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Create your space company

Developer: Dmitri Curdoglo
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 0.42
ID: com.KoditApp.SpaceFleXCompany


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In game you can create your own private aerocosmonautic company, upgrade rockets, launch various satellites, dock with stations and even land rocket on other planets.

To planets you can transport cargoes and people for colonization, build bases and fly.

Game tips:
1) Upgrade to 2-nd lvl Starship and Superheavy to fly into space;
2) Don't buy a new spaceship if the last hasn't been upgraded yet;
3) Upgrade your fly skill for easier game;
4) Wish you a pleasant game!

How to play:
Use two pads to control rocket tilt and slider to turn on the engine.

Become the biggest company in game and colonize MARS!

Version history

Bug fixed

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3.9 out of 5
87 Ratings


Good but…
I know others have said it crashes but that is probably just the device your playing on or storage issues. Arrows point in the wrong spot. I also don’t know how to buy the super heavy every time I click ‘buy’ it doesn’t buy it. Please fix these!
Basic but good.
I just want to say that this is a pretty good time waster and if you have nothing else to do but calling this game great is a bit of a overstatement.

By no means is this game bad, it definitely has a lot of room for improvement and I really hope to see this game flourish because I personally can see a lot of potentially in this especially when it comes to landing on other planets and the constant upgrading but personally I like this game.

But to sum it up, it’s not bad but it isn’t the best game either.
really fun
ive been having alot of fun on this game and i would love it if you updated the games textures and the distance of the moon and mars from the player because i was able to touch the moon lol, its just kinda weird and funny. could you fix the raptor engine noise ( the explosion sound is fine but it gets kinda boring after awhile ) and when a starship explodes the parts get yanked to the center of the map really quick the same thing happens with the booster, just some things i thought i should say have a good day developer!
suckers are spotify,
The expensive stuff
The super heavy level 2 and starship level 2 are really expensive
And have a hard time getting time to get that much. Could you
Pleas change that?
Fun but...
This game is fun but I loathe that when I try to control my rocket the camera moves making it near impossible to control.
D̶ σ Ꮆ Ꭼ,
More to do?
I really like what there trying to do but after a while it gets pretty boring. It would be cool to add more to the game.
Not very good anymore
So I made a new starship and upgraded it bottom to top. Guess what. I DIDNT HAVE ENOUGH FUEL! That’s impossible. Yeah. Fix that or update the game so we have infinite fuel.
good but pretty buggy,
It crashes
I’ve seen some yt vids of the game and decided to start playing it but it crashes like a minute after you click on the game
Really good
It has no ads unless you choose to have them and it is simple but really fun
Deep spacer,
I do not have money in the game but fly and return is my only option but it is now too hard. Make the game Easier.

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