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Drive to evolve - car master!

Developer: HOMA GAMES
Category: Games
Price: Free
Version: 1.1.19
ID: com.hepagames.wheelevolution


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Steering wheel evolution is a fun racing game where you get to steer the wheel, drive to evolve the coolest race cars, and get the supercar collection at the highest level!

Become a racing master and with the help of the wheel, collect more money and on the way to victory enjoy the shape-shifting of the wheel that will evolve in the coolest car at the end!

In Steering wheel evolution, you'll be able to collect the most insane steering wheels out there and build yourself an amazing race car collection. Get the best steering wheels, customize the cars, drive to evolve and get the supercar collection at highest level!

You can also sell some of the cars from your collection. Choose the race cars you want to sell and make more money out of them!
This game is super cool and fun, just like the hyper drift, level up cars, car stunt master and many race car games.

Are you ready to steer the car wheel and get the supercar collection?

Version history

Minor bugs fixed
- Adding exciting new cars !
- Adding new levels
- Removed bugs
- Polishing
Bug fixes
Rate Us panel is added
Performance improvements
Bug fixes
Drag race difficulty balance
Tutorial arrow placement fixes
Performance improvements
Bug fixes
UI improvements
Visual improvements in showroom
Drag race mechanic
Bug fixes
Bugfixes, performance improvements
Bugfixes, level balancing, performance improvements

Cheat Codes for In-App Purchases

Item Price iPhone/iPad Android
No ads!
(Remove non-optional ads from the game!)
FH715127958✱✱✱✱✱ 18A9BD3✱✱✱✱✱

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4.9 out of 5
52.8K Ratings


5 stars so you see it
This writing wont be profesional because im not using the corrector or anything. This game was great at first and it was going well but then i just erased the app like just slid up on it to erase it from my tabs not uninstalling it. Ive done this multiple times but this has never happened. It took me all the way back and reseted my progress. ive been struggling to upgrade back to the amt of money ive had. It kelt me in the same level and kept the same amt of storage my garage had but it changed the currency while playing the game. Instead of me earning 100k in options it went to 2k. Get this fixed please.
5 stars so you can see it I would rate it 1
When I got this game I thought it was so addictive I played it every day when I was playing it today i finally got to the Lamborghinis and bmws and other cool cars I never new of until when I finally got to that part it made me restart the whole entire game at first I thought I clicked the rebirth butten but I searched everywhere on the app but there was no rebirth butten I was so mad and confused at the same time then I realized it was the stupid game! I was so mad I rage quit so if you could please fix this glitch I would rate this game a five star but for now I’m rating it a 1
Gimmie cookies now,
Only 5 stars so that you will read it
The game is okay it’s cool and all but for some reason my game keeps freezing and then it kicks me out can you fix that pls. There’s also something where when i wanna keep the car it makes me watch an ad even tho i have space for the car and when I go to my gallery it makes me watch a ad when i get out, Ad. So can you make less ads? I know you’re trying to make money but it’s kinda annoying and if this isn’t fixed in 2-4 weeks i’m uninstalling the app

Thanks for your time.
Yay a
Pooped on a list and got the message from her last name I sent it and it is so good and she has it in her mind I got a nice picture and she was a little too cute I was thinking it and cute I got it cute and cute cute lol I just saw a picture and it got nice cute lol I just saw a picture of the girl on my phone so she just said I got it I just love that I just love her so I got a nice and I just got it I just love love and hangman lol lol I just got a love it and I got a nice picture of you guys and cute lol lol it’s a cute cute picture lol lol it’s cute and I just love it and cute lol I love you
5 stars so you can see what this app is really like
I loved this game at first but a week after I started playing I was getting 500k options and then 2 days later I was getting 500-1k options and I stopped playing for this reason I need this fixed and I will play again I do not recommend this app until they get that fixed it basically resets you and it’s really hard to get back to where you were if this happens.
wobble wobble awayyyyyy,
this game is so fun but it doesnt need wifi
so ive been playing this game for like two weeks and im already having fun but when i go out it needs wifi and i dont have my own wifiiiii!
and thats why i rate it 4/5 stars first star is because;it super fun and you can learn about other cars like rolce royce and audis and teslas and more! and the 2nd star is because; you can see how rich you are and how much the cars are and the 3rd star is because; theres a similar game like this but are shoes and i play it! so are guys collab together or is this just a copy of your game 4th star is because; it’s challenging tou have to like reflex to actually get the most money as possible so thats why its challenging i didnt put a fifth star because; like why does it need wifi its like a game where everyone has to spend money on wifi to even play this gsme so pls change to no wifi ok hope this helps bye! 🩵💖
jehdu dye diakdhd xisjd,
Super good 👍👍👍👍👍🙂
The game is so much fun because you kind of have to guess whatyou can get to the end and you have to do multiple things and it is so much fun you get to collect different cars and it’s not like other games where every time you complete a level you get an ad in this game
you don’t get as many ads that you would so I highly recommend this game and it is fun and exciting
Best steering wheel game ever
I think it’s a really good game because like I can teach you like different types of cars while you’re having fun and like you can like pick which car like you want when you go up so I think you to make more of these games and be good and make these games more like really really fun do you really really really fun to just want to go to make more my games
Pretty good👍🏻
I would have given this a 5 star but after you get your first like really good car like the Ferrari or Lamborghini all you get is the same thing over and over and it’s annoying cause I want ANOTHER really good car, also what is up with the car with the P on the steering wheel? That car is invisible. I’m not complaining about that but I wana know what it looks like. But overall it’s pretty fun.
No one will probably read this so oh well🤣
Sincerely, Your fav 💗,
5 stars please view this.
I was playing and everything was fine, and then I when on on the Apple Store to check the review. Everyone was talking about a minor bug or something. But I had no problems, when I went back on to play, everything restarted for me and I had barely money. Definitely not worth playing just for a bug. 👎🏼👎🏼