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Version: 3.0.7
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Welcome to Screw Pin Puzzle, an addictive and entertaining game that will push your puzzle-solving skills to the limit. With its intricate puzzles and unique gameplay mechanics,the game offers a thrilling experience for players of all ages. Dive into the captivating world of screw pins and get ready to embark on a journey filled with mind-bending challenges. Can you unravel the mysteries and become the ultimate Screw Pin Puzzle master?

Game Features:
Engaging Gameplay: Immerse yourself in the engaging gameplay of Screw Pin Puzzle. Each level presents a new twist and requires you to think strategically. Be prepared for increasingly complex puzzles that will put your problem-solving abilities to the test.
Unique Puzzles: Discover a plethora of meticulously designed puzzles that will keep you hooked for hours on end. From intricate patterns to cleverly placed obstacles, each level offers a fresh challenge that will leave you craving for more.
Unlocking Order: Unlike traditional puzzles, Screw Pin Puzzle introduces the concept of unlocking order. You must carefully analyze the puzzle and determine the correct sequence in which to unscrew the pins. One wrong move can lead to a dead-end, so choose your unlocking order wisely.
Beautiful Skins: Customize your gaming experience by choosing from a wide variety of stunning skins. Transform the look and feel of the game with vibrant colors and visually striking designs. Find the perfect skin that resonates with your style and adds a touch of personalization to your gameplay.
Global Leaderboard: Compete against players from around the world and establish your position on the global leaderboard. Showcase your skills, climb up the ranks, and prove yourself as the reigning champion of Screw Pin Puzzle.
Easy to Learn, Challenging to Master: The game features intuitive controls that are easy to pick up. However, as you progress through the levels, the difficulty ramps up significantly. Only the most determined and skilled players will conquer the later stages of the game.

How to Play:
Objective: Your main objective in Screw Pin Puzzle is to unscrew all the pins from the puzzle board by determining the correct unlocking order. Pay close attention to the patterns and obstacles presented in each level.
Unlocking Order: To unscrew a pin, tap and drag it in the correct direction according to the unlocking order. The pins need to be unscrewed in a specific sequence to successfully complete the puzzle. Analyze the puzzle, plan your moves, and execute them strategically.
Obstacles: As you progress through the game, you'll encounter increasingly challenging obstacles. These may include locked pins, limited moves, or intricate patterns. Analyze the puzzle, devise a strategy, and overcome these obstacles to advance to the next level.
Hint System: If you find yourself stuck on a particularly challenging level, take advantage of the hint system. It will provide you with valuable guidance to help you determine the correct unlocking order and make progress. Use hints wisely to sharpen your skills and solve even the toughest puzzles.
Skins: Customize your gameplay experience by selecting different skins from the skin gallery. Experiment with various combinations and find the perfect look that resonates with your taste and style. Transform the game's aesthetics to suit your preferences.
Are you ready to embark on the ultimate screw pin puzzle-solving adventure? Download Screw Pin Puzzle now and put your skills to the test. Unravel intricate puzzles, unlock new levels, and compete with players worldwide to become the master of Screw Pin Puzzle! Prepare to be challenged like never before as you navigate through a series of increasingly difficult puzzles. Enjoy countless hours of fun and excitement with this addictive casual game.

Version history

Fixed game bugs and improved the game's picture quality!
Fixed game bugs and improved the game's picture quality!

