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Developer: Loc Nguyen Duc
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 2.0
ID: com.tangle.nuts.bolts


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Welcome to the enigmatic realm of Screw Puzzle: Nuts and Bolts Game, where mind-bending conundrums await your prowess! Are you ready to become a Screw Master?
If you like playing screw puzzle game, Screw Puzzle: Nuts and Bolts is designed for you! Dive into a convoluted labyrinth of twisted iron sheets and plates, adorned with forsaken bolt fragments and rings, presenting an epic and intricate puzzle odyssey. You will find a hundred levels of fun screw puzzle game. There will be different nuts and bolts for each level, try it yourself!

How to play Screw Puzzle: Nuts and Bolts Game:
- As a seasoned artisan, deftly unlock screws and disentangle each contorted piece of iron from the intricate tapestry of impediments.
- Embark on a journey through meticulously sculpted levels, encountering a mesh of interwoven metal plates, rings, and ropes at every twist and turn.
- Untangle the knots of rope and liberate the iron components to immerse yourself in the intricate yet immensely rewarding universe of Nuts & Bolts.
- Certain stages unveil metal masterpieces crafted from the very plates themselves, while in others, you'll wield a handsaw to carve these plates, exposing more apertures to secure your bolts.
- Move each bolt wisely so that all the parts can screw quickly

Main Feature of Screw Puzzle Nuts and Bolts:
- Satisfy ASMR sound while playing screw puzzle - No time limit, enjoy the game at your pace
- Different levels with unique maps in Nuts and bolts game with easy mode and hard mode
- Try hard to become a screw master after winning hundreds of screw nut puzzle

Do you possess the foresight and cerebral acumen to untangle these mazes within the township? Prepare to challenge your intellect and etch your name into the annals of bridge construction legend. Become a screw master now!

Version history

- Update more levels

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Remove Ads
(Remove Ads from the game)
ED397831085✱✱✱✱✱ 7BD674F✱✱✱✱✱

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4.6 out of 5
993 Ratings


Makes you use your brain
This games is awsome I love it makes you use you noggin aka brain aka head and think before making the moves like we all should do in life all the time not just some times!
I just started playing…ten minutesago, bearing in mind the comments about ads. [Its spelled. ADS. adds is what you do in math class, ok?]

**Level 5 , I was shocked! They found a way to put an extra ad into the game play!! Now understand that I really like this game; it’s challenging and fun! But I went to put a screw into an empty hole….THE HOLE HAD A ▶️ (green, of course!) in it….REALLY…HOW ANNOYING! Right now, I trying to decide if I like this game enough to keep playing {I HATE ADS} or give this up as another annoyance game!
**As I said, I like this game, but ads before and after every level; now ads IN the game…I wish you would remove the in game ‘screw holes’ ads! I’m asking nicely. Please remove these ad invitations….not really; you HAVE to watch them to play….that breaks my concentration! I’m deciding……
Don’t Bother!!!
Only download if you really, really love ads!

In spite of the ads, this game was a lot of fun in the very beginning.
Because of that I paid to remove the ads…
Which worked only for an hour or so before returning to the same multitude of ads as before!

I hit the “restore” button, contacted the app, and even rebooted my phone… to no avail.

And the ads are not the type that are easily dismissed like many games have. No, these often take many many steps. With one recent ad I had to hit the “done” button more than 20 times before exiting the game with the ad still playing!!!

As I said, the game was fun in the beginning. However, it didn’t take long before I confronted an impossibly difficult puzzle! Obviously, you can’t put a screw into a hole that is not properly aligned… but after many attempts, now it won’t even let me put a screw into either of two perfectly clear/empty holes!!!

Years ago I scored a 90% in a mechanical aptitude test… trust me, its not me; its a badly designed app!!!

Could have been fun.
But it is NOT!
Don’t waste ur time for ads!
I hate ads so it really hard for me to find games in the ad I saw this game from it looked really fun but just like every other game ads! Almost every 10-15 seconds and every time you open the app guess what did you get it it’s an AD!
And two 3.99 TO REMOVE ADS?!?!?! Are you crazy I will not spend 4 dollars for a game I will beat in a month
3 the levels are so so so easy I thought I would have to think a little no it’s one click two clicks yes! I figured it out IN TWO BUTTONS
definitely needs a lot of work
Hooooly crap.
When I downloaded this game from an ad, I didn't think I'd see an ad every 10-15 seconds. There's an ad after every level, and every few levels you'll get a pop-up asking to pay $3.99 to remove them.
It's obvious that they just want money and they'll get it via ad revenue or through you.

Game itself is what it is. A time waster. Good for playing if you're bored.. Good graphics. No lag. No super bright colors. Very easy on the eyes.
While the game isn’t bad, it’s fairly standard as far as free games go, it IS totally repetitive. After completing less than a hundred puzzles, it started over. The puzzle number kept going up, but it was just repeating puzzles I had already completed. Maybe good for an afternoon, just don’t expect much if you get it.
Ads Ads Ads
Averages 3 ads for 10 seconds of gameplay on a very mediocre game (and that’s being generous).

Your mediocre game content corresponds to an ad value of maybe 1 every 5 minutes, or less, so your ad utilization is at least 30 times over leveraged, which ruins what little the gameplay has to offer.

After a 2 minutes of gameplay, I was done.
Too many ads
After paying to see no ads, you have to get their rewards by seeing ads. And the puzzles can not be finished without the needed rewards. Why pay to not see ads when you have to see them for the puzzles to be solvable
Try this one if you love to watch ads
The game looks interesting however I do not appreciate being forced to watch ads every round in order to see if I like it enough to pay 4 dollars. They even stick ads into some of the rounds of play if you want to pick a certain hole for the screw.


Too many ADS!!!
I understand that some games need ads to generate money. But there’s a point of taking advantage of the players. This game is one of those. Game play was starting to be fun but seriously too many ads. Not even 5 minutes in and I’ve watched more ads time than play time. I deleted the game. So if you love commercials then this is the game for you!