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Stack and dash!

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Price: Free
Version: 4.1
ID: com.b2p.stackydash


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Swipe your finger to dash your hero across the mazes, stack up the tiles higher and higher and reach for the skies!!!

Version history

.Polish early levels
.Bug Fix
. New gameplay : Rescue the trapped animals scattered across the islands!
. Build a floating garden for your animals ! Collect them all !
. Graphic enhancements
. Bug fix
. New gameplay : Rescue the trapped animals scattered across the islands!
. Build a floating garden for your animals ! Collect them all !
. Graphic enhancements.
.Graphic enhancement
.Bug fix
.Graphic improvements
.Bug fix
.Improved graphics
.Graphic optimization
.Update internal libraries.
.Update internal libraries
.Bug fix
.Bug fix
Many new characters and tiles to unlock!
Improved animations!
.Update internal libraries
.Bug Fix
. New advanced levels in main gameplay
. New levels in Time Attack mode
. Graphic polish

Thank you for playing Stacky Dash !
.Bug Fix
Huge update !

. New game mode : Time attack ! An intense challenging mode where you must find the exit before the time runs out! Many levels to play.
. Tiles shop: You can now unlock many different kinds of tiles.
. New characters and Backgrounds: Many new characters to unlock.
. Bug Fix

Thank you for playing Stacky Dash !!!
Huge update !

. New game mode : Time attack ! An intense challenging mode where you must find the exit before the time runs out! Many levels to play.
. Tiles shop: You can now unlock many different kinds of tiles.
. New characters and Backgrounds: Many new characters to unlock.

Thank you for playing Stacky Dash !!!
.Update internal libraries

Thank you for playing Stacky Dash!
.Bug Fix

Thank you for playing Stacky Dash !
.Bug fix

Thank you for playing Stacky Dash !
.Bug fix
.Now including elevated areas with little slopes!
.You can now purchase "Remove Ads".

Thank you for playing Stacky Dash!
. Bug fix

. Thank you for playing Stacky Dash!
.Bug fix

Thanks for playing Stacky Dash!

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
Remove Ads
(Remove all forced ads displayed between games)
HB405959501✱✱✱✱✱ 0AD6627✱✱✱✱✱
Christmas Pack
(No More Ads! Extra goodies for Christmas!)
HB647915534✱✱✱✱✱ 603BE66✱✱✱✱✱

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4.5 out of 5
284.8K Ratings


I love this game but there is 2 problems.😐❤️
It’s very satisfying! The tiles move like butter if it were sliding across the floor. But there’s one problem with the game that happens every time after the level ends. 1. Too many adds: Every time the level ends, adds come on every single time! 2. Some of the buttons don’t work: This is also (sort of) part of the problem with the “Too many adds” thing. After the level ends, It asks me if I want to earn more coins, then I press “No Thanks” BUT, it always brings me to an add! 3. (This one is not a problem) Like I said before it’s ¡very! Satisfying, and I love this game a lot! I know I just started the game a few minutes ago, but I love it already! Even though the adds pop up every time… the game is not a problem at all! That’s all I have to say about the game. Again, I really love this game! Whoever created this is very talented like all the other ones, like, High heel run, Bridge race, And all of them like that! All games are creative! Well…. Some of them…. Anyway I hope that the creator checks my review because I want him or her to fix the 2 problems that I didn’t like. ❤️Bye! Have a great day/night!❤️
Starbucks_Whor3 <3,
To many adds, and kinda slow
It’s a fun game if you’re bored, but each level only lasts a minute or two and you get an add every time you start a new one. Along with 1-2 adds on the side of the screen when beginning a new level, making it feel cluttered and slow. At the end of each level you watch your lil character slide across to get to the chest, then get a pop up asking if you want to double your coins, the pop up is slow appearing and slow going away. It becomes slightly annoying as you tap a few times to get it to go away then get an add once it finally does.
Sometimes I’ll complete a couple levels and turn my phone off or go into another app, when I come back I usually have to recomplete a few levels, the levels are very easy, so no big deal, just something to fix in the future.
Every time you win a level you get coins, I’ve got about 5000coins and haven’t seen anything worth spending them on.
My suggestions for the makers of this game would be, maybe a few less adds, something more interesting to spend coins on, make the levels more challenging (like making moving objects, or objects to collect to open doors), and making the game run a little smoother. Other than that it’s definitely a fun game to play when bored at home or to pass time.
Excessive amount of ads
The game has an unnecessary, excessive amount of ads, which is something they’re completely aware of. A lot of people claim a majority of mobile games have way too many ads, but this one takes the cake. There is no exaggeration when it comes to the amount of ads that you receive when you play. It’s not even like an ‘every time you complete a level you get an ad’, which is doable, but when you’re getting pestered with ads WHILST playing a level is ridiculous and unacceptable. Even if you turn your internet and cellular data off on your phone to prevent getting ads, the game acknowledges this and pauses the game while it tries to find internet just so they can show an ad. I honestly don’t know how they except people to even want to download this game when they can’t even play it in peace. Games like this shouldn’t even be allowed onto the apple store in the first place. Apple loves to allow certain apps onto the app store, but don’t prevent and/or remove the apps that actually need to be removed. Other than that, the game is fun and has potential, there’s just too many ads for it to be enjoyable. I’m very sure this game is a ripoff of the actual game it’s supposed to depict, considering how most of the game is in English, but some of the text is in what I presume to be Spanish.
The Level 1,000 Journey
I started playing this game a month ago typically like everyone else just wanting to try it out I then found myself consumed in a goal of reaching level 1,000 mainly because I wanted to see if the number could fit the box (spoiler alert) it doesn’t lol my journey was a long one I had to remind myself why I kept playing because yes this game does get very boring and does get exhausting I like that they add themes and skins you can purchase with coins you collect in game however by level 200 I had already bought everything my coins meant nothing I wish they would have added more skins and themes to the game also constant ADS I’ve watched a little over 1,000 ads in total the game also doesn’t allow you to buy no ads so your stuck after every level for the most part watching an ad and hoping to see that little X pop up to close it I also wish they made levels harder and different once you reach 300+ the levels remain the same and they like to use the same ones to make a level -_- super annoying but I’m down now I hope people enjoy this game and had fun when they did I’m hanging up my towel it was a pleasure
Reached Level 500!
Hey everyone! Long and honest review. I don’t usually leave reviews but I thought that I should give this app some support before I delete it for good. The game is fun, simple, and addicting (at first). After Level 100 or so, it just repeats previous levels. Some are spin-offs where it’s mirrored, where instead of swiping left in a previous level, you swipe right instead.

