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Developer: MobilityWare
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 7.6.1
ID: com.mobilityware.SolitaireFree


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Solitaire by MobilityWare is the ORIGINAL maker of Solitaire free for iPad and iPhone. After more than 10 years on the App Store we are STILL improving our card game with fun new features. Make sure to try out our unique Daily Challenges!

The addictive game you’ve been playing on your computer for years now goes wherever you do. Whether you know it as Patience, Klondike, or just Solitaire, this popular game is one of the best games around.

== How to Play ==
Tap or drag cards to arrange them in descending order with alternating colors. When you can, move cards up to the foundation to sort all of the suits from Ace to King. You can draw one card at a time for a more relaxing game, or draw three for a challenge to train your brain!

== Features ==
- Daily Challenges: Earn crowns & trophies by solving each day’s new challenge
- Levels & Titles: Earn points every time you play to level up and achieve new titles
- Winning Deals: Play deals where you know there is at least one winning solution
- Stickers: Send cute reaction stickers to your friends through iMessage
- Customization: Change your background, card backs and card faces for a personalized experience
- Show Me How To Win: Improve your strategy by using the “Show Me How To Win” feature
- Leaderboards & Statistics: See how you stack up against other players, or try to beat your own high score
- Custom Settings: Play right or left-handed, portrait or landscape, standard or vegas scoring, and adjust hands to draw-1 or draw-3
- Unlimited hints and Undos

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Join over 100 million users playing Solitaire for iOS! Our version of Solitaire is free and is one of the the most popular in the App Store! Take on our Daily Challenges for a new Solitaire experience each and every day. Download now to play the best classic Solitaire card game on iOS now!

- NO Ad interruptions or Banners!
- Ability to play future Daily Challenges!
- Four Exclusive Themes with Four Gorgeous Card Sets!

About Solitaire Subscription
Solitaire Subscription is an optional subscription that gives you access to seamless play without any ads, the ability to play future Daily Challenges and exclusive themes.

You can subscribe to Solitaire for a term of one month, three months or for one year. New subscribers can choose a one-week trial subscription at no cost. The monthly term costs US$1.99. The three-month term costs US$4.99. The yearly term costs US$14.99. The subscriber's iTunes Account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. Any unused portion of a free trial period is forfeited when a subscription is purchased.

Subscriptions renew automatically unless automatic renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current term. Renewal prices are US$1.99 per month, US$4.99 per every three months, or US$14.99 per year. The subscriber's iTunes Account will be charged for a renewal in the last 24 hours of the current period. Purchasers can manage their subscription and turn off automatic renewal in their Account Settings.

Subscriptions may be stopped by turning off automatic renewal at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. A subscription cannot be cancelled in the middle of its term.

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Version history

Thank you for playing Solitaire! This update includes performance optimizations to improve stability.
Thank you for playing Solitaire! This update includes several fixes to improve the game experience.
Thank you for playing Solitaire! This update includes performance optimizations to improve stability.
Thank you for playing Solitaire! This update includes performance optimizations to improve stability.
We heard you! Weekly Events now support the Draw 3 Draw Option and you can hide the Event button from the play field.
Get ready for an adventure-filled experience with our new events! Every week, a fresh map with new challenges and badges related to holidays and seasons will be available. Solve each challenge to unlock what's next. Join the fun by downloading now!
Thank you for playing Solitaire! This update includes back end performance updates to improve stability.
Stability enhancements to improve performance and your game experience.
Try the new Dark Mode for easier play at night and journey to
22 new locations waiting to be visited in Travel Events
Stability enhancements and bug fixes
New in this version:
* Winning Animation Collection - Discover and unlock new exciting endgame animations!
* Stability updates & backend adjustments.
Stability updates and backend adjustments.
Bug fixes and minor updates to improve performance.
Back end performance improvements and bug fixes.
Hotfix for a bug that could sometimes slow down gameplay when tapping the edge of the screen on specific devices.
Back end performance improvements and bug fixes
In this update, we’ve addressed numerous bugs and implemented backend updates to improve your overall experience.
Fixed some bugs and made backend optimizations and general performance improvements.
Back end bug fixes and performance improvements.
Want to travel the world? Keep an eye out for new special events that will take you from The Great Sphynx to Times Square!
We've also fixed some bugs and made updates to improve performance.
Fixed some bugs and added further iOS 14 support.
Update to improve iOS 14 compatibility.
In this update, we’ve addressed numerous bugs and implemented backend updates to improve your overall experience.
In this version we focused on bug fixes and performance improvements.
New in this version:
* Looking for a new way to challenge yourself each day? Try out the all new daily goals feature to earn bonus experience!
* Please note this feature unlocks after reaching a certain level.
* Try out an all new card face which can be set by going to your options menu!
* More supported languages!

