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Tycoon simulator, money master

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Imagine you’re completely broke and have nothing but dreams! How are you going to get yourself out of poverty? Can you overcome all the obstacles and change your life?

You’ll have to start from the bottom, living in a small dormitory room, you'll got no job and no money in your pocket. Find yourself a job to make money for living. If you work hard, you’ll move up fast, find a better job and climb up the career ladder. Build up an amazing career, become a wealthy and respected member of society.

Enjoy playing one of the most exciting real life simulators! This game is as close to real life as it gets. Don’t forget to keep vitals of your character in balance, because they effect the game. Think carefully about your every next step. Your decisions can lead your sim to becoming a millionaire as well as starving to death on the streets.

Maintain good relationships with friends and coworkers. Find yourself a soulmate and make
a virtual family. And don’t forget to treat your character right. Go to gym and hospital, have some
rest, otherwise you won’t have enough energy to build the life of your dream!

Main features:
Earn money, become richer and buy more fancy virtual stuff such as supercars, designer clothes and mansions.
Learn new skills and try various professions to make more money.
Take important decisions that will affect the life of your character, choose wisely, and you’ll end up a millionaire.
The rich also cry, so don’t forget to keep up your spirit by attending concerts, going to
bars or playing in casinos.
Try your luck playing mini games, such as slot machine.

Play Rich Inc. to experience what it’s like to go from rags to riches. Try to become the richest man alive with our life simulator!

Version history

- Bug fixes
- Minor internal improvements
In this update:
- Bug fixes;
- Several other new features and improvements!
In this update:
- An improved store;
- New in-store offerings;
- Several other new features and improvements!
In this update:
- An improved store;
- New in-store offerings;
- Several other new features and improvements!
In this update:
- An improved store;
- New in-store offerings;
- Several other new features and improvements!
New update includes:
Ability to save your the character if he is close to death;
New goals and events;
Changes in the business - now players can permanently buy a manager for each business;
Updated tutorial;
Improved business balance;
Ability to stop in-game time;
New animations;
New game ending.
– Bug fixes
– Small improvements
- Bug fixes
- Minor internal improvements
-Minor fixes
-Bug improvements
This update brings you:
- Improved job section
- Bug fixes
This update brings:
Japanese localization

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Money 2
(Get Money 2!)
DH867577370✱✱✱✱✱ 143BB0A✱✱✱✱✱
(Get Offer1!)
DH757548910✱✱✱✱✱ 3FD047E✱✱✱✱✱
(Get No ADS!)
DH629361163✱✱✱✱✱ 5151D89✱✱✱✱✱
Assistant for money-making
(Your personal business assistant)
DH751474937✱✱✱✱✱ 37A021E✱✱✱✱✱
Money 3
(Get Money 3!)
DH952271491✱✱✱✱✱ F3FD80F✱✱✱✱✱
Money 1
(Get Money 1!)
DH231981656✱✱✱✱✱ 72EBE44✱✱✱✱✱
Starter kit
(Get Starter kit!)
DH777934112✱✱✱✱✱ ED17721✱✱✱✱✱
Money 4
(Get Money 4!)
DH443116221✱✱✱✱✱ 1C88E44✱✱✱✱✱
Temporary discounts 4
(Get Temporary discounts 4!)
DH395850707✱✱✱✱✱ F7B1247✱✱✱✱✱
Coins kit 1
(Get Coins kit 1!)
DH491434492✱✱✱✱✱ 055250A✱✱✱✱✱