I began playing when bridges were 90° angles—now they’re curves (which are super satisfying to cross over). I really enjoyed the game but it quickly got boring since the levels repeat themselves. I was expecting some new level mechanics at Level 100, 200, 300, etc. But nothing new was added, it’s literally an endless cycle of repeated levels almost as if no more effort was put in toward creating new ones. (Which is why I gave a 4 out of 5 stars)

I really like the themes and character options. Some of the environments however are copy and pasted, but it’s beyond what I could possibly do. The landscapes and structures are simple, nothing too extravagant or distracting which keeps the simple aspect of the game alive.

It was a super fun game that I could play in my free time, but the repeated levels got old very quickly. If repetition doesn’t bother you then this game is for you! I really enjoyed it!
A perfect example of how NOT to make an iOS game
Gameplay wise, there’s nothing new here. It’s just like old puzzle games (or more recently, Quell), where you have to figure out which direction to slide your character, who doesn’t stop until they hit a wall. I’ve always liked games like this, and having an in game currency to reward playing is fine.

The issue is that like many other free games you see being advertised, it is literally filled with ads. I don’t just mean every few rounds, I mean there are ads EVERY round. As I always say for free games, video ads that give incentive (Adventure Capitalist/Communist are great examples) are fine because the player can CHOOSE when to watch them. This game has that and banner ads, which are fine. But forcing video ads that don’t give anything so frequently as a way to make the player pay to disable them is a dirty practice. Yes, there are big games that unfortunately do this as well (PvZ2), but they tend to only force ads every once in a while, not every thirty seconds.

Devs, if you’re reading, at least lower the amount of forced ads the player sees. Try playing you’re own game yourself without disabling ads and see how much fun you have. If you’re not having fun, then you need to change your game.
It’s okay but. . .
I got this game yesterday and I’m only on level 8 but I just did a coins round and I basically I did the coins round but with the blocks agin after I did the coins round. It is also really easy to get to the chest at the end of every level because all you need to do is collect all the blocks and you get the chest. Another thing I (In my personal opinion) do not like is when you earn more of the secret prize at the end of every level is you only get TEN percent of it at the end of every level. There are a lot of adds but when you turn your phone\iPad on airplane mode it says no connection even though it seems like the kind of game that would allow airplane mode. (I use airplane mode so I don’t have to see adds.) if you are looking for a time spender game this is not one of them. It’s just the same thing over and over again. Then again I’m only on level 8 so I’m not a big pro on like level 200 so I haven’t played the game that much. That’s why I only gave it 3 stars.
Any way thank you for reading my review!! ;)
Inappropriate characters \ deleted on lvl 3
When you first play, you have characters that have no clothes, sure it shows costumes to wear but. It still, it always shows the characters bottom even when the character is facing the other way, when you get to the chest very easily; a cringe dance, I read other reviews on how it’s too easy and repeats and getting the coins is useless just to buy more bad characters that look like they have no clothes, if you just made it a stockman and not shove these no clothes long characters to children, they may think that looking at bottoms and all that is okay for a young age, at least put effort into your game and also don’t shove ads and add some more features to make it harder or whatever, I do not recommend this to anyone at all, not a good time water, and I’m glad I deleted it not wasting a bunch of time of my life, playing this not really okay game, left right, not really satisfying imo, and it is too easy, I deleted it from my sisters phone too and she said she’s glad, sorry developers, be more kid friendly and be more creative with your games.
I just downloaded this game
I may have just downloaded the game and got through level 1. But the reason I didn’t rate the game 5 or any lower than 4 is because there are way too many adds and after every level there is an add. They also could have made the first level a tutorial instead of just a level that says “move on the tiles to collect them” because that doesn’t tell you what you have to do like actually and you pretty much have to figure out the game yourself. I don’t understand why the age limit is 9+ when most children (not all) know how to read at like 5-6 years old. I just feel like the game once again has too many adds and the first level is too easy. Also the first outfit that you get points to earn is not child appropriate. My review is done now.
Not Worth It If You're Looking For A Time Killer
I really enjoyed the concept and design of the game. It in and of itself is great... In theory.
There are two problems I see with the game. First off: it's way too easy. I understand it's supposed to begin easy and get harder, but a few levels in you should be challenged a little bit for a sense of fulfillment at the completion of the level, not just swiping away on the screen. Second problem: there are WAY too many ads to make it worth while. I understand that's how the game stays free and all that, but with how short the levels are w in their an ad after each of them, there's no point. Half of your time on the app is watching ads that you thought you wouldn't have to watch because you didn't click the "watch for x5 reward" button. So with the amount of ads in the game combined with the inability to challenge yourself within its puzzles, I'd definitely give it 3 stars on a GOOD day.