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3.1 out of 5
1 307 Ratings


Too many ads!
This game would be a solid 5 stars with a couple of minor changes. First of all, there are way too many ads, and they’re long. I wish there was an option to pay to remove ads like in other apps, I would gladly pay for that! Secondly, I wish that the levels were actually numbered, not just 1 & 2, honestly, the part 1 levels are more annoying than anything else. Lastly, please add an undo option, even if you have to earn it or buy it. It is so frustrating to get more than halfway through a “level 2” to then make a mistake and have to watch a video to retry. This game is so much fun and is actually a challenge, I think that with a few little changes, it would be 100% better!
Really good & challenging
This game would 100% be 5 stars but there are something’s I didn’t LOVE. They have the music and audio thing that you can turn off and on and I always turn them off in any game but it’s so frustrating because I turn it off and then randomly it turns back on and I have to wait till I finish the level to turn it back off. The ads are really long there should be an option to pay for no ads. I also noticed that in some levels there aren’t enough holes to finish it and I have to open the extra hole with an ad if not I won’t be able to pass the level. I would also enjoy if it had levels instead of 1 and 2. Other then that this game is AMAZING and really challenging I love it! It gets my mind working it’s amazing ;)
plss add a “go back” feature!
the game is fun and it’s challenging. there are a decent amount of ads but i didn’t mind it too much because the game is actually stimulating to me. HOWEVER i give it 3 stars because it’s quite annoying that if you make one mistake you can’t “go back” you have to restart. i’ll get so far into a level and move a screw into the wrong spot and now i have to start all the way over! it would be nice if you could add an option that would allow me to take my last move back (whether i have to watch an add or even spend coins) so i can continue to play instead of having to start over because it’s getting annoying and old to be completely honest.
Needs a little work
Love the game. However the extra games you offer like save the piggy when I clear the 2/2 level it doesn’t take me to the next game, and when I click go back I have to do both levels again, and it happens all of again. The other thing is some of the extra games you have to watch a ad to play, so I watch ad but it still won’t let me play. So if you can fix these problems I would be happy to give you 5 stars 🌟. Thank you for creating a great game it’s appreciated.
Great game but….
Love this game but the ads are way to frequent.
First game of each level is ridiculously easy and I don’t see the point of even having them on there. The second part apis a great challenge. The initial time given to complete of 3 minutes is a fair-ish amount of time but after that it’s an ad for each additional minute of play. This totally breaks your concentration which leads to a mistake and need to restart the whole level.
Would give 5 stars hands down if I got to complete a full level with no ads interrupting play.
As it is, this is just to frustrating to play. Hoping another developer will come along with same game concept minus the ridiculous amount of ads.
Anonymasaurus Rex,
More frustrating than fun
Every odd level is ridiculously easy, and every even level is an actual challenge. Both have a time limit, and it doesn’t vary between them. You have to replay that easy level before retrying the difficult one. You’re trying to go fast, but the screw has to finish its animation before you can start to move the next one. There’s ambiguity in what exactly is going to happen. Sometimes the tile a screw is holding moves as soon as you lift the screw, sometimes it waits until you’ve found another hole to place it in. There’s no level that teaches you things like how to tell if a tile will fall through a tile below it, or be blocked by it. You have to watch an ad to restart if you make a mistake.
Dave Pyke,
Fun game! But…
I really like this game. Very addictive very challenging. But if we could add a couple of things that would really make it better. Why is there a time limit? This is a puzzle game. There shouldn’t be a time limit. And if I could have three undo’s, that would be great. I don’t want to be tempted to look at the solution. it also might be more fun if some of the first levels are a little bit easier. It takes a little bit of thinking to understand the process to solve these puzzles. All in all this is a great game!
Very addicting game
I love this game so much actually 😂 and the fact that i don’t mind watching the ads for the help speaks volume … but of course it has its flaws that i need to point out to the developers:

The game glitches a lot — after an ad, it’ll freeze. Or when it starts it’ll black screen me. And sometimes I’m okay with closing the app to restart it … BUT there’s been times where i am soooo close to winning and it’ll freeze. We need to fix that 😃
Ads are bad
Horrible game! I saw 3.1 rating but decided to try. My mistake. Believe this bad rating for game. All you do is watch ads. Every other game they give you a very hard puzzle that must be solved in like 3.5 minutes. If you fail the game stops. If you don’t want to let timer run down, you must watch ad to reset. You figure, timer has 1.5 minutes left so I will watch ad. But ads are the worst kind. Some are 45 seconds to a minute long. You’ll watch ads way more than you will play. Just say no to click bait game developers like these dweebs. Game could be fun but the greed of these guys ruined it. Say no, don’t download.
App crashes, sate of time
This app worked great for a short time but now restarts every level after you take the time to watch the extremely long ads to extend time or open the locked hole. I certainly don’t mind watching the ads, nothing is free, but it’s not right that the developer gets paid for me watching them and then boots me out of the level. Usually, I have one move left and have to start over. This used to be random, but happens EVERY time now. I completely deleted the app and reinstalled and it seemed to make it worse. Great idea, extremely poor execution. Developer gets paid, user gets nothing.