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Premium Status 1 Month
(Access DC early, unique themes, and ad-free.)
EB501374059✱✱✱✱✱ 0AE68D2✱✱✱✱✱
Premium Status 6 Months
(Access DC early, unique themes, and ad-free.)
EB603953434✱✱✱✱✱ E2FA85B✱✱✱✱✱
Premium Status 12 Months
(Access DC early, unique themes, and ad-free.)
EB159114673✱✱✱✱✱ 39D1C95✱✱✱✱✱
Premium Status 3 Months
(Access DC early, unique themes, and ad-free.)
EB341756937✱✱✱✱✱ 026B8A8✱✱✱✱✱

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4.7 out of 5
1.7M Ratings


The game itself is excellent. But....
.....I have a question about a ONE TIME OFFER-only offered stated that I could have six months ad free for ONLY $2.99...Great says I....hen after I tap ok, up comes another screen stating this $2.99 is good for only 7 days and after will be charged every month for.......WHA.....? WHAT??? Huh?? Did I read something wrong here.....I am agreeing to Six months ad free for $ I canceled....Guess I lost that “one time offer on this screen”...I sort of have the habit of reading the fine print, but I cannot believe you would play games like this with your customers. Now, I would like an explanation, so I can get six months of no ads, but one of two thing ps will happen here...#1. You will answer this post. #2 No one in the world will ever see this reviews cause I just embarrassed I love this game, but marketing is gonna get in trouble......It seems as if my Mom forgot to teach me that I could move cards from the aces pile back into the stacks! Opening a way to move cards to get a win. I am learning that now, but my thick head keeps forgetting that...the golden glow helps remind me while no making me feel entirely stupid....I now have
and SPIDER. THESE GAMES ARE SO PLEASANT TO PLAY. I curl up in my chair, sip my iced tea and just play. My Nana would have loved this....( when I am sure of what I am experiencin, I will cheerfully change this post....)😀😀😀
Changes are terrible...but (update)
UPDATE! The new changes are frustrating. I deleted this app and went in search of another. Tried several. Nothing. Not a single one even came close to this app. The features and customizable settings set this app a part from all others by far. I’ll just have to live with the terrible changes.

