You can unlock more buildings and better furniture as the game goes on. However, despite this, it has a few minor setbacks. First of all, sometimes I'll click an ad so I can unlock something just for the screen to turn completely pitch black at random, which sometimes occurs right before you finish the ad. It's irritating, it's annoying, and it prevents me from getting the rewards as promised. Another thing, which isn't really an issue but is still there, seems to be that whoever wrote the game might not be fluent in English, which results in some confusing dialogue. However, I cannot make assumptions, and it could be that it's simply some grammatical issues as it's understandable most of the time. Don't let these discourage you, though! The art is cute and it's a fun game to play to pass time. I'm pretty sure you can use it offline, but I'm not a hundred percent sure. Happy gaming, as always!
Good, but very annoying
The game is fun and has a good concept. I like how things are formatted and there’s a lot to do. But money becomes an issue super fast. When you’re on the game, you earn much more money (even though it’s not much) than you would when you’re offline. You’ll be offline for the whole night and only come back to 17,000 dollars, while actively playing the game would get you way more than that. These people even have a thing where you can spend actual 5 dollars to have a manager that makes sure you make money offline for 12 hours instead of 4. Adding onto that, the upgrades increase drastically and it’s very annoying. It’s obviously a scam just to get people to play their game longer even though you make progress very slowly.

Another thing is the money man. You can either choose “watch an ad” or take the money with diamonds without having to do anything. When you do that, you don’t even get the money. It glitches and then you get annoyed because you wasted time/diamonds for money you don’t get. In general, this game is too time consuming and it’s obvious that’s the goal. It’s frustrating.
alison ^,
Lovely cute game
I just recently downloaded this app a few days ago and I am loving it so far. I like that it’s not too addicting to the point where I’m constantly playing it 24/7, rather I am just playing it before bed every night. I do have a few questions tho.
I am always checking the ratings to make sure that I get the most out of the rent, and I keep seeing reviews that say “I feel like someone is watching me when I shower,” or something like that. What is that supposed to mean? It sounds a little creepy to me but these reviews show up as positive reviews for some reason. Is it because when I upgrade furniture I have to click inside the apartments?
Another thing is, why does upgrading the restaurant menu cost so much? It’s like so much more expensive than upgrading the furniture. I keep getting bad reviews saying the restaurant is upgrading the menu too slowly, but that’s because it’s so costly that I have to save up which takes a while.
Anyways that’s all, but it’s overall a really fun game! Any recs for similar games?
Shayla VanRooy,
amazing game!
i never write reviews but this game is just something else! the art style is just adorable. i have no complaints and LOVE that it doesn’t force ads on you. i actually end up watching more ads on this game than on the games that force them, haha!

i have a few suggestions that would just make the game all the more better. you have advertise being able to customize the tenants, i think that’s just a great concept. there are a few variants of each tenant type, i think it would be cool if you were able to choose between them instead of it being random. maybe you can win little hats in a daily reward that you could put on any tenants.

i think it would also be fun to customize the patterns of beds for different rooms and have different decorations. maybe you could pick between a set few or it depends on the different tenant types, but it gets boring seeing the same room design over and over as you play.

i think that there should be a faster way to make money in the game too. the time to money making ratio is a little bit off even when using the 3x fast forward thing. it takes really long to get upgrades.

anyway, i think you guys should really work toward releasing a version of this game on steam. i would 100% buy it after some tweaks and a little more content added. it’s an amazing concept with an amazing execution. keep doing what you’re doing devs!!
Love this game so far!
I was getting annoyed with with how many ads I had to watch so I paid for the month of ad perks without watching ads. The only issues I’ve had are I have to still keep clicking like I am watching an ad and I have to do it so often. I wish I just had to click once and it keeps track so I still get ad gems!

Just some notes for future development:
Another thing is just some details in the second interior design house. The wallpaper comes through the glass wall on the bottom right on the first floor. The small room separator tiles also only line up with the edge of the grid floor and floor designs if you go one grid space over but you can’t when you’re making a wall against the wooden porch area. It’s also annoying you have to individually drag the room separator tiles instead of just placing them like the floor and wallpaper tiles. I also wish I could toggle outside walls for in-game sim and interior designing. Other than those things I absolutely love designing my own house!
Updated review, yet room for improvement
I had originally rated this game a 3/5 because of the current update not installing every time I had tried to install it. This review was posted just yesterday and I woke up to find a notification saying the developer responded to my review.

They suggested a couple of things to fix my issue. I actually needed to update my device I was on so I eventually did get the most recent update and I am thankful.

Some other rooms of improvement areas: some things are hard to understand like why even though I’m on the first stage, I feel like I have to restart upgrading my power and water supply? With events, outside of social media, is there a way to notify your landlord’s? Maybe text message or email? I think a more active approach would be to let people be able to type a response to a tenant’s problem instead then people can use those answers among other landlords to get extra points or something like that.

I’ve got to a point where I open the game, collect money, buy any upgrades (if I can…pricing is ridiculous) and then close it or put it in the back ground. Maybe you can add an option to actually be a character and let people interact with other people instead of all characters looking alike and being computer driven. Maybe mini games or mini challenges would be fun too. Being able to customize our buildings would be nice as well, as right now the color scheme isn’t my favorite.