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Developer: Real Free Soccer
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Price: Free
Version: 1.2.8


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Play the brand new football game Soccer Super Star and enjoy the insanely real, ultra-fast and immersive football experience!

Love action arcade soccer but lack the time to practice? The new Soccer Super Star’s very easy to learn game controls allows you to jump-start the fun. Just flick your finger across the screen to kick the ball and score a goal!

Sounds easy, right? Wrong. As you progress through the game, shots become more challenging and you’ll need a solid strategy to bend shots and split defenses. Soccer Super Star doesn’t get overly complicated but maintains a steady increase in difficulty while offering the best flick to kick experience! Be the hero in every match.

Soccer Super Star’s gameplay concept is expertly done, the high degree of independence allows you to reflect your personal strategy in the game as you level up through your dream Leagues. Topnotch artwork and dynamic levels mean a truly world-class immersive football (soccer) game experience.

Download to play today and score big! Yes, you can even play offline.


It’s true, you can play and manage your team of eleven without the internet!

Utilizing the latest 2020 motion capture technology of real star players

Intelligent game A.I. allows realistic freedom, powerful simulation with accurate ball physics. Make your way through the Leagues to be a Soccer Superstar!

Be the hero for your country & Club and head for glory!

Intuitive flick to pass and kick gameplay, sweep your finger across the ball to drive, curve and power the ball past walls of defenders.

VIP Subscription Weekly
- $5.99
Grants VIP status for a week.

1.Subscription content
Players who subscribe the Monthly Subscription will get NO ADS and exclusive trajectory.During the subscription period players will also get 5 free rewind tickets every day in game.

2.About automatic renewal
- All payment operations will be monitored and managed under platform.
- Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
- Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
- Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.

3.Unsubscribe process
If you want to unsubscribe in IOS,you can find the unsubscribe way as follows:
“Settings” -> “iTunes & App Store” ->”Apple ID” ->”view Apple ID” ->”Subscriptions”
You can also tap the in game button to find this interface.

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Use:

We love to hear from you! Please email us with your thoughts to [email protected]

Version history

Optimize the UI.
Fix some minor bugs.
Optimize the UI.
Fix some minor bugs.
* Fix freeze bug.
* Fix bug of team.
Fix crash on level 84.
* Update some team kits.
* Fix some bugs.
* Add new seasons.
* Add 80 new levels.
* Optimize stadiums.
* Optimize training levels.
* Fix some bugs.
* Add new seasons.
* Fix some bugs.
* Fix crash in 1.1.9, thanks all the players that help us to fix it.
* Add new levels.
* Optimized the match.
* Add new levels.
* Optimized the match.
* Add new seasons.
* Fix some bugs.
* Fix some bugs.
* 80 new levels.
* Fix some bugs.
* Optimized match.
* Add some new levels.
* Optimized match.
* Fix some bugs.
* Add new seasons.
* Fix some bugs.
* Add new seasons.
* Optimize the matches.
* Add some new levels.
* Fix some bugs.
* Fix some bugs.
* Optimized match.
* Add new seasons.
* Fix some bugs.
* Optimize the UI.
* Add new seasons.
* Fix bug in level 622.
Optimize the match.
Fix some bugs.
* Add new seasons.
* Optimize speed.
* Fix crowd sfx bug.
* Optimize speed.
* Fixed freezing in the match.

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
FG695989479✱✱✱✱✱ 117DC19✱✱✱✱✱
No Ads
(Remove banner and interstitial ads)
FG110226407✱✱✱✱✱ 3B06720✱✱✱✱✱

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4.6 out of 5
48.5K Ratings


Uniserv USA,
The BEST soccer
I had absolutely no intention on downloading it lol. I did and I’m all the way on level 348! One suggestion to the developers. PLEASE PLEASE make it a tad more interactive. The computer is allowed to clip players and steal the ball but we have no choice but to watch them steal it while the players watch like lost birds and the comp kicks the ball out of the stadium. At least make it where we can attempt to recover and also stop making them kick the ball out, let them play it back to our side and we end at the goalie to block the ball. Lastly it would be nice to be able to get IN the game. Let us zoom more or give us a first person option and when it pauses for us to make a choice where to kick, the top part of the screen moves the head, the lower portion draws the line. Other than that, keep updating and let us pick other teams too!
Anonymous 293938228292928,
Love it, but if you’re thinking of playing read
I honestly love this game as a soccer player myself and find it super fun and entertaining. However, every time I log in my progress gets deleted. For example, first when I got it I couldn’t stop playing it, so I got to like level 30. I played the next day, my progress was still there, I got to level 50 or so. Then, on the third day, I logged in to find all my progress was gone? I haven’t played for a while after that. I deleted the app and I redownloaded it a month or so after. I restarted, the same thing happened. I really love this game and I could play this for hours, but I refuse to because my progress keeps getting deleted. I would not want to put in all my time into this game and for it to be deleted. Thank you for your time, and have a nice day. I have a few more inquiries below-