This new layout has been out for several months now. I wanted to give it a real shot before writing a review. I HATE it. Where to start? The new Daily Challenge calendar is hard to see the crowns with or without jewels. The stupid bar at the bottom showing progress to the next ugly trophy is just a waste of time and is just another thing between seeing my stats for that deal. The level ups is fine but again another thing between me and the stats. If I miss a day on the daily challenge, there is no easy way to get to it if I view my stats from the game I just played. If I view the stats, I have to go to menu then wait for the calendar to load and then I get an ad to finally play the next game. It’s TOO much. That was my favorite part of this app before the whole revamp, it was simple. I can play my game without all the other hype. I’m seriously considering deleting this app for one of the hundreds of other solitaire apps. I’m so disappointed. I play this game daily and usually multiple times a day, but not anymore. Don't get me wrong, it needed updates, but not a complete revamp with unnecessary features.
Coin collecter,
Addicting Solitaire!!!
I love this app for Solitaire! I have tried other apps but this one is my favorite by far. The automatic movement of a card for placing it to the Aces and also the board by just tapping it is a great feature! Other apps that I've tried make you hold onto the card and manually move it to the place you want. Some other apps are hard to see on an iPhone because the cards are too small. I like that you can change the card faces and backs because you can choose one that's easier to see. Also, changing the background boards makes it more interesting. Right now I am using the autumn scene, it's a nice change for the season. It's awesome how you can use your own picture from your phone to customize the card backs! Being able to choose between random and winning deals is a nice feature also, and the choice to replay the same game is great to see if you can win the second time! When I get stuck and think I should be able to play a card, the "Hint" button is available to use. I like the option that you can choose how many cards you want to flip and also the sounds. Being able to see your progress and trying to get a better score makes it more challenging. I like that. I highly recommend this app for anyone who likes to play Solitaire!!!
I’ve been playing this version of Solitaire for several years. I play it at least once a day so I can stay current on the daily challenge. I’ve always loved solitaire and this version is great to play whenever you have only a few minutes wait time anywhere. I like the “show me how to win” feature should I get stuck since all games are supposed to be winnable, which I love. Why would anyone want to play an unwinnable game?? I like that there are different card back options for a little change now and then. One thing that can frustrate, however, is when the “show me how to win” shows that you must skip valid plays. How would you ever know that you need to skip a play in order to win?? But that doesn’t happen too often. The other thing that is a bit frustrating, but almost all games have this problem, is that the high scorers on each hand are from players who have computerized the play. No one can play a hand of solitaire in 30 seconds or less. But I don’t know if there’s much the game support folks can do about these smart aleks that computerize game play for fun. So this isn’t a game you can try to get the high score on! But that isn’t what I’m going for. I enjoy it and it does what I need!
Fed up with the commercials,
Too many commercials
This app used to have pop up ads in between each game. Ok, no problem, I’d take a quick peek at the ad and it was something I was interested in I’d click on it to learn more, if not I’d close the ad and resume playing. I expect that with a free app. But now, especially over the last year or so they’ve moved onto running 30 second commercials that you can’t turn off if you’re not interested. It’s like watching local tv now. And thus happens after every game - about every 3 minutes or so. Additionally, they’ve now got ads that when you click on the X to close it, it opens up the ad in your phones browser instead. Everything is now about clickbait now and it’s become a real nuisance. Don’t get me wrong, the game itself is excellent - I’ve been playing it on my phone for years, but for something as simple as solitaire, to expect someone to upgrade and pay for this to minimize all the commercials when there are hundreds of solitaire apps out there that don’t make you take a minute long commercial break every 3 minutes of play, the choice is obvious. I’ve been a loyal user of this app for several years, but I’ve had it up to here with this nonsense. I’ll be looking for another solitaire app and when I find one I like, I’ll be deleting this one permanently. Sorry guys, you’ve got a great game here, but you’ve seriously overestimated what it’s worth to players to keep using it.
Fine game
This has become addicting. I play everyday and sometimes more than once. I am finally close to solving an entire month worth on dailies and I am stoked about that.

June 2017 Update: still addicted. I have solved a full month now twice and felt so satisfied about it. Still play multiple times a day as a quick time killer. Plays well as a simple Solitaire game should. Nothing fancy. I do kind of wonder though about the fastest times set. In many cases it looks like those times would have to be set by a bot because a human couldn't make 100+ moves 20 something seconds. I don't think anyone could be that flawless. Nevertheless I still love the game.

Sept 2021 Update: I may have to quit playing this game. After over 5 years of playing, and reaching level 569, the game has become unplayable. I have tried a dozen times today to play any game and every time it simply closes. No Daily Challenge, no New Deal, nothing. I suspect that somewhere along the line in your game updates, my older iPad is no longer supported. I am running the latest version it supports, which is 10.3.3, and it just won't stay open. I will try for a few more days, then I will have to find another Solitaire game to play. Mobilityware , are you listening?
App ads. Frustrated
When the app ads changed it made it hard to touch the x to go back to the game. But, two days ago there is one app I cannot get it to close out. It keeps coming up on the screen as I am trying to play the game. It just happened three times and it didn’t want to leave the page. This is a problem that needs to be fixed.