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4.7 out of 5
24.2K Ratings


Jes Davis,
Overall great concept and fun game
I have been playing the game for about a week and have really been enjoying it. I see a lot of reviews stating they are struggling to get out of red or have to pay a lot of money to get ahead and I did not have that problem. I only bought a few upgrades and that only because I wanted to increase my money faster but I was already in the green and had made it through the first jobs before I purchased anything. I like that you can use the money you earned to buy investments to increase your monthly income and can earn the cars by completing job levels. The game definitely gives you opportunities to spend the money you earned in the game for upgrades versus your real cash. It just takes longer. I will say my only issue is that the character ages slowly. There are some girls that require a certain ace before you can get them and the character only seems to age while you are playing so if you stop playing one day and he’s 40. He will still be 40 when you play again say after your work shift.
Cabeseo 32,
Great game but way too many ads
It’s a great game, very entertaining, if you like yo spend money or if you have the money I guess buying the no ads is good but if you don’t like paying or you don’t have the money this game will give you a headache because every 5-15 seconds an add pops up, what I found helpful instead of having to watch the whole ad which is about 30-45 seconds just close the app and open it again it takes time but like 10 seconds maybe the max to get playing again you save about 20-30 seconds of ads, other than that is a great game I went broke and poor but I had businesses already so that help me out after that instead of trying to level up fast I focused on the businesses purchasing more and upgrading those, also don’t be greedy and purchase the accountant that collects for you is a time saver although is expensive in the long run it saves you a ton of time

Read!!!!’ This!!!!!! 👀
Don’t listen to the guy that’s always wining and crying of how unhappy he is cuz he wants this and that and he’s never happy just screwed that guy focus on saving money of pay attention the the healt and the happiness businesses will help you pay for the happiness and healt bar so just don’t listed to the character he’s a freaking imbecile he doesn’t know what he wants or what’s better for him is up to you to control the outcome of his life so make it a good one
Very Frustrating game!
Probably the worst game I ever played. After finishing the first few objectives, they increase the expense but your income does not increase even remotely close to that. After a certain point, you have to change your career path and for that you do courses by paying insane amount of money. What’s funny is every time you change your career path by spending lots of money for education, your salary decreases by almost 30-50%! Then you have to spend more money to start increasing your salary again. There are also education and other requirements for each of the levels in the same career path. So, basically you spend a bunch of money so that you can become poor. What annoyed me more is that there are some specific requirements which have nothing to do with the career path. They don’t allow you any way to save money like living in a cheaper home or eating less costly food. It’s quite the opposite. You have to spend even more and more on every level where your salary increases by 10/15%. At one point, the requirement to reach next level went so insane that I had to stop playing. And don’t even start me on the ads. Pop up ads come up every single minute so you can barely focus on the game. The game is clearly designed to annoy you with ads and insane requirements so that you are bound to spend money if you want to take your game further. Worst game ever. If you don’t believe me, you are welcome to try.
Addictive, but annoying
So this game is very fun, I stayed up an hour more than what I am supposed to. That was on the first day, I was never in the red or lost money every month. On the second day every once and a while I had negative money per month, but was still very enjoyable. On the third day, all day I was dying to get home to play this game. I started playing and slowly got bored. I had under 1,000 dollars ninety percent of the time even when I used the 1,000 dollar per ad thing. I kept needing to watch adds just to get one step closer to getting a new job. I ended up spending around an hour in total just watching ads and only moved forward like 3 jobs. Then when I got to the point where I had to do boss experience, I quit. Every month I had to pay an extra 1,000 dollars for three years. That was just one requirement to get to my new job. I didn’t once go in the red because I kept watching ads before I could, but most of the time I had 500 or lower anyway. I think you shouldn’t make negative 1,000 or more until the first or second to last job tab. I’m going to attempt to keep playing but I know I won’t have as much fun as when I did.
These ratings must be bought
There’s no way this game has an honest 4.7 stars. It is designed to MAKE you pay if you would like to continue playing. Simply put; in order to get a new job you have meet certain requirements and buy certain things. Those things cost a lot of money. Sure, the new job pays a little more but eventually ALL these things (that are honestly completely unnecessary when trying to build wealth) cost even more money than you can make. So you’re in a deficit each month. I’m on job tier 3 right now, just looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s only getting worse. My profit/loss each month is currently $-1,950 and getting worse. Meanwhile I’m watching an ad every 30-45 seconds trying to stay afloat.