The Ads: Sometimes there are completely no ads and I love this. Sometimes there are ads after every play, and I find this annoying, this is also a cause of me to stop playing. If you could reduce the amount of ads I would appreciate it, thank you.
Score Hero rip-off, but still quite good.
It’s score hero with ads instead of the pay-to-play stuff. Also, there’s less story to this game, and take that as you will. But here’s what convinced me to play. I had played at Madrid White (Real Madrid) for a few seasons, and after a fair bit, I ended up in a position where I could go to Liverpool (I’m a Man U fan), or Barcelona. During my first season at Barcelona we went on to play against Real Madrid, my former club, in a season-winning Classico. Shifted the ball so my player would score and then I saw one of the best things I could have. After scoring the winning goal in El Classico, against his former club to win the league, he goes to celebrate, and does the “take the L” dance. Made my day. Thanks for the game lads!
Chin she wong,
Good, but a few suggestions
I like this game very much. It is a very fun game to play when you are bored and it is offline so you can play on it with no WiFi. But I have a few minor issues that I would like to discuss. For one, I do not like it how when the ball gets stolen from you the person purposely kicks it out. Now I do not think that should be so because it makes it so much harder to win each game. I would also like to discuss how I wish it wasn’t just passing and shooting. I wish that when someone stole the ball from you, you could play defense and take the ball back. That feature would improve the game a whole lot. The last thing I would like to discuss is how there are ads in the middle of the game. It kind of ruins my mood after I get a good streak and then an ad pops up. Anyways if you follow what I say than I am telling you your game will be better
Pretty good game
I like this game as it’s sort of a mindless thing you can play when bored. I also have some suggestions. I don’t like how you can’t really control whether you win or lose as the game only gives you a set amount of chances to score. You should make it so if you rewind a lot or keep getting the ball stolen, it affects your chances of winning. I also wish that the game wasn’t all about scoring goals. I wish you could steal the ball back or have the red give out cards to make the game more interesting. It would also be cool if there were penalty shootouts if the game ends in a tie. One final thing, make it so your current player can retire as playing for forever isn’t very realistic. When they retire, make it so you can choose a new player to spice things up a bit. It’s still a pretty cool game, it just feels like it’s missing something.
Really good game but a few flaws.
Overall, this game is very good and fun. However, there are a couple flaws that you should know about before you download this game. First of all, there are a lot of ads, and you have to pay 3 dollars just to remove them. Secondly, it can stress you out because it gives you certain moments to score and if you mess up on one of the moments, you have to restart the whole thing and you get a 10+ second add. Thirdly, you can get slide tackled in the game and it won’t be called as a foul, then they steal the ball and you have to restart. Lastly, it gives you certain places that you can pass it to, and most of the time it is not the decision that I would like to make, such as shooting the ball from the top of the goalie box wheee it is almost impossible to make.
Potential To Be Great
Very fun game once you pay to remove ads! Passing and shooting are smooth and while the players movement is a bit clunky and exaggerated at times, it does look & feel real overall. The foundation for the game is there and has the potential to be great. It needs more details to give that extra boost of excitement and involvement: league table, promotion/relegation, more teams to choose from, building a squad other than your player; maybe some managerial options in signing players, formation changes, position changes, calling up youth squad players, etc. I don’t think it would be hard to implement a lot of these changes as the game is set up for it. Will continue to play but will probably move onto something new if there are no new aspects added.
Kind of fun m, but lacking
It’s kind of fun but it’s lacking in its features. For example, you can’t tell your players to stop and pass/shoot the ball, or even a ‘continue to go’ button. This could be implemented with two buttons and would keep the game largely the same but better.

It’s extremely frustrating when your player stops running 35 meters out with no one near them to take a shot/pass. The player should keep going and take a much closer shot. No reason for them to pull up so far out.

Also, another example, sometimes you want your player to stop and shoot. Yet they’ll continue to dribble the ball way outside of the box... So many times the player is in the box with a wide open shot, but because there’s a defender near them they will keep running to a worse position with no shot.
Great game
I saw a comment that said Score Hero rip off, yes it is but honestly I think it’s better, I haven’t played Score Hero in a while and that’s because of how it works. There’s a stamina bar that runs out so fast while playing if you miss a shot, one minute to another your bar is empty and you can’t play till hours later. In this game you have non of that and yes there is ads but they’re not that annoying. What I recommend for the developers is to keep adding “Stay at____” buttons every time you can transfer. I love what you guys did with the transfer thing but I’d really love to see a “stay at ____” button every time I can transfer. I also love how you can return to your first club. Good job 👍
ashton yee,
The best review!?!?
The game is cool and fun but Naby just alitlbit more detal? And can you put alitalbit more prizes I just love this game 5 stars I don’t care if you don’t care but I care case I love soccer super star and you should make Texas team and a amiracin team but it is ok if you don’t want to you choose but I don’t care but the only thing I care about is your game but I’m only 8 years old but thank you for this game I hope you see this review I hope you have a great day and stay safe and be cool it’s
just so cool that you have this game make more soccer games I mite do soccer in real life and I want to be christeono and I need more money in this game so can you put more place is with money in it? Well thank you!!!!!!!