Response to developer
I do press the X but there are a few ads won’t work no matter how many times I touch the X. This has happened on both my iPad and iPhone. In order to get out of the ad I have to go out of the game and stop the play in the background. This started happening about two years ago. I have been playing this game since 2011 so I just want to let you know that to X out some of these ads it is not working. Mobility Ware is the only apps that this happens. Just someone is having problems doesn’t mean they don’t know what they are doing. I went fb to complain about another developer and after receiving more than 18 complaints of others that were having the same problems, they started listening to the complaints a fixed it in about one day. They wanted to blame the problem as it was our end and our fault. I don’t know how many people have complained to you about the ads that won’t X out and just keeps running.
A couple things
The game is just okay. It’s like any other.
I paid so I wouldn’t have to deal with ads.
I like that I can play multiplayer. I love it in fact.
I don’t like when the daily goals thingy pops up after you’ve played a game against someone else. It’s equivalent to an ad and takes forever to get off the screen so I can play the next game. I don’t care about the daily goals, at all. Im there to play and thats it. My app keeps freezing. And if I close out, then go back in later, it freezes on me. Then I have to refresh my phone, re-open app, then it works. I also don’t care for, when you win a game, you have to wait to watch all of your cards go up to the aces, one by one. It takes too long. If we win, just let the next game start. It would be nice if we could play against multiple people at once. Not just one other person. Also, it would be nice if we were put against people of the same skill level. There is no challenge when Im playing against someone who doesn’t challenge me against time. Ill have turned 130 cards and won the game in 1.30 of a minute, against someone who only turned 46-60 cards, No challenge there. I do like when I see that I’ve played against someone before. I recognize their screen name. There should be more of that. It makes it funner.
Big fan
I’ve been playing this version of solitaire for years now, and I’ve never left a review even though I talk about what I like and don’t like with the app to myself often. The two main suggestions I have for feedback are in regards to the daily challenge calendar and the level up system. 1) I try to play daily with the challenges to get a jeweled crown, and have tried to commit to a full month. I was disappointed when the incentive for getting the jeweled crown is nothing more than satisfying a need for completeness that I desire for everything to match. My thought here is that 10, 20 or a full month of jeweled crowns would result in a jeweled trophy. To distinguish from a normal trophy or daily challenges played after the day has passed. 2) I think the daily challenge should be worth more points than a normal game - again for more incentive to play them. I’ve reached the point where the I try to get the most bang for my buck. I won’t typically play more than 10 games a day to maximize my point return.

The only other feedback I have is that at times, no ad shows up. The screen goes black and there isn’t an option to “x” out of that screen. You have to exit the app and open it back up to get the game screen.
Dog girl 50,
Love the game but not liking the changes
First of all I really do love this game. I’ve been playing it for years. I would highly recommend it. So why only three stars. The stars are for this version only.
I use this game as my personal time reward. When I’ve accomplished what needs to get done in the morning I reward myself by playing the daily challenge. But I don’t like the new changes to the sound. I used to love to hear the click of the cards and the trumpet awards at the end of the daily challenge. It was inspiring. Now in order to get those little rewards I have to also listen to the drawn out harp blasts. Sorry but I just find those annoying, not inspiring. I will continue to play this game but I will turn off the sound for most days. Only to turn it on and endure the harp sound on the 10th, 20th and 30th play days.
I’m sure this seems silly to many that I’m making a big deal about the sound but again this game is my personal reward for a job well done. If an added feature is interfering in what was once a pleasurable experience I think it should be brought to the creators attention. On your next update please consider creating an extra toggle setting so that one may remove new added sounds whilst still allowing the old sounds be on during play. Thank you.