This game is nothing but an elaborate trap to get you to 1) watch more ads than you’ve ever thought was humanly possible. I mean it’s to the point where you spend more time watching ads than you do on the user interface. You can’t even focus on a good strategy because you’re CONSTANTLY being bombarded with ads that net NO REWARDS. Or 2) give up and spend real money so you either aren’t going bankrupt or don’t have to watch ads the entire time you’re “playing”. This game is lucky to get 1 star.
Could be a great game
I never really do this, that is write reviews on games especially because i don’t really get time to play on my phone. When the ad for this game popped up i thought it was too good to be true. After downloading it, I love the layout, how realistic the game is, how simple it is to play and understand and how engaging it was. However, after playing for a while, when making progress, it seems like the game forces you to have expenses, which means you’re always making negative income per month. It seems like you and then we can any progress. I think this design is to push you to watch more ads and most importantly make in game purchases. Funny thing is I spent $30 on the iTunes Store for cash and packages and i still couldn’t get past making negative income when i got deeper into the game, especially during when you need to start businesses as a side job. I understand why the developers would design the game this way, but I think that particular part of the game is too aggressive and if they could sort this out, I think this will be a five star game in my opinion
No way to win without pay to win
The absurd numbers you have to reach in order to upgrade all collectable cars in order to win but the income comes nowhere near making enough in one year to make 25 mil. Your health drops dramatically after the age of 60. Investments only take you so far, you have to waste time to save to make investments. Before this new update the way to win was to become president which is doable but at the age of 70-80 if you don’t randomly get killed off because they shorten your lifespan by one year every six months regardless if you keep your health filled up or not. The game has serious balance issues and it’s even more clear they want your money after upping their prices on cash. I never bought anything but even i noticed $1.2 mil went from $32usd to $60usd. I’ve spent several days trying new techniques to get the most out of your lifespan but saving money to invest just wastes so much time. Either lower the costs of certain things or increase incomes so you don’t have to spend the first 30 years of your life saving money.
Designed to Fail
I want to like this game. It’s a lot of fun. But after you get past construction worker. You basically stay in the red trying to get any new job which pays far less even though you spend a ton of money going to college. Then when it’s finally the same. You still are in the red because the cost of living is so much more. I made the most money as a brick layer. My strategy was basically stay there save 50k then invest. That got me part way.
The only way to stay in the green is to make purchases. The ads never seem to work when you need to. It’s unavailable half the time. Except randomly without warning.

It would be nice if this game was possible without paying money. There’s no way to win because you always end up in the red. You would have to save up an insane amount of money then keep working at a lost. This dude has a damned expensive cost of living. The next jobs should pay far more. They barely cover the difference of the new cost of living. It’s annoying.
always pushing to watch ads and buy w real money
I never write reviews but after looking at some other people wrote and after playing the game myself I can say this. the game forces you to have certain expenses to get a job meaning you’re probably always going to be -1000 every month hence why they have about 3 +$500 buttons if you watch a ad and everything you do prompts you to watch ads, and even when you have the money to stop watching ads you still get ads every 5-7 times you click the screen. also from looking at the game developers responses in the reviews, we shouldn’t have to contact any email if all we said that needs to be changed is right here on our review , I feel like they just respond to some with their email to make you feel heard but you’re really not. AND it is impossible to finish this game the real way without spending money which really brings the wholeee excitement level down and it becomes boring literally after about a couple hours of playing. it’s not a game I can keep coming back to just because I know i’ll never get anywhere it’s so hard to ACTUALLY play smart when they force you to buy things OUT OF YOUR BUDGET!
Could be fun but isn’t
The basic path of this game is to get better and better jobs and make more and more money. In order to get those jobs you have to have better and better things that cost more and more money. But the balance of these expenses are way out of wack.
As you go up the ladder you move from one job category to the other. Often this seems to include a drop in pay while increasing your expenses at the same time. And you have to increase your expenses even more to meet your old salary. You can’t even look ahead and plan because the requirements for the jobs ahead are hidden until you get the one directly preceding it. The only way you’re going to have a good experience is if you buy a boost that increases your income.
The ad experience is also poor as they pop up every minute or so. Just close the app and reopen it again. It’s faster than sitting through the ad.
If things were rebalanced and the ads were toned down it would be an easy 5. But it really gets dragged down by that stuff.